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Dr. Jordan Burns, DC, MS

Sleep Positions & Back Pain

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Dr. Burns is an established authority in sleep health, combining over a decade of hands-on experience in chiropractic care with a deeply rooted knowledge of sleep science. A holder of degrees in Kinesiology, Life Sciences, Sports Science and Rehabilitation, and Chiropractic, his interdisciplinary background uniquely positions him at the intersection of wellness, ergonomics, and sleep optimization. 

Throughout his nearly ten years in private practice, Dr. Burns has honed a holistic approach to patient care, always factoring in the crucial role of sleep in overall well-being. His deep understanding of sleep ergonomics comes from years of studying sleep patterns, identifying their impact on physical health, and implementing interventions to improve sleep quality and posture. 

This knowledge, coupled with his chiropractic experience, extends into Dr. Burns’s work as a trusted reviewer of sleep products. His hands-on approach enables him to offer practical, science-backed recommendations for mattresses, pillows, and other sleep aids that prioritize comfort, spinal alignment, and better sleep hygiene. 

Dr. Burns’s work in sleep product reviews is widely recognized for its reliability and credibility. His invaluable insights stem from his unique blend of professional practice, scientific understanding of sleep ergonomics, and firsthand experience with a broad range of sleep products. 

To keep himself updated with the latest research and innovations, Dr. Burns is a regular attendee at sleep health and chiropractic seminars and conferences. His commitment to continuous learning underlines his dedication to his patients’ wellness and his passion for promoting better sleep habits.

In every aspect of his work, Dr. Burns embodies a trustworthy, knowledgeable voice in the sleep wellness field. His expertise is not just about providing care or recommending products; it’s about guiding you towards a better understanding of sleep’s role in your health and helping you achieve optimal sleep and overall wellness.


Meet Dr. Burns, a devoted chiropractor with an extensive seven-year professional career dedicated to optimizing patient health. Dr. Burns is a significant contributor to the body of knowledge in his field, with participation in multiple books. His works include “Chiropractic Spotlights: Conversations with America’s Leading Chiropractors,” “11 Holistic Health Hacks,” and “Mind Medicine For Pain Relief Stress and Anxiety,” exemplifying his commitment to spreading valuable insights on health and wellness.


With an academic background in Kinesiology, Life Sciences, and Sports Science and Rehabilitation, Dr. Burns is committed to applying his multi-disciplinary knowledge to the realm of sleep wellness. He holds a Doctorate in Chiropractic and has tirelessly applied his insights to further the understanding of sleep, health, and well-being.

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