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Best Mattress in a Box in 2024: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Mattress in a Box in 2024: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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Online shopping has made everyday life easier for a variety of reasons. Today, you can buy practically everything you need from the comfort of your couch. This convenience saves time when it comes to buying groceries or clothing online.

This convenience has changed mattress shopping, too. Before, shopping for a new bed included making a visit to every mattress retailer in your zip code and avoiding pushy store employees on the sales floor. Now, you can learn about a variety of beds at your own speed, read mattress in a box reviews, and thoughtfully weigh the pros and cons of all of the options before coming to a decision.

Best Mattress in a Box of 2024: 30 Second Summary

  • Amerisleep AS3 — The Amerisleep AS3 is made with plant-based materials, comfort-enhancing foam, and pressure-relieving technology, so it only makes sense that it’s our choice as one of the best mattress-in-a-box brands available. Plus, it comes with a 100-night trial and a 20-year warranty.
  • Zoma Mattress – Targeted towards athletes, the Zoma Mattress has pressure-relieving, gel-infused memory foam, and a highly responsive and supportive transition layer. It is backed by a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

Best Mattress in a Box Mattresses in 2024

amerisleep as3Amerisleep AS3Features pressure-relieving, plant-based memory foam and advanced zoned support technologies to eliminate back pain.
$1399Buy Now
amerisleep as5 best mattress for heavy sleepersAmerisleep AS5 HybridCombines plant-based foams and zoned pocketed coils for comfort and support.
$1679Buy Now
vaya mattressVaya MattressBudget-friendly and comfortable for most sleep styles.
zomaZoma MattressDesigned to help athletes sleeper better and recover quicker; features state-of-the-art sleep-enhancing technologies.
Zoma HybridPocketed coils evenly distribute body weight for long-lasting support.
Nolah Evolution 15"Contains Nolah AirFoamICE™, designed to be more cooling, pressure-relieving than standard memory foams.
purple mattressAlexander Signature HybridCombines a plush pillow top and exclusive, temperature responsive foams to keep you cool and comfy all night long.
$1599Buy Now
purple mattressOriginal PurpleFeatures innovative Smart Comfort Grid™ to offer exceptional pressure relief.

Best Mattress in a Box Overall: Amerisleep AS3

  • Price Range

    See Price

  • Mattress Type

    Memory Foam

  • Thickness

    12 Inches

  • Firmness

    5 to 6 out of 10 (Medium)

  • Warranty

    20 Years

  • Sleep Trial

    100 Nights

Our Editors’ choice for the best mattress in a box is Amerisleep’s AS3. Amerisleep was one of the first online mattress brands and has been around long enough to establish a reliable, positive reputation. Because this brand has been in business since 2007, they’ve had time to learn the ropes of the online mattress industry.

Reviews of the brand mention their excellent customer service, too. When you shop with Amerisleep, your mattress comes with a risk-free 100-night sleep trial and a lengthy 20-year warranty.

Amerisleep’s AS3 is their medium model and is versatile enough to fit a variety of sleepers. It’s recommended for back, side, and combination sleepers alike because it adapts to your body’s contours and curves, regardless of your sleeping position.

The first layer of the AS3 is Amerisleep’s Bio-Pur®, a pressure-relieving, plant-based foam designed to be more breathable than traditional memory foam. Bio-Pur® works in conjunction with the soft, breathable cover above to keep you cool.

When you lie down on the AS3, the foam contours to your curves and offers immediate comfort; as you compress this layer, it should release pressure points and tension in your body.

Next, is the Affinity layer with HIVE®— a targeted support technology. HIVE® reinforces a healthy spine by keeping your body in line and promoting proper sleeping positions.

The bottom layer of the AS3 is high-density Bio-Core® foam. Amerisleep designs this foam to be long-lasting and durable to prevent premature deterioration, impressions, and sagging. They back their beds with an impressive 20-year warranty, as we mentioned earlier, so your bed is protected for the next two decades.


  • Features plant-based, pressure-relieving memory foam
  • Contains HIVE® technology to facilitate healthy sleeping positions
  • A comfortable option for all sleepers

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Best Hybrid Mattress in a Box: Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid

  • Price Range

    See Price

  • Mattress Type


  • Thickness

    14 Inches

  • Firmness

    3 out of 10 (Soft)

  • Warranty

    20 Years

  • Sleep Trial

    100 Nights

Another top-rated mattress in a box to consider is Amerisleep’s AS5 Hybrid, a soft, contouring, yet responsive mattress fit for side, back, and combination sleepers.

