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Nolah Evolution 15 Mattress Review

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Disclosure by Kristina Hindes: The Nolah Evolution 15 mattress was provided to me free of charge for the purpose of this review. However, all opinions expressed in this article are my own and based on my personal experience with the mattress.

Kristina Hindes brings a wealth of expertise to the table when it comes to evaluating mattresses. With over nine years of experience in clinical health services, Hindes currently serves as an Associate Manager at Aetna Better Health, overseeing a team of 20 case managers.

Her background spans various roles, including serving as a Director of Social Services in a nursing facility, showcasing her deep understanding of how sleep quality and the sleep environment impact an individual’s overall well-being. Holding a Master’s degree in Social Work and a background in psychology, Hindes evaluates mattresses like the Nolah Evolution 15 through a holistic lens.

Kristina is a certified sleep science coach and has completed advanced training in sleep disorders and sleep health. She regularly attends industry conferences and workshops to stay up-to-date on the latest research and trends in sleep technology.

When Sleep Junkie approached me to review the Nolah Evolution 15 mattress, I didn’t hesitate. As a certified sleep coach and a mom of two, I know firsthand how crucial a good mattress is for getting the restful sleep we all need to thrive.

I spent several weeks sleeping on the Evolution 15, carefully evaluating its performance in key areas like comfort, support, and temperature regulation. I also conducted in-depth research into the materials and construction of the mattress, drawing on my expertise in the field.

In this review, I’ll be sharing my honest assessment of the Nolah Evolution 15, along with insights that will help you determine if it’s the right choice for your sleep needs. You can also click on the video above to hear my thoughts on the mattress.

  • Exceptional Performance Across Key Metrics: The Nolah Evolution 15 impresses across comfort, support, cooling, and motion isolation. With a perfect 10 out of 10 rating in several categories, it offers a luxurious sleep experience suitable for a wide range of sleepers.
  • Thoughtful Design and Construction: The mattress’s construction, including proprietary foams and zoned coil support, showcases thoughtful design aimed at providing optimal comfort and support. Features like the quilted Euro topper and AirFoamICE™ contribute to a plush yet supportive surface.
  • Environmentally Conscious and Durable: Nolah’s commitment to sustainability, evidenced by GREENGUARD Gold and CertiPUR-US certifications, aligns with the mattress’s durable construction. The lifetime warranty further underscores the brand’s confidence in the mattress’s longevity, making it a worthwhile investment in sleep health and overall well-being.

Best Mattress Overall:

Nolah Evolution 15

Nolah Evolution 15
  • Price Range: See Price
  • Mattress Type: Hybrid
  • Mattress Firmness: 4 to 5, 6 to 7, or 7 to 8 out of 10 (Plush, Luxury Firm, Firm)
  • Mattress Thickness: 15 Inches
  • Available In: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King



Sleep Trial

120 Nights



Mattress Highlights
  • Airy gusseted top with cooling foams
  • Zoned individually wrapped coils
  • Luxuriously responsive surface feel
Recommended For
  • Hot sleepers
  • All sleeping positions
  • Luxury mattress lovers

Our Review Process: Each mattress we review undergoes a rigorous evaluation process. We assess comfort, support, cooling, and durability through both subjective experiences and objective tests.

Criteria include pressure relief, spine alignment, mattress responsiveness, motion transfer, edge support, and temperature regulation. This comprehensive approach ensures our reviews are thorough and unbiased.

I. Mattress Layers, Materials, and Construction

I found in my tests that the Nolah Evolution 15 is a luxury hybrid mattress that combines high-quality foams with a supportive coil system. Upon unboxing the mattress, I was immediately impressed by the thoughtful construction and attention to detail. Let’s take a closer look at the materials and layers that make up this 15-inch mattress.

Quilted Euro Topper

Topping off the mattress is a luxurious quilted Euro topper. This 2-inch layer combines soft, breathable organic cotton with cooling HI-Tech ArcticTex™ fibers. The Euro topper provides an additional layer of cushioning and pressure relief while also wicking away moisture and promoting airflow. The gentle contouring of this layer cradles the body, providing a cloud-like sleeping experience.

AirBreath™ Heat Escape Gusset

One unique aspect of the Nolah Evolution 15’s construction is the use of a border gusset. The AirBreath™ Heat Escape Gusset is a 2-inch border that encases the Euro topper and AirFoamICE™ layers.

