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Best Tencel Sheets (2024): Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Tencel Sheets (2024): Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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Tencel was first developed back in 1972, and today it is one of the most popular fabrics in the bedding industry. Tencel mimics the feel of silk, but it’s much more affordable. It is perfect for those with allergies or sensitive skin.

Tencel is also cooler than cotton or bamboo sheets. The fabric feels thinner but is more durable than other bedding materials, and it’s able to resist shrinking and fading even with regular use. In our article, we review some of the best Tencel sheets in the bedding industry, and discuss the many benefits of this versatile material.

Best Tencel Sheets

Zoma Tencel SheetsZoma Tencel SheetsLightweight, elegantly smooth, and hypoallergenic
Amerisleep Tencel SheetsAmerisleep Tencel SheetsSoftest sheet set that won’t cause overheating
Royal Hotel AbripedicRoyal Hotel AbripedicBed sheets get softer after every wash
Stone & BeamStone & BeamWrinkle-resistant material for a smooth, clean-cut look
LinenwalasLinenwalasDurable fabric with rip-resistant elastic
Sheets & GigglesSheets & GigglesBreathable sheets, cool to the touch
PureCare Elements Tencel SheetsPureCare Elements Tencel SheetsSmooth sheets promote better breathability for a cooler sleep

1. Zoma Tencel Sheets

Zoma Tencel Sheets One of our favorite sleep brands, Zoma, debuted their Tencel Sheet set not too long ago; just like their mattresses, Zoma’s Tencel Sheets are seriously sleep-promoting.

We like the Zoma Sleep brand because they design their products not just for comfort, but for improved recovery, so they can actually help you sleep deeper and wake up feeling more rested. Tencel is breathable, moisture-wicking, and soft-to-the-touch, so they’re perfect for any sleeper (but especially those with night sweats).

If you suffer from allergies or have sensitive skin, you’ll like Zoma’s Tencel Sheets, too, because they’re hypoallergenic and smooth. The most convenient thing about Zoma’s sheets, though, is that they can be machine washed and dried for easy maintenance.

Zoma sells their sheet sets online only, but they come with free shipping and a 1-year warranty. Every sheet set contains a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and pillowcase cover(s).

Zoma Tencel Sheets Highlights

  • Machine washable
  • Perfect for hot sleepers and allergy-sufferers
  • Come with a 1-year warranty

2. Amerisleep Tencel Sheets

Amerisleep Tencel SheetsOne of the best Tencel sheet sets comes from Amerisleep. Their luxury Tencel linen sheets surround you with soft, breathable comfort. You can rest easy wrapped up in Amerisleep Tencel sheets without feeling hot.

The Tencel in Amerisleep’s sheets is also manufactured sustainably, making this sheet set better for the planet. Amerisleep Tencel Sheets are made from the raw wood pulp of Eucalyptus trees. The wood pulp is mixed with a solvent before the mixture is pushed through a spinneret to form threads. These threads are woven together to create silky sheets you’ll love curling up in.

Unlike cotton sheets, the plush feel of Amerisleep Tencel sheets won’t irritate sensitive skin or rustle noisily. Plus, the Smarty-BandZz® technology ensures the sheets won’t bunch up while you sleep, even when your mattress is on an adjustable base. The Amerisleep Tencel Sheet Set includes a fitted sheet, an oversized flat sheet, and two pillowcases (one pillowcase for twin and twin XL sizes), and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Amerisleep Tencel Sheets Highlights

  • Sustainably-manufactured Tencel
  • Breathable sheets with a luxurious feel
  • Smarty-BandZz® prevents the fitted sheet from bunching up

3. Royal Hotel Abripedic Tencel Sheets

Royal Hotel Abripedic Tencel SheetsYou’ll like the Royal Hotel ABRIPEDIC Tencel Lyocell Sheet Set. The soft fabric is made of eucalyptus, a type of tree that grows quickly without ruining the soil. The lightweight, woven material keeps you cool during the summer and warm in the winter.

Something you may like is that the Royal Hotel ABRIPEDIC sheets get softer after every wash. Other materials may feel coarser and lose their softness over time, but not this sheet set.

The Royal Hotel ABRIPEDIC Tencel Sheets come in a variety of colors—gray, iris, ivory, sage, sea, taupe, teal, and white. Even though each sheet set comes with two pillowcases, you can also add more pillowcases, in sets of two, for an additional cost.