What we really like about this mattress, though, is that it’s responsive enough to support even plus-size sleepers. Many people over 230 pounds struggle to find a soft mattress that doesn’t cause them to sink down into the bed. The AS5 offers that cloud-like comfort while maintaining a healthy posture.

The AS5 Hybrid contains four sleep-enhancing layers: a 3-inch comfort layer of Bio-Pur®, a 2-inch layer of Active Flex, an 8-inch pocketed coil system, and a 1-inch base layer. Plus, this mattress has foam edging for added support around the sides of the bed.

The comfort layer in the AS5 Hybrid contours to your body to evenly distribute your weight and relieve pressure points. The layer of Active Flex directly below allows for deeper compression, but its latex-like bounce ensures you never sink too far in the bed.

The system of pocketed coils offers zoned support to nurture a healthy spine and further alleviate pressure points. These coils are softer under the shoulders and hips for added comfort and firmer under the head, torso, and feet to keep you in a neutral position.

Amerisleep offers the same 100-night sleep trial and 20-year warranty with their AS5 Hybrid as they do all other mattresses.


  • Cushioning yet bouncy
  • Supportive enough for plus-size sleepers
  • Features breathable materials to prevent night sweats

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Best Budget Mattress in a Box: Vaya Mattress

  • Price Range

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  • Mattress Type


  • Thickness

    12 Inches

  • Firmness

    5 to 6 out of 10 (Medium)

  • Warranty

    10 Years

  • Sleep Trial

    100 Nights

Next on our list of mattress in a boxes to consider is the budget-friendly Vaya Mattress. We love the Vaya Mattress for its simple design and universal comfort.

The Vaya has a medium feel and is most comfortable for side, back, and combination sleepers. Some stomach sleepers will want to choose a firmer mattress for better support.

All in all, the Vaya has only two layers of foam—a 3-inch comfort layer and a 9-inch core. The comfort layer in this mattress is responsive, breathable Vaya Foam. Despite its responsiveness, this Vaya Foam is ultra-contouring and cushioning, so it offers plenty of relief for pressure points. The core of the mattress is notably durable to resist sagging and wear.

The Vaya is available online-only on the Vaya Sleep site, Amazon, and Walmart, to name a few retailers. No matter how you buy, Vaya Sleep offers a 10-year warranty and a 100-night sleep trial with every purchase.


  • Offers universal comfort
  • Breathable and cool, ideal for hot sleepers
  • Budget-friendly but long-lasting

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Best Gel Memory Foam Mattress in a Box: Zoma Mattress

  • Price Range

    See Price

  • Mattress Type

    Memory Foam

  • Thickness

    12 Inches

  • Firmness

    5 to 6 out of 10 (Medium)

  • Warranty

    10 Years

  • Sleep Trial

    100 Nights

The Zoma Mattress is an 12-inch, all-foam mattress.

The comfort layer is made of gel-infused memory foam which is zoned in three sections for optimal comfort and support.

The mid-section of the mattress is slightly firmer, giving you extra spinal support. Zoma markets itself as a mattress for athletes because it uses pressure-relief, comfort, and support to help you sleep better. The better you sleep, the faster your body and mind can recover.

A few great things about the Zoma Mattress:

  • Gel Memory Foam with Triangulex™ – a zoned comfort layer infused with gel to help you sleep cool. There are triangle-shaped cutouts in this layer to help the mattress cushion your body where needed, such as your shoulders.
  • Reactiv™ – a bouncy, support layer. The Reactiv™ layer is positioned directly beneath the Triangulex™ layer to give the mattress its bounce and contouring feel.
  • Support+ – the above layers are supported by 7-inches of a strong, durable, support core.

Zoma offers free shipping, a 100-night sleep trial, and a 10-year warranty.


