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Amerisleep vs. Nolah Mattress Reviews

Mattress Comparison
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The mattress market grows ever more competitive every year. In one way, that’s great because you have a good field of options. In another, it makes it that much more daunting to wade through all your choices. Amerisleep and Nolah each have a different take and approach to nightly comfort. Our mattress comparison lets you evaluate what each brand has to offer. You may even find one of their models makes the best mattress for you.

Amerisleep Mattresses

amerisleep as3 best mattress for side sleepersAmerisleep is not a newcomer to the mattress business. They’ve been producing a unique line of mattresses and bedding since 2007. While they have several brick and mortar stores, they sell the bulk of their mattress in a boxes online and include front door delivery. Amerisleep also overs bedding, mattress covers, and foundations, including an adjustable bed for use with any of their mattresses.

Their five models range in support and firmness to create options for all sleep positions—stomach, back, and side. Amerisleep uses unique materials like Bio-Pur® to counteract the heat build-up associated with traditional memory foam. What’s more, their mattresses offer excellent conformability and motion isolation. With Amerisleep, the key is finding a model with the right firmness and cushioning based on your sleep preferences.

  • AS1: If you’re a stomach or back sleeper and you prefer a firmer mattress, the AS1 might be for you. Its two layers of Bio-Pur® and Bio-Core® stand ten inches high, making it Amerisleep’s lowest profile model.
  • AS2: The AS2 is similar to the AS1, except that it has a third layer, making it slightly softer than the AS1 (a true medium-firm feel). The extra layer, known as the Affinity layer, accommodates the body’s need for variable pressure with a zoned support design.
  • AS3: If you need a balance of support and conformability, Amerisleep’s most popular model— the AS3— has a medium feel that appeals to most sleep positions. A comfort layer that’s slightly thicker than the AS2 adds cushioning, while there’s still zoned support for the hips and shoulders— making it one of the best mattresses for side sleepers.
  • AS4: A four-inch layer of Bio-Pur® tops this medium-soft mattress. The Affinity transition layer still targets pressure points like in the AS3, but it’s thinner in this model, allowing the sleeper’s body to sink more deeply into the cushioning of the mattress.
  • AS5: The soft cushioning of the AS5 is a popular option for serious side sleepers. It has an Active Flex layer that’s only found in the AS5. It improves the responsiveness of the deep layers of conforming foam so that sleepers can move without sinking into the impression of their own bodies.

Amerisleep’s Materials, Cover, and Construction

Every Amerisleep mattress comes with a soft, breathable cover to promote airflow through the mattress and prevent night sweats. Let’s take a closer look at Amerisleep’s mattresses.

The two-layer AS1 is the firmest model Amerisleep offers. A two-inch comfort layer made of an advanced open-cell foam called Bio-Pur® offers slight cushioning and light contouring. Foams with open cells like Bio-Pur® create small but wider spaces within the foam for heat and air to escape. However, the structure and strength of the foam aren’t compromised. A dense eight-inch Bio-Core® support layer brings shape and durability to this mattress and the other four Amerisleep models.

The medium-firm AS2 starts with a two-inch Bio-Pur® comfort layer. A three-inch Affinity layer with HIVE® technology (Harnessing Intelligent Ventilation & Energy) separates the comfort layer from the support core. This special layer has hexagonal cutouts arranged in five zones. Where the cutouts are closely packed together, there is firmer support like that needed at the head, back, and feet. Greater space between the cutouts lets the body sink into the mattress for better pressure relief like that needed at the hips and shoulders. HIVE® technology also improves breathability as it allows air to flow through and around the cutouts.

The AS3 provides a middle of the road solution to comfort that makes this model Amerisleep’s most popular model. It balances cushioning with support in a way that appeals to people with different sleep positions as well as those of different sizes. A three-inch Bio-Pur® comfort layer increases the cushioning in comparison to the AS2. The Affinity, however, supports the spine with its zoned design. It has the same Bio-Core® support layer as other Amerisleep models.

Some sleepers like to sink into their mattress, which is why Amerisleep also offers the medium-soft AS4. The body can’t help but relax into the four-inch Bio-Pur® top layer. However, sleepers still get zoned cushioning and support with a one-inch Affinity layer. At the bottom, the standard Bio-Core® support layer holds it all together.

The soft AS5 contains an extra layer of cushioning that also keeps the sleeper from being engulfed in its thick layers. The AS5 contains 3 inches of Bio-Pur® like the AS3, but the AS5 contains a layer of Active Flex directly below this memory foam layer. Active Flex adds cushioning, but it also improves the bounceback of the top layer, so there’s no getting stuck. Sensitive pressure points get extra attention from the Affinity layer with HIVE® below, and, with Bio-Core® on the bottom, the spine gets the support it needs. We recommend the AS5 mattress for heavy people because the inclusion of Active Flex prevents uncomfortable sinkage and offers more durable support.