This gusset is designed to facilitate better airflow and heat dissipation, allowing warm air to escape from the sides of the mattress. This feature further enhances the cooling capabilities of the Evolution 15, making it an excellent choice for hot sleepers.

AirFoamICE™ Comfort Layer

The main comfort layer of the Evolution 15 is a 2-inch layer of Nolah’s proprietary AirFoamICE™. This advanced foam is designed to provide superior pressure relief and cooling properties.

Unlike traditional memory foam, which can trap heat, AirFoamICE™ features an open-cell structure that allows for better airflow and temperature regulation. This layer contours closely to the body, providing a comforting hug-like sensation without the feeling of being stuck or overheated.

High-Density Support Foam

Next up is a 2-inch layer of high-density foam. This layer works in tandem with the transition foam and coils to provide long-lasting support and durability. It also helps to distribute body weight evenly across the mattress, minimizing pressure points and promoting proper spinal alignment.

High-Density Transition Foam

Above the coil layer, Nolah has incorporated a 1-inch high-resilience transition foam. This layer serves as a cushioning barrier between the coils and the comfort layers, and in my tests I found that it enhances the mattress’s overall responsiveness and providing a smooth transition between the support and comfort sections.

HDMax Tri-Zone™ Support Coils

The coil layer, called the HDMax Tri-Zone™ support coils, consists of 8-inch tall steel coils that are individually wrapped to provide targeted support and minimize motion transfer. The coils are arranged in three distinct zones, offering extra support in the lumbar region and gentler cradling for the shoulders and hips.

The coil system also includes reinforced edge support, ensuring a consistent sleeping surface from edge to edge. The sides of the mattress also feature convenient carrying handles.

Mattress Base Layer

At the base, the Evolution 15 features a recycled plant fiber foundation layer. This eco-friendly layer serves as a stable base for the individually wrapped coils above.

After thoroughly examining the materials and construction of the Nolah Evolution 15, I’m impressed by the thoughtful design and high-quality components used throughout the mattress. In the following sections, I’ll delve into how these materials and layers perform in terms of comfort, support, and overall sleep experience.

To thoroughly assess the Nolah Evolution 15, I conducted a series of tests. These included utilizing weights to demonstrate response time and motion transfer, as well as, positioning myself in various positions on the edge of the mattress to test edge support. All these tests are also shown in my video review.

II. Sleeping Positions

To truly put the Nolah Evolution 15 mattress to the test, I spent several nights sleeping in various sleep positions. As a side sleeper, I was particularly interested in how the mattress would perform for my preferred sleeping style.

When testing the mattress, I was pleased to find that the zoned AirFoam layer provided excellent pressure relief around my hips and shoulders, while the Tri-Zone Support Coils offered targeted support for my spine.

When I tested the mattress in the back sleeping position, I noticed that the combination of foam layers and coils kept my spine aligned and provided a comfortable, supportive surface. For stomach sleepers, I found that the mattress offered sufficient support to keep the hips from sinking too deeply, which is essential for maintaining proper spinal alignment.

Choosing the Right Firmness Level

The Nolah Evolution 15 comes in three firmness options: Plush, Luxury Firm, and Firm. To choose the right firmness for you, consider your sleeping position and personal preferences. Side sleepers may prefer the Plush or Luxury Firm options for more pressure relief, while back and stomach sleepers may opt for the Luxury Firm or Firm options for added support.

III. Response Time

A responsive mattress quickly adapts to your body’s contours, evenly distributing your weight and alleviating pressure points. By providing support as it’s needed, a responsive mattress helps prevent stiffness, numbness, and soreness, establishing a mattress for pressure points for more restful and rejuvenating sleep.

Unlike overly firm or rigid mattresses, a responsive mattress allows for easy movement and repositioning during sleep. Whether you’re changing positions or getting in and out of bed, a mattress that responds quickly to your movements ensures fluid and effortless transitions, reducing disruptions to your sleep and enhancing overall comfort.

During my testing process, I paid close attention to the mattress’s response time, which refers to how quickly it adjusts to changes in pressure and movement. To test this, I dropped a 10-pound weight from above my head onto the mattress, observing how quickly the surface returned to its original shape as the weight settled and once the weight was removed.

I was impressed by the Nolah Evolution 15’s quick response time, which I would score as a groundbreaking 10 out of 10. This responsiveness is crucial for combination sleepers who frequently change positions throughout the night.

