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Since they debuted in 2015, Purple has been gaining popularity. Known for its light-hearted commercials and unique mattresses, Purple is one of the most well-known online mattress brands. If you’re in the market for a new bed, buying online is a convenient way to shop. If you’re thinking about buying online, the Purple brand is worth reading into and considering. In this guide, we’ll discuss the different mattresses Purple sells as well as Purple mattress reviews to help you decide if a Purple carries the most comfortable mattress for you.

Company Background

Purple is relatively new to the mattress industry, having been in business for approximately four years. Before brothers Tony and Terry Pearce started Purple, Tony was an actual rocket scientist, and Terry worked in manufacturing, design, and project management. In 1993, they both branched from their respective fields and got involved in the wheelchair business, specifically tasked with the chore of designing a better seat cushion. When developing a cushion to reduce pressure sores, they invented Floam™. Since it’s invention, Floam™ has been used in a variety of products such as golf bags, shoes, ankle and knee braces, medical beds, and more.

The invention of Floam™ was the tip of the iceberg for the Pearce brothers. In the 90s, they patented over 30 different cushioning materials, including a hyper-elastic polymer. After they discovered they had a knack for designing cushions, they created their own mattress using proprietary materials. In 2013, they invented a machine, the Mattress Max, allowing them to cut and mold large pieces of hyper-elastic polymer into a mattress. With that, Purple was born.

When the first Purple bed hit the market through a Kickstarter campaign, it was an instant success. Since then, they’ve opened their own manufacturing facility and have started making three other mattresses as well as pillows, sheets, mattress protectors, adjustable beds, mattress foundations, and more. They even sell a seat cushion, reminiscent of the one the Pearce brothers were tasked with designing back in the 90s.

Purple is headquartered out of Alpine, Utah where they have a storefront customers can visit. They do not have any other locations, but they sell their products at select Mattress Firm, Macy’s and Bed, Bath and Beyond locations across the nation. To find the closest retailer carrying Purple products near you, visit their website and use the “Try in Store” tool.

Mattress Types & Materials

The most significant selling point of these mattresses is their scientifically-engineered Purple Grid,™ made from hyper-elastic polymer. The hyper-elastic polymer grid is advertised as the world’s first “no pressure” surface and is designed to increase airflow throughout the mattress, relieve pressure points, isolate motion, keep you cool while you sleep, and be resistant to allergens.

All of the materials used in their beds are CertiPur-US® certified, which means they’re free from harsh chemicals and low on VOCs.

In addition to the Original mattress, Purple has released a collection of hybrid mattresses containing a pocketed coil system. These new mattresses are called Purple Hybrid and the Purple Hybrid Premier The design of each of these mattresses does not vary drastically, but the firmness varies from bed to bed. Below, we’ll break down the layers of each mattress.

The Original Purple

original purple mattress reviews
The first mattress Purple released has three layers: the Purple Grid™ and two layers of poly-foam beneath. The Purple Grid™ is designed to relieve pressure points while you sleep by relaxing underneath of your body’s main pressure point areas, such as your hips and shoulders.

Below the Purple Grid™ is a layer of soft poly-foam acting as a transition layer between the grid and the base layer below. The transition layer of soft-poly foam is designed to contour to your body and provide comfort.

The base layer of their Original mattress is high-density medium-firm poly-foam. The function of the base of the bed is to provide structural support for the layers above, so it’s essential the foam is durable and will hold its shape.

The first mattress they released was designed to provide universal comfort, meaning it should be a comfortable option regardless of your favored sleeping position. Purple describes this mattress as being medium-firm or ranked as 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

The New Purple Lineup: Purple Hybrid Purple Hybrid Preimier

new purple reviews
These new mattresses combine a coil system with their Purple Grid™. The only difference between the mattresses in this collection is the height of the Purple Grid™. For example, the Purple Hybrid has two inches of the grid system and the Purple Hybrid Premier is available in 3 and 4-inch grid options.

The height of the grid dictates the firmness of the mattress, so the Purple Hybrid is a firm mattress, the Purple Hybrid Premier with a 3-inch Purple Grid™ is a medium mattress, and the Purple Hybrid Premier with a 4-inch Purple Grid™ is their softest mattress.

Below the Purple Grid™ in these mattresses lies a thin layer of poly-foam acting as a transition between the grid and the coil system below. By including a transition layer, Purple reduces the chance of you sinking straight through the Purple Grid™ and bottoming out on the hard coil system below.

The pocketed coil system below the transition layer provides targeted support and enhances the motion isolation in the bed because each coil moves independently of one another. It gives the bed a bouncier feel than a memory foam bed and also increases the durability of the bed. Because coil systems offer enhanced durability, they also increase the lifespan of the bed. Typically, hybrid mattresses are more expensive than other options, but the perks of using a coil system in your bed may be worth the money.

