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Best Innerspring Mattresses

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Innerspring mattresses, or coil beds as you might also know them, have been around for quite a while. The first innerspring mattress was manufactured in 1871, 14 years after the steel coil spring was invented. In later years, the box spring was invented to enhance the comfort of innerspring beds, and an industry was born.

Innerspring mattresses are still widely available today and quite popular, although their construction has evolved to give the customer a more comfortable sleep experience. Now it’s more common to find innerspring mattresses with individually-wrapped coils, back support enhancements built into the layers, or foam components for added comfort.

Today we’ll go over a few of our favorite innerspring mattresses along with what you should expect from an innerspring, the benefits of using one, and how they compare to other mattress types.

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Best Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses are popular because of their even surface, responsiveness, and strong support system in the form of coils. Innerspring mattresses are also known to be more cooling than foam or latex because the coils allow air to flow through more naturally than other materials.

If you’re considering an innerspring as your best mattress of 2021, take into account your sleeping position, weight, and whether or not you sleep with a partner. These factors along with a few others will determine if an innerspring is right for you.

We paid special attention to mattresses with a strong support core built into the base in the form of steel coils and a soft comfort layer— usually made with latex, foam, or polyfoam— to offset any rigidity from the coils.

Best Innerspring Mattress For Side Sleepers
Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid CHECK PRICES
Best Cooling Innerspring Mattress
Best Luxury Innerspring Mattress
Best Innerspring Mattress Made in USA
Best Innerspring Mattress for Plus-Size Sleepers
Best Innerspring Mattress in a Box
Best Customizable Innerspring Mattress
Helix Midnight CHECK PRICES

Best Innerspring Mattress For Side Sleepers: Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid

as3 best mattress of 2021The AS3 Hybrid is one of our favorite innerspring mattresses because it contains eco-friendly foams to relieve pressure and pocketed coils to offer bounce while isolating motion. Amerisleep’s AS3 models—both memory foam and hybrid—are a medium in firmness, too, so they’re comfortable for the majority of sleepers. Amerisleep recommends their AS3 for side and combo sleepers, but it can also work for petite stomach sleepers and some back sleepers, too.

Amerisleep’s AS3 Hybrid contains three layers: 3 inches of Bio-Pur®, an 8-inch pocketed coil system, and a 1-inch base layer.

When you lay on this bed, you’ll enjoy the cushioning comfort of their plant-based Bio-Pur® memory foam. This layer molds to your body and adapts to movement to keep you comfy in any position. The pocketed coils below are ultra bouncy and responsive, so they keep you lifted and prevent you from sinking too far in the foam. The bottom-most layer reinforces the two layers above to resist sagging and sinkage.

Amerisleep offers free shipping, a 100-night trial, and a 20-year warranty with their AS3 Hybrid. You can visit them online or in-store for exclusive mattress discounts.


  • Features plant-based memory foam
  • Contains double-density coils around right and left sides for edge support
  • Comfortable for the majority of sleep styles

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Best Cooling Innerspring Mattress: Zoma Hybrid

zoma mattress

The Zoma Hybrid is next on our list. We like this mattress for extra hot sleepers since it contains multiple cooling technologies, including gel memory foam and an open coil system. Zoma’s hybrid model is also a medium, but some sleepers feel it’s closer to medium-soft, so we recommend this model for side, combo, and petite sleepers.

Zoma makes their hybrid model with four different layers: 2 inches layer of gel memory foam, 2 inches of Reactiv™, a 7-inch pocketed coil system, and a 1-inch base layer.

The gel memory foam in this bed contours to your curves to relieve pain-causing pressure points, while the Reactiv™ below allows for deeper compression while giving your body a responsive lift. The pocketed coils below the two foam layers improve the bed’s overall bouncy feel and work with the layers above to keep you lifted “on top of the bed” instead of cradled within. The base layer below the coils offers sturdy support for all the layers above.

Zoma backs their hybrid mattress with a 10-year warranty and offers a 100-night sleep trial with every mattress purchase. Zoma mattresses are sold online only, but every bed comes with free curbside shipping.


