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Best Mattress for Couples and Cuddling

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When buying a mattress it’s important to find a bed that is comfortable and supportive to you. But what do you do when you are sharing a mattress? Juggling more than one person’s needs can get difficult. In this guide, we’ll discuss the two main things to think about when buying a mattress for two people, as well as our Editors’ recommended best mattress for couples.

Best Mattress for Couples: 30 Seconds Summary

  • The Amerisleep AS3 is our Editors’ Choice as the best mattress for couples because it’s versatile enough to be comfortable for a majority of sleepers, even couples with different sleep styles.
  • Our runner-up choice is the Zoma Mattress, an excellent memory foam mattress that focuses on body recovery. When you wake up on a Zoma Mattress, you should feel ready to give 100 percent during the day.

Best Mattresses for Couples

amerisleep as3Amerisleep AS3Plant-based Bio-Pur® molds to your body to offer cushioning comfort. Plus, clinically proven HIVE® technology promotes healthy posture for a variety of sleeping positions.
$1399Buy Now
zomaZoma MattressTop Triangulex™ layer features cooling gels and targeted support.
amerisleep as5Amerisleep AS5 HybridPlush foam top with Active Flex and bouncy coils to prevent sinkage.
$1679Buy Now

Zoma HybridResponsive Reactiv™ and pocketed coils keep couples lifted.
vaya mattressVaya MattressAffordable two-layer foam mattress with excellent support and pressure relief.
purpleOriginal Purple®Features proprietary Purple Grid™ to relieve pressure points and isolate motion.
$1099Buy Now
avocado mattressAvocado GreenMade with eco-friendly, organic materials and is perfect for green shoppers.
$1349Buy Now

1. Best Mattress for Couples Overall: Amerisleep AS3

The Editors at Sleep Junkie like the Amerisleep AS3 as the best mattress for couples. Amerisleep makes and sells five mattresses— AS1, AS2, AS3, AS4, and AS5. They design these beds for different sleep styles, so each bed varies in firmness and is suited for a specific sleeper.

Their AS3 is a medium firmness and is supposed to offer an even balance of comfort and support. Amerisleep’s AS3 is their best mattress for side sleepers, but they also recommend it to combination sleepers because of its adaptability.

Let’s look at what makes this bed great for couples:

  • The first layer of the Amerisleep AS3 is 3 inches of Bio-Pur® foam. Their Bio-Pur® foam is more breathable than traditional memory foam and has the ability to contour to a variety of weights and body types. When you lay on this bed, the Bio-Pur® should hug your body’s curves to offer instant pressure relief, and also prevent motion from transferring throughout the mattress.
  • Next, there is the company’s HIVE® technology. HIVE® offers targeted support and is broken up into five sections, so it can offer the right kind of support for each part of your body.

When you shop with Amerisleep, they offer free shipping, a 100-night sleep trial, and a 20-year warranty with each of their beds. Additionally, they frequently run promotions on their mattresses, so it’s easy to nab a deal.

After a month, you have the option to return the bed if you find it’s not compatible with your sleep needs. Amerisleep also offers one of the longest warranties in the mattress industry, covering their product for 20 years.


  • Plant-based foam more responsive and breathable than traditional foam
  • Five zones of targeted support from HIVE® technology
  • Versatile medium feel supports most sleeping styles

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2. Best Cooling Mattress for Couples: Zoma Mattress

Do you tend to wake up feeling tired, like you didn’t get the best night’s sleep that you possibly could? Then you might want to consider a Zoma Mattress. The Zoma Company focuses on mattresses that increase rejuvenation by promoting deep, uninterrupted sleep. Their target audience is athletes and other active people, but anyone can benefit from sleeping on the Zoma Mattress.

You’ll find three foam layers inside a Zoma Mattress:

  • The top layer is 2 inches of gel memory foam with Triangulex™ technology. Zoma adds triangular cutouts to the mattress’s head and foot for better contouring. These cutouts increase pressure relief and airflow for a more comfortable sleep experience.
  • The middle layer is 2 inches of Reactiv™ foam. As the name implies, Reactiv™ responds to your movements, providing just the right amount of pushback to support you without reducing the bed’s comfort.
  • At the base is 7 inches of Support+ foam, a material that deters sagging. Support+ helps the Zoma Mattress withstand years of use.

