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Amerisleep vs. Purple Mattress Reviews

Mattress Comparison
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If you’re looking for the best mattress in a box, you’ve certainly stumbled upon Purple® and Amerisleep beds during your search. While their products differ, Purple® and Amerisleep stand out amongst other online brands for offering state-of-the-art mattresses at affordable prices. However, choosing which brand to shop with can be tough, especially if you’re a first-time buyer.

Beyond the type of mattress you’re interested in and its sleep-promoting features, it’s wise to consider your sleep style and body type during your search for a new bed— as these two factors are the most significant when it comes to comparing comfort. Stomach, back, and side sleepers all need different levels of support, the best mattress for side sleepers may not be the right fit for somebody who sleeps on their stomach. It’s important to know your personal preferences play a big role in your search.

In this mattress comparison, we discuss these two top-rated mattress brands to help you decide if Purple® or Amerisleep carries the right bed for your needs.

Amerisleep Mattresses

amerisleep mattress and box

Amerisleep’s mattresses have been on the market since 2007. Their innovative foams are made with patented technologies that increase conforming and breathability. This company also strives to provide eco-friendly materials, packaging, and shipping.

They don’t stop at mattresses. Amerisleep also has a line of foundations and bedding. Their mattresses are all based on their most basic design, the AS1. You can buy their mattresses online or at one of their brick and mortar stores. Their models include:

  • Amerisleep AS1: Amerisleep’s base design is their only two-layer model. It’s also the shortest at ten inches. This model rates as a firm and offers support for petite sleepers.
  • Amerisleep AS2: The AS2 has an added layer featuring HIVE® technology, totaling a 12-inch. It’s slightly softer than the AS1 but still offers firm support. Because it includes HIVE® it’s Amerisleep’s best mattress for back pain.
  • Amerisleep AS3: Amerisleep’s most popular model has three layers like the AS2. But the layer thicknesses differ. It’s a medium model that works for sleepers of all weights and sleep styles. The AS3 is our vote for the best mattress of 2023 because it’s so adaptable.
  • Amerisleep AS4: The AS4 features 4 inches of pressure-relieving Bio-Pur® foam, creating a true cloud-like feel. With it’s thinner HIVE® layer, this bed still promotes healthy posture.
  • Amerisleep AS5: The softest of the Amerisleep models has an additional Active Flex layer that boosts its height to 14 inches. Due to the inclusion of its extra responsive layer, it’s Amerisleep’s best mattress for heavy sleepers.

Amerisleep Mattress Materials

Amerisleep’s mattresses are covered in a soft, breathable fabric to increases airflow throughout the mattress. All Amerisleep covers are also removable and machine washable.

The AS1, Amerisleep’s base model, is made of two foam layers. The top layer consists of an advanced open-cell foam called Bio-Pur®. Open-cell foams promote airflow, but Amerisleep’s advanced open-cell foams keep even more air moving. Beneath that is eight inches of dense Bio-Core® foam that acts as the support layer in all Amerisleep mattresses.

The AS2 also has a two-inch Bio-Pur® comfort layer. It’s further cushioned with a three-inch Affinity layer with HIVE® technology (Harnessing Intelligent Ventilation & Energy). HIVE® is made of hexagonal cutouts that allow for better breathability and conforming. Under major joints, like the shoulders and hips, the cutouts are further apart for better pressure relief. They’re more densely spaced at the head, back, and feet, where you need extra support.

The most popular model, the AS3, is a medium mattress. It has the same three layers as the AS2. However, varying thicknesses give it an evener balance of comfort and support.

The AS4’s three layers create 12 inches of medium-soft comfort. It has a Bio-Pur® comfort layer with an additional one-inch, breathable Affinity layer. A seven-inch Bio-Core® support core provides long-term durability.

The AS5 is Amerisleep’s softest and only four-layer mattress. It includes a two-inch Active Flex layer beneath the top layer to prevent sleepers from sinking too deeply into the foam. Essentially, it helps the foam quickly bounce back into place and ensures even sleepers over 250 pounds won’t sink too far into the mattress.

Amerisleep’s Cooling Technologies

If you want to stay cool while you sleep, you need a mattress with good breathability. A lack of airflow raises body temperature, which needs to remain low for the duration of the sleep cycle.  All of Amerisleep’s components and materials are designed to improve airflow. The lightweight cover, Bio-Pur®, Bio-Core®, and HIVE® technology work to provide foam comfort without the heat buildup that’s typical of memory foam. The foams’ advanced open-cell structures leave larger air pockets through which body heat can move and dissipate.