  • Designed to foster deeper sleep
  • Triangulex™ technology nurtures a healthy spine
  • Best for side and back sleepers

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Best Cooling Mattress in a Box: Zoma Hybrid

The Zoma Hybrid is another excellent mattress available exclusively through Zoma. The Zoma Hybrid Mattress offers targeted support to areas you need it the most, like the back and hips. The bed also gives great pressure relief, so you’re less likely to wake up feeling sore.

The top layer contains gel memory foam. Gel pulls heat away from your body and dissipates it into the air. Unlike traditional memory foam, gel memory foam keeps you cool at night and won’t cause night sweats.

The comfort layer also has zoned support system to give deeper compression in your shoulders and hips, areas that accumulate the most pressure during sleep. This layer provides enhanced support to your back for healthy spinal alignment and less back pain.

The transition layer contains Reactiv™ foam. This highly-responsive layer automatically adjusts to your sleeping position. You won’t feel trapped inside the bed.

The zoned pocketed coil layer evenly distributes body weight for even wear and tear. The coils also give the Zoma Hybrid better edge support, so you don’t roll off the mattress. Underneath is a 1-inch base foam that reinforces the bed’s shape and protects the bed frame from pocketed coils.

Zoma gives you up to 100 nights to try out the Zoma Hybrid. If you don’t like the mattress after breaking it in, you can return it for a full refund. The Zoma Hybrid Mattress is also covered by a 10-year warranty, protecting against sagging greater than 0.75 inches and any manufacturing defects.


  • Pocketed innerspring coils evenly distribute body weight
  • Cooling gel for less sleep disruptions
  • Excellent warranty covers sagging greater than 0.75 inches

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Best Mattress in a Box for Hip Pain: Nolah Evolution 15

  • Price

    See Price

  • Mattress Type


  • Thickness

    15 Inches

  • Firmness

    5 (Plush), 6 to 7 (Luxury Firm), 8 (Firm) out of 10

  • Warranty


  • Sleep Trial

    120 Nights

Mattress Highlights
  • Soft, luxury firm, and firm mattress options
  • Cooling graphite-infused AirFoamICE™
  • Resilient middle layer and pocketed coils with firm edges
Recommended For
  • Back, side, and stomach sleepers
  • Hot sleepers
  • Online mattress shoppers

If you’re looking for a luxurious mattress to soothe hip pain, the Nolah Evolution 15 is worth considering. We’re fans of this brand because they use their innovative Nolah AirFoam™ instead of memory or latex foam in their beds, and the Nolah Evolution relies on an upgraded version for added comfort.

Nolah’s AirFoam™ is designed to be more breathable memory foam, it cradles and contours to your body when you lay down, but it is also supposed to keep you cool and prevent you from waking up too hot. This foam is also designed to be four times more pressure relieving than memory foam, so it’s great for side sleepers because it prevents pressure from building up in the shoulders and hips and helps you get pain-free sleep.

The version inside the Evolution, AirFoamICE™, is designed to stay even cooler than the original AirFoam™.

The Nolah Evolution 15 is rated a 5 to 8 out of 10 on the firmness scale. The plush or luxury firm feels are excellent for side sleepers with hip pain, while the firm mattress is suitable for back, stomach and heavier sleepers.

Let’s break down the construction of the Nolah Evolution 15.

The first layer is 2 inches of cooling ArcticTex™ fibers inside a quilted Euro top. These conductive fibers draw heat away from the body, offering a cool feel without relying on harsh chemicals.

The second layer is 2 inches of Nolah’s AirFoamICE™. As we mentioned, this layer will mold to your body like memory foam and offer an instant cushion. It also works with the pillow top layer to promote cool, undisturbed sleep.

The transition layer is 2 inches of resilient foam, designed to be more durable than latex foam. This layer increases the bed’s responsiveness and support.

The support core is 8 inches of Patented HDMax™ Eco Support Coils on an inch-thick foam base. The coils are designed to bolster the cooling and pressure-relieving qualities of AirFoamICE™, with strengthened edge support offered along the mattress’s sides.

There are other Nolah mattresses to choose from, though the Evolution 15 is easily the most luxurious. The Signature 12 has a flippable design with a soft and firm side, while the original Nolah mattress features a versatile medium feel.

Nolah mattresses are sold exclusively on their website, so you have to buy online. However, they come with a 120-night sleep trial to test out your new mattress. After the sleep trial, it’s protected against defects by a lifetime warranty. While the sleep trial can be removed for a further discount, we do not recommend it.