Every Zoma Mattress includes a 100-night sleep trial, giving you a few months to make sure it’s the right mattress for you. You also have a 10-year warranty that protects against defects, such as sagging beyond 0.75 inches.


  • Cutouts in head and foot increase pressure relief
  • Cooling gel infusion prevents heat build-up
  • Buoyant transition layer limits sinkage and makes movement simpler

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3. Best Luxury Mattress for Couples: Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid

If you want to share a luxury mattress with your partner, you might want to consider the benefits of the AS5 Hybrid. The AS5 is the softest mattress Amerisleep offers, and the bouncy pocketed coils in the hybrid model will keep and your partner from sinking in too deeply. Sinkage is a common problem with soft mattresses, which Amerisleep addressed when it designed the AS5 Hybrid.

What makes this a luxurious mattress for couples? Let’s review its construction:

  • The first layer is 3 inches of breathable and responsive Bio-Pur® foam.
  • Next is Active Flex, a responsive material that limits sinkage. Active Flex doesn’t push back enough to disrupt the mattress’s soft feel, but it will keep you from misaligning your spine and waking up with back pain.
  • The bed’s pocketed coils are wrapped to minimize motion transfer. Each coil reacts independently to your movements, instead of carrying the slightest shift you make across the mattress.

As with the AS3, every AS5 Hybrid includes free shipping, a 100-night sleep trial, and a 20-year warranty.

AS5 Hybrid

  • Thick, plush layer of plant-based foam molds to body
  • Active Flex layer prevents spine misalignment
  • Bouncy coils respond independently to movement

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4. Best Hybrid Mattress for Couples: Zoma Hybrid

While many couples love the feel of memory foam, some find they miss the bounce that a traditional innerspring mattress provided. A hybrid mattress like the Zoma Hybrid is a good compromise, balancing pressure-relieving foam with As a bonus, a Zoma Hybrid includes many of the same recovery foam that the original Zoma Mattress is well known for.

There are four layers inside a Zoma Hybrid:

  • The first layer is 2 inches of gel foam, for pressure relief and temperature regulation. This layer contains segmented cutouts boost pressure relief under your head, shoulders, and legs while also maintaining firm back support.
  • Next is 2 inches of Reactiv™ foam. As we discussed, Reactiv™ prevents you from sinking in too deeply or becoming trapped in your mattress.
  • Most of the bed’s support comes from the third layer, which is 7 inches of pocketed coils. The coils are wrapped in fabric to decrease motion transfer and muffle any sounds the coils might make. Pocketed coils prevent your partner’s movements from disturbing your rest and vice versa.
  • The final layer is an inch of stiff, supportive foam. This foam base helps the bed maintain its structure by preventing the coils from sagging.

A Zoma Hybrid includes free shipping and returns, a 100-night sleep trial, and a 10-year warranty.


  • Cool gel memory foam moves heat away from sleepers
  • Reactiv™ foam ensures two people never feel stuck in bed
  • Pocketed coils respond without carrying movement

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5. Best Foam Mattress for Couples: Vaya Mattress

If you and your partner are shopping for a budget-friendly mattress, our top recommendation is the Vaya Mattress. A queen size Vaya Mattress costs only $599 and a king size is $799. It’s more than a fair price, as you’ll receive a plush 12-inch mattress that blends bouncy support with pressure-relieving softness.

The bed’s two-layer design is more than capable of providing the support and comfort that couples need:

  • The top layer is 3 inches of Vaya Comfort Foam, a material similar to memory foam in many ways. Vaya Comfort molds to you for pressure relief while absorbing movements to prevent your every motion from rippling across the mattress.
  • The bottom layer is 9 inches of Vaya Base Foam, a dense material that’s sag-resistant. Vaya Base Foam supports you, limiting the pressure build-up that can come from muscle and joint strain.

