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How Much Does a Bed Frame Cost?

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  • Material Matters: Bed frames come in various materials, impacting both cost and aesthetics. Wooden frames, known for durability and elegance, range from $200 to $1,000. Metal frames, a budget-friendly option, cost between $100 and $400. Upholstered frames, offering style and comfort, range from $200 to $1,000.
  • Size and Cost: Bed frame prices also vary by size. Twin frames, ideal for smaller spaces, start at $70. Queen frames, popular for couples, range from $120 to $200. King frames, offering generous space, can cost between $150 and $300.
  • Quality Investment: Quality influences cost, with low-quality frames starting at $50, medium-quality between $500 and $1,000, and high-quality options exceeding $1,000. Investing in a high-quality frame ensures long-term comfort and durability.

A good mattress is just the beginning when creating a sanctuary for restful sleep. The right bed frame provides support, structure, and comfort. But how much does a bed frame cost? The answer depends on various factors, such as the frame’s material, size, and quality. In this article, we’ll explore the average cost of bed frames based on these factors and help you choose the perfect foundation for your mattress.

Average Bed Frame Cost by Material

Bed frames are made from various materials with unique characteristics and price ranges. The most popular materials for bed frames include wood, metal, and upholstery. Look at the average cost of bed frames made from these materials.


Wooden bed frames have been a classic choice for centuries, offering durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. They come in various shapes, styles, and wood types, including mahogany, oak, and cedar. The high-quality craftsmanship and longevity of wood bed frames make them a more expensive option, with prices ranging from around $200 to $1,000. However, the investment is often worth it for those seeking a timeless and elegant bed frame.


While relatively newer than wooden frames, metal bed frames have gained popularity for their lightweight construction and affordability. Metal frames are easy to clean, resistant to rot and termites, and often come with adjustable features for added comfort. The average cost of a metal bed frame ranges between $100 and $400, making it a budget-friendly option without compromising quality.


Upholstered bed frames are the best choice for those looking for a bed frame that combines style and comfort. These frames feature a wooden construction covered in soft fabrics such as cotton, polyester, suede, faux leather, or velvet. Upholstered bed frames offer a cozy and luxurious feel, with prices ranging from $200 to $1,000. The extra comfort provided by the padded headboards and the variety of fabric options make them a popular choice for those looking for a touch of elegance in their bedroom.

Average Bed Frame Cost by Size

The size of the bed frame also plays a significant role in determining its cost. Generally, larger bed frames are more expensive, although the material can also impact the price. Let’s explore the average cost of bed frames based on different sizes.


Twin-size bed frames, the smallest option available, usually start at around $70 and can go up to $150. While these frames are more affordable, they are perfect for children’s bedrooms or smaller spaces.


Queen-size bed frames, known for their versatility and comfort, typically range from $120 to $200 and beyond. These frames are the most popular choice for couples or people who prefer extra sleeping space.


King-size bed frames offer the most generous sleeping space and are often preferred by those who value ample room for movement. The average cost of a king-size bed frame can start between $150 and $300, with some high-end options reaching up to $1,200.

Average Bed Frame Cost by Quality

The quality of materials used in a bed frame significantly influences its overall cost. Let’s explore the different price ranges based on the quality of bed frames.


Low-quality bed frames are usually the most affordable option, ranging from $50 to $300. While these frames may be budget-friendly, they may not offer the same durability and longevity as higher-quality options.


Medium-quality bed frames vary in price depending on the materials used. For example, a medium-quality steel frame may have a different price range than a medium-quality velvet upholstered frame. On average, medium-quality frames can cost between $500 and $1,000, balancing affordability and durability.


High-quality bed frames from premium materials command higher prices but often provide superior durability and aesthetic appeal. For instance, a high-quality wood bed frame made from luxurious cherry wood can cost upwards of $1,000. Investing in a high-quality frame ensures long-term comfort and support for years to come.

Adjustable Bed Frames

The adjustable bed frames are a game-changer for those seeking personalized comfort. With features like head and foot tilt adjustment, you can find the best position for reading, watching TV, or sleeping. These frames are designed to support various mattress sizes and offer enhanced functionality for a truly customized sleep experience.

Wooden Bed Frames

The wooden bed frames combine classic design with modern craftsmanship. It is made from high-quality wood; these frames are built to last and add a touch of elegance to any bedroom. With various styles and finishes, you can find the perfect wooden bed frame to complement your style.

Upholstered Bed Frames

For ultimate comfort and style, upholstered bed frames are an excellent choice. It features premium textiles and foam padding; these frames provide a cozy and luxurious feel. With a diverse selection of fabric choices, you can personalize your bed frame to complement your bedroom decor and establish a genuinely inviting sleep haven.


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What factors contribute to the variation in Bed Frame Cost?

Bed Frame Cost can vary based on several factors, including the bed frame size (complete, queen, California king), the material used, and additional features such as storage space or a headboard. Generally, larger bed frames are more expensive due to the increased materials required.

Are bed frames with storage space more expensive than those without?

Yes, bed frames with built-in storage space often come at a higher cost than basic models. The added convenience of having extra storage can contribute to the overall price. If you’re looking to maximize storage while keeping costs down, consider the balance between functionality and your budget.

Is there a significant price difference between bed frames for different mattress sizes like full, queen, or California king?

Yes, the size of the bed frame plays a crucial role in determining the cost. Generally, larger bed frames for sizes like California King will be more expensive than their smaller counterparts, like whole or queen. When budgeting for a bed frame, consider the dimensions of your mattress to estimate the overall cost.

Are bed frames easy to assemble, or should I expect additional costs for professional assembly?

Many bed frames are designed for easy assembly, and manufacturers often provide clear instructions. While some may opt for professional assembly services, these come with additional costs. Choosing a bed frame with a reputation for easy DIY assembly can help you save on extra expenses.

Do bed frames with a headboard cost more than those without?

Yes, bed frames that include a headboard are typically more expensive than those without this additional feature. The headboard’s style, material, and design can further impact the cost. Consider your needs, preferences, and budget when deciding whether a headboard is necessary for your bed frame purchase.


In conclusion, the cost of a bed frame depends on factors such as the material, size, and quality. Wood frames offer timeless elegance but come at a higher price range, while metal frames provide affordability and ease of maintenance. Upholstered frames combine style and comfort, making them a popular choice. By considering these factors and exploring options from trusted brands, you can find the perfect bed frame to create the foundation for a restful and rejuvenating sleep experience.

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