  • Features cooling gel memory foam
  • Contains zoned support coils
  • Recommended for side, back, and combo sleepers

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Best Budget Innerspring Mattress: Vaya Hybrid

Vaya Mattress

If you’re working with a tighter budget, you’ll like this next hybrid by Vaya Sleep. Vaya’s newest mattress, the Vaya Hybrid, incorporates their proprietary Vaya Foam with a pocketed coil layer to provide cushion and bounce. And it comes in at less than $1000 for a queen size, so its price point works well for most shoppers.

Vaya rates their hybrid a medium on the firmness scale, but they design all of their beds to be universally comfortable, so any sleeper can get comfy Zzz’s on a Vaya. Reviewers often note how comfortable the balanced feel of a Vaya mattress is, with the bed being neither too soft nor too firm. They often say the same of the original Vaya memory foam mattress, too.

All in all, Vaya’s hybrid mattress contains three layers: 2 inches of Vaya Foam, an 8-inch pocketed coil system, and a 2-inch base layer.

The comfort layer of Vaya Foam is cushioning and cool, but it’s also highly adaptive, so it contours to your body without having an overly-cradling feel. Vaya’s comfort foam is also CertiPUR-US® certified, so it’s free of harmful chemicals and low in VOCs, so you can sleep comfortably on this bed knowing it’s made with clean, safe materials.

The pocketed coil system below this comfort layer promotes airflow while giving the bed a lot of bounce. Despite this bed’s bounciness, it’s still great for couples because the coils isolate motion and respond to individual movement.

The base layer of this bed offers structural support and resists wear and tear to keep the Vaya feeling comfy for years to come.

Vaya is a relatively new bed-in-a-box brand, and they sell all of their beds online — on their website or Amazon — and offer free shipping, a 100-night sleep trial, and a 10-year warranty with each bed.


  • Features pure Vaya Foam to suit most sleepers
  • Pocketed coils isolate motion and improve airflow
  • Designed for universal comfort

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Best Luxury Innerspring Mattress: The Saatva HD


The Saatva HD is our first choice for a luxury pillow top mattress with natural materials, substantial coil support, and Spinal Zone Technology. The bed enjoys a 4.9 out of 5 star rating on the website, with plenty of people noting they have yet to find a mattress that matches Saatva’s quality.

The Saatva HD has five layers with a hand-tufted finish to lock them all in place.

The mattress’s top is a Euro pillow top with organic cotton fabric. The quilted Euro pillow top is treated with the antimicrobial Guardin®, which inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew.

Underneath the pillow top is a layer of Talalay latex, offering five zones of support. By varying the latex foam’s density, the back area features extra support and pressure relief. Plus, Talalay latex is an eco-friendly, hypoallergenic material.

Next are two CertiPUR-US® certified comfort foams, one memory foam and the other a support foam. The combination of these foams deepen contouring for greater pressure relief, ensuring a pleasant hug-like feel to the mattress.

The mattress’s support is a collection of tempered steel coils, designed to be 25 percent stronger than standard coils. The coils are reinforced with spinal zone technology exclusive to Saatva, increasing the support to your lower back area.

The mattress’s sides around the coils feature high-density foam for edge support. With these firmer edges, you never have to worry about rolling out of bed and can have an easier time getting out of bed.

You can purchase the Saatva on their website, and it comes with free white glove delivery and a 180-night sleep trial.


  • Steel coils and airy foams allow for maximum breathability, bounce, and support
  • Zoned support technology provides increases comfort and support to your lower back and spine
  • 24/7 customer service support and a lengthy sleep trial

Best Innerspring Mattress Made in USA: GhostBed Flex+

Ghostbed-FlexThe GhostBed Flex hybrid mattress stands 13 inches tall and contains six layers wrapped inside a quilted mattress cover with a cool-to-the-touch feel.

First is a 1-inch layer of cooling fiber woven into the quilted mattress cover. Known as cool burst airflow technology fiber, this material can help a hot sleeper experience undisturbed rest.