  • Features proprietary pressure-relieving foam for people with pain
  • Three different firmnesses for all sleep styles
  • Breathable design to keep hot sleepers cool

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Best USA-Made Mattress in a Box: Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid

Brooklyn Bedding produces their hybrid mattresses in the USA, and their lineup currently includes six different hybrid models. We have chosen to focus on the Aurora Hybrid mattress for its various cooling features, including phase change molecule technology. Shoppers can choose a soft, medium, or firm feels.

Let’s talk about the construction of the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Hybrid.

First is a 1.5 inches of proprietary CopperFlex™ foam, an elastic material that relieves pressure. The copper infusion keeps microbes and heat from setting inside the mattress.

The second layer is 2 inches of responsive TitanFlex™ foam, adapting to the body’s slightest movements. TitanFlex™ is made to mimic latex’s feel The foam also features phase change molecule infusion to help maintain a surface temperature of 88 degrees Fahrenheit.

The third layer is an inch of Swirl Visco-Elastic memory foam deepens the mattress’s contouring ability and the support it offers through compression.

The fourth layer provides the mattress’s support with 8 inches of Ascension X® pocketed coils. The coils’ arrangements minimize motion transfer while easing pressure points across the body. The base layer is an inch of high-density foam, providing a foundation that structures the rest of the mattress.

Your purchase of a Brooklyn Hybrid includes a 120-night sleep trial and a 10-year limited warranty.


  • Copper-infused foam limits heat and bacteria buildup
  • Phase change molecule technology promotes a cool surface
  • Reactive pocketed coils provide bouncy support

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Online Mattresses vs. Traditional Beds

While online shopping is growing in popularity, there are pros and cons to shopping either in-store or online. In this section, we talk about the perks of each to help you decide what is the best place to buy a mattress.

Benefits of Shopping Online

The most obvious perk to shopping online is convenience. When you shop online, you have the freedom to browse hundreds of different options without ever leaving your couch. You can compare mattress constructions, read customer reviews, and sort the search by your preferences to narrow down the selection appropriately.

Most online brands offer transparent information about their beds, which sometimes you may not get in the store. This makes comparison shopping quick and easy. Almost every single online mattress brand offers a sleep trial with their bed, so you don’t have to worry about not trying it before you buy, as you have months to try it in the comfort of your home risk-free.

Avoiding the mattress showroom also means avoiding pushy sales associates, who can easily sour a shopping experience.

Beyond convenience, price is another big perk to buying online.  When beds are sold through third-party retailers, their prices are hiked up so both the brand and the retailer can make a profit. When you cut out the middleman and shop with a brand directly, you aren’t stuck paying extra fees.

Plus, most retailers charge extra delivery fees if you don’t want to or can’t transport your bed home yourself, while many online brands offer free shipping, and the bed arrives on your doorstep. Additionally, some brands even offer complimentary White Glove Delivery which includes set-up, too.

It’s important to note, if you’re shopping on an online marketplace such as Amazon, be cautious of third-party sellers. If an online brand offers its beds on Amazon, they will be sold through the company’s verified storefront. You can check to see who you’re buying from by looking below the product name (at the top of the page) where it says “By.”

If you don’t see the mattress brand’s name there, you’re likely buying from an unauthorized seller. When you buy from an unauthorized seller, you don’t receive the sleep trial or warranty benefits that would regularly come with your bed.  Plus, buying from unauthorized sellers puts your credit card information at risk.

Benefits of Shopping In-Store

If you’ve never shopped for mattresses before, visiting a showroom can be extremely helpful. Salespeople are able to answer questions about different beds and offer insight into choosing a good mattress for your specific needs. If you visit a showroom that carries different types of mattresses, such as memory foam and innerspring models, this provides you the chance to try both types of beds and discern which is best for you.

The biggest con to buying online is not being able to try the bed before you buy it. While sleep trials are helpful, buying this way can be time-consuming if you’re stuck purchasing and returning over and over again.