You have 100 days to try out your Vaya Mattress from the day of delivery.


  • All mattress sizes cost under $1000
  • Soft, conforming top layer supports all positions
  • Sturdy base layer increases the bed's durability

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6. Best Mattress for Side Sleeper Couples: Purple® Mattress

If you’ve done any mattress research, you’ve surely heard of Purple®. Though a relatively new brand, they hit the ground running and have been growing in popularity ever since. Their beds are unique, however, they are not for everybody.

Each Purple® mattress has its proprietary Purple Grid™, made with a hyper-elastic polymer. Hyper-Elastic Polymer is a stretchy, rubber-like material invented and patented by Purple’s® creators, Tony and Terry Pearce. They use another patented machine, called the Mattress Max, to fashion this material into mattress-size grids.

When they first opened, Purple® only sold their flagship mattress, Purple®, but has since expanded upon their collection to include hybrid models. When shopping with Purple®, we recommend going with their flagship bed with no innerspring coils. Below, we’ll discuss the layers of that model:

  • The first layer of Purple’s® flagship bed, as well as the first layer of every Purple® mattress, is their Purple Grid™. In this model, this grid is 2 inches thick. There are a few key benefits to using this material instead of more traditional materials: it adapts to pressure points, prevents motion transfer, and promotes a cool sleeping environment. When designing this material, it was in hopes of creating the world’s first no-pressure surface. When you lay on this bed, the grid should collapse under your weight, but offer a more responsive, “lifting” feeling than foam. Because this material is fashioned in the shape of a grid, it calls for superb airflow through the bed.
  • Next, is 3.25 inches of poly-foam, functioning as a transition layer between the grid above and the firm base below. Including this layer in the design of their mattress prevents you from sinking straight through their Purple Grid™ and bottoming out on the hard foam layer. You should not feel as if you’re sinking uncomfortably far into the mattress with the inclusion of this layer.
  • The bottom layer of the Purple® mattress is 4 inches of high-density poly-foam. As you can guess, the function of the base is to offer structural support and give the bed its shape.

When you buy a Purple® mattress, it comes with a 100-night risk-free trial and a 10-year warranty, allowing you to try it at home and decide if it’s the most comfortable fit.


  • Purple Grid™ has numerous squares that flex with the body
  • Poly-foam middle layer buoys a couple's body
  • Dense base foam promotes a durable base

7. Best Mattress for Heavy Couples: Avocado Green Mattress

Though this list has focused mainly on all-foam mattresses, we wanted to include a hybrid option for those who prefer a little bounce from their bed. We included the Avocado Green mattress to this list because not only is it a top-rated mattress, but it’s also one of the most eco-friendly mattresses on the market. If you’re searching for a “green” bed, look no further, as this bed has GOLS Organic certified Dunlop latex and GOTS Organic certified cotton and wool. The coils they use in this bed are made with recycled steel, too.

When you buy the Avocado Green bed, it comes with a 100-night sleep trial and a 25-year warranty. Let’s dive into this mattress:

  • The first layer of this mattress is 2 inches of all-natural Dunlop latex. Unlike memory foam, latex feels quite bouncy when you lay down on it, so it should prevent you from feeling as if you’re sinking too far into the mattress. Latex is also naturally cooling, and Avocado reinforces this materials breathability by adding pinholes throughout the layer.
  • Next is 8 inches of pocketed coils fashioned into three distinct comfort zones; this layer offers targeted support and pressure relief for the sleeper.

Avocado backs their beds with a 25-year warranty, which is the longest warranty on our list.


  • Organic cotton, wool, and latex for comfy cushion
  • Upcycled steel coils provide bouncy support
  • Lengthy sleep trial and warranty guarantees the bed's quality

8. Best Flippable Mattress for Couples: Layla Mattress

There are four layers that make up this mattress. Let’s examine each layer from the soft side down.

