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Zoma Hybrid Mattress Review: Testing Results, Performance Analysis & Ratings

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Disclosure by Kristina Hindes: The Zoma Hybrid mattress was provided to me free of charge for the purpose of this review. However, all opinions expressed in this article are my own and based on my personal experience with the mattress.

The Zoma Hybrid mattress brings together advanced sleep technology and premium materials to deliver targeted support and cool, comfortable rest. This innovative bed combines responsive foams with a pocketed coil core to promote proper spinal alignment and alleviate pressure points.

To provide an expert assessment of the Zoma Hybrid, we turned to Kristina Hindes, an associate manager at Aetna Better Health with nearly a decade of experience in clinical care. Hindes brings a holistic, wellness-centric perspective to evaluating sleep products, shaped by her multifaceted healthcare background and credentials in social work and psychology.

Considering factors like pressure relief, temperature regulation, motion isolation, and durability, Hindes puts the Zoma Hybrid through its paces. Her comprehensive analysis aims to help readers determine if this mattress is the right fit for their individual sleep needs and preferences.

Hi everyone, Kristina Hindes here! I’m excited to share my thoughts on the Zoma Hybrid mattress. As someone who’s spent years working in healthcare and studying the impact of sleep on overall wellness, I have a deep appreciation for the importance of a quality mattress.

First off, I was impressed with how quickly and easily I was able to unbox and set up the Zoma Hybrid. The mattress arrived compressed and rolled up in a box, but once I removed the plastic and let it expand, it quickly reached its full 12-inch height. There was no noticeable off-gassing odor, which is always a plus.

I also found that the Zoma Hybrid did an excellent job of isolating motion. My partner and I have different sleep schedules, but I barely felt any disturbance when he got in and out of bed. The mattress also kept fairly cool throughout the night thanks to its breathable foams and airy coil layer.

Overall, I’ve been very impressed with the Zoma Hybrid mattress. It offers a great balance of pressure relief and support, with thoughtful features like zoned comfort and cooling components. If you’re looking for a high-quality hybrid bed to upgrade your sleep, I highly recommend giving the Zoma Hybrid a try.

  • Optimal Support and Pressure Relief: The Zoma Hybrid’s pocketed coil system and responsive foam layers offer targeted support and alleviate pressure points, promoting comfortable and restful sleep for various sleeping positions.
  • Enhanced Cooling and Breathability: With a combination of gel memory foam and a breathable cover, the Zoma Hybrid effectively regulates temperature, ensuring a cool and comfortable sleep environment throughout the night.
  • Durable Construction and Value: Built with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, backed by a 10-year warranty, the Zoma Hybrid offers excellent durability and value, making it a reliable long-term investment for quality sleep.

Best Mattress Overall:

Zoma Hybrid

Zoma Hybrid
  • Price Range: See Price
  • Mattress Type: Hybrid
  • Mattress Firmness: 5 to 6 out of 10 (Medium)
  • Mattress Thickness: 12 Inches
  • Available In: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King


10 Years

Sleep Trial

100 Nights



Mattress Highlights
  • Cooling gel memory foam layer
  • Middle adaptable transition foam
  • Individually wrapped coil support
Recommended For
  • Side, back, and combo sleepers
  • Hot sleepers
  • Couples sharing a mattress

Our Review Process: Each mattress we review undergoes a rigorous evaluation process. We assess comfort, support, cooling, and durability through both subjective experiences and objective tests.

Criteria include pressure relief, spine alignment, mattress responsiveness, motion transfer, edge support, and temperature regulation. This comprehensive approach ensures our reviews are thorough and unbiased.

I. Mattress Layers, Materials, and Construction

To truly understand the comfort and support offered by the Zoma Hybrid mattress, it’s crucial to examine its layers, materials, and construction closely. Each layer plays a significant role in the overall performance of the mattress, contributing to its unique feel and benefits.

Coil Support

Starting from the base, the Zoma Hybrid features a pocketed coil layer that forms the foundation of the mattress. These individually wrapped coils provide targeted support, adapting to your body’s unique contours and promoting proper spinal alignment.

The pocketed design also helps minimize motion transfer. This ensures that you won’t be disturbed by your partner’s movements during the night.

One of the key advantages of a pocketed coil system is its ability to provide better airflow compared to traditional innerspring mattresses. This enhanced breathability helps regulate temperature and keep you cool throughout the night, preventing heat buildup that can lead to discomfort and restlessness.

