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Throw Blanket Size: Everything You Need to Know

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  • Versatility of Throw Blankets: Throw blankets are versatile accessories that serve both functional and decorative purposes, adding warmth and personality to any room in your home.
  • Various Materials and Styles: Throw blankets come in a wide range of materials, including cotton, wool, velvet, and cashmere. Styles such as luxe, pintuck, shimmer, knit, faux fur, and more cater to different preferences and design aesthetics.
  • Throw Blanket Size Options: Standard, Queen, and King throw blanket sizes provide options for different needs and furniture sizes. Choosing the right size is crucial, considering factors such as personal height and furniture dimensions.
  • Creative Uses and Styling: Beyond providing warmth, throw blankets are used as decorative elements. They can be styled in various ways on beds and couches to achieve different looks, from casual chic to luxurious, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your living space.

Throw blankets are versatile and stylish accessories that add warmth and personality to any room. Whether you want to snuggle up with a cozy blanket or enhance your interior design, throw blankets are a must-have item for your home. But with so many different sizes and options available, it can be confusing to determine the right size throw blanket for your needs. This article will discuss everything you need to know about throw blanket sizes, materials, styles, and more. So, let’s dive in and find the perfect throw blanket for you.

What is a Throw Blanket?

A throw blanket is a smaller-sized blanket that serves both functional and decorative purposes. It is designed to keep you warm and add texture and color to your room’s interior. Unlike bed blankets, throw blankets do not need to be mattress-compatible, allowing for more flexibility in their size options. These versatile blankets can be used in various settings, including on sofas, beds, chairs, or even hung on the wall as a decorative item.

The Qualities of a Throw Blanket

When choosing a throw blanket, there are several qualities to consider, including the material and the intended function of the blanket.


Throw blankets are available in a wide range of materials, including cotton, wool, velvet, and cashmere. Cotton and wool are famous choices due to their breathability and warmth. You can opt for wool, velvet, or cashmere throw blankets for a more luxurious feel.


Throw blankets serve two primary purposes: style and comfort. They can be used as an accessory to your bed, adding a touch of color and design to your room. The variety of colors and patterns available makes throw blankets suitable for decorating any space. Additionally, they are spacious enough to keep one person warm and cozy.


One of the great advantages of throw blankets is their versatility. Unlike traditional blankets, throw blankets can be utilized anywhere in your home. Whether you want to drape them over your sofa, bed, or chair or use them as decorative wall hangings, throw blankets can add a stylish touch to any space.

Throw Blanket Size Chart

Throw blankets come in various sizes to suit different needs and preferences. While they are generally smaller than bed blankets, they still provide sufficient coverage and decoration. Here is a convenient throw blanket dimensions chart to help you determine the right size for your requirements:

SizeDimensions (in inches)
Standard Throw50 x 60
Queen Throw60 x 80
King Throw72 x 80

Standard Throw Blanket

A standard throw blanket is typically 50 x 60 inches in size. It is smaller than a bed blanket but still provides partial coverage and is decorative. If a throw blanket does not have specific size specifications, it is most likely a standard throw blanket.

Queen Size Throw Blanket

Queen throw blankets measure 60 x 80 inches. These blankets are larger and can provide full coverage for one person. They are also suitable for decoration, adding a style touch to your room.

King Size Throw Blanket

King-size throw blankets are the largest option, measuring 72 x 80 inches. These blankets can fully cover you and offer maximum comfort. A king-size throw blanket might be the perfect choice if you prefer a more oversized and cozy feel.

How to Choose the Right Size Throw Blanket

Choosing the right size throw blanket is essential to ensure both functionality and aesthetics. While it is rare to pick the wrong size, considering a few factors can help you make the best choice for your needs.

Your Height

The standard throw blanket size of 50 x 60 inches suits most people. However, if you are taller, you may prefer a larger throw blanket to ensure full coverage. Consider your height when selecting the size that will best suit your needs.

Size of Your Furniture

The size of your furniture can also influence the ideal throw blanket size. A smaller throw blanket, such as 36 x 50 inches, can look great and proportionate for smaller or petite furniture. On the other hand, if you have a larger bed, such as a California King, you may want to opt for a king-size throw blanket to ensure ample coverage.


The design of the throw blanket plays a significant role in its overall aesthetic appeal. Consider the style and design of your room when selecting a throw blanket. You can choose thicker and more dramatic blankets for larger rooms, while lighter and smaller throw blankets work well in smaller spaces. You can create a color palette for your room, choose a matching throw blanket, or add contrast with a bold statement piece.

Creative Uses of Throw Blankets

Throw blankets have two primary uses: keeping you warm and adding decorative flair to your space. Let’s explore these uses in more detail:

Keep You Warm

Like other blankets, throw blankets provide warmth and comfort. They are spacious enough to cover one person and are easy to carry around. Consider a woolen woven sheepskin throw blanket if you prefer a warmer option. Its natural insulation properties will keep you cozy during colder seasons.

Decoration Purposes

Throw blankets come in various designs, styles, and colors, making them perfect for adding a decorative touch to any room. You can drape them over your couch, bed, or any other furniture piece to enhance your space’s aesthetic appeal. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even hang them on your wall as a unique and eye-catching decoration.

