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Amerisleep AS3 Mattress Review

Mattress Reviews
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With over 9 years of experience working in clinical health services, Kristina Hindes brings an expert perspective as a Certified Sleep Coach evaluating the Amerisleep AS3 mattress.

She holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and previously served as an Associate Manager of Clinical Health Services at Aetna Better Health. There, Kristina oversaw a team of 20 case managers, provided daily support and training, and managed productivity and performance.

Before that, Kristina gained valuable hands-on experience in hospice care and nursing facility social services. Through these roles, she specialized in Medicare guidelines, crisis intervention, care planning, and collaborating with interdisciplinary teams to provide compassionate support.

Kristina’s deep background of knowledge and skills related to holistic health and well-being inform her analysis of the AS3’s ability to deliver comfort, support and cooling for better sleep. She offers insight into the AS3’s advanced Bio-Pur® and HIVE® technologies which provide pressure relief, targeted back support, and airflow for uninterrupted sleep.

Additionally, Kristina draws powerful connections between the mattress’ features and their impact on sleep quality, recovery, and overall health. Her breadth of knowledge, stemming from years of training clinical teams, coaching clients, and enhancing care programs, lends valuable context regarding the importance of proper spinal alignment, pressure relief, and temperature regulation during rest.

Read on for her thorough 10/10 review based on her clinical expertise and real-world perspective on the importance of quality sleep.

As a longtime advocate for holistic health and wellness, I understand firsthand the critical link between quality sleep and overall well-being. My background in clinical psychology and social work has attuned me to subtle aspects of mattress performance that empower restorative rest night after night.

I draw important connections between design elements like responsive memory foam layers and improved health outcomes like reduced back pain over time. And as a dedicated mother of two, I am personally motivated to evaluate mattresses not just on surface-level comfort but on their potential to facilitate deeper sleep for better long-term health. Life’s challenges are easiest to face head-on when you’re well-rested, after all.

When Sleep Junkie approached me to thoroughly test the acclaimed Amerisleep AS3 mattress, I eagerly accepted the opportunity. My integrative skillset and interdisciplinary perspective position me to assess beyond basic firmness levels and construction types to determine what sets this game-changing mattress apart.

Using my expertise in analyzing how design and materials influence sleep quality, I carefully evaluated the AS3’s layered construction, pressure relief, spinal alignment, temperature regulation and more across different sleeping positions.

I committed myself to the task of putting this mattress through its paces. Below I share my comprehensive findings, spotlighting subtle performance factors that make a meaningful difference in comfort and support night after night. My goal is to translate the science of sleep and advanced mattress technologies into digestible advice guiding you to your best fit for restorative rest.

You can read my thorough review below or watch the video above. After careful assessment, I readily recommend the thoughtfully engineered AS3 to most sleepers – whether you slumber solo or share the bed with a partner. This versatile mattress delivers exceptional comfort all around.

Best Mattress Overall

Amerisleep AS3

Amerisleep AS3
  • Price Range: See Price
  • Mattress Type: Memory Foam
  • Mattress Firmness: 5 to 6 out of 10 (Medium)
  • Mattress Thickness: 12 Inches
  • Available In: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King


20 Years

Sleep Trial

100 Nights



Mattress Highlights
  • Plant-based memory foam comfort layer
  • Targeted support from middle layer
  • Strong and sturdy foam base
Recommended For
  • Side, back, and combination sleepers
  • Couples sharing a mattress
  • Hot sleepers

I. Mattress Layers, Materials and Construction

The Amerisleep AS3 mattress has four layers of high-quality materials designed to provide comfort, support and cooling. Releasing the AS3 model from its box gave me a chance to deeply appreciate how its layers and materials worked in harmony to deliver an unparalleled sleeping experience.

The resilient Bio-Core® base layer is 8 inches thick and forms a durable, breathable foundation to maintain the AS3’s structure without retaining heat. This dense foam provides lasting reinforcement so the surface resists sagging or soft spots even after years of use.