The soft side contains two layers. First is 3 inches of copper-gel-infused memory foam. Memory foam is a conforming material, but traditional memory foam would collect body heat. The copper infusion moves heat away, helping the mattress release it quicker.

Adding copper to the mattress creates other benefits, as well. Copper is an  antimicrobial material and naturally repels bacteria that can make you feel sick or just make your mattress stinky. Plus, the copper gels firm up under pressure, so the heavier parts of your body get an extra bit of support.

Next is 2 inches of Max Airflow Support Foam. The foam contains zoned Surface Modification technology, establishing reactive support for different areas of the body. Air channels increase heat dispersion, ensuring a cooling mattress for hot sleepers.

The support core is 4 inches of sturdy foam that minimizes unwanted bounce and motion transfer while maximizing the mattress’s lifespan. The firm side consists of an inch of copper gel foam.

The mattress’s cover features a hexagonal print and a zipper for easy removal, along with a tag that labels each side as “soft” or “firm.” Plus, the fabric contains cooling technology to promote better sleep. Both sides feature excellent motion isolation, keeping couples from feeling their partner’s every movement.

Layla backs their mattresses with a 120-night sleep trial and a lifetime warranty. Shoppers can also two free pillows with their mattress purchase.


  • Two sides, one soft and one firm
  • Cooling, conductive copper infusion
  • Surface modification tech for different support levels

9. Best Innerspring Mattress for Couples: Saatva Classic

Couples will have five mattress sizes to choose from if they’re interested in the Saatva Classic mattress. There are the typical queen, king, and California king options, plus a split king size and the hard-to-find split California king size.

The top layer of the mattress is a 3-inch Euro pillow top. A traditional pillow top is sewn on top of the mattress’s cover, while a Euro top is sewn on underneath for a clean, seamless look.

Underneath the pillow top is a layer of pocketed coils. Every coil is wrapped to promote individual reactions and prevent motion isolation. The pocketed coil layer is the first coil layer; Saatva says that the two coil layers gives the bed a responsive feel while ensuring a breathable bed.

In between the two coil layers is a layer of high-density memory foam with active wire. This layer is designed to provide extra back support and pressure relief, increasing comfort.

The mattress’s base is a layer of tempered steel coils, promoting a sag-resistant structure.

The mattress’s edge support comes from a ring of high-density foam that forms the bed’s perimeter. Firming up the edges like this makes it easier to move in and out of bed in the morning, particularly if you have a chronic pain condition.

An organic cotton cover promotes a dry, breathable sleep surface. Plus, the fabric is protected with a Guardin™ botanical antimicrobial treatment, keeping potentially harmful or just smelly bacteria from settling in the mattress. The mattress’s flame retardant barrier is also thistle pulp instead of a chemical spray, promoting durability and sustainability.

Saatva backs its Classic mattress with a 180-night sleep trial and a 15-year warranty. However, while the sleep trial is lengthy, returning the mattress comes with a $99 fee. This is noteworthy, as many mattress companies offer shorter sleep trials with full refunds.

The mattress also comes with free white glove delivery, a service where the delivery team sets up your mattress. Saatva will call you to set up the delivery appointment for this reason. You can also choose to have your old mattress and frame hauled away for free during checkout.


  • Plush, luxury firm, and firm feels
  • White glove delivery with add-on mattress removal
  • Sleep technology maintains a neutral spine alignment

10. Best Budget Mattress: Tuft & Needle Original

For many couples, the goal of mattress shopping is to find a new bed with a comfortable feel at a low price. The Original Tuft & Needle mattress is a good choice, with larger sizes still costing under $1000. This mattress is a relatively thin bed, standing 10 inches tall and containing two foam layers.

The top layer is the company’s exclusive T&N Adaptive® Foam, engineered to provide durable, breathable, and flexible support and comfort. Tuft & Needle infuses the foam with graphite and ceramic gels, heat-wicking materials that ensure a cool sleep surface.

The base layer of the mattress is supportive poly-foam. Soft knit fabric surrounds the mattress’s two layers, promoting a breathable and plush surface. Shoppers can choose to infuse this cover with antimicrobial protection for an added charge.