IV. Mattress Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is a crucial factor to consider when purchasing a mattress, especially for couples or those who share their bed with pets or children. A mattress for couples with excellent motion isolation will minimize the transfer of movement from one side of the bed to the other, ensuring that you won’t be disturbed by your partner’s tossing and turning or late-night bathroom trips.

To test the motion isolation capabilities of the Nolah Evolution 15, I conducted a similar tests to what I do for mattress responsiveness. First, I placed the ball weights on one side of the mattress and moved around on the other side. I was pleased to see that the weights remained relatively undisturbed, indicating that the mattress effectively absorbs and isolates motion.

Next, I laid on one side of the mattress while my partner got in and out of bed on the other side. I was impressed by how little movement I felt, thanks to the combination of individually wrapped coils and high-quality foams.

The HDMax Tri-Zone™ support coils are designed to minimize motion transfer by allowing each coil to move independently, rather than as a single unit. This means that movement on one side of the mattress is less likely to be felt on the other side.

The high-density foams used in the Evolution 15 also contribute to its motion isolation properties. The 1-inch high-resilience transition foam and 2-inch high-density support foam work together to absorb and dissipate motion, further reducing the likelihood of disturbance.

Based on my experience and testing, I would rate the Nolah Evolution 15’s motion isolation as an exceptional 10 out of 10. Couples and light sleepers can rest assured that this mattress for motion isolation will provide a peaceful, undisturbed sleeping experience.

To see the Nolah Evolution 15’s motion isolation capabilities in action, check out my video demonstration!

V. Mattress Edge Support

Edge support is another important consideration when evaluating a mattress, particularly for those who like to sit on the edge of the bed while getting dressed or tying their shoes. A mattress with strong edge support will feel stable and supportive, even when you’re sitting or lying near the perimeter. It’s also a helpful feature in mattresses for seniors, who need to be careful moving out of bed to minimize the risk of falls.

To assess the edge support of the Nolah Evolution 15, I conducted a few tests. First, I sat on the edge of the mattress in various positions to simulate getting in and out of bed or sitting to put on shoes. I was impressed by the stability and support I felt, thanks to the reinforced edge support in the coil layer.

Next, I lay near the edge of the mattress in different positions to evaluate the level of support and compression. I was pleased to find that the Evolution 15 maintained its supportive feel, even when I was lying close to the edge. I didn’t experience any feelings of rolling off or instability in my tests, which is essential for couples who want to maximize their sleeping space.

The reinforced edge support in the Evolution 15 is a standout feature, as it ensures that the entire mattress surface is usable and supportive. This is particularly beneficial for couples with larger builds or those who enjoy spreading out across the bed.

Based on my testing and experience, I would rate the Nolah Evolution 15’s edge support as a 10 out of 10. The combination of reinforced coils and high-density foams creates a stable and supportive perimeter, making this mattress an excellent choice for those who prioritize edge support.

VI. Cooling and Breathability

Maintaining a comfortable body temperature is crucial for achieving restful sleep. A cooling mattress helps dissipate excess heat from your body, preventing you from feeling too hot and uncomfortable during the night. This is especially beneficial for individuals who naturally sleep warm or live in hot climates.

As someone who tends to sleep hot, I was particularly interested in testing the cooling and breathability features of the Nolah Evolution 15. The organic cotton and ArcticTex cover felt cool to the touch, and the quilted Euro topper with cooling foam helped dissipate heat throughout the night. The AirFoam layer also contributed to the mattress’s breathability, allowing for better air circulation.

During my testing period, I monitored my body temperature and overall comfort level. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I remained cool and comfortable throughout the night, even during warmer weather.

Based on my personal experience, I would give the Nolah Evolution 15 a perfect 10 out of 10 for cooling and breathability. This puts it in good company with other mattresses I’ve reviewed like the Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid and the Zoma Boost, which also achieved perfect coolness scores in my tests.

VII. Durability and Longevity

The primary function of a mattress is to provide support for your body while you sleep. A durable mattress maintains its supportiveness over time, ensuring proper spinal alignment and pressure relief. This helps prevent discomfort, pain, and sleep disturbances associated with sagging or deteriorating mattresses.

Similarly, a durable mattress is built to withstand the wear and tear of regular use over an extended period. A mattress that won’t sag maintains its structural integrity, support, and comfort for years, providing consistent sleep quality throughout its lifespan. This means you won’t need to replace your mattress as frequently, saving you money in the long run.