On top of that is a transition layer called Affinity foam, engineered by Amerisleep to relieve pressure points and cushion the body effectively. This 2-inch layer uses Amerisleep’s HIVE® technology for customized support. Hexagonal-cut sections offer softer cushioning at the shoulders and hips where you need pressure relief, and firmer support along the back, hips and legs to keep your spine aligned.

HIVE® reduces tension while preventing painful pressure points. I also noticed the Affinity layer with HIVE® technology kept me properly aligned when I woke up in the exact same position I’d fallen asleep in several times during testing. It seems to have done its job preventing any tossing and turning quite well.

The next layer up features Amerisleep’s proprietary Bio-Pur® memory foam. This crowning feature is more breathable than traditional memory foam, according to Amerisleep. It features an open-cell structure to maximize airflow and dissipate heat for a cooler sleep environment. Its partly plant-based structure also helps it stay cooler than pure poly-foam, as I thought while comparing it to other all-foam mattresses I’ve tested.

Additionally, Bio-Pur® provides contouring to ease pressure points without retaining heat or compromising responsiveness. I never felt stuck or trapped by the Bio-Pur® and it adapted quickly to movements.

Finishing the mattress off is Amerisleep’s soft, circular-knit Refresh Cooling Cover featuring special minerals that turn body heat into far infrared energy. This increases blood circulation and recovery, according to Amerisleep. I certainly felt very well-rested after sleeping on the AS3, so I think there might be something to those claims.

And as a bonus, the cover is extremely cool and pleasant to the touch. Refresh fabric actively works to maintain skin temperature 7 degrees cooler than traditional covers over an 8-hour sleep session.

Together, these technologies promote cooler, drier sleep while the breathable open-cell foams prevent overheating. With temperature regulation working in unison with ergonomic support, the AS3 facilitates deeper, more restorative rest. The AS3 is also available in seven mattress sizes, from twin to split king.

II. Sleeping Positions

With its medium firmness level of around 6.5 to 7 out of 10, the Amerisleep AS3 works well for all sleeping positions. As a side sleeper, I was concerned the mattress might be too firm, but I found it cushioned my shoulders and hips perfectly. I experienced no stiffness or soreness sleeping on my side, which cannot be said for all the mattresses I’ve tested.

The AS3 should also suit back sleepers, though some might still prefer an ever-firmer mattress. But as a combination sleeper who moves around a lot, this mattress gave me proper support in every position I tried. The medium firmness provided an excellent balance of softness and structure. This mattress truly has near-universal comfort and appeal.

III. Response Time – Score: 9/10

A responsive mattress is important so you never feel stuck in awkward positions or struggle to change positions. The Amerisleep AS3 scores highly here with a response time score of 9/10 in my testing.

As soon as I moved or adjusted myself the Bio-Pur® comfort layer cushioning quickly adapted while the firm base layer kept me elevated. Even repeatedly standing up and lying back down, the mattress regained its shape instantly.

Switching from my back to side also took little effort to feel realigned, and I never felt swallowed up or surrounded by this mattress. Couples with different positions or levels of movement, along with restless combo sleepers, should do quite well picking the AS3.

I also tested responsiveness using a 10-pound weight, dropping it onto the mattress from the side and observing how it bounced and settled. The weight bounced gently at first and then the mattress cradled it gently, yielding to the weight’s impression. Yet the surface snapped back into shape within seconds of removing the weight, indicating a quick response time.

IV. Motion Transfer and Edge Support

Motion transfer refers to the degree to which movement on one side of the mattress affects the other, affecting sleep quality for couples. Excellent motion isolation in mattresses minimizes this impact, ensuring a disturbance-free rest.

Edge support is the ability of a mattress to maintain stability along its periphery, preventing the sensation of rolling off. Mattress edge support is especially important for those who share a bed or use the entire sleeping surface.

Together, these features contribute to a more comfortable and undisturbed sleep experience, catering to individual preferences and promoting better overall sleep quality.

Motion Transfer Score: 10/10

The AS3 performs admirably when it comes to limiting motion transfer. The foams Amerisleep uses seem especially effective at this, as my firsthand experience proved.