Royal Hotel Abripedic Tencel Sheets Highlights

  • Ultra-smooth feel won’t irritate sensitive skin
  • Sheets feel softer after every wash
  • Lightweight fabric perfect for year-round use

4. Stone & Beam Tencel Sheets

Stone & Beam Tencel SheetsIf you’re a hot sleeper, you’ll love the Stone & Beam Tencel Sheets. The moisture-wicking material is more absorbent than cotton, so you can sleep without waking up hot. Plus, the fabric enables better airflow, so you’re less likely to experience night sweats.

The Stone & Beam Tencel sheets are not only soft and silky, but they’re wrinkle-resistant too. When you pull them out of the dryer and lay them on your mattress, the sheets lie flat without any wrinkles. You can enjoy a neat appearance without bringing out the ironing board.

The Stone & Beam Tencel Sheet Set can fit mattresses up to 17 inches thick. You can also purchase extra pillowcase sets in standard and king sizes.

Stone & Beam Tencel Sheets Highlights

  • Wrinkle-resistant sheets
  • Deep pockets fit 17-inch thick mattresses
  • The silky soft fabric feels cool to the touch

5. Linenwalas Tencel Sheets

Linenwalas Tencel Sheets

The Linenwalas Tencel Sheet Set is another excellent choice. Even though these sheets are thinner than cotton, the material regulates body temperature by wicking away moisture. You feel nice and cool, even during those warm summer nights. The Linenwalas Tencel Sheets also keep you warm and cozy during the winter.

The Linenwalas Sheets are also quite durable. They have a stylish hem across the border, and the fitted sheet is stitched with rip-resistant elastic. The fitted sheet stays in place and snugly fits mattresses up to 16 inches thick. Plus, the premium dyed material won’t fade over time, so you can fully enjoy one of seven bright-toned colors.

Linenwalas Tencel Sheets Highlights

  • Durable sheets maintain their original shape
  • The soft material wicks away moisture to prevent sweaty sleep
  • Rip-resistant elastic

6. Sheets & Giggles Eucalyptus Lyocell Sheets

Sheets & Giggles Eucalyptus Lyocell Sheets

For the eco-conscious customer, the Eucalyptus Lyocell Sheet Set by Sheets & Giggles is an excellent choice. These sheets are made with less water and less energy compared to other bedding brands. Also, the manufacturer uses zero pesticides, so you don’t have to worry about any lingering chemicals.

You’ll love how soft and crisp the Sheets & Giggles Tencel Sheets feel. The soft material keeps you warm and cozy without overheating. The 400 thread count encourages airflow and wicks away moisture.

With every order, Sheets & Giggles plants a tree in an area suffering from deforestation in the United States. The company only uses eucalyptus trees from their own sustainable farms in India and Bahrain. Plus, Sheets & Giggles will give you 10 percent off your next order when you donate gently used sheets to a local charity.

Sheets & Giggles Eucalyptus Lyocell Sheets Highlights

  • Soft sheets encourage deep comfortable sleep
  • Moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and dry
  • Eco-conscious company plants trees with every order

7. PureCare Elements Tencel Sheets

PureCare Elements Tencel Sheets

The PureCare Elements Tencel Sheet Set is more expensive than other options we review, but the cost may be worth it. These sheets have a soft feel and are cool to the touch. The soft linen sheets won’t irritate sensitive skin. The sheets are treated with a unique antimicrobial silver chloride protection, preventing bacteria, mold, and mildew growth. These germs could otherwise cause a bad odor and deteriorate the fabric.

The PureCare Elements Sheets comes with one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. The flat sheet has four inches more width to ensure the mattress is completely covered. The fitted sheet has a special 1-inch thick elastic band to secure the sheet over the mattress. The pillowcases have an envelope structure—the pillow is fully enclosed to protect it from stains and hide the pillow’s care tags from view.

PureCare Elements Tencel Sheets Highlights

  • Elastic band better secures the fitted sheet
  • Special treatment prevents bacterial growth
  • Oversized top sheet better covers the bed

How to Find the Best Tencel Sheets

Before purchasing just any Tencel sheet set, consider the thread count, weave, size, price, and check out the return policy and warranty. Without doing enough research, you may end up with a low-quality sheet set that lasts for only a few years.