Amerisleep’s Support, Conformability, and Motion Isolation

A mattress’s support is measured by how well it aligns the spine. Sleep position, sleeper weight, and personal preference dictate which support level any one person needs. Conformability refers to how well the mattress contours to the sleeper’s body. Side sleepers, in particular, need good conformability to relieve pressure on the shoulders and hips. The final factor we’ll consider in this section is motion isolation. Motion isolation prevents restless partners from waking one another. It also reduces any mattress-related noise.

All of Amerisleep’s models have impressive conformability and motion isolation. Their wide range of support options works for sleepers of all weights and styles. With the right support and firmness level, these mattresses conform to the body and thoroughly isolate movement.

Amerisleep’s Durability and Longevity

Amerisleep’s foam mattresses have average to above-average durability. The density of their foams, as well as the quality, gives them an edge over the average seven to eight-year mattress lifespan. They’re backed by a 20-year, two-tiered warranty. Their warranty includes one of the best indentation replacement policies on the market. The message is clear—they expect their mattresses to last.

Amerisleep’s Sleep Trial, Warranty, and Return Policy

Amerisleep’s 100-day sleep trial. They suggest sleeping on the mattress for at least 30 days. At that point, if you’re dissatisfied, they’ll offer a full refund and help you donate it locally.

Amerisleep offers an impressive 20-year warranty broken into two parts. The first ten years have full replacement or repair of defects in workmanship and structure. In the second ten years, those same issues qualify for a replacement mattress at 50 percent of the original purchase price.

Not everything falls under the warranty such as tears, burns, or stains, and the mattress has to be kept on the right kind of foundation for the warranty to be valid. Included in defects that fall under the warranty are indentations greater than three-quarters of an inch. Amerisleep may require proof of properly following the warranty guidelines before any refund takes place. The warranty applies to the original purchaser along with proof of purchase.

Amerisleep’s Social Responsibility

Amerisleep helps customers donate returned mattresses to those in need to prevent mattresses from filling landfills. Their packaging, shipping, and materials are eco-friendly, though not independently certified.

Who Are Amerisleep Mattresses For?

Amerisleep mattresses appeal to a wide range of sleepers. The AS1 works well for heavyweight sleepers of all sleep styles while the AS5 caters to lightweight sleepers of all sleep styles. The AS2, AS3, and AS4 have decreasing firmness levels and conformability that work for everyone in between. It’s really a matter of finding the right firmness level for each sleeper.

Purple® Mattresses

purple mattress

A brother duo started Purple mattresses and innovated the mattress world with their patented Smart Comfort Grid™ technology. They’ve only been in the game since 2016, but the company has made a recognizable name for themselves since then. All of their foams are CertiPUR-US® certified. That means they’ve been independently tested and certified for emissions, chemical content, and durability.

They offer three models—the Original Purple®, Purple® Hybrid, and Purple® Hybrid Premiere. While the Original Purple® and the Purple® Hybrid are available as-is, there are two variations of the Purple® Hybrid Premiere— a medium feel hybrid with a 3-inch comfort layer, or a softer bed with a 4-inch Smart Comfort Grid™. Their mattresses can be ordered online or found in authorized retail stores. They also offer a line of bedding and bases, including an adjustable base.

  • Original Purple® Mattress: The Original is a ten-inch mattress. It blends two foam layers with a top layer made of Purple’s® Smart Comfort Grid™ technology. Excellent breathability and conforming make it appealing to lightweight and average weight sleepers.
  • Purple® Hybrid: This new mattress has 2 inches of Purple’s® Smart Comfort Grid™ combined with pocketed coils. Their hybrid offers pressure-relieving comfort but has a bit of bounce due to its inner coil system.
  • Purple® Hybrid Premiere: The Purple Hybrid® Premiere is an extension of their standard hybrid. It has the same design, its only difference is the thickness of the Smart Comfort Grid™. As we mentioned above, this hybrid comes in 3- and 4-inch Smart Comfort Grid™ options. Choosing which version is best for you comes down to how firm you want your mattress to be.

Purple® Mattress Materials

Purple® covers their Original mattress with a super stretchy, breathable fabric made of polyester, viscose, and Lycra® spandex. Purple’s® hybrid mattresses have an even stretchier cover made with a blend of polyester and spandex. Purple® recommends using and sells their own four-way stretch sheets to account for the contouring of their mattresses. Tight sheets can actually interfere with your sleep on a mattress this conforming.

An Original Purple® mattress review has to start with Purple’s® Smart Comfort Grid™. The grid is made of a hyper-elastic polymer with a box grid design that relieves the body’s pressure points. Purple® includes a sample of their hyper-elastic polymer with each mattress. It can be pulled and tugged without ripping or stretching. At the same time, it has good, responsive bounce back. Beneath it is a soft 3.5-inch high-density memory foam. The final support layer is a medium-firm, four-inch, high-density polyurethane support core.