To further test this motion isolation capability, I placed some weights beside me and tossed and turned as normal. My carefully placed weights barely stirred, no disturbance rippling to the other side of the mattress, even near the edges.

Couples should experience no disruption from a partner’s tossing and turning on this mattress. This makes it ideal for lighter sleepers who are easily roused in the night by a partner’s sudden trip to the bathroom.

Edge Support Score: 8/10

Edge support on the AS3 is reasonably good, although here again a firmer mattress or different type of mattress might be preferable for some. As I understand it, spring mattresses tend to have edges with less give than what memory foam mattresses have.

To evaluate this mattress, I sat on the edge and gauged how well it withstood my weight for some time. While sitting on the edge of the AS3, I noticed a slight dipping sensation rather than feeling completely secure.

For the average sleeper built like me, this shouldn’t be much of an issue. But heavier persons seeking out extra edge support might be happier elsewhere.

That said, I never felt in danger of sliding or rolling off, even lying near the edge. Overall the AS3 earns an 8/10 edge support score from me. If stronger edge support is truly needed, sleepers may want to consider the AS3 Hybrid.

V. Cooling and Breathability – Score: 10/10

Staying cool on a mattress is hugely important for getting restorative rest. The Amerisleep AS3 does a fantastic job here largely thanks to its Refresh Cooling Cover. I never felt hot or sweaty during the night testing this mattress.

Between the breathable foams, covering, and heat-wicking technologies Amerisleep employs this mattress is a winner for cooling with a perfect 10/10 score.

VI. Durability and Longevity

For investing in such an important item for rest and health, a mattress needs to provide lasting performance. Here Amerisleep mattresses distinguish themselves with above-standard 20-year warranties compared to the 10 years offered by most competitors. Amerisleep also manufactures all their mattresses domestically.

The AS3 seems very well constructed with quality components, a durable mattress that should deliver many years of comfortable sleep. Coupled with high user reviews praising their durability and my own testing, I expect the Amerisleep AS3 to enjoy a long useful lifespan.

VII. Potential Drawbacks

The medium firmness of the Amerisleep AS3 provides comfort for most sleepers but it still won’t be ideal for everyone. Those desiring an especially soft plush mattress will need to look elsewhere.

Stomach sleepers who prefer very firm support should also pass on the AS3. Amerisleep also carries a firmer option, the Amerisleep AS2 mattress, that may suit their needs better while still retaining the same innovative features of the AS3 model.

And anyone wanting a spring coil mattress rather than memory foam construction has plenty of hybrid mattresses to consider instead. For example, the AS3 has a hybrid counterpart, and Amerisleep offers two other hybrid models, the Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid and the Organica.

The AS3 also only stands 12 inches tall, so people wanting an exceptionally thick mattress with more foam should consider another selection too. However, many will find 12 inches is a perfectly suitable mattress thickness, pairing well with a bed frame and making it easy to move out of bed in the morning.

Too-tall mattresses also have their drawbacks, after all. Still, anyone who wants a thicker mattress may wish to consider the Zoma Boost mattress.

Overall, I’ve found that the AS3 will undoubtedly appeal to most shoppers looking for supportive pressure relief.

VIII. Trial Period, Warranty, Pricing and Sizes

I found the Amerisleep AS3 to offer exceptional quality and performance for the price. Queen sizes are available under $1300, which is very affordable given the materials and construction. And all standard mattress sizes are available: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king, and split king.

Amerisleep provides a 100-night trial to test the mattress in your home. If you decide it’s not for you during that period, they will fully refund your purchase.

All Amerisleep mattresses also come with a 20-year warranty as previously mentioned. This provides great coverage to protect against defects.