The extra antimicrobial protection keeps bacteria that can make you sick or just compromise your mattress’s integrity from settling in the mattress. Antimicrobial also decreases the chances of your mattress developing an unpleasant smell.

Tuft & Needle notes that 95 percent of shoppers choose to keep their mattress after trying it out. They also say the mattress is suitable for all sleep positions.

The Tuft & Needle Original mattress comes with free shipping, a 100-night sleep trial, and a 10-year warranty.


  • Antimicrobial protection by Hei
  • Cushioning and flexible T&N Adaptive® Foam
  • Cooling gel and graphite infusion

11. Best Mattress for Couples with a Lifetime Warranty: WinkBed

As the term suggests, a lifetime warranty is a warranty that doesn’t have a set time limit. Should a defect occur at any time, you can submit your warranty claim with your proof of purchase and receive a free replacement.

The WinkBed warranty does have one drawback—sagging isn’t covered until it exceeds 1.5 inches. A sagging mattress is usually uncomfortable well before it reaches this point, so shoppers might prefer a mattress with a timed warranty that covers sagging under an inch.

As for the WinkBed’s construction, it has a simple design and stands 13.5 inches tall. The top layer is a Euro pillow top with gel-infused foam and a Tencel® fabric cover. Both materials ensure a cool-to-the-touch surface.

The mattress’s support layer is pocketed coils with an Extra-Edge™ support system. With the firmed-up sides that Extra-Edge™ establishes, you can sleep on the edge and have an easier time getting up and sitting on the side of the bed.

The WinkBed mattress also comes with a 120-night sleep trial. WinkBed does note that any customer who returns a mattress is not eligible for future 120-night trials. A trial period is “limited to one mattress per customer and household shipping address.”


  • Tencel® fabric cover and gel-infused foam
  • Motion-isolating pocketed coils
  • Consistent edge support for easier movement

Types of Mattresses for Couples

Most couples will choose from one of four mattress types—memory foam, latex, innerspring, and hybrid mattresses. There’s no such thing as a right or wrong mattress type. It’s mostly a matter of personal preferences, though naturally, it’s important for two people to agree on whether or not a mattress is comfortable.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is a popular mattress type with couples because the material conforms to the body in any position. The material is designed to react within seconds to heat and pressure, which is why a memory foam mattress adapts so quickly when a sleeper lies down. Plus, not only does its reactive design relieve pressure, but it also swallows movements and prevents motion transfer.

Memory foam is an affordable material that’s available in various setups and firmnesses. However, it’s not a perfect material; traditional memory foam had the tendency to hold onto body heat, letting it build up and disturb a sleeper’s rest. Many mattress manufacturers infuse the bed with cooling materials for a more comfortable night’s rest.


Latex foam is a lot like memory foam, contouring to the sleeper’s body when they lie down. What most separates latex mattresses from memory foam is the all-natural composition. While memory foam is made with synthetic materials, latex foam is whipped from harvested rubber tree sap.

Some people find latex feels bouncier, cooler, or firmer than memory foam. However, many prefer the feel of memory foam, while others pick a memory foam mattress because it’s less expensive than a latex bed. For an in-depth comparison, we recommend our latex vs memory foam mattress guide.


The traditional innerspring mattress has a simple design, with coils supporting the bed and foam and fabric on the mattress’s top and bottom. Naturally, the main selling point of an innerspring mattress is how buoyant it feels to lie down on one.

The minimal design also ensures the surface stays cool throughout the night and is inexpensive to produce, making an innerspring mattress affordable for the average shopper. However, many sleepers find the thin comfort layer doesn’t fully conform to their bodies.


A hybrid mattress mixes elements of a foam mattress with an innerspring base. The top is 2 to 3 inches of foam to hug the sleeper’s body, while the bottom is a layer of pocketed coils. Every coil is wrapped, or “pocketed,” to ensure it reacts individually to movement. Pocketed coils are often considered better than other coil systems because the design limits motion transfer.

