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What Happened to MakingHealthEasier?

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MakingHealthEasier.org was a resource for parents and families to learn more about how they could help their children lead happier, healthier lives. While it was online and active for a few years, the website is now permanently down.

While sleepjunkie.com was not affiliated with MakingHealthEasier, we are working to repurpose and reupload their original health-focused content so that it can continue to help individuals lead better lives.

What Was MakingHealthEasier?

MakingHealthEasier was a website dedicated to better health within communities. To achieve that end, the site offered different statistics and tips for families, curated to help children grow up strong and healthy. 

Topics the website discussed included: 

  • Benefits of physical activity
  • Healthier food options
  • Where to buy healthier foods

How Can I Learn More About Health and Sleep?

When it comes to knowledgeable sources about general health, it’s difficult to beat a website that MakingHealthEasier frequently relied upon. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers plenty of online resources on a wide range of topics. For example, they have an adult BMI calculator and a BMI calculator for children to calculate healthy weights.

Our writing team at sleepjunkie.com is also dedicated to providing well-researched articles with relevant health topics. For example, our 70 sleep statistics guide is a good run-down of common sleep problems and related issues. Other notable articles include:

Our carefully complied sleep tips section also offers numerous guides to tackle specific issues:

Sleepjunkie.com also offers trustworthy reviews for products and guides on smart shopping. Some of our most viewed mattress and bedding guides include:

Though MakingHealthEasier is permanently offline, their efforts were not in vain. We have strived to bring back much of MakingHealthEasier’s resources and collected survey data with new infographics. These include:

Dorothy Chambers is our in-house sleep expert and a firm believer in the benefits of a daytime nap. With a background in psychology, Dorothy is fully aware of the impact sleep has on our brain, mood, and overall well-being. In an effort to help readers lead happier, more productive, and healthier lives, Dorothy spends her time researching the best sleep habits to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling rested.

Dorothy Chambers spent years studying clinical psychology before joining us to promote a deeper understanding of sleep, along with some cursory research into biology and physiology. She’s particularly interested in the effects that different sleep positions have on the body. Later on in her career, she plans on pursuing a doctorate degree in behavioral sleep medicine.

Dorothy wakes up at 7 a.m. every day after a full night’s rest to better tackle a full day of work. After a session of morning exercise, she catches up on the latest sleep news and research before writing. She’s a fan of watching academic lectures, listening to scientific podcasts, and testing new sleep theories firsthand. Dorothy Chambers has written dozens of articles in her tenure with Sleep Junkie.

Her work has been featured on Home & Gardens, House Beautiful, Real Simple, Apartment Therapy, CNBC, Bustle, Yahoo! Finance, Fox 17, and even AARP.org.

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