Next is two layers of gel memory foam, each one an inch thick. The gel memory foam compresses under the body for pressure relief and support, while the infused gels increase heat dispersion.

Underneath the gel foam is the proprietary layer of Ghost Bounce foam, designed to mimic latex’s responsiveness while also providing the contouring of memory foam. Ghost Bounce limits sinkage, buoying the body so you don’t feel stuck or experience the discomfort of bottoming out on the spring layer.

The support core is individually wrapped pocketed coils, reinforced around the edges with Spirited Edge™ support. The coils are bolstered by an underlying layer of high-density support foam. The foam base promotes greater mattress longevity.

More than 500 people have reviewed the GhostBed Flex and there’s a search bar to make it easy to filter by what’s applicable to you. Numerous people have noted how well it maintains a balance of soft, yet firm for comfortable support.

The GhostBed Flex is backed by a 101-night sleep trial and a 25-year warranty.


  • Contouring medium feel with hug-like support
  • Soft, quilted surface for undisturbed sleep
  • Cooling gel infusion wicks away absorbed body heat

Best Innerspring Mattress for Plus-Size Sleepers: WinkBeds The WinkBed

winkbeds mattressWinkBeds makes three different mattresses, but the original WinkBed is our favorite because of its top-notch features.

With this bed, you can choose from four different firmness levels ranging from softer (4.5) to Plus, or extremely firm (8). Their bestselling choice is the Luxury Firm, a solid 6.5 or medium— which is usually a comfortable firmness for most sleeping positions.

The top comfort layer is a Euro-pillow top made of gel-infused hyper-soft foam. The gel acts as a cooling agent to pull heat away from your body, preventing heat from getting trapped under you as you sleep.

Underneath the comfort layer sits individually wrapped coils to contour to your body, pushing back on areas needing more support and cushioning the rest. The wrapped coils isolate movement, so you shouldn’t feel your partner shifting around all night.

Extra-Edge™ reinforcements encase the mattress and keep the surface even, so you can sleep in a healthy position all night.


  • Individually-wrapped coil support system provides targeted back support and pressure relief where you need it
  • Euro-pillow top made of gel-infused foam keeps you cool and comfortable
  • Comes with free shipping, free returns, and a lifetime warranty

Best Innerspring Mattress in a Box: The Aviya Mattress

aviya mattressThe Aviya Mattress is another hybrid in our lineup made with 3” of foam in the top comfort layer along with wrapped steel coils in the base.

The top layers of foam are split into three different levels and serve three different purposes. The topmost layer is breathable comfort foam, responding to your body’s curves and cushioning any painful spots. The second layer, a high-density foam, prevents sagging and stability, while the third layer of foam enhances lumbar support for all pressure points.

In addition to the bed’s pocketed coil system, Aviya reinforces the middle of the mattress with more durable coils to prevent sinkage, and the entire bed is encased in high-density foam.


  • 3” foam in the top layer combined with a high-density foam encasement provides maximum pressure relief and stability
  • Individually wrapped coils in the base limit motion transfer and allow for increased airflow
  • Free shipping, free returns, and a 100-night sleep trial

Best Customizable Innerspring Mattress: Helix Midnight

helix mattressHelix makes nine different mattresses to suit a wide variety of sleep preferences, and our favorite is the Helix Midnight. It has a perfect medium feel, memory foam layers for pressure relief, and wrapped coils to cradle your body and extend the life of the mattress.

One concern when using foam in a mattress is the potential for heat retention. Companies using foam in their mattresses have started using open-cell technology or low-density foams to promote airflow. The Helix Midnight uses foam with its Soft Touch Design to increase airflow and prevent heat retention.

Along with soft memory foam, Helix uses its proprietary Dynamic Foam for additional pressure relief and contouring. The wrapped coils in the core support layer round out the abundant support offered by this mattress.


  • Medium mattress is perfect for side and combo sleepers
  • Soft Touch Foam combined with Dynamic Foam relieves pressure and cradles your body
  • Wrapped coils and dense foam in the base deter sag and keep the mattress surface even

Best Organic Innerspring Mattress: Avocado Mattress

avocado best hybrid eco friendly mattressThe Avocado Green Mattress is one of the most environmentally friendly mattresses on our list. Not only is it made using green manufacturing processes, but it’s comprised of GOTS organic certified materials, earning it a Greenguard Gold Certification.

