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What Has Happened to SleepZoo?

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SleepZoo is a well-known and respected mattress review website that has recently entered a period of dormancy. The website was a reviewer of popular mattress brands, striving to give readers the tools they needed to make informed buying decisions. 

However, product reviews weren’t the only items of note on the SleepZoo. The blog would also regularly publish articles about improving sleep health to help readers get a better night’s rest and make the most of the best mattresses available.

Lately, the website has gone without updates, and some mattress reviews are unavailable for viewing. As a result, long-time readers may find themselves asking what happened to SleepZoo. That is the mystery we aim to uncover.

What is SleepZoo?

SleepZoo is a third-party website focused on reviewing mattresses and bedding accessories, along with presenting other sleep-related content. A team of experts works together to produce accurate, engaging articles for readers to enjoy. 

SleepZoo posted articles about:

  • Mattresses
  • Pillows
  • Bed frames
  • Bedding accessories
  • General sleep tips
  • Sleep studies

The writing team also consulted sleep professionals and other medical experts for their articles to ensure the information they were giving readers was factual and up-to-date. SleepZoo would also link to relevant articles and studies from universities and highly-regarded medical pioneers.

Aside from the site itself, SleepZoo also worked to establish a connection with its readers through various social media accounts, posting to Facebook and Twitter.

Who Founded SleepZoo?

SleepZoo was founded by Chris B, a contributor to publications such as Fortune, USA Today, The Houston Chronicle, Life Hack, Motherboard (Vice), Thrive Global, and many more. He is also a certified sleep coach and drew upon his knowledge when establishing SleepZoo in 2016.

So What’s Happened to SleepZoo?

Frequent visitors to the SleepZoo blog may have noticed changes in the site’s activity. There haven’t been any new posts made in a while, and some of the site’s content has been rendered inaccessible. Their social media accounts have also been untouched for some time, leaving the site’s usual sleep enthusiasts without a prominent place to turn.

SleepZoo seems to be going through a period of being refurbished under new management. We expect that SleepZoo will return soon, more polished than ever with revised mattress reviews and other sleep-related content.

Where Else Can I Read about Sleep?

If you used to rely on SleepZoo for all of your sleep tips and product reviews, you might be wondering where you can turn to now. Here at SleepJunkie, we’re dedicated to informing readers about the ins and outs of sleep and sleep-related products.

Some of our popular sections include:

Understanding Sleep Without SleepZoo

While we expect SleepZoo will eventually post content again in the future, it’s important to know where else you can turn for sleeping advice and mattress recommendations. Our website has a long-standing reputation as a sleep authority. With dozens of articles covering a wide range of sleep-related topics, there’s plenty of interesting formation and helpful advice to consider.

Dorothy Chambers is our in-house sleep expert and a firm believer in the benefits of a daytime nap. With a background in psychology, Dorothy is fully aware of the impact sleep has on our brain, mood, and overall well being. In an effort to help readers lead happier, more productive, and healthier lives, Dorothy spends her time researching the best sleep habits to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling rested.

Dorothy Chambers spent years studying clinical psychology before joining us to promote a deeper understanding of sleep, along with some cursory research into biology and physiology. She’s particularly interested in the effects that different sleep positions have on the body.

Dorothy wakes up at 7 a.m. every day after a full night’s rest to better tackle a full day of work. After a session of morning exercise, she catches up on the latest sleep news and research before writing. Dorothy Chambers has written dozens of articles in her tenure with Sleep Junkie.

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