Transition Foam

Above the pocketed coils, you’ll find the responsive Reactiv™ foam layer. This innovative foam is designed to provide a balance of contouring and responsiveness, allowing you to experience the pressure-relieving benefits of memory foam without the feeling of being “stuck” in the mattress.

The Reactiv™ foam layer helps the mattress quickly adapt to your movements, making it easier to change positions and find your ideal level of comfort.

Comfort Foam

Next, the gel memory foam layer works to distribute your body weight evenly, alleviating pressure points and promoting proper spinal alignment. Memory foam is known for its ability to contour closely to your body, providing a customized level of support that helps reduce aches and pains.

The gel infusion in this layer adds an extra level of cooling, helping to draw heat away from your body and maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature.

Mattress Cover

Finally, the Zoma Hybrid is topped with the AirCloth cover, a breathable and stretchy fabric that enhances the overall comfort and cooling of the mattress. This ventilated cover allows for maximum airflow, wicking away moisture and heat to keep you cool and dry throughout the night.

The ultra-stretchy nature of the fabric also ensures that you can fully experience the contouring and pressure-relieving benefits of the memory foam layer beneath.

Tester’s Thoughts

During my hands-on testing, I was impressed by how well these layers functioned together to provide a comfortable and supportive sleeping experience.

The pocketed coil layer offered a solid foundation, while the Reactiv™ foam and gel memory foam layers worked in harmony to contour to my body and alleviate pressure points.

The airy cover added an extra level of cooling and breathability, ensuring that I remained comfortable throughout the night.

II. Sleeping Positions

Lying down on the Zoma Hybrid for the first time, I could immediately feel the comfort foams conforming to my body while the coils provided a supportive base. The mattress has a medium feel that I think would appeal to a wide range of sleepers.

Side Sleeping

As a side sleeper myself, I was particularly interested in how the Zoma Hybrid mattress would perform in this position. During my tests, I found the mattress to be comfortable and supportive, with no noticeable pressure on my hips.

The medium firmness level proved to be soft enough as a mattress for side sleeping, especially for those who don’t prefer an ultra-plush feel.

Back Sleeping

When testing the mattress in the back sleeping position, I discovered that the Zoma Hybrid provided adequate support and comfort. However, some back sleepers may prefer a slightly firmer mattress.

Nonetheless, I found the Zoma Hybrid to be sufficiently supportive as a mattress for back sleeping.

Stomach Sleeping

I tested the Zoma Hybrid and found it to be comfortable and supportive as a mattress for stomach sleeping. As with back sleepers, some stomach sleepers might opt for a firmer mattress, but I personally found the Zoma Hybrid to be more than adequate in terms of firmness and support.

Combination Sleeping

As a combination sleeper, I was eager to see how the Zoma Hybrid would perform when switching between various positions. Throughout my testing, I found the mattress to be highly adaptable, making it an excellent choice for those who tend to change positions during the night.

The flexible Reactiv™ foam layer allowed for easy movement without the feeling of being stuck. Meanwhile, the coils were swift to adapt and support me in as I rolled and switched positions. This responsiveness is important not just in mattresses for combo sleepers but for sleepers of all kinds, as I will discuss in the next section.

III. Response Time

Response time refers to how quickly a mattress bounces back when you change positions, which is particularly important for combination sleepers. It’s also a crucial feature in mattresses for pressure points, as a bed that can actively react to the body and embracing its curves minimizes pressure-buildup.

To test the Zoma Hybrid’s response time, I conducted an experiment using 10-pound weights. I dropped the weights onto the mattress and observed how quickly they bounced back.

The results were impressive, with the weights returning to their original position almost immediately. This experience aligned with my personal testing, as I never felt stuck when shifting positions during the night.

Based on my findings, I would give the Zoma Hybrid a 9 out of 10 for response time. This is pretty standard among well-crafted hybrids, with only latex mattresses tending to scoring slightly higher due to their inherent bounciness.

Of course, you don’t have to just take my word for it! You can see the Zoma Hybrid’s responsiveness for yourself in the clip below!

IV. Mattress Motion Isolation

Motion transfer refers to the amount of movement felt in the mattress when your sleeping partner tosses and turns throughout the night. A mattress with good motion isolation is essential for couples, as it minimizes sleep disturbances caused by a restless partner.

To test the Zoma Hybrid’s motion transfer, I placed 10-pound weights on one side of the mattress and simulated tossing and turning movements on the other side. The weights moved slightly, but not significantly.

Based on this test and my personal experience sleeping on the mattress, I would give the Zoma Hybrid an 8 out of 10 for motion isolation.

