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Amerisleep vs. Bear Mattress Reviews

Mattress Comparison
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Your mattress can mean the difference between a good night’s rest and endless tossing and turning. If you’re in the market for a new mattress, you might not know where to begin your search. Today, there are more options than ever before. To help you find your best mattress, we’ve put together this mattress comparison of Amerisleep and Bear — two top-rated online mattress brands — diving into their strengths and weaknesses as well as what type of sleeper might find them the most comfortable.

Amerisleep Mattresses

as3 best mattress of 2023

Amerisleep has been producing a unique line of mattress in a boxes since 2007. While they do have several brick and mortar stores, they sell the bulk of their mattresses online and include front door delivery through FedEx. Amerisleep also offers bedding, mattress covers, and foundations, including an adjustable bed for use with any of their models.

They use unique materials like HIVE® and Bio-Pur® to create a comfortable sleep experience. Amerisleep’s mattresses excel at contouring to the body and decreasing motion transfer. They’ve designed mattresses that accommodate all sleep positions— back, side, and stomach.

  • AS1: The AS1’s firm surface works well for stomach and back sleepers as well as those who prefer a firm mattress. Though it may look simple with only two layers, the Bio-Pur® and Bio-Core® layers create a comfortable 10-inch mattress with light contouring and good breathability.
  • AS2: The AS2 is Amerisleep’s medium-firm model. It’s slightly softer than the AS1 due to a transition layer between the Bio-Pur® and Bio-Core®, known as an Affinity layer. It provides zoned support at the hips and shoulders for more contouring and conformability.
  • AS3: The AS3 balances support with conformability. Its medium feel makes it Amerisleep’s most popular model and best mattress for side sleepers. An Affinity transition layer adds zoned support to the Bio-Pur® layer, which is slightly thicker than the AS2’s.
  • AS4: Four inches of Bio-Pur® make up the top layer of this medium-soft mattress. As it does in the AS2 and AS3, the Affinity transition layer targets the body’s pressure points. However, it’s not as thick in this model, which allows the body to sink into the mattress’s cushioning.
  • AS5: The AS5 takes cushioning to a new level. It’s the only Amerisleep model with the Active Flex layer. Active Flex helps the thick comfort layers bounce back into shape after the sleeper moves, preventing a “stuck” feeling.

Amerisleep’s Materials, Cover, and Construction

Amerisleep covers are made with a lightweight, breathable fabric that is designed to keep you from overheating during sleep. It is also completely washable so you can keep your mattress clean and comfortable for many years.

On the inside, Amerisleep mattresses have high-quality materials designed for comfort and cooling. The AS1 may be Amerisleep’s most basic model, but that doesn’t make it any less sophisticated than their other models.

The comfort layer consists of an advanced open-cell foam called Bio-Pur®. It offers cushioning with light contouring on top of a dense, eight-inch Bio-Core® support layer. Bio-Pur’s® large, open cells create room for heat and air to circulate, but it maintains support for the body and structure to the mattress. Bio-Core® acts as the support for all of Amerisleep’s mattresses.

The medium-firm AS2’s two-inch Bio-Pur® comfort layer cushions the body as it sinks into a three-inch Affinity layer with HIVE® technology (Harnessing Intelligent Ventilation & Energy). This Affinity layer’s hexagonal cutouts are arranged in five zones. To provide support at the head, back, and feet, the cutouts have a close arrangement to prevent too much sinking. At high-pressure points like the shoulders and hips, there’s more space between each cutout, so the body more readily sinks into the mattress. HIVE® technology also creates air pockets through which air can flow, improving breathability.

The medium-feel AS3 has a balance of cushioning and support that makes it Amerisleep’s most popular model. A comfort layer made of three-inches of Bio-Pur® creates a softer feel than the AS2. Its Affinity layer provides support for the back while cushioning the shoulders and hips. Bio-Core® makes up the support, providing shape and durability.

For sleepers who want deeper pressure relief, the medium-soft AS4 welcomes sleepers with four-inches of Bio-Pur®. To support the thick comfort layer, this model has a one-inch thick Affinity layer. It has just enough support and pressure relief to help align the spine. With Bio-Core® at the base of the mattress, the body can relax into all-night comfort.