We suggest first-time buyers visit a showroom to try different beds and learn about their different options, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy right then and there. If visiting a showroom means gaining valuable information to better prepare you to shop online for the most comfortable mattress, it’s worth the trip. Then, you can use your newfound mattress knowledge to confidently shop online and reap those benefits.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Mattress-in-a-Box

Buying a mattress before trying it can seem like a weird thing to do. How could you possibly feel confident you’ve made the right choice without having the chance to at least feel your new bed? Before clicking purchase, there are a few things to take into account to help you pick the right bed.

Mattress Types

You have to determine what type of mattress you’re most interested in before you get too far into your research. While many get hung up on the concept of a “mattress-in-a-box,” these aren’t an actual “type” of mattress— it just describes the method of delivery. Memory foam, latex, hybrids, and innersprings alike can be compressed and delivered to your doorstep.

If you’re a fan of foam beds, you’ll want a memory foam, latex, or even a hybrid. However, if you prefer the traditional bounciness a coil bed offers, you’re best with an innerspring or hybrid. Now, let’s break down the differences between each type of mattress.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are contouring, pressure-relieving, and the best for mitigating pains. When you lay on memory foam, it molds to your body, offers cushioning comfort, and creates a “cradling” feel. These beds sink deeply and conform closely, and because of that, they can sometimes retain heat. If you’re a hot sleeper, choose a bed with plant-based or gel-infused foams.


Latex is cushioning, responsive, and eco-friendly (given you choose an all-natural option and not a synthetic blend). When you lay on these beds, they offer immediate comfort, but they don’t mold as closely to your body. Unlike memory foam, latex mattresses offer a more “lifted” feeling and keep you on top of the bed. Latex beds score better in terms of temperature control, so they’re great for hot sleepers. Plus, natural latex is resistant to mold, mildew, dust mites, and other allergens, so it’s great for sensitive sleepers.


Hybrid mattresses combine foam layers and coil systems to offer sleepers the best of both worlds. If you prefer the bounciness of an innerspring, but need the comfort of foam layers, these are perfect for you. However, because they do have more intricate designs and utilize multiple high-quality materials, they can be a tad expensive. There are budget-friendly hybrids you can buy, but they sometimes aren’t the best quality.


Innersprings are characterized by a coil system. These beds do not have foam layers, so any cushioning comfort you receive from them comes from the cover. Many innersprings do feature pillow tops, though. These beds have the shortest lifespan and are usually the most inexpensive.

Sleeping Positions & Firmness Levels

Your preferred sleeping position is the best indicator of how firm your bed should be. Side sleepers need different levels of comfort and support than back sleepers, and so on. Choosing a mattress that isn’t compatible with your sleeping position can lead to chronic aches and pains as well as a poor night’s sleep.

Side Sleepers

Side sleeping is the most common position, with around 70% of sleepers preferring to snooze this way. When you sleep on your side, your shoulders and hips bear most of your weight, so it’s important your bed is soft enough to offer those joints some cushioning comfort and pressure relief.

Depending on the body type, the best mattress for side sleepers can be medium-soft, medium, or medium-firm. Keep in mind the mattress should be firm enough to promote proper posture but soft enough to alleviate pressure points.

Back Sleepers

As long as you’re not sleeping in some contorted position, laying flat on your back allows your spine to rest and vertebrae to recover. Back sleeping is a great way to prevent long-term and recurring aches and pains. To reap the benefits of back sleeping, your bed should be firm enough to maintain a neutral posture and keep your head, midsection, and feet aligned.

Depending on your body type, the right option could be a firm, medium, or soft mattress. If you choose a soft bed, look to see if it has additional lumbar support, as you may need reinforcements under your torso to prevent unhealthy sinkage.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleeping is the unhealthiest because it puts unnecessary strain on your back muscles and vertebral column. When you sleep face down, your center of gravity shifts to your torso, which can cause your stomach to sink into the bed. This creates an arch in your lower back and over time, persistent pain.

The Editors at Sleep Junkie recommend trying to change sleeping positions if you tend to doze off on your stomach. However, if you find it impossible to tweak your habits, you’ll need an exceptionally firm mattress to support stomach sleeping. Firm mattresses are best for stomach sleeping because they prevent your midsection from sinking and facilitate proper posture. Some medium and medium-firm mattresses are okay for petite stomach sleepers, but they should have some kind of additional lumbar support near the center of the bed.

