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Amerisleep vs. Puffy Mattress Reviews

Mattress Comparison
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If you’re on the search for a high-quality memory foam mattress, you’re well aware of the vast amount of options out there. It’s easy to read through product descriptions and learn about these beds, but when it comes to picking the best one for your sleep style and preferences, things get a little tricky. Whether you’re a back sleeper, stomach sleeper, or needing the best mattress for side sleepers, your personal sleeping habits play a major role in this decision.

In this mattress comparison, we discuss two major memory foam mattress brands, Amerisleep and Puffy, to help you narrow down your options and decide if one of these brands carries the best mattress for your needs.

Amerisleep Mattresses

amerisleep as3 best mattress for side sleepers

Amerisleep entered the memory foam mattress market back in 2007. Today, they have five luxury mattresses ranging from firm to soft. Luxury mattresses have premium materials on the interior and high-quality fabrics and stitching in the covers. Amerisleep’s goal is to provide a comfortable memory foam bed for every weight and sleep style. Mattresses aren’t their only product. They also sell foundations, including an adjustable base, and bedding to complement their mattress line.

Amerisleep has a few brick and mortar stores where you can try out their mattresses in person. However, they’re primarily an online brand; if you’re seeking the best mattress in a box, Amerisleep is for you. Let’s discuss their five beds:

  • Amerisleep AS1: This two-layer model is also Amerisleep’s base design. It’s firm thanks to its thick support core that targets sleepers back and stomach sleepers who prefer firm support and little give.
  • Amerisleep AS2: The AS2 is a slightly softer mattress than the AS1 but still offers medium-firm support. It has an added transition layer that conforms to the curves for the back and stomach sleepers as well as side sleepers who like firmer support. The AS2 is Amerisleep’s best mattress for back pain.
  • Amerisleep AS3: Amerisleep’s most popular model has a thicker top layer than the AS2, which adds conformity and softness. However, it still has zoned support and a medium feel, making it comfortable for most sleeping positions (especially side and combo sleepers). It’s our vote for the best mattress due to its adaptability.
  • Amerisleep AS4: This medium-soft mattress offers zoned comfort with a top layer that’s thicker than the AS3. Side sleepers will get conformity and pressure relief with this model.
  • Amerisleep AS5: Amerisleep’s softest and only four-layer model includes an Active Flex layer that improves the responsiveness of the thick foam layers.

Amerisleep’s Materials, Cover, and Construction

Amerisleep’s mattress covers are made of a soft, polyester blend fabric that increases airflow throughout the bed. All Amerisleep’s covers are removable and machine washable.

The AS1 is the firmest of Amerisleep’s models. Its comfort layer is made of an advanced open-cell foam called Bio-Pur®. Open-cell foams allow air to move and flow away from the body. Amerisleep’s advanced open-cell foam takes that to the next level to enhance breathability. A dense Bio-Core® foam support layer reinforces the sleeper above.

The AS2 has a two-inch Bio-Pur® comfort layer that’s further cushioned with a three-inch Affinity layer with HIVE® technology (Harnessing Intelligent Ventilation & Energy). HIVE® has hexagonal cutouts around which air can flow while providing extra conformity. The cutouts are closer together at the head, back, and feet for added support. They’re further apart at the shoulder and hips to cushion painful pressure points.

The AS3 is Amerisleep’s most popular model. It’s a medium feel mattress that balances support with conformity. A three-inch comfort layer with a two-inch Affinity layer provides zoned support for side sleepers but can still support back and stomach sleepers, making it extremely versatile.

The AS4 has a four-inch Bio-Pur® comfort layer for added softness. Its one-inch Affinity layer adds breathability and conformity while a seven-inch Bio-Core® support core provides long-term durability.

The AS5 is Amerisleep’s softest and only four-layer mattress. It includes a two-inch Active Flex layer beneath the top Bio-Pur® layer to improve bounce back. Active flex prevents too much sinkage. The Affinity layer and Bio-Core® layers sit beneath the Active Flex for amplified breathability and support.

Amerisleep’s Cooling Technologies and Temperature Regulation

All of Amerisleep’s components and materials are designed to maximize airflow. The lightweight cover, Bio-Pur®, and HIVE® technology work to disperse heat for a cool night’s rest. Amerisleep mattresses have good support that prevents sinkage. Too much sinkage can contribute to poor breathability. Amerisleep mattresses generally have average to above-average temperature regulation and breathability.

Amerisleep Mattresses’ Support, Conformity, and Motion Isolation

Amerisleep’s wide range of support and conformity options allow their different mattresses to appeal to a wide range of sleepers. Each Amerisleep model offers outstanding support and motion isolation.

