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How Do I Store a Mattress Topper

How Do I Store a Mattress Topper

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  • Properly cleaning and thoroughly drying your mattress topper before storage is crucial for maintaining its quality and preventing dirt and debris from becoming trapped inside during the storage process.
  • Rolling up the mattress topper, instead of folding it, can save storage space and help preserve the topper’s original shape and foam integrity.
  • Utilizing a protective cover or vacuum-sealed storage bag and choosing a climate-controlled storage space, such as a storage unit or a dry area in your home, can protect the topper from dust, mold, and moisture damage during extended storage periods.

A mattress topper can be a great investment, especially if you want more comfort at bedtime. They can provide you with extra support as they change the plushness or firmness of a mattress to keep you feeling extra comfy.

This is why it’s so important to maintain the quality of your topper. However, it can be a bit of a challenge if you need to put it in storage for a while. Storing mattress items like toppers can help extend their lifespan and save you a few dollars in the long run.

Here, we take a look at all the necessary steps you need to take before placing your mattress topper in storage.

Clean and Dry Your Mattress Topper

Before you store your mattress topper for an extended period, you’ll want to make sure it is clean and dried properly. Cleaning your mattress topper will prevent dirt and dust particles from becoming trapped inside during the storage process.

In this next section, we outline the best way to clean your mattress topper before you place it in storage. As with cleaning a mattress, you’ll want to rely mostly on spot-cleaning methods.

How to Clean a Mattress Topper

  • Remove all bedding: Before you store your topper, you should remove all bedding, including sheets, mattress protectors, and mattress pads.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner: Use a handheld vacuum or a vacuum with a hose attachment to remove any loose hairs, particles, and other debris from the outside of the topper.
  • Spot clean all stains: If you see any stains on the topper, clean them with a mild liquid detergent or a stain remover. Gently scrub the stains out with a washcloth, sponge, or soft-bristled brush. Then, blot any remaining liquid or soap up with a towel and repeat until the stain is gone.
  • Treat odors: It’s common for mattress toppers to develop an order after extended use. Treat these by sprinkling baking soda on the topper and letting it sit for an hour before using a vacuum to remove it. If you notice any persistent odors associated with stains, try spot-treating these stains by dissolving baking soda into water.
  • Air dry your mattress topper: To make sure your mattress topper is completely dry before storage, allow it to air dry for 24 hours.

Roll It Up

Once your mattress topper is completely dry, you’ll need to roll it up. Rolling up your topper can save some space in storage and make it easier to move. It’s also a better option to roll your topper rather than fold it. Folding your mattress topper may cause it to lose its initial shape or damage the foam.


Use a Protective Cover

Putting your mattress topper in a protective cover or plastic bag will protect your mattress from dirt or debris while it’s packed away. It’s important to make sure your storage bag is clean from dust, dirt, and liquids so your topper can remain damage-free.

Sometimes, using the original packaging your topper came with makes for a good storage bag. However, if you do not have the original packaging, you can always use a vacuum-sealed storage bag instead. These bags may help you save space in storage.

Choose a Climate-Controlled Storage Space

Climate-controlled environments, like storage units, are the best place to store your mattress topper. These spaces can provide a dry, cool climate for your topper and prevent the growth of mold. It’s best to avoid storing your mattress topper in the garage, cellar, or basement since these places are usually humid and are the source of mold production. If you are thinking about storing your topper at home, consider placing it in a dry area, like your bedroom closet.


How long can I keep my mattress topper stored?

You should avoid keeping your mattress topper stored for extended periods. When toppers are stored too long, there is a higher chance that they will become damaged or be harder to unroll. To avoid this, we suggest unpacking your mattress topper every six months, even if you are not planning on using it. Unrolling your topper and letting it air out may extend the life of your topper and help retain its shape.

How long should you keep a mattress topper?

Most high-quality mattress toppers have a life span of 3 to 5 years, depending on how well you take care of them. However, some toppers made from synthetic or cheap material can become damaged and may not last as long, so you might have to replace them sooner. If you notice your topper has lost its shape or is torn, it may be time for a replacement.

Can I store my mattress topper in my attic?

Though you can store your mattress topper in an attic, it isn’t always the best storage space. Generally, it’s best to avoid storing your topper in a basement or attic since these areas tend to be damp and humid. More often than not, muggy, warm climates are often the source of mold growth. It’s better to store your topper in a cool, dry area like your bedroom closet.

Can I vacuum-seal a memory foam mattress topper?

Using a vacuum-seal storage bag is one of the best ways to store a memory foam topper. These bags can help you save space while also keeping dirt and dust mites out. More often than not, mattress toppers come with vacuum-sealed bags, so you may not have to make this purchase separately.

Can you put a foam mattress topper in the washing machine?

Since memory foam has a delicate structure, it should not be tossed into the washing machine. Washing machines can damage the structure of the foam, tearing it apart when it becomes soaked. A better option to keep your topper clean is to vacuum it and spot-treat stains. Use baking soda and water to treat odors and mild liquid detergent to remove stains. This will keep your topper smelling fresh and looking clean.


Properly storing your mattress topper will protect it from mold, mildew, and pesky bugs. You’ll want to make sure you roll your topper up to keep creases from ruining it. Keep in mind, if your topper is ripped or torn, you’ll probably need to replace it. Sleeping on worn-down toppers could hurt the quality of your sleep. So, it’s best to treat this item with care.

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