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Amerisleep vs. iComfort Mattress Reviews

Mattress Comparison
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Amerisleep and iComfort by Serta both offer a range of mattresses with different support and conformability levels. However, they each have a different take on mattress design and construction. Those differences could be what determines whether you get a full night’s rest or toss and turn all night long.

Our mattress comparison will give you a rundown on the materials and construction of these mattresses, as well as where they shine or fall short. You never know; your best mattress may be waiting in one of their showrooms or warehouses.

Amerisleep Mattresses

amerisleep as3

Amerisleep joined the mattress market in 2007. Luxury mattresses like Amerisleep’s memory foam mattresses are well known for the high-quality stitching on their covers and the durability of their materials. Amerisleep has several brick and mortar stores with sophisticated showrooms, but the majority of their mattress in a boxes are sold online and delivered directly to your front door. Amerisleep also produces its own line of bedding, mattress covers, and foundations, including an adjustable bed that works with any of their mattresses.

Amerisleep strives to provide a selection of mattresses to accommodate all sleep positions— stomach, back, and side. They construct their mattress with unique materials like HIVE® and Bio-Pur® to address the overheating issues common to traditional memory foam mattresses. With mattresses that range in firmness from firm to soft, sleepers can find a model that addresses their personal sleep needs.

  • AS1: The AS1 could be the mattress for you if you’re a stomach or back sleeper. Of course, it’s a great option if you simply love a firmer mattress too. It’s Amerisleep’s lowest profile model, standing at only 10 inches tall. However, its two layers of Bio-Pur® and Bio-Core® offer light contouring with excellent support.
  • AS2: The AS2’s medium-firm feel makes it slightly softer than the AS1. That’s due, in large part, to a transition layer known as the Affinity layer. It creates zones within the mattress that vary support based on the needs of different areas of the body. It’s a true medium-firm mattress and one of the best mattresses for back pain.
  • AS3: Amerisleep’s most popular model —the AS3— has a medium feel with balanced support and conformability that appeals to most sleep positions. It has zoned support like the AS2, but a thicker comfort layer for more cushioning and conformability.
  • AS4: This medium-soft mattress cushions and hugs sleepers with a four-inch Bio-Pur® comfort layer. The Affinity transition layer still targets pressure points like in the AS3, but it’s thinner in this model. Sleepers sink into its surface and get excellent relief at pressure points.
  • AS5: The AS5 has an additional fourth layer not found in any other Amerisleep model. This Active Flex layer cushions but acts as a springboard to improve the responsiveness of the thick comfort layer, making it a great mattress for heavy people.

Amerisleep’s Materials, Cover, and Construction

Amerisleep mattress covers are made of lightweight, breathable fabric that encourages airflow so you sleep nice and cool. The removable and washable cover also helps to lengthen the life of the mattress so you can sleep comfortably for years to come.

Now, on to Amerisleep’s mattresses. The AS1 has a simple, two-layer design that is highly effective. Amerisleep uses an advanced open-cell foam called Bio-Pur® as the comfort layer in all their mattresses. Foams with open cells like Bio-Pur® have more space for air to flow through the individual cells so heat can move away from the body. Two-inches of Bio-Pur® offer light cushioning and contouring. It’s supported by eight-inches of Amerisleep’s Bio-Core®, which provides the shape, support, and much of the durability of all of their models.

A two-inch Bio-Pur® comfort layer can also be found on the medium-firm AS2. The AS2 gets its softer feel from a three-inch transition layer that Amerisleep calls the Affinity layer with HIVE® technology (Harnessing Intelligent Ventilation & Energy).

If you looked at the Affinity layer on its own, you’d see hexagonal cutouts throughout the structure. They are purposely arranged into five zones. Closely packed cutouts provide firmer support for the head, back, and feet. More distance between the cutouts allows the body to sink, which provides pressure relief for the shoulders and hips. HIVE® technology also allows air to flow through and around the cutouts for better temperature regulation.

At the top of Amerisleep’s sales charts is their medium-feel model— the AS3. A thick, three-inch Bio-Pur® comfort layer offers more conformability than either the AS1 or AS2. However, an Affinity layer still targets and relieves pressure at the hips and shoulders, so it’s a comfortable mattress for side sleepers. It has the same Bio-Core® support layer as other Amerisleep models.

The AS4 brings extra softness to the bedroom with a four-inch-thick Bio-Pur® comfort layer. Sleepers won’t sink too far before the support of the one-inch Affinity layer offers pressure relief where it’s needed most. Supporting it all is the standard Bio-Core® support layer.