Amerisleep’s Cooling Technologies and Temperature Regulation

Amerisleep keeps sleepers cool using a combination of technologies and techniques. Bio-Pur®’s advanced open-cell structure lets more air pass through the foam’s individual cells, while HIVE® technology keeps that air moving out of the mattress and away from the sleeper. The results are cooling memory foam mattresses with above-average temperature regulation.

Amerisleep Mattresses’ Support, Conformability, and Motion Isolation

Amerisleep’s memory foam mattresses stand out for their motion isolation and ability to conform to the curves of the body. Amerisleep’s five models provide a range of support and conformability options. That allows them to work for an equally wide range of sleepers.

The softest mattresses— the AS4 and AS5— cushion and cradle painful pressure points. They typically appeal to side and combo sleepers. The AS1 and AS2 have thinner top layers, so there’s less depth to the cushioning, but they still hug and cradle the sleeper. However, their firmer support is better suited to back and stomach sleepers.

The AS3 stands at the waypoint between firm and soft. It’s designed for the average sleeper, who may be devoted to one position or who may switch through several sleep positions throughout the night. The AS3 is also a great mattress for couples because it can be comfortable for people with different comfort preferences.

Amerisleep mattresses stand out for their ability to motion isolation. Foam naturally absorbs motion, the high-quality variety used by Amerisleep prevents that motion from spreading from one side of the mattress to the other.

How Durable are Amerisleep Mattresses?

The high-quality, high-density foams used in Amerisleep mattresses gives them excellent durability for a foam mattress. Bio-Core®, in particular, adds incredible durability to these models. A 20-year supports the quality of their foams and includes coverage for indentations over three-quarters of an inch. That stands with some of the best foam mattress warranties on the market.

Foam mattresses usually last six to eight years. As long as an Amerisleep mattress is supported on an adequate foundation and maintained properly, it will last well over eight years.

Amerisleep’s Trial Period, Warranty, and Return Policies

All Amerisleep models include a 100-night sleep trial. It’s recommended that you try the mattress for at least 30 days to give your body time to adjust.

Amerisleep provides a 20-year, prorated warranty. In years one through ten, structural or material defects will be repaired or the mattress will be replaced at no cost. In years 11-20, they will repair or replace the mattress for 50 percent of the original purchase price.

Warranties come with limitations and for Amerisleep, that means tears, stains, or burns that are a result of misuse. The warranty also specifies that the mattress must be used on an appropriate foundation for the warranty to be valid. However, mattresses kept on proper foundations will receive warranty coverage for indentations over three-quarters of an inch.

Warranty claims are only accepted by the original owner along with proof of purchase.

Amerisleep’s Social Responsibility

To keep mattresses out of landfills, Amerisleep helps customers donate returned mattresses whenever possible. Amerisleep also uses a process to manufacture their foams that reduce emissions. They cut down their carbon footprint with eco-friendly packaging and shipping practices, too.

Who Are Amerisleep Mattresses For?

Amerisleep’s five models combine for a wide range of comfort options. It’s a matter of individual sleepers finding a support and conformability level that works for their personal preferences.

The AS1 and AS2 are the right firmness for stomach and back sleepers, with the AS2 providing slightly more cushioning and some zoned support. The AS4 and AS5 with their extra conformability and lighter support appeal to side and combination sleepers. The AS3 is the mid-point between support and comfortability. It’s a great option for the average sleeper and couples.

Nolah Mattresses

nolah mattress for side sleepersThe creators of Nolah mattresses wanted an alternative to traditional memory foam and the growing latex foam trend. They created their own, temperature neutral proprietary foam known as Nolah AirFoam™ that conforms to the body’s pressure points like memory foam does.

They offer their own line of bases, including an adjustable base and a massage base with built-in USB ports. Nolah’s products also extend into pillows and cotton or bamboo mattress protectors. As an online retailer, Nolah delivers their mattresses to your front door mattress-in-a-box style.

  • Nolah Original 10: This three-layer, medium-feel mattress has Nolah’s proprietary AirFoam™ top layer. It conforms to the body, making it comfortable for side and back sleepers. However, it may be too soft for stomach sleepers.
  • Nolah Signature 12: A flippable mattress like the Signature 12 gives sleepers more options than usual. Its plush, medium side accommodates side sleepers while the firm side caters to stomach sleepers and those who need firmer support.

Nolah’s Materials, Cover, and Construction

The Original has a polyester/viscose mattress cover that’s smooth and breathable. This stretchy material moves with the mattress, so the sleeper can take full advantage of the conformability without any constriction from the cover. The Signature comes with a soft, organic cotton mattress cover that’s equally stretchy and flexible.

The Nolah Original 10 gets its name from the three layers that combine to make its 10-inch height. The comfort layer consists of two inches of Nolah AirFoam™. AirFoam™ has similar qualities to memory foam, such as conformability and relief at pressure points. However, it tends to bounce back into its original shape faster. A 1.5-inch transition poly-foam provides cushioning before the sleeper feels the seven-inch high-density poly-foam support core.