Hybrid mattresses are popular because they offer the best of each type. A hybrid is cooler and bouncier than a traditional memory foam mattress. The design also provides more cushion than a standard innerspring mattress, relieving more pressure points across the body.

Sleeping Styles & Firmness Levels

The type of mattress you choose isn’t the only factor that can affect a couples’ comfort. There’s also the mattress’s firmness to consider, which determines how hard or soft the bed feels when you lie down. Firmness is relative, with a mattress often feeling different depending on your sleeping position and body weight.

Sleep Position

People tend to favor one of three positions and sleep on their sides, backs, or stomachs. Your preferred sleep position determines how pressure builds up in your body and what areas need to be supported. This is why every sleep position has a corresponding firmness range.

Side sleeping is the most popular position, with people lying on their left or right side to fall asleep. Pressure tends to build up in a side sleeper’s shoulders and hips, so the right mattress needs to have plenty of pressure-relieving cushion. The best mattresses for side sleeping usually feature a soft to medium feel.

Back sleeping is less common than side sleeping, but it’s not without its benefits. Lying on your back keeps your spine in a neutral position, similar to the posture of someone who’s standing straight. The best mattresses for back sleeping have a medium-firm to firm feel, although medium mattresses with back support features can be a good choice.

Stomach sleeping is uncommon and many sleep experts advise against the position. Sleeping on your stomach carries a higher risk of spinal misalignment because the stomach tends to sink into the mattress, pulling the spine out of its neutral position. The best mattresses for stomach sleepers offer a firm feel to offset this potential sinkage.

Of course, not every sleeper falls neatly into these three positions. Many people move between two or even all three positions during the night, falling asleep in one and waking up in another. These people are known as combination sleepers, and the best mattress for a combination sleeper usually possesses a buoyant medium to medium-firm feel.

Body Weight

A person’s body type and weight affects how much pressure they place on a mattress, which in turn determines how well the mattress conforms to their body. A heavier person places more pressure on a bed, meaning that a firm surface molds to their body more than it would for an average-sized sleeper.

Plus-size sleepers often find a firm mattress helps to maintain a healthy spine alignment. Soft mattresses are often a risk for heavier sleepers because they lack the needed support to prevent excess sinkage. However, softer mattresses for heavy people do exist and feature responsive foams and/or springs to keep a person buoyed.

Conversely, a mattress for petite sleepers should be near the softer end of their position’s firmness range. Plush surfaces conform to a body quickly, a beneficial feature for smaller sleepers who don’t place as much pressure on a mattress as larger individuals.

What If We Have Different Sleep Styles?

Many couples don’t share the same sleep style. For example, you might be an average-sized side sleeper but your partner is a heavyset back sleeper. Having different sleep styles and needs can complicate your search for the right mattress.

Sometimes, you’ll be able to compromise with a mattress firmness that suits both of you. Many side and back sleepers find a medium mattress comfortable and supportive; in our given example, that might be what you and your partner would share.

However, some partners don’t want to give up what feels most comfortable to them, and that’s fine. For people who need a different firmness to sleep well, we would recommend a split king size mattress. As the term suggests, a split king mattress is a traditional king bed divided in half.

Many companies offer split king mattresses with a different firmness on each side. You can also improvise a split king mattress by pushing two twin XL size mattresses together.

Two More Things to Think About

Buying a mattress for two people is not as overwhelming as you may believe. We suggest taking a step back and considering these two key things: individual comfort and motion isolation. Focusing on these points can help simplify your search.

Individual Comfort

If you’re sleeping on a mattress that isn’t suited for your specific sleep style or needs, it may seem impossible to get a restful, healthy night’s sleep. On top of that, an incompatible mattress may not support your spine the way it should, which can cause chronic pains. Before shopping, consider the level of comfort and support you need.

Think about your favored sleep position. Do you spend most of the time sleeping on your stomach, back, or side? Then, think about how you feel when you wake up in the mornings. Do you find most mornings you’re rolling out of bed feeling achy or do you typically feel refreshed and ready for the day? If you find most mornings you’re dealing with backaches and pain, it’s a good sign that your current mattress is not the best fit for your body.