The softest Amerisleep model —the AS5— is the only four-layer mattress that Amerisleep offers. It has a three-inch Bio-Pur® layer that’s both supported and further cushioned with a two-inch Active Flex layer. Active Flex adds slightly more cushioning while improving the responsiveness of the thick comfort layer. Side sleepers can really sink into the mattress without getting stuck. It also has the Affinity layer to target painful pressure points.

Amerisleep’s Cooling Technologies and Temperature Regulation

Foam mattresses are known for sleeping warm, but Amerisleep has stayed on top of the latest technology and foam design to keep sleepers cool. First, the breathable cover promotes airflow. Second, Bio-Pur®’s advanced open-cell structure keeps air flowing away from the sleeper. Finally, HIVE® technology lets that air continue to flow away from the sleeper through the transition layer. The combination of foams, cutouts, and fabric creates models that are above-average for temperature regulation.

Amerisleep Mattresses’ Support, Conformity, and Motion Isolation

Amerisleep mattresses are hard to beat when it comes to motion isolation and conformability. Five models with different firmnesses and conformability levels allow Amerisleep to appeal to an equally wide variety of sleepers.

The softest mattresses —the AS4 and AS5— let sleepers sink into the mattress, cushioning their painful pressure points. These models typically appeal to side and combo sleepers. The AS1 and AS2’s thinner top layers provide firmer support that’s often a good fit for back and stomach sleepers. They get light cushioning and conformability but still feel the slight hug of the mattress.

The AS3 stands in the middle between the firmer support required for stomach and back sleepers and the heavy pressure relief that devoted side sleepers need. It hits many of the common comfort points of the average sleeper, making it a great mattress for couples.

Motion isolation stands as a strength of all Amerisleep mattresses. Couples won’t feel the motion transfer from a restless partner, so they can focus on finding the right support and conformability level.

How Durable are Amerisleep Mattresses?

A typical memory foam mattress may last six to eight years. The high-quality, high-density foams used by Amerisleep gives their mattresses excellent durability for mattresses of this type. Bio-Core’s® high density, in particular, adds incredible longevity to these models, which is reflected in their 20-year warranty.

The warranty includes replacement of the mattress for indentations over three-quarters of an inch. That’s on par with the best foam mattress warranties (the standard warranty length for mattresses is ten years). You’re looking at a longer than average mattress life expectancy of well over eight years.

Amerisleep’s Trial Period, Warranty, and Return Policies

Amerisleep provides their customers with a 100-night sleep trial. During that time, the body can adjust and sleepers can tell if their model is the right fit for them. Amerisleep suggests trying the mattress for at least 30 days before initiating a return. The company also helps customers donate their mattress.

Amerisleep’s 20-year, prorated warranty breaks down into two distinct periods. For the first half of the warranty, Amerisleep will take care of any workmanship or material defects by repairing or replacing the mattress. During the second half of the warranty, Amerisleep will repair or replace the mattress for 50 percent of the original purchase price.

The warranty covers defects but not those caused by using the mattress on an inappropriate foundation. You can find what Amerisleep considers appropriate in the warranty. Covered defects do not extend to stains, tears, or burns due to misuse. As long as the mattress is kept on the right foundation, the warranty will cover indentations over three-quarters of an inch. Warranty claims require proof of purchase and will only be accepted from the original owner

Amerisleep’s Social Responsibility

Whenever possible, Amerisleep works with local charities and organizations to arrange the donation of returned mattresses. They also use eco-friendly shipping, packaging, and manufacturing processes to reduce their overall carbon footprint.

Who Are Amerisleep Mattresses For?

Amerisleep mattresses provide a range of support and comfort options from firm to soft. Different models appeal to sleepers with different preferences and preferred sleeping positions.

For the stomach and back sleepers, there are the firmer AS1 and AS2. The AS2 provides slightly more cushioning with zoned support. The AS4 and AS5 with their impressive conformability and light support appeal to the needs of side and combination sleepers. In the middle stands the AS3 with the support and comfortability for couples and those who prefer a medium-feel mattress. With Amerisleep, it’s a matter of finding the right balance for each person or couple.

iComfort Mattresses

serta icomfort bediComfort mattresses are made by Serta, a company that’s been in the mattress industry since 1931. Their iComfort mattresses with their gel memory foam technology are their latest mattress innovation. Serta also offers a long line of sleep-related products from adjustable bed frames and memory foam pillows to crib mattresses.

Serta doesn’t own any of their own brick and mortar stores, but iComfort mattresses are sold in approved retail stores and online. Serta offers free shipping, in-home setup, and mattress removal as part of their delivery services. The iComfort line has 13 models that can be broken down into two categories— iComfort foam and iComfort hybrid.