The last components of the new lineup of Purple beds include a thin layer of poly-foam and mesh-based side panels; these two additions contribute to the edge support of the mattress, preventing you from sliding onto the floor if you decide to sit on the edge of the bed to tie your shoes.


For this guide, we’ll be basing our prices off of Queen sizes.

  • The Original Purple costs $1099.
  • The Purple Hybrid costs $1599.
  • The price of the Purple Hybrid Premier with a 3-inch Purple Grid™ is $2199.
  • The cost of the Purple Hybrid Premier with a 4-inch Purple Grid™ is $2999.

If you find Purple beds are outside of your budget, read our other guides to find the best mattress in a box.

Sleep Trial & Warranty

Sleep Trial

Every Purple bed comes with 100 nights to test it out. They do require you keep the mattress for a minimum of 30 nights, or through the duration of the adjustment cycle, to give their bed an honest chance.

During the adjustment cycle, your body is adapting to the support system of a new mattress. Because your body is being supported differently than what it’s used to, it’s common to have aches or pains during this period while your body adapts. Some companies will require you to keep their mattress for at least 30 days to allow your body to adjust, while others let you return at any point during your trial period. Companies decide to implement their 30-day policy to make sure you’re giving your new mattress a fair chance— if you don’t, you may end up passing up on the best bed for you. On the other hand, companies will allow you to return at any point because they don’t want their customers to be stuck on an overly uncomfortable mattress if they’re confident the bed they bought is not for them.

If you decide against keeping your Purple during the sleep trial, you have the option to return it or exchange it for a different model. If you do choose to replace your original mattress with a different model, it comes with a new sleep trial. It’s important to note, during this trial, you do not have the option to exchange the replacement for a new model because Purple only permits one exchange.

Purple does not offer a sleep trial for all of their products, so just because you buy from Purple does not mean you have the option to return. The only items Purple accepts returns on are their mattresses, pillows, and seat cushions. If you’re considering buying an adjustable base, foundation, or other bedding accessories from Purple, make sure you’re completely satisfied with the purchase, because you will not have the option to return those items.

Warranty Information

After the sleep trial ends, your Purple bed is backed by a 10-year warranty. To meet warranty requirements and be deemed defective, your bed must develop an indentation greater than 1 inch or cracks in the material as a result of normal wear and tear. If your mattress is deemed defective, Purple will repair or replace it.

If a warranty claim is submitted, approved, and Purple decides to repair your mattress or cover, you would be responsible for shipping it back to them and covering the transportation fees. Additionally, if Purple does issue you a new mattress during your warranty period, the new mattress does not come with a new warranty. Instead, it would be covered for the remainder of your original warranty.

The covers of their mattresses are covered by a separate 2-year warranty. The warranty on the cover would protect you against any faults in the material or workmanship. If the cover of your mattress is found to have a defect, Purple can either repair it for you or send you a replacement free of charge. If Purple elects to repair your defective cover, you would be responsible for sending the cover to them and covering any shipping fees.

Overview of Purple’s Reviews

Purple has been making the best mattresses since they debuted in 2015. With the addition of the new hybrid mattresses, Purple now has an option regardless of your preferred firmness or favored sleep style.

It appears Purple gets positive reviews across the board, with reviews mentioning their great products and customer service. Specifically, positive reviews suggest their Purple bed sleeps cool and relieves aches, pains, and pressure points. If you’re a combination sleeper or tend to sleep hot, you may want to choose a Purple bed for its unique hyper-elastic polymer technology.

Negative reviews of the mattress mentioned it is not the best choice for lighter individuals because lighter individuals do not have the body weight to sink into the hyper-elastic polymer grid. Additionally, some customers had negative opinions of the feel of the Purple Grid™, mentioning it’s a different feel than what they’ve been used to in a bed. If you’re a fan of a more traditional mattress feel or have a smaller body type, the Purple probably isn’t for you.

We hope our guide has helped you decide if Purple offers the best mattress for your sleep needs. If you’re still on the fence, check out our other mattress reviews to learn about different brands and mattress types on the market.

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  • Prices increased again! I have been looking around for reviews to see what they used to be priced at. For some reason purple keeps increasing the price, right now they are listed for 1150 with a black friday price of 1050. They marked it up to put it on sale. In my book that’s a scam tactic.

  • Your price guide is WAY off! They are much more expensive for the Queen. The .4, for example, is $2,999.00, a full $500 more than you have listed.

    • Hi A.J.,

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention, as we had not updated this article since Purple released their Hybrid and Hybrid Premier models. We’ve now updated this article with all the current information and pricing!

    • Hi Rashawri,

      Good question! Purple® sells their mattresses on their website and at select Mattress Firm locations. They also have an Amazon storefront but they only sell their Original Purple® mattress through Amazon. For the most variety and best service, we recommend going straight to their website.

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