The AS5 provides the softest model in Amerisleep’s lineup. It also has the distinction of being their only four-layer model. Four inches of Bio-Pur® conform and cushion before transitioning into a two-inch Active Flex layer. This unique layer lets sleepers feel the full advantage of pressure-relieving foam without feeling stuck in the impression of their own body. It bounces back into shape after movement to create an uninterrupted night’s rest. The AS5 also has the Affinity layer to target sensitive pressure points. Of course, it, too, has the Bio-Core® support layer.

Amerisleep’s Cooling Technologies and Temperature Regulation

Amerisleep’s foam formulas and mix of technologies come together to keep air and heat moving. Their breathable covers encourage air circulation around the bed. Bio-Pur’s® advanced open-cell structure lets air pass through the foam, so it doesn’t stay trapped next to the sleeper. Finally, HIVE® technology keeps that air circulating through the transition layer. The combination of foams gives Amerisleep mattresses above-average temperature regulation.

Amerisleep Mattresses’ Support, Conformability, and Motion Isolation

Amerisleep’s high-quality memory foam mattresses get top marks for their motion isolation and conformability. Their five models work for many types of sleepers because they provide a range of conformability and support options.

The AS1 and AS2, with their thinner top layers, support sleepers with light cushioning. Their firm and medium-firm support work well for back and stomach sleepers. The softest mattresses —the AS4 and AS5— offer deep cushioning and cradling of painful pressure points. Side and combo sleepers are more likely to find comfort deep with these two mattresses.

The AS3 offers a middle ground between support and conformability. Sleepers with a variety of sleep styles have the potential to find comfort on the AS3. Couples may also want to seriously consider it because it can accommodate sleepers with different sleep styles.

The foams used in Amerisleep mattresses naturally absorb motion and sound for excellent motion isolation. Couples can enjoy an undisturbed night’s rest and focus on finding a model that meets both of their needs because of the quietness of Amerisleep models.

How Durable are Amerisleep Mattresses?

Foam mattresses last, on average, six to eight years. However, Amerisleep’s foams are of a particularly high-quality with densities that take their longevity far beyond the average foam mattress life span. Bio-Core®’s solid design and structure, in particular, boost the durability and longevity of Amerisleep mattresses.

Amerisleep’s 20-year warranty reflects that quality. The warranty includes replacement of the mattress for indentations over three-quarters of an inch, an indentation policy that rivals some of the best foam mattress warranties on the market.

Amerisleep’s Trial Period, Warranty, and Return Policies

Amerisleep offers a 100-night sleep trial. To allow the body enough time to adjust to a new mattress, they recommend sleeping on the mattress for at least 30 days. Amerisleep also helps customers donate returned mattresses to local charities.

Amerisleep provides a 20-year, prorated warranty. It can be broken down into two parts. For the first ten years, a defective mattress will be replaced or repaired at no cost to the purchaser. For the remaining ten years, necessary repairs are covered, and if a replacement mattress is needed, it can be bought for 50 percent of the original purchase price.

All warranties come with limitations. For the mattress to be covered under the warranty, it must be kept on an appropriate foundation or base. Amerisleep defines what type of foundation is necessary in the warranty. Defects do not include tears, stains, and burns.

However, the warranty does cover indentations over three-quarters of an inch. Warranty claims can only be made by the original purchaser with proof of purchase.

Amerisleep’s Social Responsibility

Amerisleep helps customers search for local charities and organizations with which they can arrange the donation of return mattresses. They also use shipping, packaging, and manufacturing practices that reduce environmental impact and overall carbon footprint.

Who Are Amerisleep Mattresses For?

Amerisleep’s five models present a wide range of comfort options. That allows sleepers to choose the most comfortable mattress on the basis of their personal preferences and needs for conformability and support.

The AS1 and AS2 prevent sinkage, making them a popular choice for stomach and back sleepers. The AS2 also works well for heavyweight sleepers who prefer a firmer surface. For the side and combo sleeper who like to sink into the mattress, the AS4 and AS5 with their extra conformability and lighter support are excellent options. The AS3 provides the best of both worlds— it has good support and incredible conformability that make it an excellent choice for couples and those who prefer a medium-feel mattress.