Don’t forget your body type greatly impacts your perception of firmness. What feels soft for a plus-size sleeper will likely feel firmer for someone with a petite build. The more weight you carry, the softer a bed will feel.

Combination Sleepers

Combination sleepers move between two or three positions throughout the night. A mattress for combination sleeping needs to be responsive to adapt with movements and provide adequate comfort to all sleep positions. Medium to medium-firm mattresses for combination sleepers often strike the right balance, and springy materials like latex foam and pocketed coils can give the mattress needed bounce.

Combination sleepers also benefit from a mattress with motion isolation, particularly if they share a bed with a partner.

Motion Transfer and Motion Isolation

One of the drawbacks to a traditional innerspring mattress is its tendency to carry a person’s every movement across the surface. Modern mattress makers tend to address this by adding motion-isolation materials and features.

Memory foam is one of the best materials to ensure a motion-isolating surface. The material absorbs motion at the point of impact, preventing movements from rippling across the mattress. Latex foam tends to have a more buoyant feel but is still excellent at reducing motion transfer. You can learn more about the two materials by reading our latex vs memory foam mattress guide.

Bouncier hybrid mattresses also minimize motion transfer by relying on pocketed coils. Wrapping each coil in foam or fabric ensures the coils only retract under pressure. In other words, each coil reacts individually to your movements.

Couples worried about motion transfer might also want to consider a split king size mattress. Since each side of the bed is its own separate mattress, a split king mattress eliminates any chances of disturbing your partner. Perfect for people who often wake up earlier than their partner.

Split king size mattresses offer other benefits, such as different firmnesses on each side and a greater range of movement on an adjustable bed. If you want to learn more about split kings and how they differ from traditional king mattresses, check out the king vs split king mattress.

Your Specific Sleep Needs

Once you determine how firm your bed should be and what type of mattress is best for you, think about how you feel in the mornings. When you roll out of bed, do you feel refreshed and ready for the day? Conversely, are you usually struggling to get out of bed because of aches and pains?

If you find yourself plagued with lower back and neck pains, it’s a good sign the bed you’re currently sleeping on isn’t a good fit for you— if you’re used to sleeping on a firm bed, it may be time to switch to something softer and vise versa.

Also, take your preference for firmness into consideration. Do you prefer a more “cradling” feeling from your mattress? If so, a softer memory foam bed may be a comfortable match. Alternatively, do you like a firmer, “lifting” feeling from your bed? If that’s the case, you may be better suited on a firmer latex bed.

Regardless of your preference, there are suitable options out there to explore. Just don’t choose something too firm or too soft where it’s no longer compatible with your sleeping position.

Overall Value

One of the biggest perks of buying online is the savings. Many online brands have an edge because they sell direct-to-consumer and eliminate the middleman, allowing them to price their products more affordably, meaning you can buy a luxury bed for a fraction of what it’d cost in a showroom simply by shopping online.

However, this is not always the case. Some cheaper mattress brands sell online because it’s more affordable than operating showrooms or selling through third-party retailers. Most of these brands sell primarily through Amazon and do not even have their own website. When this is the case, you can’t expect their beds to be well-crafted or long-lasting.

When judging the overall value of a potential bed, look not only at its price but at its sleep trial and warranty, too. A $1,000 bed with a 20-year warranty is a better value than a $1,000 option with only ten years of warranty coverage.

Online Mattress Companies Reputation

When you buy online, you don’t get the chance to test any of your potential new beds, so it’s important you’re sold on the brand itself. We recommend reading mattress reviews and even checking a company’s Better Business Bureau rating to ensure you’re spending your money wisely.

Verified reviews detail experiences other customers have had and can help you dictate if the brand you’re looking at is a reputable option. Customer feedback is invaluable in determining if you’re dealing with a dependable company, and it can also easily direct you away from the bad apples.

Spending a lot of money with a brand you’re unsure of can be quite daunting. If you have hesitations with a brand, it’s probably best to follow your gut and shop elsewhere.

Sleep Trial Period

Even if you think you’re making the most educated decision, it can still be intimidating to buy a mattress without being absolutely sure it’s suitable for you. To make online buying possible, many brands offer risk-free sleep trials. Sleep trials allow you to test the bed in your home for a certain number of nights and decide if it’s the best fit for you.