Avocado’s mattress is a hybrid, meaning it’s made with 50% foam and 50% innerspring coils.

Because the Avocado mattress uses latex foam as their comfort layer, it’s a little bit pricier than other models— party due to latex’s enhanced durability. Latex beds last up to 15 years on average, or 5 years longer than memory foam mattresses and 7 years longer than innersprings.

As far as feel goes, the Avocado is rated as medium-firm, which is good for back or stomach sleepers. If you’d prefer something a bit plusher, Avocado offers a 2-inch pillow-top option for an additional cost.

The Avocado mattress combines natural cushioning with an internal pressure-point system for extensive back support. The support core consists of 1,414 steel coils arranged in 5 ergonomic zones to keep your back and spine aligned properly, distribute weight evenly, and alleviate pressure points.


  • Plant-based latex foam is eco-friendly and GOTS certified
  • Steel coil springs at the base prevent motion transfer and help relieve pressure on your back and spine
  • Comes with free shipping, free returns, and a generous 1-year sleep trial

Best Latex Innerspring Mattress: Brooklyn Bedding Bloom

bloom latex mattressBrooklyn Bedding’s latex hybrid bed comes with three firmness options— soft, medium, and firm— so you can pick the one most compatible with your sleep style.

The Bloom uses Talalay latex as its comfort layer. Typically, there are two types of latex used in mattresses— Dunlop and Talalay. There are a few differences between them, but the main difference is springiness. Talalay is usually bouncy, whereas Dunlop is springy.

The 8” base consists of 1,189 individually encased Quantum™ Edge coils which relieve pressure and decrease motion transfer. A 1” high-density foam base reinforces the coils and as they compress, decreasing the risk of bursting or sagging.


  • Comfort layer made of Talalay latex is buoyant and muscle-relieving
  • 8” base of individually encased coils help to minimize motion transfer and gives the bed bounce and durability
  • Comes with free shipping, free returns, and a 120-night sleep trial

Innerspring vs. Hybrid Mattresses

We’ve discussed both hybrids and innersprings in this article, but what’s the true difference between the two? While innerspring mattresses are currently a more popular option, hybrids are becoming more sought-after thanks to their unique combination of foam and innersprings.

Innerspring mattresses are named as such for their support core. Considered the “heart” of the mattress, the support core consists of metal springs or coils spaced evenly apart. They give the bed its familiar “bouncy” feel and the natural airflow between springs makes for a cooler mattress.

While innersprings make up about ⅔ of sales in the mattress industry, they are also associated with the most customer dissatisfaction. Some common complaints associated with innerspring mattresses include sagging, too much motion transfer, and a short lifespan. The companies on our list have begun to address these issues by adding additional comfort and support layers as well as “converting” their innerspring beds to hybrids.

By definition, a true hybrid bed must have at least two inches of foam and/or latex in the comfort layer— anything less than that makes it an innerspring. Most hybrids use more than two inches of foam as the top layer, and many of them reinforce other layers with foam as well.

A frequent issue associated with foam is it sleeps too hot. Foam mattress companies have already begun to tackle this problem by using open-cell or cooling technologies such as gel, copper, or graphite. A hybrid conveniently combines the airflow of innerspring mattresses with the softness of foam, so you get the best of both worlds (without the worst)!

Different Coil Types

Not all coils are created equal. Let’s go over the different types you might find in the support cores of your favorite mattresses.

Bonnell Coils

Bonnell coils are the grandfather of all other coils— they are probably the type sitting in your childhood mattress. They are the cheapest and most widely available coil, often used in hotel mattresses due to their ability to withstand lots of use over time.

Offset Coils

Offset coils are made of tempered steel and, like Bonnell oils, they are shaped like an hourglass. Unlike Bonnell coils, however, they are hinged together for extra durability.