Styling Ideas for Your Throw Blanket

Here are some creative ways to style your throw blanket:

  • Casual Chic Bed Look: Place the throw blanket diagonally on the corner of your bed in a messy, casual style. This effortless arrangement adds a relaxed and cozy feel to your bedroom.
  • Luxurious Bed Look: For a more luxurious look, drape the throw blanket horizontally on the foot of your bed. This creates an elegant and inviting atmosphere.
  • Casual Couch Look: To give your couch a casual and inviting vibe, place the throw blanket diagonally on one arm of the sofa and arrange cushions in the opposite corner. This asymmetrical arrangement adds visual interest and a cozy touch to your living room.
  • Luxurious Couch Look: For a more sophisticated look, evenly place the throw blanket on the back of your couch. This creates a polished and stylish appearance.

Types of Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are available in various materials and styles, catering to different preferences and design aesthetics. Here are some popular types of throw blankets:

Luxe Throw Blanket

Luxe throws are known for their luxurious feel and wide range of color options. They add sophistication and elegance to any room, making them a stylish choice for both functionality and decor.

Pintuck Throw Blanket

Pintuck throws feature a diamond-like design created by multiple pintucks on the fabric. These visually appealing blankets go well with a monochromatic color scheme and add texture and depth to your space.

Shimmer Throw Blanket

Shimmer throws are perfect for adding an elegant touch to your room. These blankets have a glittery finish that catches the light and adds a subtle shimmer to your decor.

Knit Throw Blanket

Knit throw blankets are heavyweight and designed to provide extra warmth during winter. They also add texture and coziness to your room, making them a perfect choice for colder seasons.

Faux Fur Throw Blanket

Faux fur throws are not only stylish but also incredibly soft and warm. They add a touch of luxury to your space and can be draped over the corner of your bed or couch for a chic and cozy look.

Velvet Throw Blanket

Velvet throws bring a classy and sophisticated look to any room. The soft and plush texture of velvet adds a touch of luxury, making it the best choice for both comfort and style.

Embellished Throw Blanket

Embellished throws feature intricate designs and decorative elements, adding a traditional and aesthetic touch to your space. You can even personalize them by engraving your name or initials on the blanket.

Recycled Fabric Throw Blanket

If sustainability is important to you, consider a recycled fabric throw blanket. These eco-friendly blankets are made from recycled materials, such as plastic waste, and often feature playful accents and designs.

Chenille Throw Blanket

Chenille throws have a unique texture that resembles a caterpillar’s fur. These blankets are made from cotton, rayon, or acrylic fabrics and come in various designs and patterns. Chenille throws are easy to dye, making them perfect for adding a pop of color to your room.

Fringe Throw Blanket

Fringe blankets feature tassels on their borders, giving them a bohemian and playful touch. These blankets add texture and movement to your space, making them a great choice for adding a relaxed and carefree vibe.

Down Throw Blanket

Down throws are warm and fluffy blankets filled with duck or goose feathers. They provide excellent insulation and keep you cozy during the colder months.

Fleece Throw Blanket

If you’re allergic to wool or prefer a lightweight option, fleece throw blankets are an excellent choice. They are affordable, easy to maintain, and provide warmth and comfort without the use of animal fibers.

Wool Throw Blanket

Wool throw blankets are known for their exceptional heat insulation and moisture-wicking properties. They are fireproof and provide excellent warmth, making them a practical choice for colder seasons.


What’s the best way to style a throw blanket on a bed?

For a decorative touch in your bedroom, opt for a throw blanket in a contrasting color or distinct texture compared to your other bedding. Drape it straight across the foot of the bed or diagonally across one of the bottom corners to achieve a relaxed, lived-in appearance.

What’s the best way to style a throw blanket on a couch?

Draping a throw blanket on your couch creates an inviting and dynamic appeal. For a symmetrical style, fold it lengthwise and smoothly drape the blanket across the back of the couch. If you prefer a more laid-back look, place the throw diagonally across the end of the couch, covering the arm and seat.

Are there oversized throw blankets available?

Yes, oversized throw blankets are available in sizes such as 80×90 inches or 90×100 inches. These extra-large blankets can fit a full or queen bed and are also suitable for larger sectional or L-shaped couches. They can even serve as couch covers for pets.

Can I use an old blanket as a throw?

While repurposing an old bedroom blanket as a throw might be tempting, it’s important to ensure that it’s in good condition, especially since it will be on display in a prominent part of your home. Choosing a dedicated throw blanket ensures that it is in pristine condition and complements your living room decor seamlessly.

Throws in Luxurious Materials and Elegant Styles

Whether you lean towards vibrant and lively patterns or prefer simple solids, Parachute offers an extensive range of stylish throws suitable for every home and any season. From textured cotton knit throws to wonderfully warm Alpaca throws perfect for snug winter evenings on the couch, Parachute’s throw blanket collection brings sophistication and flair to your favorite room.

In conclusion, a throw blanket functions as a flexible and comfortable home accessory, offering not only warmth but also elevating the aesthetic appeal of your living area. With a diverse range of sizes and styles available, discovering the perfect throw blanket to suit your distinct preferences and requirements is simple. So, why not introduce a blend of comfort and style to your home with a beautiful throw blanket today?

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