During this time, you have the option to return your mattress for a full refund if you decide against keeping it. Some brands will also give you the option to exchange your mattress for a different one of their models if you think one of their other beds would be a more comfortable fit.

Before purchasing a mattress online, double-check to see if the brand offers a sleep trial and be sure to read the return policy guidelines. Most brands offer free returns as a part of their risk-free sleep trial, but some brands charge hidden transportation or restocking fees.

If you’re unclear about anything in the return policy, ask for clarification so you have a thorough understanding of the agreement you’re getting into before you buy.

Warranty Policies

On average, a high-quality mattress will last you around ten years. You may get a few extra years out of more durable beds, while other options may only offer you 6 to 7 years of use. To get the most out of your investment, look for a bed with good warranty coverage.

The warranty a brand offers is a good indicator of the quality of their beds. While many online mattress brands offer standard 10-year warranties, many others provide 15, 20-year, and even lifetime warranty policies. We recommend shopping with brands that offer warranties longer than 10 years, as their beds are likely built to last. And if they don’t, the damage is covered by the warranty agreement.

Beyond the length of the warranty, consider the specifics of the warranty agreement. What is considered a defect? Are you responsible for any fees in the event of a warranty claim? Don’t wait for the day your bed develops a sag— read the warranty information of your prospective new mattress before making a decision. That way, you know what you’re getting yourself into if you ever have to submit a claim in the future.

When comparing policies, look at what defects are covered. Does a brand cover sags as little as ¾ of an inch, or do they only cover 1.5-inch indentations? While this difference may seem minuscule now, it can impact your comfort significantly. We recommend choosing a warranty that covers sags less than 1-inch deep, as 1.5-inch indentations can become pretty uncomfortable and unbearable.

Do I Need a Specific Bed Frame for Mattress in a Boxes?

The right foundation for your bed isn’t determined by how your bed is packaged, but rather the type of bed you choose. Memory foam mattresses perform better on different foundations than innersprings.

Below, we’ll detail the most supportive foundations for each mattress type.

  • Memory foam, latex, or any all-foam bed: A slatted foundation or bed frame with slats no more than 3 inches apart is best for these mattress types. Alternatively, you can use a foundation or bed frame with a solid flat surface.  Do not use a box spring with a foam bed as the springs can damage the material and cause early deterioration.
    • Many people try using foundations with 4 or 5-inch gaps in the slats, as it’s “close enough” to 3 inches. However, 3 inches is an absolute max, and propping your bed on an unsuitable foundation will void your warranty.
    • If you have a foundation with slats spaced too far apart, don’t worry, you’re not doomed to buy a new one. Instead, you can buy a ¾-inch piece of moisture-resistant plywood to place on top of the slats between the foundation and the mattress. Doing this gives your bed even, all-over support.
    • Note: The plywood must be moisture-resistant, as regular plywood can absorb moisture through your mattress and cause mold and mildew to accumulate.
  • Hybrids: Hybrid beds are, for the most part, fine to use on any foundation or bed frame— slatted, solid, or box spring. Different hybrid brands may offer different recommendations, and some may even have certain requirements, so we recommend reading the warranty agreement to see if it specifies which foundation needs to be used.
  • Innersprings: Like hybrids, innerspring beds are fine to use with any foundation. They’re commonly paired with box springs, but if you have an existing bed frame or foundation that is not a box spring, your innerspring would be compatible with those, too.

Remember, always read the warranty details to determine what is required to maintain the agreement. Many warranties will require that you use a certain type of foundation to support your bed properly. While we outlined the general rules of thumb above, there may be some brands that have a one-off requirement. Reading the warranty is the only way to make sure you’re within the guidelines and prepared in the event of a warranty claim.


In this section, we answer some of the most common questions about buying online.

How long does a mattress in a box last?

The likely lifespan of your mattress depends on its type:

  • A memory foam mattress usually lasts between 7 and 10 years.
  • The average hybrid mattress may last about 7 years.
  • A natural latex mattress may last up to 15 years.
  • A traditional innerspring mattress lasts about 5 to 6 years. However, an innerspring mattress in a box is rare.

How much does a mattress in a box cost?

