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Rosie Osmun

Contributing Writer, Certified Sleep Science Coach

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Rosie Osmun specializes in covering health, wellness, and beauty topics. She has a passion for improving people’s quality of life through in-depth writing and research. She also enjoys traveling and learning about history.


As a writer and product reviewer, Rosie has also tested dozens of different mattresses in order to better understand how different materials and designs alleviate pain, conform to the body, minimize heat, and relieve pressure. She’s covered topics such as reducing nightly back pain and eating well to sleep better at night.

Other Media Mentions

Her work on health, mattresses, and sleep has been published on Huffington Post, Sonima, Lifehacker, Mindful, Earth 911, Lifehack.org, and several other outlets.


She has recently become a Certified Sleep Science Coach and has spent more than 14 years embedded in the health, wellness, sleep, and mattress industries. Rosie received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Government from Arizona State University.

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