The Nolah Signature 12 brings extra options to the bedroom with a flippable design. Its 12-inch profile comes from four layers. The soft side of the Signature has 2.5-inches of Nolah AirFoam™ over a 1.5-inch poly-foam transition layer. The thicker comfort layer allows the sleeper to sink more deeply than they would on the Nolah Original.

A seven-inch high-density poly-foam support core keeps the spine aligned for both the soft and firm sides. If you flip the mattress, you’ll find a thin one-inch AirFoam™ comfort layer. It’s a good mattress for stomach sleepers and those who prefer a firmer mattress. You’ll get some conformability, but the support prevents too much sinkage.

All of Nolah’s foams are CertiPUR-US® certified. That means they’ve passed independent regulations and testing for durability and are free of substances like ozone depleters, chemical flame retardants, and formaldehyde.

Nolah’s Cooling Technologies and Temperature Regulation

Nolah AirFoam™ is designed to provide the conformability of memory foam with improved air circulation. AirFoam™ performs about on par with foams of similar densities, which means there’s more heat than you would find in an innerspring or hybrid mattress but with slightly better temperature regulation than traditional memory foam.

Nolah Mattresses’ Support, Conformity, and Motion Isolation

AirFoam™ conforms well to the curves of the body, much like memory foam, but with a gentler hug of the body. The AirFoam™ provides good pressure relief at the hips and shoulders for side sleepers and back sleepers who like to sink into the mattress. Neither the Original nor the soft side of the Signature have the support for stomach sleepers. Their hips are likely to sink, which can throw the spine out of alignment.

However, the firm side of the Signature conforms with firm support for stomach sleepers and those who prefer a firm mattress.

Nolah’s models prevent motion transfer from spreading across the surface of the mattress. Both of these models are a good option for couples, especially if one partner is a restless sleeper.

Finally, there’s edge support. Like Amerisleep, Nolah’s mattresses perform about average for foam beds, since the edge sinks more than in a hybrid or innerspring model.

How Durable are Nolah Mattresses?

All-foam mattresses typically last six to eight years. The Original and Signature should last at least that long and possibly beyond. The Signature’s limited lifetime warranty and foam densities suggest that the manufacturer expects it to last well past the typical mattress life span.

Nolah’s Trial Period, Warranty, and Return Policies

Nolah mattresses come with a 120-night trial. There’s a 30 day required break-in period, but after that, you can return the mattress for a full refund within the trial window. Nolah will pay for, arrange, and take care of the mattress pick up.

The Original comes with a 15-year limited warranty. The warranty only applies to the original owner of the mattress. It covers indentations over one inch that are not the result of an improper foundation or misuse. The mattress cover is protected in the first year of the warranty, but after that, it does not qualify for repair or replacement. If mattress repair is deemed necessary, the customer must pay for the shipping, and Nolah makes all shipping arrangements.

The Signature comes with a limited lifetime prorated warranty. In the first 15 years of the warranty, Nolah will replace or repair defective mattresses, including all shipping costs. If the mattress needs to be replaced between the 15th and 25th years, the owner will have to pay transportation costs plus 50 percent of the original purchase price. After year 25, a defective mattress will be replaced at 60 percent of the original purchase price plus the cost of shipping. The Signature’s warranty includes the same indentation policy and restrictions as the Original.

Nolah’s Social Responsibility

Nolah has a unique take on social responsibility. For each mattress sold, Nolah adopts an endangered animal. The customer gets to pick one of 20 endangered species for their purchase to sponsor.

Their foams are also CertiPUR-US® certified, so they’re guaranteed to be made without harmful substances like heavy metals and chemical flame retardants.

Who Are Nolah Mattresses For?

The Original and soft side of the Signature are best for devoted side sleepers due to the conformability of their thick AirFoam™ comfort layers. Nolah even advertises that their mattresses cater to side and back sleepers.

However, the firm side of the Signature offers firmer support for stomach sleepers and those who prefer a firm mattress. If you’re not sure what kind of comfort you prefer, the Signature gives you two options. Either model would work for couples due to their excellent motion isolation.

Amerisleep vs. Nolah: The Bottom Line

  • Amerisleep offers more support and comfort options for all sleep positions and sleepers of different weights.
  • Both companies have mattresses that cradle and conform to the curves of the body and use cooling technologies to prevent heat retention.
  • Nolah mattresses cost slightly less than comparable Amerisleep models.
  • Amerisleep has a better indentation policy included with their warranty.

A mattress is a personal decision that will affect you for the life of the mattress. While these two manufacturers have some similarities, their mattresses offer different benefits. Think about what you really need, including your sleep preferences and preferred sleep position. Take comfort in sleep trials. They give you a chance to make sure of your choice so that you get a comfortable night’s rest.

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