The AS1 and AS2 are the firmer options and best suited for back and stomach sleepers.

The medium AS3 is the most versatile option as it balances pressure relief with support. This model works best for side and combo sleepers as well as couples who may have different sleep styles.

The AS4 and AS5 provide extra pressure relief and a plush comfort layer for side and combo sleepers who like to sink further into the mattress.

All of these models have high-quality foams that prevent motion transfer across the surface of the mattress.

Foam mattresses, in general, lack the edge support of latex, innersprings, or hybrid models. Amerisleep mattresses are no different, having average edge support for a foam mattress.

How Durable are Amerisleep Mattresses?

Amerisleep mattresses use high-quality materials made in the USA. Their high-density foams hold up well. However, when purchasing, take into account your weight and preferred sleep style to make sure you choose a mattress that will last. Most foam mattresses break down faster under more weight; that’s why heavier sleepers should choose a thicker mattress with sturdy support cores.

Amerisleep has a good 20-year warranty that covers indentations over ¾ of an inch and other manufacturer defects. They can offer this generous warranty because of the durable Bio-Core® layer in every mattress. Amerisleep’s mattresses generally last beyond the average of eight years.

Amerisleep’s Trial Period, Warranty, and Return Policies

Amerisleep’s 100-day sleep trial will give you a good idea if the mattress is for you. They suggest sleeping on the mattress for at least 30 days before starting a return. Their mattresses are shipped free via FedEx to anywhere in the lower 48 contiguous states. If a customer wants to return the mattress after giving themselves time to adjust, Amerisleep will offer a full refund.

Amerisleep offers a 20-year, prorated warranty. During the first ten years, the company will replace or repair defective workmanship or materials at no cost to the consumer. Defects include indentations over three-quarters of an inch that are not caused by an incompatible foundation. Keep in mind that any damage caused by the owner is not covered, such as stains, burns, or tears.

The last ten years of the warranty are prorated, meaning the mattress can be replaced at 50 percent of the original purchase price. The customer will also be responsible for transportation and shipping costs in this final ten-year period. The warranty still covers the three-quarter-inch indentation, but again, the mattress needs to be used on the right kind of foundation. If not, the warranty is invalid.

The warranty only applies to the original owner with proof of purchase.

Amerisleep’s Social Responsibility

Amerisleep mattresses are made in the United States using eco-friendly manufacturing processes to reduce their carbon footprint. Whenever possible, Amerisleep works with customers to donate returned mattresses to those in need.

Who Are Amerisleep Mattresses For?

Amerisleep mattresses appeal to sleepers of all weights and sleeping styles. The AS1 works well for back and stomach sleepers while the AS5 caters to side or combo sleepers who prefer a very soft mattress. The AS5 is also comfortable for heavier sleepers who need an extra-thick mattress with the ultimate soft feel.

Couples with different sleep styles may enjoy the medium feel of the AS3, while stomach and back sleepers who need a firmer surface will probably enjoy the AS1 or AS2.  Such a wide range of options creates a one-stop-shop for luxury memory foam mattresses that you don’t often find with other manufacturers.

Puffy Mattresses

puffy mattress

Puffy has been in the mattress market since 2017. Their three memory foam mattresses range from budget-friendly to luxury. The Puffy mattresses are well-known for their amazing conformity and pressure relief for most sleeping styles. They’re an online-only brand who ships their mattresses to your doorstep in a box.

This brand also offers foundations, including an adjustable bed frame, and bedding to complement their mattresses. Their complete mattress lineup includes:

  • Puffy: The original Puffy mattress is an entry-level model that is ten inches high with three foam layers. Memory foam gives it conformity that sleepers love.
  • Puffy Lux: The Lux’s four-layer design includes Body Adapting Dual Cloud Foam that hugs the curves of side, back, and stomach sleepers. At the same time, its ClimateComfort™ layer prevents temperature swings during the night. The extra Body Adapting layer makes it taller and more conforming than the Puffy.
  • Puffy Royal: Puffy’s newest model adds a top cooling cloud foam with a breathable transition layer to increase airflow. Like other Puffy models, it’s conforming but also adds zoned comfort into the mix.

Puffy Materials, Cover, and Construction

Puffy beds are covered in a stretchy polyester cover that’s OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified. This certification means the fabric has been tested for harmful substances beyond those required by standard regulations. The covers are stain-resistant, removable, and machine washable.

The Puffy mattress is a 10-inch, three-layer mattress with a gel-infused memory foam top layer, poly-foam transition layer, and a six-inch, high-density poly-foam base layer. The gel memory foam acts as a cooling agent to counteract memory foam’s propensity to trap body heat. This is a medium mattress best for those who like a balanced cushioned and supported feel.