  • iComfort Foam: This line includes nine mattresses, ranging from soft to extra-firm. All mattresses in this line are all-foam models with anywhere from four to six layers. They have conforming comfort layers made of memory foam supported by denser poly-foams. A variety of technologies and structures are used within these layers to create mattresses of different support levels and firmnesses. These mattresses may also have layers infused with gel or carbon to improve temperature regulation. Some models have layers with shaped structures to enhance breathability.
  • iComfort Hybrid: Six mattresses make up the iComfort hybrid line. They have many of the same foams as the foam models in their comfort layers. However, in the hybrids, these layers are thinner with a pocketed coil or coil-on-coil support system. That gives them a firmer, bouncier response along with some of the conformability of memory foam.

iComfort’s Materials, Cover, and Construction

Serta uses several different types of mattress covers on their foam and hybrid mattresses. The covers on the foam models are typically a cotton blend fabric. The pricier foam models have either a MaxCold™ Cover or a TempActiv® Touch Cover. Both designs are made of high-performance fibers that pull heat away from the sleeper for a cool-to-the-touch sleep experience. TempActiv® technology is also used in some of the memory foam layers.

The hybrid mattresses have plush quilted covers to add cushioning over their firmer support core. They’re made of FireBlocker® Fiber, Serta PillowSoft® Foam, and Serta® PillowSoft® Aire Foam. Layer thicknesses vary, but the covers are usually between 1 ½ to 2 inches thick.

Because there are so many models within the iComfort line, we’ve broken the mattresses down into their basic layers and materials used. The order and thickness of the model’s layers determine its conformability, firmness, and support.

  • Carbon Fiber Memory Foam: Carbon fiber memory foam absorbs and conducts heat away from the body while providing conforming support to the body’s pressure points.
  • EverCool® Fuze Gel Memory Foam: This special-blend foam combines cooling gel with memory foam, increasing airflow and dissipating heat.
  • EverCool® Supreme Memory Foam: Though this memory foam is high density, it’s also incredibly conforming at the body’s pressure points for a softer but supportive feel. The open cell structure keeps air flowing to relieve the heat buildup.
  • UltraCold System™: This is actually a layer of extra cool carbon fiber memory foam. It absorbs more heat than the standard carbon memory foam for improved airflow and cooling.
  • Air Support™ Foam: This highly shaped, columnar foam cushions the body at pressure points while allowing air and heat to circulate.
  • Gel Active® Max Memory Foam: The large, open cells in this foam encourage the movement of air and heat.
  • TempActive™ Gel Memory Foam: Cooling gel infused into the surface of this memory foam gives it its cooling ability. Because the gel is concentrated on the surface, it has a cool-to-the-touch feeling.
  • TempActive™ Max Gel Memory Foam: This foam is infused with temperature-regulating gel beads along with cooling gel mixed into the memory foam formula.
  • Deep Reaction™ Max Memory Foam: This high-density memory foam feels firmer yet still cushions and conforms like other memory foams. It’s only found in a few of the firmer iComfort models.
  • ActivBalance™ Support Foam: While this foam is infused with gel, it’s also shaped to create more air pockets for a responsive feel and enhanced breathability. 
  • Serta® Balanced Support Foam: This foam balances conformability with support for a firmer feel that hugs the body.
  • Air Suspension™ Technology: This layer is made of a high elastic polymer, giving it exceptional breathability and cushioning. It also offers extra support at the edges of the mattress to prevent sagging.
  • Serta® Ultimate Edge® Foam Core: This technology isn’t found in every foam model, but when it’s there, it adds extra support at the mattress edge.
  • Serta ComfortLast® Support Core: High-density poly-foam makes up this support core. It gives Serta’s all-foam mattresses their shape and durability.

The iComfort hybrid models contain many of the same materials as the all-foam mattresses. Their comfort and transition layers can also contain:

  • Serta® Balanced Support Foam
  • TempActive™ Gel Memory Foam
  • EverCool® Fuze Gel Memory Foam

However, the hybrids have some big differences in their design. Rather than a poly-foam support core, they have coils.

Serta® Hybrid Coils

These pocketed coils are the same diameter from top to bottom. They’re not interconnected, so they support only where your bodyweight presses into them. That allows them to provide pressure relief at specific points.

Serta® Micro Hybrid Coil™

These micro-coils work with the Sertal® Hybrid Coils to create a coil on coil support core. They enhance the responsiveness of the mattress so that it moves along with the sleeper.

iComfort’s Cooling Technologies and Temperature Regulation

Almost all of Serta’s memory foams have some kind of cooling technology either infused or built into their structure. Some are shaped into columns or knobs, while others have gel on the surface or infused into the formula. In the hybrid models, the foams’ cooling abilities are enhanced by high-performance fibers in the covers and extra space around the coils’ support system.