This score indicates that light movements from a sleeping partner may not be felt, but more aggressive tossing and turning could be noticeable on a mattress for couples. Nevertheless, an 8 out of 10 is still a great score for motion transfer.

V. Mattress Edge Support

Edge support refers to how well the mattress maintains its structure and support along the edges. This feature is crucial for those who sit on the edge of the bed or sleep close to the edge, as poor edge support can lead to a feeling of instability or even falling off the bed.

During my testing, I sat on the edge of the Zoma Hybrid and assessed the level of support. Although there was some dipping, I never felt like I would fall off the bed. The mattress provided adequate support, and I felt secure while sitting on the edge.

Based on my experience, I would give the Zoma Hybrid a 9 out of 10 for edge support. This high score is common among mattresses with coil layers, as they tend to offer excellent edge support compared to all-foam mattresses.

VI. Cooling and Breathability

The body naturally experiences a drop in core temperature during sleep as part of the circadian rhythm. A cooling mattress facilitates this process by preventing the buildup of heat, allowing the body to maintain its optimal sleeping temperature. As a result, individuals are more likely to experience uninterrupted sleep cycles and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

During my testing, I found the cover of the Zoma Hybrid to be slightly cool to the touch, although not as cold as some other mattresses I have reviewed. However, the cover proved to be highly breathable, ensuring that I remained cool throughout the night.

Meanwhile, the gel memory foam ensured a deep and lasting coolness as it cradled my body, pulling the heat from me that the cover would allow to disperse.

Based on my personal experience and the mattress’s cooling features, I would give the Zoma Hybrid a 9 out of 10 for cooling and breathability. I did not experience any overheating or discomfort while sleeping on this mattress.

VII. Durability and Longevity

When investing in a new mattress, durability and longevity are key factors to consider. The Zoma Hybrid comes with a 10-year warranty, which demonstrates the company’s confidence in their product. Additionally, the hybrid mattress is made in the USA using high-quality materials and construction techniques.

The pocketed coils in particular promise great endurance. The individual encasement of each coil helps to distribute weight more evenly across the mattress surface. This reduces the concentration of pressure on any one area, which can help prevent premature wear, body impressions and sagging.

Additionally, because the coils are not interconnected, there is less stress placed on the coils themselves, resulting in a most durable mattress.

On top of these coils, the responsiveness of the foam layers reassures me that I’m not likely to wake up in a sagging spot or lingering impression. During my examination, I found no signs of premature wear or weak points that could compromise the mattress’s durability.

Based on the warranty, materials, and construction quality, I have full belief that this is a mattress that won’t sag.

VIII. Potential Drawbacks

While the Zoma Hybrid Mattress offers numerous benefits, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider.

Mattress Firmness

Firstly, the medium firmness level may not suit everyone’s preferences. If you are looking for an ultra-plush or ultra-firm mattress, the Zoma Hybrid might not be the best choice for you.

Mattress Thickness

Additionally, the Zoma Hybrid is 12 inches in height, which may not be ideal for those seeking a taller mattress like a 15-inch mattress or even a shorter mattress. Zoma does carry both taller and slimmer mattresses in its lineup, however.

Hybrid Design with No Natural Materials

If you prefer a mattress with natural materials such as wool or latex, or if you are specifically looking for a memory foam-only mattress, you would pass on the Zoma Hybrid as well.

Few Luxury Features

It’s also worth noting that some sleepers may prefer luxury features like a pillow top or targeted support zones, which are not present in the Zoma Hybrid. The hybrid’s craftmanship is undeniable, but its features are rather standard across well-made mattresses from competing brands.

If these features are a priority for you, consider alternatives such as the Amerisleep AS3, the Helix Midnight, or the Nolah Evolution 15. Zoma also carries a thicker pillowtop mattress, the Zoma Boost, with an advanced cooling cover fabric and graphite foam infusions to appeal to luxury shoppers.

IX. Trial Period, Warranty, Pricing, and Sizes

When it comes to choosing a new mattress, it’s essential to consider the trial period and warranty offered by the manufacturer. These policies provide peace of mind and allow you to test the mattress in the comfort of your own home, ensuring that it meets your unique sleep needs and preferences.

Mattress Sleep Trial

The Zoma Hybrid Mattress comes with a 100-night risk-free trial period, giving you ample time to adjust to the mattress and determine whether it’s the right fit for you. If you’re not satisfied with the mattress during this time, Zoma offers a full refund, making the mattress trial period genuinely risk-free.