There are two common types of weaves: percale and sateen. Percale weave uses thinners threads that are woven tightly together, creating a crisp material. Percale sheets don’t have the glossy sheen of sateen, but they’re more lightweight, perfect for all-season use.

Percale weave is more common in cotton than Tencel. The sateen weave is more common in Tencel sheets. The sateen weave uses thicker threads and produces a denser and smoother fabric, perfect for cold weather. Sateen is also found in silk, adding to the material’s natural shine.

Thread Count

Many manufacturers claim high thread counts to give the appearance of luxury, but the truth is thread counts higher than 600 should be avoided. Here’s why.

Thread count refers to how many threads can be woven into one square inch of fabric. It’s impossible to fit more than 800 threads inside this small square. Typically, manufacturers use single-ply Tencel fibers and weave them together. However, some manufacturers separate single-ply Tencel fibers and twist them together, counting them as separate fibers, easily turning a 500 thread count into 1,000.

These separated Tencel fibers are weaker and not as strong compared to single-ply fibers. The material can have a shorter lifespan than what you expected. Instead, choose Tencel sheets with a thread count between 300 and 500. The fabric lasts longer and breathes better.


Bedding manufacturers create sheet sets to correspond with standard mattress sizing. Tencel sheets are available in a variety of sizes, including twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king. Some companies even sell Tencel sheets in split queen and split king sizes. Finding the right size shouldn’t be a problem. However, it’s not necessarily the mattress size you need to worry about; it’s the mattress thickness.

Most sheet sets come with one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and one to two pillowcases, depending on the bed size. The fitted sheet is what you want to pay attention to. Fitted sheets have a pocket that accommodates mattress thickness. The mattress thickness determines the right size.

For example, if you have a 12-inch mattress, your fitted sheet’s pocket size should be at least 12 inches thick. Also, take into consideration mattress toppers or pads. You want to be able to fit a fitted sheet comfortably over your mattress. If you have a 2-inch mattress topper on top of a 12-inch mattress, you’ll need a 14-inch thick fitted sheet.


Tencel has a higher price tag than other bedding materials, but that’s because it contains natural materials and follows a special process to keep the fabric eco-friendly and biodegradable. Plus, Tencel sheets feel silky smooth right out of the packaging and won’t irritate your skin. You can fully enjoy Tencel’s soft texture without waiting for the fabric to soften in the wash.

Best Tencel Sheets

You can expect to pay $70 to $200 for a high-quality, queen size Tencel sheet set.

Return Policy and Warranty

Before making a decision, check out the return policy and warranty. These policies enable you to try out a sheet set, and if you don’t like it or if you notice manufacturing defects, you can return the product for a refund.

Tencel sheets can be expensive, and you want to protect your investment. Reading the fine print for the return policy and warranty can give you an idea of what to expect from the manufacturer, and what the manufacturer expects from you.

Why Choose Tencel?

Tencel is actually a name brand owned by an Austrian company called Lenzing AG. Tencel is a sustainable material that is good for the environment and regulates body temperature better than cotton or bamboo. Other benefits of Tencel sheets include hypoallergenic properties and a long lifespan.


Tencel has excellent ventilation, so hot air is released instead of trapped. Trapped body heat can cause you to wake up feeling hot, disrupting your sleep. Tencel also wicks away moisture, so you stay dry at night. These temperature-regulating properties make Tencel the perfect bedding option for hot sleepers or people who live in warmer climates.


Tencel comes from eucalyptus wood pulp. Eucalyptus trees can be grown on sustainable farms and harvested with low environmental impact. They can remain healthy without the use of pesticides. Plus, eucalyptus trees can reach up to 100 feet within the first ten years of growth.

Tencel fabric is also made through a closed-loop process. Eco-friendly chemicals and water can be reused to process the raw wood pulp of eucalyptus trees. Less waste material is exposed to the environment.

Tencel sheets are also fully biodegradable. If Tencel sheets are thrown out, the material easily breaks down and reverts back to nature.