To assess the durability and longevity of the Nolah Evolution 15, I thoroughly examined the mattress’s construction and materials. The high-quality foams and sturdy coils used in the mattress suggest that it is built to last. Additionally, the reinforced edges and the recycled plant fiber foundation layer contribute to the overall durability of the mattress.

While long-term durability can only be determined through extended use, my initial impression based on the quality of materials and construction is that the Nolah Evolution 15 is likely to provide lasting comfort and support. The lifetime warranty offered by Nolah further supports their belief in how long a mattress lasts.

VIII. Potential Drawbacks

While the Nolah Evolution 15 mattress impressed me across most performance categories during my extensive testing, there are some potential drawbacks worth noting for certain individuals.

Firstly, the Nolah Evolution 15 is a tall mattress at 15 inches in height. While I personally found this extra thickness luxurious and supportive, this type of thick pillow top mattress could pose challenges for some sleepers.

For example, those with mobility issues may have difficulty getting in and out of such a high bed. The mattress thickness also requires deep pocket fitted sheets, which can be more expensive or harder to find than standard sizes.

Comparison to Other Mattresses

The Nolah Evolution’s three firmness options may not ideal suit everyone’s unique preferences either, as some prefer feels in between these firmness levels. For example, stomach and back sleepers who desire a firmer mattress for enhanced lower back support might prefer the medium-firm Amerisleep AS2 mattress instead.

Side sleepers who enjoy a balanced mattress like the medium feel Evolution 15 can also enjoy similar features with a slightly slimmer profile in the Helix Midnight Luxe. This model I’ve personally tested features a choice of cooling fabric, zoned pocketed coils, and responsive, cooling foams.

Meanwhile, side sleepers wanting a softer, more conforming feel can consider the pressure-relieving Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid as an alternative to the Nolah Evolution Plush model.

Comparison to Memory Foam Mattresses

As a hybrid mattress combining foam layers and coils, the Nolah Evolution 15 doesn’t have the same all-foam feel as popular memory foam mattresses. So anyone who strongly prefers the deep contouring sensation of sleeping “in” rather than “on” the mattress may favor an all-foam model.

Similarly, the Nolah Evolution 15 comes with a pillow top design. While I enjoyed the responsive plushness this provides, not everyone enjoys the look and feel of pillow top mattresses. Anyone who prefers the flatter, more uniform surface typical of many popular direct-to-consumer foam mattresses will likely prefer non-pillow-top models, such as the Amerisleep AS3.

Best-selling, well-reviewed memory foam mattresses that I have personally tested include:

Comparison to Other Hybrid Mattresses

Also, being a luxury hybrid mattress, the Nolah Evolution 15 has a higher price point that could exceed some shoppers’ budgets. While I believe its quality construction and performance justify the cost, it’s undoubtedly an investment.

More affordable mattresses for consideration include the top memory foam mattresses that I mentioned, along with less expensive hybrids like:

Perhaps the best direct comparison is the Zoma Boost Hybrid, as it also stands 15 inches tall and strives to be the ultimate cooling sleep experience. While it’s priced higher than the Boost, the Evolution 15’s firmness options and extra features like the Euro top and tri-zoned support justify the cost for shoppers looking to invest in their sleep.

Lastly, the Nolah Evolution is largely made with synthetic materials, with its main nod to sustainability being organic cotton in the cover fabric and upcycled plant fibers for the base. Those who want a greater focus on eco-conscious materials in an organic or natural mattress may want to consider the Nolah Natural 11 instead.

Other mattress with natural materials include:

However, for sleepers who aren’t dissuaded by the 15-inch height, want a balanced medium feel with a conforming pillow top, and value a luxury hybrid design, I readily recommend the Nolah Evolution 15 if it suits their budget. Despite some minor and subjective potential drawbacks for outlier preferences, this mattress delivers exceptional performance overall.

IX. Trial Period, Warranty, Pricing, and Sizes

When considering a mattress purchase, factors like the trial period, warranty, pricing, and available sizes are crucial. Nolah offers a 120-night trial period, allowing customers to test the mattress in the comfort of their own homes. This is particularly helpful for online shoppers who have to buy a mattress without trying it.

If you’re not satisfied, you can return the mattress for a full refund within this mattress trial period. Just reach out to customer service within the time frame to start the return process. Conversely, if you’re confident you’ll enjoy the Evolution 15, you can remove the trial period at checkout for an additional discount.