There’s actually two variations of offset coils: double offset coils, which are straightened at the top and bottom for more support, and free arm offset coils, which are not joined together. No matter the type of offset coil, mattresses made with them are usually more expensive since this coil type is long-lasting.

Continuous Wire Coils

Continuous wire coils are not really shaped like a “coil,” but they are known for being just as durable as offset coils. While the springs are joined together, they do not contour to the body as well as offset coils or Bonnell coils, so this coil type can be less supportive and comfortable than others.

Individually Wrapped Coils (Marshall Coils)

Wrapped coils, also known as Marshall coils or pocketed coils, are encased in fabric for better motion transfer. They are connected to each other with hot glue, unlike other coil types which are hooked together using wires or rings (known as “helicals”).

The cloth encasement also gives the coils better contouring ability and insulation, so not only are they long-lasting, but they support your spine and back better than other coil types. As a result, mattresses using pocketed coils are on the pricier end.


As their name suggests, microcoils are tiny and they work much like pocketed coils do by limiting motion transfer. They are sometimes found in the comfort layer of a mattress, which is a bit unusual for coils.

A microcoil is typically between 1-3 inches long, wrapped in fabric or thin foam, and made of a thin wire with a high gauge. You may find microcoils most often in hybrid beds, but they can be used in innerspring, latex, or foam beds as well.

What makes microcoils so special? They are very good at isolating motion and they create excellent airflow— think of them as an upgraded (albeit much smaller) coil.

Other Elements to Consider

When it comes to c, keep in mind how other coil characteristics can affect the feel and cost of an innerspring. Let’s break down each of these in more detail.

Coil Count

Are more coils better? Not always! Sometimes a higher coil count is just a marketing tactic to make you think a bed has all the bells and whistles. The average coil count of an innerspring mattress falls between 500 to 1,000– a coil count above 1,000 hasn’t yet been proven to increase comfort, support, or durability.


Pitch refers to the angle of the coils and wires in relation to the mattress surface. The pitch determines how soft or hard a mattress feels.


Gauge refers to the thickness of the coils. The higher the gauge, the thinner the wire, and the lower the gauge, the thicker the wire. One is not necessarily better than the other, but they do serve different purposes. High gauge coils are quite springy and sometimes used in comfort layers (microcoils are a good example of a high gauge coil).

Lower gauge coils are more durable and firmer, so they are often placed in the support core layer at the base.

How Sleeping Position Affects the Kind of Mattress You Should Buy

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers will be on the lookout for a bed with adequate cushioning in the comfort layer as well as a sturdy support system to keep their back and spine neutral. No matter the mattress type, a medium feel is usually the perfect fit for side sleepers.

Mattress TypePros for Side SleepersCons for Side Sleepers
InnerspringSleeps cool, good edge supportTypically quite firm, sagging, limited pressure relief
HybridClose conforming, sleeps cool, good motion isolationMay be prone to sagging, may be too bouncy
Memory FoamClose conforming, soft but supportive, good motion isolationCan sleep hot, sometimes sags easily, minimal edge support
LatexSupportive, pressure-relief, durableSometimes not as soft as memory foam or hybrids

Stomach Sleepers

Sleep Junkie doesn’t recommend stomach sleeping simply because it puts you at a higher risk for misalignment and back pain. However, if you’re in the habit of sleeping this way, choosing a very supportive mattress and the right pillow can make a big difference. Stomach sleepers are usually most comfortable on a medium-firm to firm mattress.

Mattress TypePros for Stomach SleepersCons for Stomach Sleepers
InnerspringTypically more firm, bouncy, supportiveMinimal pressure relief, not close-conforming, can sag
HybridClose conforming, pressure relief, strong edge support, responsiveSome models may not be supportive enough, can sleep hot
Memory FoamClose conforming, pressure relief, motion isolationSleep hot, some sagging, may be too soft, may not be supportive enough
LatexClose conforming, pressure relief, motion isolationMay not be supportive enough for some stomach sleepers

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers need a supportive mattress without too much give so they don’t feel like they’re sinking. They will need a mattress with an even surface that doesn’t sag. A medium to medium-firm mattress is typically best if you sleep this way.