Next, consider your preference for firmness. Do you like a softer, cradling feel from your bed? Alternatively, do you prefer a firmer surface to sleep on? Everybody is different, but having an understanding of what you need from a bed can help narrow down your options and steer you towards the most compatible mattress for yourself.

While it may seem like a contradiction, knowing what is you need from a bed will make it easier in finding a mattress as a couple. If person A needs back support and cooling technology and person B needs enough cushion to sleep on their sides, now you know you are looking for a mattress that offers back support, cool-to-the-touch technology, while still having enough cushion for side sleepers.

Motion Isolation

A major concern when sharing a mattress is the risk of motion transfer. Simply put motion transfer is when motion moves from one side of the mattress to the other. So, say a person moves on the far left side (tossing and turning or getting up to use the restroom). If your mattress is bad at isolating that motion, there is a greater risk you’ll wake up in response.

Typically, all-foam beds, such as memory foam and latex foam, isolate motion while the best hybrid beds and innerspring beds tend to feel bouncier because they have a coil system. Recently, brands have been using pocketed coil systems in their beds in an effort to reduce motion transfer, but even pocketed coils aren’t comparable to the motion isolating abilities of foam.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best bed size for couples?

We recommend queen or king size mattresses for couples. Smaller bed sizes simply won’t provide the personal space that two people need for a good night’s rest. Most likely your movements or body heat will disturb your partner’s rest if the two of you share a mattress smaller than a queen.

What is the best mattress for motion transfer?

A memory foam mattress is one of the best beds for couples because the material absorbs shock at the point of impact. Other foams such as latex and poly-foam prevent motion transfer as well, but many customers consider memory foam the best material for motion isolation. If you want a bouncy bed, a hybrid mattress has its coils wrapped to reduce motion transfer, along with a thick foam top that can absorb the slightest shift you make.

What’s the best mattress for side sleeper couples?

The best mattresses for side sleepers offer a soft to medium feel. Soft is good for couples who want a plush mattress, while a medium mattress has a versatile feel that suits most sleeping styles. Side sleeping couples should also look for mattresses the prevent movement from rippling across the surface, like a memory foam, latex, or hybrid mattress.

What’s the best mattress for combination sleeper couples?

Combination sleeping couples need a buoyant mattress that supports easy movement and limits motion transfer. Most combination sleepers find a medium to medium-firm mattress comfortable in various positions. Couples may want a hybrid mattress for a more “on top of the mattress” feel, though a foam mattress can still promote quick movements while limiting sinkage.

What’s the most comfortable mattress for couples?

There’s no one mattress that’s most comfortable for couples because every person has a different sleep style. However, when it comes to maximizing each partner’s comfort, we recommend split king size mattresses on adjustable beds. Split king mattresses can be set up with a different firmness on each side, so couples with conflicting sleep styles don’t have to compromise their comfort preferences.

Pairing a split king mattress with an adjustable bed allows each half to be raised and lowered independently. Partners can adjust their side to their preferred angle, in other words. Split king mattresses and adjustable beds both carry high price tags, but many sleepers find the increased comfort is worth the investment.

Have You Found Your Next Bed?

We hope this article has helped you understand the key things to consider before investing in a new mattress. Remember, research online mattress blogs and read customer reviews when searching for the the most compatible mattress for you and your needs. There’s a wide variety of bed options on the market today, which can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Stick to the basic guidelines we discussed in this article, and you’re ready to shop in confidence.

Christine Lapp is a full-time graduate student and part-time freelancer for Sleep Junkie. Since she was a little girl on the soccer field, Christine has had a love for sports, and she believes everybody should get up and get moving once a day. Now, she incorporates her love for exercise into her studies, pursuing a degree in exercise physiology. Christine understands that what you do during your waking hours has a direct impact on your night’s sleep. In our better sleep guides, she offers advice for developing healthy daytime habits to nurture a more peaceful slumber.

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