Compared to other mattress brands, Zoma’s 100-night trial period is on par with many of its competitors. For example, Amerisleep, Vaya, Helix, Purple, and Tuft & Needle all offer 100-night trial periods, allowing customers to test the mattress and return it if they’re not satisfied.

However, some mattress companies go above and beyond, offering even longer trial periods. The Nolah Evolution 15, for instance, comes with a 120-night trial period, providing an extra 20 nights to ensure the mattress is the perfect fit. The Nest Bedding Sparrow Hybrid has a full year for its trial period.

Regardless, 100 nights is enough for most sleepers to gauge whether or not a mattress is right for them.

Mattress Warranty

In addition to the trial period, Zoma backs the Hybrid Mattress with a 10-year warranty, protecting your investment against defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty length is standard among many mattress brands, including the Casper Original Hybrid and the Helix Midnight.

However, some competitors offer more extensive warranty coverage. Nolah or Saatva mattresses, for example, come with a lifetime warranty, demonstrating the company’s confidence in the longevity and durability of their product.

It’s worth noting that while the Zoma Hybrid’s 10-year warranty is not as long as some competitors’, it still provides a solid level of protection for your investment. Plus, the mattress’s high-quality materials and construction suggest that it is built to last, even beyond the warranty period.

Mattress Prices and Sizes

When compared to other 12-inch hybrid mattresses, I found the Zoma Hybrid to be a high-value, affordable option available in the standard mattress sizes. The mattress offers excellent quality and materials at a lower price point than many of its competitors, such as the Casper Original Hybrid and the Helix Midnight.

Zoma offers financing through Klarna, allowing customers to spread payments over 4, 6, or 18 months with 0% APR, making the mattress even more accessible for budget-conscious shoppers.

Zoma Hybrid Mattress Prices by Size

Zoma Hybrid SizeDimensionsPrice
Twin Size38 inches wide by 74 inches long by 12 inches tall$599
Twin XL Size38 inches wide by 80 inches long by 12 inches tall$699
Full Size54 inches wide by 75 inches long by 12 inches tall$799
Queen Size60 inches wide by 80 inches long by 12 inches tall$999
King Size76 inches wide by 80 inches long by 12 inches tall$1199
California King Size72 inches wide by 84 inches long by 12 inches tall$1199
Split King SizeTwo mattresses 38 inches wide by 80 inches long by 12 inches tall$1548

X. Customer Reviews

To provide a well-rounded perspective, I examined customer reviews of the Zoma Hybrid mattress. Many praised the mattress for its quality, comfort, and value:

  • Andy L. from Saratoga, CA, found it to be incredible quality for the price, appreciating the firmer feel and anticipating it will soften over time.
  • Babette from Brick, New Jersey, shared her positive experience setting up the Queen Hybrid mattress with an adjustable bed, recommending the bundle with bamboo sheets and pillows.
  • Daniel P. from Chicago, Illinois, noted the timely delivery, easy setup, and full expansion of the mattress, expressing no complaints after sleeping on it for a couple of weeks.
  • Gil from Spring, Texas, a side sleeper, experienced amazing pressure relief on his shoulders and hips from the very first night after allowing the mattress to settle for 36 hours.

These reviews align with my personal experience, confirming the Zoma Hybrid’s quality, comfort, and suitability for various sleeping positions, particularly side sleepers.

XI. Environmental Impact

Zoma demonstrates a commitment to sustainability by manufacturing their mattresses in the United States without the use of fiberglass. The company uses CertiPUR-US certified foams, ensuring that the mattress meets stringent standards for environmental performance, material content, and indoor air quality.

The foams used in Zoma mattresses are free from harmful substances such as formaldehyde, ozone depleters, phthalates, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals. By choosing a Zoma mattress, you can feel good about investing in a product that prioritizes both your health and the environment.

XII. Maintenance and Care

To ensure the longevity of your Zoma Hybrid Mattress, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance and care recommendations:

  • While Zoma suggests using a waterproof mattress protector, it is not required. Still, I always use one with every mattress I sleep on, as protection against any spills or accidents that may occur.
  • Spot cleaning with cold water and allowing the mattress to air dry is sufficient to clean a mattress.
  • Vacuuming the mattress regularly can keep dust and such from accumulating. You can also sprinkle baking soda across the mattress a half hour or so before vacuuming it. The baking soda will absorb odors.

One of the benefits of the Zoma Hybrid is that it does not require flipping or rotating the mattress, making maintenance a breeze. However, it is crucial to regularly clean your sheets and bedding to keep your sleep environment fresh and hygienic.