Serta not only rates their mattresses’ firmness levels but also categorizes them into three different cooling levels. A mattress can be cool, cooler, or coolest. That provides a good deal of customization for sleepers based on their comfort preferences. The right iComfort model can provide a cool night’s rest with the conformability of memory foam. However, hybrid models tend to sleep the coolest.

iComfort Mattresses’ Support, Conformity, and Motion Isolation

The iComfort foam mattresses offer more conformability than the hybrid models. However, the amount of contouring can vary from model to model. Those that are rated softer generally allow sleepers to sink deeper into the mattress for greater conformability. While the extra firm models will still hug and contour the body, they have less sinkage and contouring. You’re going to experience more responsiveness with the hybrid models, which means a springier, bouncier sleep in comparison to the all-foam iComfort mattress.

Support, too, varies from model to model. The high-density support core of the foam models generally works well as long as you’ve found the right firmness level based on your preferred sleep position and body weight. Models with Serta’s edge support system will keep you from feeling like you’re going to fall out of the bed.

When it comes to the different types of mattresses, hybrid mattresses generally have firmer support than an all-foam mattress. However, the iComfort models do come in varying support levels. In general, you’ll get a softer sleep on a soft foam mattress than you will on a soft hybrid model.

Motion isolation isn’t one of the iComfort line’s strengths. Usually, memory foam models absorb motion well, making them a good choice for couples. However, Serta’s combination of foams tends to transfer more motion than the usual memory foam model. The foam models will still be quieter and have less movement than a hybrid.

How Durable are iComfort Mattresses?

Serta’s memory foams vary in density. Those models with high-density foams will have better durability than those with low-density foams. All of the mattresses in the iComfort line have a 10-year limited warranty, which gives you an idea of how long Serta expects them to last. Both the foam and hybrid models should fall within the average durability and longevity for a mattress of their type, which puts them in the standard six to eight-year range.

iComfort’s Trial Period, Warranty, and Return Policies

Serta offers a 120-day sleep trial with a 30-day break-in period before the mattress can be returned. They include free shipping, set up, and mattress removal with each mattress. The return policy, pick up information, and return charges vary based on whether the mattress was purchased from an approved retailer or directly from Serta. You have to contact Serta directly for return information if you buy the mattress directly from their website. You must contact the retailer if the mattress was not purchased directly from Serta.

Both the iComfort foam and hybrid models come with a 10-year limited warranty. The warranty covers indentations over three-quarters of an inch in the foam models and one and a half inches in hybrid models. The mattress has to have been correctly supported as defined in the warranty for the warranty to be valid. The warranty has typical exclusions like fabric stains, tears, and burns. The mattress cover is included in the warranty, but depending on the model, some covers are not removable.

The warranty only applies to the original owner and requires registration of the mattress upon purchase or before filing a warranty claim. You must also have proof of purchase to qualify for any warranty protection.

Serta’s Social Responsibility

Many of Serta’s foams are CertiPUR-US® certified. That means they’ve passed inspection for content, durability, and absence of harmful materials like formaldehyde and chemical flame retardants.

Who Are iComfort Mattresses For?

There are so many mattresses in the iComfort line that it’s easy to say there’s a little something for everyone. Their models range from soft to firm and cool to coolest. There are varying levels of support, conformability, and responsiveness.

The hard part with this line is identifying and narrowing down the choices. Generally speaking, stomach sleepers will probably have better support on one of the hybrid models, while side sleepers will get more conformability with one of the plusher foam models. Back sleepers naturally keep their spines in a neutral position, allowing them to choose based on their personal comfort preferences.

Amerisleep vs. iComfort: The Bottom Line

  • Both manufacturers offer a line of mattresses that fit a variety of sleep positions and sleeper preferences, though Serta has a wider selection from which to choose.
  • Both have cooling technologies to prevent heat build-up, but Serta offers mattress models with varied coolness ratings.
  • Amerisleep models have better durability and a longer warranty.
  • Amerisleep mattresses perform exceptionally well at reducing the transfer of motion.

Finding the most comfortable mattress is a personal journey to better sleep. As you’re deciding, take into account your preferred sleep position, whether or not you share your bed with a partner, and how warm you sleep.

Your personal preferences can guide your decision whether you’re considering an Amerisleep or iComfort mattress. Both companies have excellent sleep trials, so you’ll be able to make sure the right mattress will provide you with long-term comfort.

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