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What Happened to RailroaderSleep?

After operating for about nine years, the original domain for RailroaderSleep went offline permanently in 2024. You can still find all of their original information at their new location on the DOT website here.

SleepJunkie was not affiliated with RailroaderSleep when it was in operation. However, we have independently acquired the domain and are striving to give its unique and informative content a new home.

What Was RailroaderSleep?

RailroaderSleep, shortened from its full name of Railroaders’ Guide to Healthy Sleep, was first launched on June 11, 2012. This educational initiative resulted from a collaboration between the Harvard Medical School Division of Sleep Medicine and the U.S. Department of Transportation Volpe Center in Cambridge. RailroaderSleep was also sponsored by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and the U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT).

Railroad workers often work unpredictable and unusual hours, and this can easily affect how much they’re sleeping at night. So the goal of RailroaderSleep was to improve safety on and off the railroad and to help workers maintain good health.

The website’s three main sections were:

  • “Explore Sleep,” a section dedicated to explaining how sleep and the internal body clock works.
  • “Improve Sleep,” a hub for readers who want to browse tips about achieving better sleep and understand potential sleep disorders and other illnesses.
  • “Balance Work & Life,” a section with tips for railroad workers and their loved ones about how to better manage their time and priorities.

Where Else Can I Read About Sleep Health?

Here at SleepJunkie, one of our top priorities is creating informational, accurate, and relevant articles on various health-related topics. We also have a panel of experts to review our content, ensuring that what we report is in line with current medical literature.

Are you interested in how you can improve your sleep with a few lifestyle changes? Our sleep tips section organizes our tips by topics, letting sleepers browse according to their needs. Popular guides include:

Understanding how to choose the right mattress is a vital part of sleeping well at night. An uncomfortable or aged mattress won’t support your body or relieve pressure. Sleepers with certain health conditions may need to search for a particular kind of mattress, so we’ve written numerous guides to streamline the shopping process:

We have also written buyer’s guides on different mattress sales to help shoppers find the mattress they want at a price that they’ll love. Shoppers often gravitate towards the Black Friday mattress sales, but there are a handful of other sales that happen throughout the year. These sales often feature deep discounts similar to what you would find during Black Friday.

RailroaderSleep.org also had a section where readers could answer a series of questions to gauge whether or not they had a sleep disorder. No online questionnaire can ever replace a sleep specialist’s informed diagnosis, but there are other trustworthy websites that offer similar services. For example, the Harvard Health blog has a few resources for self-evaluation:

Again, we always recommend speaking with your doctor to receive an official diagnosis for any potential sleep disorders.

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