Most mattress in a box beds have reasonable online prices and cost around $1000 for a queen size. However, it does depend on the type of mattress you’re looking for, since some materials cost more than others. Most latex and hybrid mattresses cost more than a memory foam mattress of similar quality.

Do mattress-in-a-boxes sleep hot?

If you’re a hot sleeper, you’ll need a bed with cooling technologies. Not every single mattress-in-a-box is going to be built with temperature regulating gels or wicking materials, so it’s pertinent you choose one that does if you’re looking specifically for a bed to combat heat retention.

When choosing a cool mattress-in-a-box, look for pocketed coil systems and open-cell foams, as these are the best for promoting airflow. Many foam beds are infused with graphite, copper, and other cooling elements to draw body heat away from you. Phase-changing materials are also effective at regulating your temperature.

Are mattress-in-a-boxes good for pain relief?

If you suffer from chronic aches and pains, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s the main reason many people choose to upgrade their mattress. If you’re seeking a bed to help you get more comfortable sleep and wake up feeling refreshed, there are a few things to look for.

It doesn’t matter if you buy online or in-store, some beds are good for back pain and others aren’t. It all depends on how they’re built. Many mattresses contain zoned support technology; these are engineered to hold your spine in alignment while relieving pressure under major joints. Zoned support technologies can relieve current pains and prevent new ones from forming.

If you have lower back pain specifically, look for a bed with additional lumbar support. Many brands modify their mattresses so they are firmer underneath of your torso; this prevents your hips from sinking uncomfortably far in the mattress and reinforces proper posture.

If a brand has taken measures to include additional support systems in their mattress, they’ll make it known in the product description. If you’re not seeing any information about pain relief, the bed you’re looking at probably isn’t the best bet.

What’s the best place to buy a mattress in a box?

This comes down to a matter of personal preference. If you like to browse a lot of variety and aren’t loyal to one brand, shop on online marketplaces that carry an assortment of beds and brands.

If you have an online brand in mind, go directly to their website. You can find the best prices by shopping with a brand than by going through other third-party retailers.

Another great feature of buying online? The reviews. You can find hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of mattress in a box reviews, whereas it’s more difficult to find reviews on legacy brands in a brick and mortar store.

Which mattress in a box is the best?

It’s hard to choose an absolute “best” online mattress because everybody has varying sleep needs. However, we know brands that offer a sleep trial and warranty are good to shop with because they back their product. If you’re looking at a bed online and don’t see readily available sleep trial or warranty information, it’s probably a bad sign.

To determine your best mattress-in-a-box, follow the steps we outlined above to gauge your sleep preferences; this should steer you towards the most fitting option.

If I buy online and don’t like it, do I have to re-box my mattress and ship it back?

Nope! In order to compress your mattress down to box-size, brands use heavy-duty machinery you can’t access. Anyway, it’s almost impossible to re-box your mattress by yourself.

Instead, brands will arrange for a third-party hauling company to pick the bed up from your doorstep if you choose to return it— making the sleep trial essentially hassle-free. After your bed has been picked up, you’ll receive a refund. Not every brand issues full refunds, as some may charge return or restocking fees. Make sure to look for these conditions when reading the sleep trial information!

What about adjustable beds?

Adjustable beds offer a variety of sleep-enhancing benefits, and for many people, are the solution to a number of sleep troubles. While adjustable beds offer perks to sleepers of all ages, not all mattresses can be paired with them.

As you can probably imagine, foam mattresses are the best to use with adjustable beds because they’re quite malleable and can easily adjust with the base’s movement. However, when it comes to hybrid and innerspring beds, it can be hit or miss.

Most new hybrid and innerspring models are built to pair with an adjustable base, but some aren’t. Older innerspring and hybrid models likely won’t pair with an adjustable bed, either. If you have your eye on a hybrid or innerspring mattress, read the fine print or reach out to the brand directly to make sure it’ll work with an adjustable base.

Have You Found the Right Mattress for You?

We hope this guide has helped you find the most comfortable mattress in a box for your sleep needs. Remember, consider your sleep style, frequent aches and pains, and your preference for firmness and materials when choosing your next bed.

Before clicking purchase, have a thorough understanding of the bed you’re buying and the perks it comes with including the sleep trial and warranty. If you take your time and do research before making a purchase, you should feel confident buying the best mattress for your sleep needs online.

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