The Nolah Evolution 15 also comes with a lifetime warranty, demonstrating the company’s confidence in its product’s durability.

In terms of pricing, the Nolah Evolution 15 is competitively priced compared to other luxury hybrid mattresses on the market. The mattress is available in all standard sizes, from twin to California king, making it suitable for a wide range of sleepers and bedroom setups.

Nolah Evolution 15 Hybrid Mattress Prices by Size

Nolah Evolution 15 SizeDimensionsPrice
Twin Size38 inches wide by 74 inches long by 15 inches tall$1499
Twin XL Size38 inches wide by 80 inches long by 15 inches tall$1599
Full Size54 inches wide by 75 inches long by 15 inches tall$2299
Queen Size60 inches wide by 80 inches long by 15 inches tall$2499
King Size76 inches wide by 80 inches long by 15 inches tall$2699
California King Size72 inches wide by 84 inches long by 15 inches tall$2699
Split King SizeTwo mattresses 38 inches wide by 80 inches long by 15 inches tall$3198

X. Customer Reviews

To gain a broader perspective on the Nolah Evolution 15, I analyzed customer reviews in addition to my own testing experience. I found that many customers echoed my positive experiences, praising the mattress’s comfort, support, and cooling properties. Many praising its ability to alleviate hip and back pain, provide a perfect balance of softness and support, and offer a cool and comfortable sleeping experience.

Here’s a summary of what customers are saying:

  • Rick M. and his wife are extremely satisfied with their Nolah Evolution 15 mattress, particularly in the Plush version. They chose Nolah based on recommendations for hip discomfort relief, and it has successfully eliminated his wife’s hip pain. Despite being softer than what they were used to, the mattress has proven to be much more comfortable as they’ve gotten older. The couple also appreciated the quick delivery, easy installation process, and the free pillows that came with their purchase.
  • Dean Albert, a 74-year-old man, found relief from his sore hips and shoulders with the Nolah Evolution 15 mattress in the Soft version. After trying several other mattresses without success, the Nolah Soft immediately alleviated his hip pain. While he initially attributed his shoulder pain to the mattress, a doctor’s diagnosis revealed that it was actually due to arthritis and biceps tendinitis, which was resolved with cortisone shots. Both Dean and his wife find the Nolah mattress to be soft and supportive.
  • Rainbow Thompson and her husband, who weigh 190 and 280 pounds respectively, are thrilled with their Nolah Evolution 15 mattress in the Luxury Firm version. The mattress has eliminated her husband’s daily back pain and provides a perfect combination of cradling softness and supportive firmness. Rainbow appreciates that Nolah offers recommendations based on body weight, ensuring that they received the ideal firmness level for their needs.

While the majority of reviews are glowingly positive, there are a few isolated cases of customers experiencing issues.

Steve Topper, for example, initially found the mattress to be comfortable and helpful for his back pain. However, after three months, he noticed that the mattress began to sag at the midpoint of his body, despite his weight of 188 pounds. Although he appreciates the cooler sleep the mattress provides, he wouldn’t choose this mattress again due to the sagging issue.

Overall, the Nolah Evolution 15 mattress has received high praise from customers for its ability to provide pain relief, a balanced feel, and a cool sleeping surface. The company’s attention to detail in recommending firmness levels based on body weight has also contributed to customer satisfaction.

XI. Environmental Impact

As someone who values environmental sustainability, I was pleased to learn that the Nolah Evolution 15 mattress is GREENGUARD Gold certified, meaning it meets strict standards for low chemical emissions. The mattress also features CertiPUR-US certified foams, ensuring that they are made without harmful chemicals and materials.

During my research and testing process, I discovered that Nolah is committed to reducing its environmental impact by using green materials and implementing sustainable practices in its manufacturing process for eco-friendly mattresses.

This commitment to sustainability aligns with my personal values and adds to the overall appeal of the Nolah Evolution 15 mattress, though the brand’s Natural 11 and Nurture, a mattress for kids with a dual-sided design, do feature a greater concentration of natural materials.

XII. Maintenance and Care

To ensure the longevity of the Nolah Evolution 15 mattress, proper maintenance and care are essential. During my testing period, I followed the manufacturer’s care instructions, which include rotating the mattress every 3-6 months to promote even wear and using a supportive foundation or bed frame.

I also used a waterproof mattress protector to safeguard against spills and stains, which can damage the mattress over time. Regular cleaning of the mattress cover and bedding can also help maintain a hygienic sleeping environment.