Amerisleep AS3 Mattress Prices by Size

Amerisleep AS3 SizeDimensionsPrice
Twin Size38 inches wide by 74 inches long by 12 inches tall$1049
Twin XL Size38 inches wide by 80 inches long by 12 inches tall$1099
Full Size54 inches wide by 75 inches long by 12 inches tall$1249
Queen Size60 inches wide by 80 inches long by 12 inches tall$1299
King Size76 inches wide by 80 inches long by 12 inches tall$1599
California King Size72 inches wide by 84 inches long by 12 inches tall$1599
Split King SizeTwo mattresses 38 inches wide by 74 inches long by 12 inches tall$2198

IX. Customer Reviews

Reading rave reviews from enthusiastic customers, it’s clear the Amerisleep AS3 is a hit with buyers. Frequent compliments highlight its capabilities to relieve pain, maintain healthy alignment, and stay cool and durable.

Users note how the mattress remains as comfortable and supportive as the first day they got it, even after years of use, which speaks to its construction quality.

Not every review is perfect of course. A few customers reported issues with sagging but Amerisleep appears very responsive to warranty issues based on reviews. One or two felt the mattress was still too firm for their liking.

Considering its broad appeal, however, the vast majority of sleepers find this versatile, affordable mattress to meet their needs.

X. Environmental Impact

Amerisleep aims to operate sustainably and develop eco-friendly products as much as possible. They use plant-based components in their foams and an emissions-free manufacturing process.

Their direct-to-consumer shipping methods also reduce the overall carbon footprint associated with mattress production and transportation. Plus, Amerisleep ensures their foams and fabrics are all certified free of toxic elements. So customers can rest easy knowing the AS3 is responsibly made and safe for families and the environment.

XI. Maintenance and Care

Caring for the Amerisleep AS3 mattress is straightforward. While using a waterproof mattress protector is always wise I didn’t find it mandatory. The cooling cover with its soft, pleasant exterior can be removed and washed safely according to the company instructions without damaging the mattress interior.

Occasionally, you might want to freshen up the mattress with a light sprinkling of baking soda across the surface. This can combat any sweat smells and other body odors that linger in the bed, and after a few hours, the baking soda can be easily cleaned up with a soft brush vacuum attachment. Vacuuming crevices of the bed can also prevent dust from accumulating.

No flipping or rotation of the AS3 is required but regular cleaning of its bedding should help it last. Following these simple guidelines guarantees this mattress stays fresh and functions like new for many years.

XII. Final Verdict – Score: 10/10

After thorough testing, I happily award the Amerisleep AS3 mattress my highest recommendation and a 10/10 overall score. I found it extremely comfortable for all sleeping positions with excellent s cushioning, and responsiveness. Yes, this versatile mattress truly delivers across all evaluation criteria for a superb balance of comfort, support and durability.

Specifically, the AS3 combines pressure-relieving memory foam with targeted back support through its Affinity transition layer with HIVE® technology. This expertly cradled my body, eased tension, and maintained healthy spinal alignment through the night.

The mattress also sleeps incredibly cool thanks to the ingenious Refresh Cover’s heat-wicking minerals and airflow from breathable foam layers. Motion isolation is exceptional as well, making the AS3 ideal for co-sleepers by limiting disruption.

Moreover, responsiveness is superb, preventing any stuck or trapped feelings. Sitting near the edge revealed reasonably good stability while lying down felt consistently secure.

Considering its high-quality materials and sturdy base construction, I expect this thoughtfully engineered mattress to deliver enduring comfort and support for years beyond its lengthy 20-year warranty.

In summary, the Amerisleep AS3’s advanced technologies provide a luxury mattress experience with broad appeal at an affordable price point. For restorative sleep that accommodates all positions exceptionally well, the AS3 is a phenomenal choice.

Final Score Tally

Mattress FeatureScore
Response Time9 out of 10
Motion Isolation10 out of 10
Edge Support8 out of 10
Cooling and Breathability10 out of 10
Final Verdict10 out of 10

As a dedicated mother of two, Kristina places a high value on holistic health and the well-being of her family. She understands the significance of maintaining hormonal balance and cherishes the essential role of sleep in optimizing overall health. In her leisure time, she indulges her love for the outdoors through hiking, fostering a deep connection with nature, and expresses her creativity through various forms of art. Her life is a vibrant canvas, adorned with wellness and inspiration.

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