Bear Mattresses

bear mattress under 1000
Bear is a family-owned and operated business that entered the mattress world in 2015. They market their three mattresses to athletes and those with an active lifestyle. The main selling point is the Celliant® technology in their covers, which they have in common with Amerisleep. All three models have various types of cooling technologies like graphite memory foam, copper foam, and gel memory foam.

Bear only sells their mattresses online and delivers them mattress-in-a-box style. They also sell their own line of bedding products, including mattress covers, sheets, pillows, foundations, and bed frames.

  • Bear Mattress: This original model is the most basic of Bear’s mattresses. It has a graphite-gel memory foam comfort layer that cushions, conforms, and supports the body. It rests on top of a poly-foam transition layer and a high-density poly-foam support core. This medium-firm mattress appeals to back and stomach sleepers more than side sleepers due to its firmer feel.
  • Bear Hybrid: The Hybrid’s combination of hypersoft cooling-gel foam, comfort foam, transition foam, and pocketed coil design give it a medium-firm feel that’s slightly softer than the Bear Mattress. To prevent the sleeper from rolling off, it has targeted edge support.
  • Bear Pro: Bear’s newest model has copper-infused foam with anti-microbial properties. A layer of gel memory foam moves heat away from the sleeper’s body while a responsive foam prevents sleepers from feeling stuck in its contoured layers. Finally, a high-density support core gives the mattress shape and longevity.

Bear’s Materials, Cover, and Construction

Bear’s covers utilize Celliant® for its ability to transform body heat into infrared energy. It’s used on all three Bear models. All Bear mattresses are also CertiPUR-US® certified, which means their foams are free of substances like formaldehyde, mercury, and chemical flame retardants.

The medium-firm Bear Mattress’s three layers contour and cushion at the body’s pressure points to keep the spine aligned. The two-inch graphite-gel memory foam comfort layer conforms to the curves of the body. The graphite and gel move heat away from the sleeper. The second layer consists of a poly-foam that cushions the body but has a higher density for added support. These two layers lie on top of a 6-inch high-density poly-foam base.

The Bear Hybrid mattress’s Celliant® cover is quilted to a hypersoft cooling-gel foam, adding some cushioning over the comfort layer and pulling heat away from the sleeper. Next is a layer of premium comfort form that conforms to the body, much like memory foam. The size of the cells in this foam helps air move through this layer, so it doesn’t overheat the sleeper.

The comfort foam is followed by a thin layer of transition foam. This layer adds responsiveness to prevent sleepers from feeling stuck. The support core consists of six-inch pocketed coils with Bear’s Quantum Edge Coil System, which adds support at the edges, so there’s less sinkage and breakdown. Finally, there’s a one-inch high-density poly-foam base. This 14-inch mattress is rated medium-firm, but it’s slightly softer than the Bear Mattress. The Hybrid is both CertiPUR-US® and Greenguard Gold certified, which means its contents have also passed tests for harmful VOCs.

The Bear Pro’s medium-firm support system starts with a comfort layer that consists of copper-infused memory foam. Copper serves dual purposes in this mattress. First, it acts as a conductor that pulls heat away from the body. Second, copper is naturally anti-microbial, so it acts as a protective, hygienic layer. A gel memory foam layer lies underneath to conform further and cradle the body. It’s followed by a responsive transition poly-foam. This layer brings cushioning but responds more readily to the sleeper’s movement. Finally, a high-density poly-foam support core provides shape and durability.

Bear’s Cooling Technologies and Temperature Regulation

Bear uses several technologies to regulate sleeper temperature. All Bear mattresses have a Celliant® cover that utilizes body heat to create infrared energy. The Bear Mattress has a graphite gel memory foam to absorb heat and move it away from the sleeper. The Hybrid’s open-cell foams create space for air to move through. Once the heat reaches the pocketed coils, it can move and circulate even farther so that it doesn’t overheat the sleeper. Finally, the Bear Pro has copper-infused memory foam and a layer of gel memory foam. Both absorb and circulate heat away from the sleeper.

