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What is a Euro Size Pillow: Understanding Bedding Dimensions

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  • A euro size pillow is commonly called a Euro pillow.
  • Euro-size pillows add decorative symmetry and are used for support.
  • The right Euro sham complements bedroom aesthetics and pillow functionality.
  • Euro pillows offer versatile use beyond just sleep, including comfort in various sitting arrangements.

A euro-size pillow, commonly called a Euro pillow, is a square-shaped addition to bedding that typically measures 26 inches by 26 inches. These pillows serve not just as decorative items but also function as support cushions. Unlike regular pillows with a rectangular shape, Euro pillows tend to be uniform, offering a symmetrical aesthetic appeal to a bed setup. They are usually filled to provide firmer support and are often utilized more upright for activities such as reading or breakfast in bed.

Incorporating Euro pillows into your bedroom can enhance the style and comfort level of your space. Euro shams, which are the decorative covers for Euro pillows, add texture and color to the bed. When choosing the right Euro pillow, considering the fill material, firmness, and sham design can drastically impact the overall look and functionality. As such, these pillows aren’t just for sleep; they can be strategically placed for back support on sofas or as floor cushions, showcasing their versatility.

Understanding Euro Size Pillows

Euro-size pillows are a distinct and versatile type of pillow that differs from standard varieties primarily in dimension and form. They serve both aesthetic and ergonomic purposes in home decor.

Dimensions and Shape

Euro pillows, commonly referred to as European pillows or euro sham pillows, are typically square and measure 26 x 26 inches. Their shape and size allow them to add depth and structure to bedding arrangements while offering ample space for back support or resting the head.

  • Common Dimensions:
    • Standard Euro Pillow – 26″ x 26″
    • Alternative Sizes – 24″ x 24″, 28″ x 28″

Materials and Fabric

The materials used in euro pillows vary widely, accounting for different preferences in texture and support. Typically, these pillows are filled with feathers, down, foam, or synthetic fibers. The exterior fabric of a euro pillow, also known as a euro sham, can range from cotton and linen to silk and velvet, allowing individuals to create a desired aesthetic and tactile experience in their living space.

  • Common Fabrics:
    • Cotton
    • Linen
    • Silk
    • Velvet
  • Fill Materials:
    • Feathers
    • Down
    • Foam
    • Synthetic Fibers

By understanding the specific dimensions, shapes, and material options for euro pillows, one can create and add a touch of European elegance to any bedroom or seating area.

The Role of Euro Shams in Bedding

Euro shams are a standout element in a bedding ensemble, providing aesthetic and functional benefits through their distinctive size and style.

Decorative Versus Functional

The decorative aspect of Euro shams is paramount; they are typically larger, square covers that house equally dimensioned pillows. These shams add a layer of sophistication and are often used to create a backdrop for smaller, rectangular pillows. Due to their size, typically a 26-inch square, can also serve as a comfortable backrest when reading or enjoying breakfast in bed.

Coordinating with Bedding Ensemble

Euro shams can greatly enhance the visual appeal of a bedding ensemble. They play a crucial role in tying together the design elements of a bedroom. Selecting Euro shams that complement the colors and patterns of the duvet cover, bedspread, or comforter can unify the bedding ensemble. Additionally, they introduce a tactile element with the possibility of different textures, from crisp cotton to luxurious velvet, thereby adding a unique style and touch to the bedding arrangement.

Choosing the Right Euro Pillow

When selecting the right Euro pillow, one must consider size compatibility with their bed and design elements that complement their personal style.

Comparing Sizes and Options

The standard Euro pillow size is a square measuring 26 inches by 26 inches. These pillows fit well on various beds, from a queen to a king size. For those with larger beds or seeking a luxury look, using multiple Euro pillows can create a plush, full appearance. In contrast, standard pillows typically measure 20 inches by 26 inches and may not achieve the same visual impact when paired with European shams.

Pillow TypeDimensions (inches)
Euro Pillow26 x 26
Standard Pillow20 x 26
King Pillow20 x 36

When considering options beyond the traditional square, some select a rectangular Euro pillow that measures 26 inches by 20 inches, an often overlooked choice that matches well with European and standard shams.

