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Brian W. Wu, MD, PhD

Integrative Biology and Disease

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Dr. Brian Wu earned his MD and Ph.D from the Keck School of Medicine (University of Southern California). His Ph.D. is in integrative biology and disease for his research in exercise physiology and rehabilitation. He is currently a psychiatrist in his residency at LAC USC.


In his studies, Dr. Brian Wu has remained focused on providing holistic care to his patients. Aside from his medical aspirations, Dr. Brian Wu is also a freelance writer, a blogger, and the founder of the company Health Stories for Kids.


Dr. Brian Wu first graduated from the University of Maryland in 2008 with a Bachelor of Sciences degree in physiology and neurobiology. He would later earn a MD/PhD in sports medicine, exercise physiology, and rehabilitation from the Keck School of Medicine at USC in 2017, and later a Master of Science degree in narrative medicine in 2024 from the same school.

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