Of the three Bear models, the Hybrid generally sleeps the coolest because of the extra airflow around the coils.

Bear Mattresses’ Support, Conformability, and Motion Isolation

Both the Bear Mattress and the Pro isolate motion well. The Hybrid’s pocketed coils aren’t interconnected, so they target pressure relief and reduce motion transfer. However, couples will feel more motion from a restless sleeper on the Hybrid than they would on a memory foam or all-foam mattress. Both the Bear Mattress and the Pro lack the edge support of the Hybrid, which means you’re more likely to sink at the edge or feel like you’re falling out of bed.

All three Bear models rate as medium-firm on the firmness scale. However, they have marginally different levels of conformability. The Hybrid and Pro both offer slightly more sinkage than the Bear Mattress. The softer Pro offers more contouring than the other two models.

Both the Bear Mattress and the Pro absorb motion extremely well. While the Hybrid’s foam layers absorb motion, the responsiveness of the pocketed coils will cause more motion transference than with the Bear Mattress, Pro, or similar memory foam mattresses.

How Durable are Bear Mattresses?

The quality and density of the Bear’s materials and foams suggest their mattresses should last the industry average of six to eight years. Their warranties reflect that durability. The Bear Mattress and Pro each have a ten-year warranty while the Hybrid has a twenty-year warranty.

Bear’s Trial Period, Warranty, and Return Policies

All Bear mattresses come with a 100-night sleep trial with a 30-day break-in period. If within that window you decide you do not like the mattress, Bear will arrange for the mattress to be picked up. When possible, they have mattresses picked-up by local charities. A return is only allowed on the first mattress purchase, so one return per customer, household, and/or delivery address.

The Bear Mattress and the Pro have a ten-year warranty that covers defects in the foam or indentations over one inch that aren’t due to an improper foundation. The warranty does not include normal changes in the softness of the mattress, burns, or tears due to improper handling or use. If a warranty claim is substantiated, Bear will take care of the cost of replacement or repair, but the purchaser must pay for shipping and handling costs.

The Hybrid comes with a 20-year warranty that covers defects and indentations over 1.5 inches. It, too, must be kept on a proper foundation for the warranty to be valid. For the first ten years of the warranty, Bear will replace or repair a defective mattress at their cost except for the cost of shipping and handling. In year 11, if the mattress is deemed defective, Bear will either repair the mattress or replace it at 50 percent of the cost of the original purchase price. If the mattress is replaced during years 12 through 20, the rate charged to the purchaser increases by 5 percent each year. For example, in year 12, they would pay 55 percent of the original cost; in year 13, they would pay 60 percent of the original price.

All warranties only apply to the original purchaser with proof of purchase.

Bear’s Social Responsibility

Bear partners with Good Sports to donate athletic equipment and funds to children’s sports programs. Their foams are CertiPUR-US® certified, which means they’re free of chemical fire retardants, mercury, lead, and ozone depleters. The Hybrid is both CertiPUR-US® certified and Greenguard Gold certified, meaning it’s also free of VOCs.

Who Are Bear Mattresses For?

Bear markets their mattresses to athletes and those with an active lifestyle. The firmer Bear Mattress works better for back and stomach sleepers as well as couples due to its ability to absorb motion. The softer Hybrid and Pro with their deeper conformability and pressure relief fit the needs of back and side sleepers. However, these models are also medium-firm, so some side sleepers and even a few back sleepers may find them too firm.

Amerisleep vs. Bear: The Bottom Line

  • All of Amerisleep’s mattresses come with a prorated 20-year warranty while only the Bear Hybrid’s warranty is that long.
  • Amerisleep offers mattresses in five firmness levels, whereas all of Bear’s models tend to fall within the medium-firm category.
  • Both brand’s mattresses incorporate efficient, impressive cooling technologies.

Choosing your mattress is a highly personal decision. What works for you may not work for your best friend or neighbor. Ask yourself what sleep position you prefer, how responsive you like your mattress to be, and whether you sleep hot or cold. The answer to these questions will guide you to the mattress that helps you get a full seven to nine hours of sleep.

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