The Puffy Lux mattress is a 12-inch, four-layer mattress. It, too, has a gel-infused top layer to dissipate heat. A second comfort layer, made of poly-foam, sinks into the memory foam transition layer. It’s all on top of a seven-inch, high-density poly-foam support core. This mattress is on the soft side, so it’s meant for those who like to sink into the mattress.

The Puffy Royal mattress is Puffy’s tallest model at 14 inches. It has an added cooling layer on top and a transition layer with cutouts to enhance airflow. A comfort layer with a zoned design cradles the head, neck, shoulders, and feet for a soft but supported feel.

All of the foams used in Puffy mattresses are CertiPUR-US® certified. That means all of their foams are made without certain chemicals and substances like PBDEs, ozone depleters, and formaldehyde.

Puffy’s Cooling Technologies and Temperature Regulation

Puffy uses gel-infused memory foam in the Puffy mattress and the Puffy Lux with an added cooling layer and cut-out transition layer in the Puffy Royal. Because these mattresses conform closely to the body, this can cause sleepers to get too warm. Their gel foams and cooling layer improve breathability.

Puffy’s Support, Conformity, and Motion Isolation

The Puffy mattress and Puffy Lux are especially conforming. While the Puffy Royal has good conformity, its extra layers don’t allow as much sinkage as the Puffy Lux. All three mattresses have impressive motion isolation.

Puffy mattresses are designed for that cloud-like feel. Conformity is their strong suit. That works well for side sleepers and many back sleepers too. However, stomach sleepers may find their hips sinking too deeply into the Puffy and the Puffy Lux. These two mattresses fall in the medium to medium-firm range, so they may not be the most comfortable mattresses for side sleepers.

The Puffy Royal offers more support with less conformity than the other two models, making it a better option for stomach sleepers of all sizes, and is one of the best mattresses for heavy sleepers. Side and back sleepers who like to feel more on top of rather than in the bed might prefer this model as well.

How Durable are Puffy Mattresses?

Puffy mattresses come with an impressive lifetime warranty. Their warranty covers indentations over 1 ½ inches. The less-dense foams and weaker indentation coverage indicates that they may break down faster over time, especially with heavyweight sleepers. They’ll probably last for the average seven to eight years, the typical lifespan for memory foam mattresses.

Puffy’s Trial Period, Warranty, and Return Policies

Puffy offers a 101-night sleep trial with no mandatory break-in period. Puffy covers all return costs.

Puffy mattresses come with a lifetime warranty. They will replace the mattress at any point in its lifespan if it meets their definition of covered defects. That includes indentations of 1 ½ inch or more, flaws in the cover zipper, and physical flaws in the cover. However, the mattress must be kept on the right kind of foundation or the warranty doesn’t apply. The indentation must be a result of foam breakdown, not normal wear and tear.

To file a warranty claim, you need the original order number, written description of the defect, and photo or video of the defect. The warranty applies only to the original purchaser with proof of purchase.

Puffy’s Social Responsibility

Puffy takes a proactive approach to social responsibility. They donate one mattress for every ten posts or photos tagged with the Puffy hashtags on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It’s free publicity for them, and free mattresses for children in need. They also donate returned mattresses to local charities. The foams they use are CertiPUR-US® certified, which means they are free of harmful substances and are low in off-gassing.

Who Are Puffy Mattresses For?

Puffy leans towards conformity rather than support. That works well for side and back sleepers but less so for stomach sleepers. The Puffy mattress is a side-sleeper’s dream. However, stomach and back sleepers may not get the support they need. The Puffy Lux has enough support for most average weight sleepers. Heavyweight sleepers that love to sink into their bed may find the Puffy Royal comfortable, but adequate support could be an issue.

Amerisleep vs. Puffy: The Bottom Line

  • Amerisleep mattresses offer more conformity and support options, ranging from firm to soft.
  • Puffy mattresses are all medium to medium firm with impressive conformity.
  • Trapped heat can be a problem with memory foam. However, Amerisleep’s design and technologies offer improved breathability. Puffy sells a cool mattress model to address heat concerns.
  • Puffy has an entry-level and a luxury model.
  • Amerisleep specializes in luxury models.

Your weight and sleep style are determining factors in your comfort. Your unique body shape, sleeping style, and even health issues can affect the mattress you buy. Today, the problem certainly isn’t a lack of options. Use trial periods to your advantage. Make sure you can choose a mattress where you can sleep soundly for a solid seven to nine hours.

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