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Christine Lapp

Sleep Writer

Sleep Writer Christine Lapp


    Christine Lapp is a full-time graduate student and part-time freelancer for Sleep Junkie. Since she was a little girl on the soccer field, Christine has had a love for sports, and she believes everybody should get up and get moving once a day. 


    Christine incorporates her love for exercise into her studies, pursuing a degree in exercise physiology.  Once she finishes her degree, Christine hopes to continue deepening understanding of how to sleep better and how to live healthier lives. She plans to continue writing articles and better sleep guides to that end.

    Other Media Mentions

    Her work has been featured in BHG, Southern Living, Reader’s Digest, and ReleaseWire.


    Christine understands that what you do during your waking hours has a direct impact on your night’s sleep. In our better sleep guides, she offers advice for developing healthy daytime habits to nurture a more peaceful slumber.

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