The Purple® hybrid mattress’s comfort layer is made of Purple’s® Smart Comfort Grid™ for added pressure relief. The Purple® Hybrid contains a 2-inch Smart Comfort Layer™, while this layer is thicker in their Hybrid Premiere models. In each of these hybrids, the comfort layer rests atop a 7.5-inch layer of pocketed coils. Pocketed coils are wrapped in fabric and are the same diameter from top to bottom. They move independently of one another to prevent motion transfer. This mattress also has extra support on the sides, giving it better edge support than the Original.

Purple’s® Temperature Regulation Technologies

Purple’s® unique Smart Comfort Grid™ brings comfort with maximum breathability. Both models are known for their “cool” sleep. However, Purple’s® hybrids are the cooler due to air being able to circulate through the grid and around the pocketed coils.

Purple’s® Support, Conformability, and Motion Isolation

Purple’s® Smart Comfort Grid™ beautifully conforms to the body no matter your weight or sleep style. Extra pressure relief comes without the added heat of a typical memory foam mattress.

However, support can be an issue for stomach sleepers, especially lightweight ones. The Original also lacks edge support, which can make it difficult to sit on the edge of the bed. For heavyweight sleepers, it can feel like you’re falling out of bed if you get too close to the edge.

Purple’s® Durability and Longevity

Purple’s® Smart Comfort Grid™ technology has average durability and tends to break down faster with heavyweight sleepers. The limited 10-year warranty includes a replacement mattress for indentations over one inch.

Purple’s® Sleep Trial, Warranty, and Return Policy

Purple® offers a 100-day sleep trial with no mandatory time before the mattress can be returned. However, they do recommend sleeping on it for at least 30 days before starting the return. You can exchange the mattress, but the new one is not eligible for the sleep trial.

Purple® has a 10-year non-prorated warranty. The mattress must be used on a proper foundation for the warranty to be valid. The warranty covers indentations deeper than one inch, cracks, splits, and other damages that are related to workmanship or material quality.

For the warranty to be valid, the mattress must be used on a proper foundation with slats at correct widths. Foundation guidelines are found in the warranty and vary based on mattress size. The mattress cover is not included in the warranty. Additionally, the warranty only applies to the original purchaser.

Purple’s® Social Responsibility

Purple’s® social responsibility surrounds the quality of their products. Their foams are CertiPUR-US® certified, which means they’ve been independently tested for emissions, durability, and content of chemicals like formaldehyde and PBDEs.

Who Are Purple® Mattresses For?

The Purple® hybrid mattresses have excellent support, breathability, and conforming for sleepers of all weights and styles— specifically, side and back sleepers. The Original doesn’t have as much bouncy support but is still a comfortable, highly breathable option.

The Original excels at conforming, breathability, and support for average weight sleepers. However, sleep style affects comfort more than weight with this model. For stomach sleepers, especially lightweight ones, all that contouring leads to bowing of the lower back.

Amerisleep vs. Purple®: The Bottom Line

  • Purple® mattresses are excellent at conforming for sleepers of all weights but cater to back and side sleepers.
  • Both mattress manufacturers offer models with excellent breathability but Purple®’s hybrid models edge ahead with their pocketed coil and the Smart Comfort Grid™.
  • Amerisleep has a variety of support levels to accommodate sleepers of all weights and sleep styles.
  • Amerisleep’s stronger warranty keeps you covered for longer.
  • Stomach sleepers, especially lightweight ones, will find better support with Amerisleep.

Both manufacturers have their pros and cons and deciding which bed is best for you comes down to your personal wants and needs. Use mattress reviews to your advantage and when you’re ready to take the leap, use those trial periods, too. A mattress is an investment that you shouldn’t rush into. Your health deserves a mattress that gives you a solid seven to nine hours of sleep. You’ll know you’ve found the best mattress when your bed is your oasis that you can’t wait to visit.


Amerisleep’s five models range from firm to soft. They provide a wide range of comfort levels for sleepers of all sizes and sleep styles. They’re considered luxury models so their prices tend to fall on the high end of the price range. Luxury mattresses are made with premium materials in the interior layers and high-quality fabrics and construction in the cover.

Purple® carries three mattress models. Their newer hybrid mattresses comes at a premium price. The Original Purple® mattress falls closer to the entry-level foam mattresses. Their mattresses have excellent conforming abilities. The Original bed works better for lightweight and average weight sleepers, whereas their hybrids have more support and breathability, and appeal to average weight and heavyweight sleepers.

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