XIII. Final Verdict – Overall Score: 10/10

After thoroughly testing the Nolah Evolution 15 mattress and considering factors such as comfort, support, cooling, durability, and environmental impact, I can confidently recommend this mattress to a wide range of sleepers. Based on my personal experience, I would give the Nolah Evolution 15 an outstanding 10 out of 10 overall rating.

The combination of pressure-relieving foams, targeted support coils, and cooling features provided me with a comfortable mattress and restful sleeping experience. The quick response time and excellent motion isolation make it suitable for couples and combination sleepers, while the reinforced edges offer ample support for sitting or sleeping near the edge of the bed.

While there are a few potential drawbacks to consider, such as the mattress height and personal firmness preferences, the benefits of the Nolah Evolution 15 far outweigh these minor concerns. With a generous trial period, lifetime warranty, and competitive pricing, the Nolah Evolution 15 represents a worthwhile investment in your sleep health and overall well-being.

As a certified sleep coach and a mother of two, I understand the importance of making informed decisions when it comes to sleep products. By sharing my firsthand testing experience and insights, I hope to help you determine whether the Nolah Evolution 15 mattress is the right choice for you and your family. Remember, investing in a quality mattress is an investment in your health, happiness, and productivity.

Final Score Tally

Mattress FeatureScore
Response Time9 out of 10
Motion Isolation10 out of 10
Edge Support10 out of 10
Cooling and Breathability10 out of 10
Final Verdict10 out of 10

XV. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Nolah Evolution 15 suitable for side sleepers?

Yes, the Nolah Evolution 15 is an excellent choice for side sleepers. The zoned AirFoam layer provides targeted pressure relief for the hips and shoulders, while the Tri-Zone Support Coils offer enhanced support for the spine.

This combination ensures a comfortable and supportive sleeping experience for side sleepers.

How well does the Nolah Evolution 15 regulate temperature?

The Nolah Evolution 15 excels at temperature regulation. The mattress features a quilted Euro topper with cooling HI-Tech ArcticTex fibers, an AirBreath Heat Escape Gusset for improved airflow, and the proprietary AirFoamICE layer, which is designed to provide superior cooling properties.

These features work together to create a cool and comfortable sleeping surface.

Is the Nolah Evolution 15 a good choice for couples?

Yes, the Nolah Evolution 15 is an excellent option for couples. The individually wrapped HDMax Tri-Zone support coils and high-density foams effectively minimize motion transfer, ensuring that you won’t be disturbed by your partner’s movements.

Additionally, the reinforced edge support allows couples to maximize their sleeping space without feeling unstable near the edges.

How long is the trial period for the Nolah Evolution 15?

Nolah offers a generous 120-night trial period for the Evolution 15 mattress. This allows customers to test the mattress in the comfort of their own homes and ensure it meets their needs. If you’re not satisfied within the trial period, you can return the mattress for a full refund.

What type of warranty does the Nolah Evolution 15 come with?

The Nolah Evolution 15 mattress comes with a lifetime warranty. This demonstrates the company’s confidence in the durability and longevity of their product. The lifetime warranty provides peace of mind and protection for your investment in a quality mattress.

Is the Nolah Evolution 15 eco-friendly?

The Nolah Evolution 15 mattress has several eco-friendly features. It is GREENGUARD Gold certified, meaning it meets strict standards for low chemical emissions. The foams used in the mattress are also CertiPUR-US certified, ensuring they are made without harmful chemicals and materials.

Additionally, Nolah is committed to reducing its environmental impact through the use of green materials and sustainable manufacturing practices.

How thick is the Nolah Evolution 15?

The Nolah Evolution 15 is a luxurious 15-inch thick mattress. This extra thickness provides ample room for the various comfort and support layers, including the quilted Euro topper, AirFoamICE, high-density foams, and the HDMax Tri-Zone support coils.

While the 15-inch profile may require deep pocket fitted sheets, it contributes to the mattress’s exceptional comfort and support.

nolah evolution
Nolah Evolution

As a dedicated mother of two, Kristina places a high value on holistic health and the well-being of her family. She understands the significance of maintaining hormonal balance and cherishes the essential role of sleep in optimizing overall health. In her leisure time, she indulges her love for the outdoors through hiking, fostering a deep connection with nature, and expresses her creativity through various forms of art. Her life is a vibrant canvas, adorned with wellness and inspiration.

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