Mattress TypePros for Back SleepersCons for Back Sleepers
InnerspringEven surface, supportive, sleeps coolProne to some sagging, may not be cushioned enough
HybridConforming, pressure reliefMay sleep hot, prone to some sagging
Memory FoamPressure relief, soft, close conformingProne to more sag, may not be supportive enough
LatexClose conforming, pressure relief, motion isolationSome sagging, may be too bouncy

How Do Innersprings Compare to Other Mattress Types?

Mattress TypeProsConsAverage Cost (Queen)
InnerspringGood air circulation
Often the most budget-friendly option
Limited contouring ability
Can sag over time
HybridAll the benefits of foam and innersprings!More expensive
Heavy, hard to move
Memory FoamSoft and pressure-relieving
Can sleep hot
Can have an off-gassing odor
More expensive
Bouncier than memory foam

Average Lifespan and Warranties

An innerspring’s average lifespan is around 5.5 years, depending on the coil gauge, coil composition, coil type, and whether or not there are foam or latex layers.

Low-gauge coils or coils made of tempered steel tend to last longer than higher-gauge coils. Pocketed coils have a lower lifespan than other types, and Bonnell and offset coils have the longest.

Always look at a company’s warranty before purchasing— since innerspring mattresses have the shortest lifespan of any other mattress type, you will need to know what’s covered in that warranty and how long you can rely on it. The industry standard is a 10-year warranty (for all mattress types), with many companies now offering 20 years or more.

If the warranty is longer than 10 years, usually it’s prorated, meaning after the first ten years, the owner has to pay a certain percentage of the original mattress cost to get it repaired.

Defects usually covered by warranties include sagging of more than 1”, burst or deformed coils, or deformities in the mattress cover not caused by the owner.

Frequently Asked Questions

How thick should an innerspring mattress be?

We strongly recommend you always try to buy a mattress that’s least 10 inches thick, regardless of its type. Thinner mattresses lack the material that would let them withstand years of wear and tear, so you’ll need to replace a thinner mattress sooner than you would a thicker bed. A bed that’s under 10 inches thick is also less comfortable and supportive than a thicker mattress.

Which company makes the best innerspring mattress?

There’s no one answer to this question because what the “best innerspring mattress” should have will depend on your sleep needs. For example, side sleepers need a softer innerspring mattress than back or stomach sleepers. Saatva, WinkBed, Amerisleep, Brooklyn Bedding, and Zoma are all recognized brands with well-established reputations.

Do more pocket springs mean a better mattress?

Not at all. While the idea that more coils means more support might seem to make sense, that’s not always the case.  A mattress with a high coil count over 1,000 might contain thinner coils that will sag with age. The 600 coils inside another mattress might be thick enough to withstand years of use.

Do innerspring mattresses need a box spring?

It’s traditional to place an innerspring mattress on top of a box spring. However, newer innerspring mattresses are often fine if placed directly on a platform bed or a more traditional bed frame. If you’re unsure, reach out to the mattress company’s customer service to ask what support your chosen innerspring mattress needs.

What is the best innerspring mattress for a side sleeper?

If you’re looking for a side sleeper’s mattress, make sure the bed has thick, soft padding. Side sleepers need a mattress that offers plenty of pressure relief, or else they may wake up with sore joints and a stiff back. Look for a bed with a soft to medium feel.

Did You Find Your Next Bed?

Choosing a mattress can be overwhelming and stressful, especially if you’re sharing it with a partner or have other health concerns you’re trying to address. We hope this guide has given you a little more know-how to buy a mattress with ease.

Christine Lapp is a full-time graduate student and part-time freelancer for Sleep Junkie. Since she was a little girl on the soccer field, Christine has had a love for sports, and she believes everybody should get up and get moving once a day. Now, she incorporates her love for exercise into her studies, pursuing a degree in exercise physiology. Christine understands that what you do during your waking hours has a direct impact on your night’s sleep. In our better sleep guides, she offers advice for developing healthy daytime habits to nurture a more peaceful slumber.

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