Tencel’s silky smooth texture not only feels wonderful against the body, but it won’t scratch or irritate your skin. Unlike other bedding materials, Tencel isn’t processed with harsh chemicals to keep the fibers in place. You don’t have to worry about allergic reactions to any chemical residue when sleeping on Tencel bed linens. Tencel fabric is also antimicrobial—bacteria can’t cling to it, which can lead to a musty odor.


Tencel is strong and durable. Its strength comes from cellulose fibers, which are woven into yarn. These long strands outlast other bedding materials, including synthetic and natural fibers. Tencel’s durability is also why it’s used in clothing and rugs.

Different Types of Tencel

There are two types of Tencel sheets—Tencel Lyocell and Tencel Modal. Both are soft against the skin and ensure constant air circulation for cooler sleep.

Tencel Lyocell

Tencel Lyocell is more commonly found in bed sheets. The material is known for its softness, but it’s more absorbent. The inner threads absorb more moisture without the fabric feeling damp than other bedding materials. If you’re a hot sleeper or sweat at night, Tencel Lyocell sheets are a good choice.

See our guide on lyocell vs cotton for more about this material.

Tencel Modal

Tencel Modal has a softer texture and higher flexibility. The material is sometimes blended with other fibers, like cotton or polyester, to enhance specific properties. For those with skin sensitivity, Tencel Modal may be ideal.

Tencel Compared to Bamboo and Cotton

Tencel, bamboo, and cotton are the most popular fabrics for keeping cool at night. All three materials enable consistent airflow and wick away moisture. However, each material is slightly different. Tencel is more eco-friendly and cooler than bamboo or cotton, but you may want to know how the other two stand out when deciding on the best sheet set.

Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo sheets, like Tencel, have a silky texture and feel cool to the touch. Bamboo fabric follows a similar production process as Tencel—both combine raw wood pulp with a solvent to create cellulose fibers. To process bamboo, manufacturers use harsh chemicals to keep the fibers in place. These chemicals may cause allergic reactions, unlike Tencel, which doesn’t contain harsh chemicals.

Cotton Sheets

Cotton sheets are made from natural materials and tend to feel softer after every wash. There are different types of cotton, like Pima cotton and short-staple cotton. However, one of the most sought-after cotton types is Egyptian cotton.

Egyptian cotton sheets contain long-staple cotton fibers. Longer fibers tend to be stronger and more long-lasting than shorter fibers. Tencel also contains long-staple fibers.

Like bamboo, cotton sheets may also contain harsh chemicals that could react negatively to sensitive skin. Also, even though most cotton fibers soften with each wash, some brands don’t.


Does Tencel shrink when washed?

Tencel may shrink slightly when first washed, but afterward, the material stays the same. Tencel also keeps its shape even after regular use. Other bedding materials may shrink or pill in the washing machine, but not so with Tencel.

Is Tencel natural or synthetic?

Tencel is both natural and synthetic. Tencel comes from wood pulp, but the finished fiber is man-made, similar to bamboo fabric. However, Tencel is more breathable than natural materials, including organic cotton. Plus, Tencel is stronger than other synthetic fibers, like polyester and acrylic.

Is Tencel warm in winter?

Despite being thinner than cotton, Tencel is perfect for year-round use. Tencel’s high breathability wicks away moisture and doesn’t trap body heat. During the cooler seasons, Tencel layers perfectly with blankets, comforters, and duvets, regulating temperature but keeping you warm and cozy.

How do you wash Tencel sheets?

Always check the care tags before washing your Tencel sheets. For the best care, wash Tencel sheets in cold water on a gentle cycle. Then place them in the dryer at low heat on the delicate cycle. You can wash Tencel sheets in warm water, but avoid high-heat temperatures. Higher heat can damage the material and cause the sheets to lose their softness.

Are Tencel sheets wrinkle-free?

Tencel sheets are wrinkle-resistant. The fabric remains smooth after every wash. However, Tencel sheets may develop wrinkles if left in the dryer for too long. Promptly removing the material from the dryer and placing the sheets on the bed ensures the fabric is wrinkle-free.


Tencel makes for some of the best sheets for hot sleepers. The material feels cool and enables better airflow, so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep without waking up hot. You’ll love Tencel’s smooth texture as the fabric envelops you in cozy comfort.

Plus, the material won’t cause allergic reactions. If you love the feel of silk but want a material that can be used year-round, Tencel sheets are the right choice for you.

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