By following these simple care instructions, you can help extend the life of your Zoma Hybrid Mattress.

XIII. Final Verdict

After thoroughly testing and evaluating the Zoma Hybrid Mattress, I can confidently give it a 9 out of 10 overall score. This mattress excels in several key areas, including edge support, response time, cooling, and breathability. It offers excellent value for a 12-inch hybrid mattress, making it an attractive choice for budget-conscious shoppers who don’t want to compromise on quality.

Throughout my testing, I found the Zoma Hybrid to be comfortable and supportive in various sleeping positions, particularly for side sleepers. The mattress’s construction and materials demonstrate a commitment to durability and longevity, backed by a 10-year warranty.

While the medium firmness level may not suit everyone, and some sleepers may prefer luxury features like a pillow top, the Zoma Hybrid Mattress delivers on its promise of providing a high-quality sleep experience at an affordable price point.

However, it’s essential to remember that mattress preferences can vary from person to person, so it’s always a good idea to take advantage of the 100-night trial period to ensure that the Zoma Hybrid is the right fit for you.

If you’d like to learn more about sleep health and wellness, I invite you to visit our website’s numerous sleep guides and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content designed to help you achieve the best possible sleep

Final Score Tally

Mattress FeatureScore
Response Time9 out of 10
Motion Isolation8 out of 10
Edge Support9 out of 10
Cooling and Breathability9 out of 10
Final Verdict9 out of 10

XIV. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Zoma Hybrid mattress suitable for all sleeping positions?

The Zoma Hybrid is comfortable and supportive for various sleeping positions, particularly for side sleepers. Its medium firmness level accommodates a wide range of sleepers, although some back and stomach sleepers may prefer a slightly firmer mattress.

Ultimately, personal preferences play a significant role in determining the ideal mattress firmness for each individual.

How does the Zoma Hybrid mattress compare to other hybrid mattresses?

When compared to other 12-inch hybrid mattresses, the Zoma Hybrid offers excellent value for its price point. It provides high-quality materials and construction at a lower cost than many of its competitors, such as the Casper Original Hybrid and the Helix Midnight.

Additionally, Zoma offers financing options through Klarna, making the mattress even more accessible for budget-conscious shoppers.

Does the Zoma Hybrid mattress sleep cool throughout the night?

Yes, the Zoma Hybrid mattress features several cooling components that help regulate temperature and ensure a cool, comfortable sleep environment. The breathable cover, gel-infused memory foam, and pocketed coil layer work together to promote airflow and draw heat away from the body.

During testing, I experienced no overheating or discomfort while sleeping on this mattress.

How long is the sleep trial period for the Zoma Hybrid mattress?

The Zoma Hybrid mattress comes with a 100-night risk-free trial period, allowing you ample time to adjust to the mattress and determine if it meets your unique sleep needs and preferences. If you are not satisfied with the mattress during this time, Zoma offers a full refund, making the trial period truly risk-free.

This trial period length is on par with many of Zoma’s competitors in the mattress industry.

Is the Zoma Hybrid durable, and how long can I expect it to last?

The Zoma Hybrid mattress is built with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, ensuring excellent durability and longevity. The pocketed coil system and responsive foam layers work together to provide lasting support and minimize premature wear or sagging.

Zoma backs the mattress with a 10-year warranty, demonstrating their confidence in the product’s long-term performance.

How does the Zoma Hybrid perform in terms of motion isolation for couples?

The Zoma Hybrid offers good motion isolation, making it a suitable choice for couples. During testing, light movements from a sleeping partner were not significantly felt, although more aggressive tossing and turning could be noticeable.

I give the mattress an 8 out of 10 for motion isolation, which is a great score for a hybrid mattress.

Is the Zoma Hybrid mattress easy to maintain and care for?

Yes, the Zoma Hybrid mattress is easy to maintain and care for. It does not require flipping or rotating, making maintenance a breeze. Spot cleaning with cold water and allowing the mattress to air dry is sufficient for cleaning.

Using a waterproof mattress protector and regularly vacuuming the mattress can help keep it fresh and hygienic. By following these simple care instructions, you can help extend the life of your Zoma Hybrid mattress.

As a dedicated mother of two, Kristina places a high value on holistic health and the well-being of her family. She understands the significance of maintaining hormonal balance and cherishes the essential role of sleep in optimizing overall health. In her leisure time, she indulges her love for the outdoors through hiking, fostering a deep connection with nature, and expresses her creativity through various forms of art. Her life is a vibrant canvas, adorned with wellness and inspiration.

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