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Our Editorial Process

We started Sleep Junkie with a mission to deliver the best sleep tips and product recommendations to our readers. Too many of us struggle to get a good night’s sleep, or we suffer with an uncomfortable mattress for longer than we should because the process of upgrading to a new bed is challenging and confusing. But we believe quality sleep should be simple and accessible.

Good, healthy sleep needs to be something everybody prioritizes, and our goal at Sleep Junkie is to make achieving those deep Zzz’s straightforward and easy. We do that with careful research and meticulous drafting.

Who We Are

Our team consists of staff writers working alongside talented freelancers. Each and every member of the Sleep Junkie Editorial team has a deep curiosity about the science of sleep and the impact of sleep on our overall well-being—it’s what motivates us to do in-depth reading and research to improve not only our reader’s sleep, but our own, as well.

And while we enjoy our days taking deep dives into medical journals and conducting expert interviews, we’re also no strangers to experimenting with the latest sleep gadgets. This way, we can actually recommend the best sleep products to combat aches, pains, night sweats, and other sleep troubles.

Our Research Methods

We’re committed to providing the most accurate and up-to-date information to our readers, which is why we only cite and reference the most current sleep research, conducted and written by credentialed professionals in the sleep industry. In addition to peer-reviewed studies, medical journals, and academic findings, we also sit down with sleep experts to interview them about different trends they’re seeing firsthand. These insights allow us to provide new, fresh takes on an even wider variety of sleep topics.

At the start of our research process, we turn to scholarly articles, medical and academic institutes, and government-funded agencies to source credible information. We also verify the research we cite is current so we avoid referencing outdated findings. To fill in any informational gaps, we turn to other reputable health resources including seasoned journalists, credentialed health professionals, and our own proprietary list of verified sources.

Once we compile everything we need to kick off drafting, we outline each post in a manner that ensures our articles are comprehensive and well-organized.

Our Expert Review Board

Of course, the research doesn’t stop after we hit “publish”. Since we spend so much time reading about sleep, it’s not uncommon for us to stumble upon new findings for topics we’ve already covered. Whenever there’s original information to add or a credible claim that contradicts earlier conclusions, we investigate further and then update our previous articles accordingly. To complement our in-house editorial process, we also lean on our Expert Review Board.

Our Expert Reviewers include specialists in integrative biology and disease, behavioral sleep medicine, sleep disorder treatment, integrative nutrition, oncology, and psychology. We leverage their professional expertise to conduct an even more comprehensive round of review and editing for our articles. This enhances our factual findings, minimizes the risk of ambiguity or inaccuracies, and allows us to be even more thorough in our conclusions.

To read more about our Expert Review Board and the professionals we partner with, see our Expert Review Page.

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