Selecting for Comfort and Style

Comfort is paramount, and Euro pillows should offer support whether sitting in bed or lying down. The pillow’s filling can dramatically influence comfort levels, ranging from soft down to firmer synthetic options. Style is equally important; one can choose a color or pattern that either contrasts with or complements one’s existing bedding. For a coordinated look, select Euro pillows that perfectly match the European shams, creating a sophisticated, cohesive aesthetic.

Luxury can be defined by both the quality of materials and the visual elegance of the arrangement. A plush, well-chosen Euro pillow can elevate the style of the room and offer an inviting appeal. Remember to consider both the pillow and the sham as a unified whole for the best result. One must consider the fabric and hue of their Euro pillows, ensuring they align with their décor preferences and personal taste. Whether opting for bold colors or more subdued options, these pillows are a chance to express individual style while maintaining comfort.

Euro Pillow Use Cases

Euro pillows serve distinct functions that enhance comfort and aesthetics within a home. They are as versatile as they are large, offering both practical comfort during activities such as reading or watching TV and elegant styling options for those wishing to add a finishing touch to their space.

Functional Use: Reading and Watching TV

Euro pillows are designed to add comfort and support for individuals engaging in activities like reading or watching TV in bed. They are typically larger than standard pillows, measuring 26 x 26 inches, which provides ample back and head support. Placing a Euro pillow behind your back can lessen strain while maintaining a comfortable posture. These pillows are substantial enough to prop up individuals as they immerse themselves in a good book or enjoy their favorite TV shows from the comfort of their beds.

Decorative Use: Styling Your Space

Beyond functionality, Euro pillows are a stylish accessory for any room. They often come with decorative shams that transform them into statement pieces for any bed or couch. For those wondering how to elevate the styling of their space, incorporating Euro pillows is a great way to add visual interest and a touch of elegance.

These pillows offer both a uniform look when arranged with shams of the same size and an opportunity for adding layers and texture when mixed with other pillow shapes and sizes. Whether one wants to adhere to a minimalist aesthetic or check off a bold design trend, Euro pillows can adapt to any home decor style.


What is a Euro Size Pillow

What is the main difference between a euro sham pillow and a standard sham?

The main differences between a euro sham pillow and a standard sham lie in their size and shape. A euro sham is typically a square cover, usually 26 x 26 inches, designed to fit a euro pillow.

In contrast, a standard sham is a rectangular cover, often measuring 20 x 26 inches, which fits a standard pillow. While euro shams are used more for decorative purposes and back support, standard shams are commonly used for regular pillows on a bed.

Can a euro pillow sham be used with king-size pillows?

A euro pillow sham is not typically used with king-size pillows due to differences in shape and size. King-size pillows are larger and rectangular, measuring 20 x 36 inches, while euro shams are square. However, euro pillows can complement king-size pillows on a larger bed, adding a decorative touch and additional support.

What are the same purposes served by both euro and standard sham pillows?

Although they differ in size and shape, euro sham pillows and standard sham pillows serve the same purpose: They provide decorative covers for pillows and enhance the overall aesthetic of the bed. They can also protect the pillows from dust and wear, extending their lifespan.

Are there different size options for euro pillow shams?

While the standard size for a euro pillow sham is 26 x 26 inches, alternative sizes are available, such as 24 x 24 inches or 28 x 28 inches. These variations cater to different preferences in pillow size and bed proportions, offering flexibility in bedding decor.

Can I use a euro sham pillow for practical purposes, or is it just decorative?

A euro sham pillow can be used for both practical and decorative purposes. Due to its firmness and large size, it provides excellent back support for activities like reading in bed. Decoratively, it adds a sophisticated and stylish element to bedroom decor, with the option to coordinate or contrast with existing bedding.


In conclusion, Euro-size pillows, with their distinctive square shape and 26 x 26 inches dimensions, offer both aesthetic appeal and functional support. By understanding their dimensions, materials, and the role of Euro shams, individuals can enhance the style and comfort of their bedding arrangements. Euro pillows are versatile additions to any bedroom or seating area, whether for decorative purposes or practical support during activities like reading or watching TV. With a range of options in size, fill material and fabric; Euro pillows allow for personalization while elevating the overall elegance of the space.

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