Why I Hate Dogs

And Their Mutant OwnersI Hate Dogs - Angry Dog Snarling

I hate dogs. I’m not alone in this belief because when I Googled “hate dogs” I got back 238 million results, so quite a few other people feel the same way.

Now are dogs really the problem? They have their base traits and behaviours and they can be trained as much or as little as the owner likes. And that’s the problem. The over whelming majority of dog owners are irresponsible, ignorant mutants and people hate their dogs because of it.

Poop, Poop Everywhere

If dogs didn’t poop they would never be walked. The whole idea is use the parks, sidewalks and other people’s lawns as their dogs’ toilet so dog owner don’t have to deal with the mess. And if they ever do pick up, the bag of poop gets tossed in the woods, in a parks waste can or over someone’s fence.

I have never lived anywhere that I haven’t had to clean up after someone else’s dog – on a regular basis. And if you go to the owner with a shovel of steaming poop and their dog is the only one in sight running around they always claim it wasn’t their dog. Lie and deny.

There is currently a dog owner in my neighbourhood who walks their large dog and lets it poop in the center of the sidewalk. They make no effort what so ever to clean it up. And the poop goes on block after block.

Barking Their Little Brains Out

All dogs will bark if they are lonely, neglected, bored, hungry or untrained at being sociable, either with other dogs or toward other people. Or feeling unwanted.

I had a neighbour who used tie their large dog outside around quarter to six before they sat down to dinner. Evidently the dog used to bother them so outside it went – on a ten foot piece of rope.


Then a two to three second pause.


This went on until 10:30 to 11pm until they brought it in. Every evening!

No Means No

My crotch is not a place for your dogs’ nose. Ever. Enough said.

Run Everywhere, Go everywhere

Dog owners are always belly aching about how they want a dog friendly park. What I want is a people friendly park I can go to and not be stepping in or around poop or be confronted by a barking, snarling, off leash weapon.

Dogs jump up, knock kids down and run off with a ball some people were tossing around. And the owner never does anything. They don’t call their dog off, keep it under control or even apologize.

A neighbour knocked on my door one time and when I answered it her large, unleashed dog ran into my house with its muddy feet, and then jumped up on me.

Unless your dog is for assisting a handicapped person, your mutt shouldn’t be in stores, on busses or tied up and left in a public place. And keep it out of other people’s houses unless invited in.

Unsociable Critters

I have dogs to both sides of my house and behind me and all of them bark like nut cases whenever they see anyone and go bat crazy whenever they see another dog going by.

Why do dog owners want a dog that is so out of control, annoying and unfriendly? I’ve lived in the same house for three years and they all still go bonkers every time I go out in my yard.

And the smaller the dog the more insane they are. And for some reason, poor dog owners want to have several of these fur balls.

Pests and Vermin

Tear open garbage, dig up gardens, kill other pets and livestock, drool over whatever gets in their way, smell like a hobo in July and pee every ten feet.

If dog owners are too lazy, stupid or cheap to properly train their dogs then they shouldn’t have one.

Too many dog owners run out and get a dog because they saw one on a TV show that was acting so smart and friendly. Earth to dog owner. Those dogs have been professionally trained for years.

There was a sign up on a tree where I once lived that said “Slow Down – Kids and Dogs Playing”. Unless a car driver has crossed the sidewalk and drove across your lawn there shouldn’t be a problem, so what the heck is your kid or dog doing in the street?

As a responsible dog owner it is your job to keep your dog safe. That’s in a fenced yard or on a lease and under control. If your dog is running loose then you are responsible for what ever happens.

Ever have a problem with dog? Leave a comment below.

P.S. I don’t mind if a dog lover wants to disagree, but threatening people and their children with death because they don’t like dogs just shows what a sick, demented mutant you really are.

About Bob Colley

I had been battling sleepless nights for decades. After reading hundreds of books, articles and talking with people I’ve improved the quality my sleep tremendously and have decided to share what I have learned with others in this blog.
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590 Responses to Why I Hate Dogs

  1. Trell Brown says:

    Of course i have major problems with dogs. I’ve been bitten, and chased, and currently, I’m dealing with one that wont shut the fuck up and wants to play a 3 in the morning, And i’m trying hard not to kick these folks mutt in the ribs, but my patience is running out real quickly.

  2. Bob Colley says:

    I don’t know if you could talk to the owner and have them control their dog.

  3. Ann says:

    Every time I stepped out onto my patio, the neighbor’s small dog would bark insanely until I went back inside. Only a chain link fence kept it from attacking me. So, one day I filled a big dishpan with water and added extra dish detergent to it. I walked over to the little monster and promptly doused it with the mixture. It ran back to its patio and promptly spent the next several hours licking the soap off and pooping its brains out. From then on when I came out my door, the little shit dog ran whimpering back to its house. Problem solved.

  4. Ann says:

    As to sleeplessness, listen to audiobooks. Preferably mystery ones as they are usually less full of action. Male narrators are best.

  5. Bob Colley says:

    Good plan. It seems like the smaller the dog the nuttier they are.

  6. Bob Colley says:

    Great idea, thanks!

  7. James says:

    There are 2 solutions to the noise pollution that comes from dogs. All dog owners must be required to have a muzzle; and to use it if their dog is disturbing their neighbors. Then there is surgical removal of the canine’s vocal cords.

  8. Bob Colley says:

    Would be nice but so called animal control people are useless.

  9. Ken says:

    Don’t forget you’re the villain for even suggesting they control their animal.

  10. Bob Colley says:

    Right you are! I also believe that if dogs didn’t shit they would never be walked – the sole purpose is for their dog to crap on someone else’s property.

  11. Matt says:

    I dislike dogs because most are anti-social and can be violent.
    They are dirty, annoying and sooo dumb. I have had a kitten from 3 months old and she never goes to the toilet anywhere but in her litterbox, she is beautiful, cleans herself and is conscious of her environment (typical cat). Something a dog would never be able to amount to, maybe after years of training.. I know this is biased however it is true.
    Dogs can also be unapproachable and very sporadic in their actions.
    I guess you can’t blame an animal though.. To all dog owners – don’t be as dumb as your dog, if it’s unfriendly and dirty please keep it within your residence!

  12. Bob Colley says:

    And people that take their dogs to off leash areas seem to think their animal can do anything it wants. The vast majority of dogs owners are scum.

  13. DogsArePests says:

    They are filthy. I would not have a meal at the home of a dog owner. They are DAMN NOISY. Why do dog owners take their filthy dogs to urinate and defecate on other people’s lawns? Tells you all you need to know about how the mind of a dog owner works, or rather, fails to.

  14. Bob Colley says:

    I agree! And when they put their dog outside and it’s barking constantly but pretend they don’t here it.

    And who likes to have a strange dog ram its wet, slobbering muzzle into your crotch?

  15. Emily says:

    I remember back when I was little and some stupid dog ran up to me and bit me for no fucking reason and then ran off…I fucking HATE dogs! they make me feel threatened and uncomfortable! and they ESPECIALLY annoy the living CRAP out of me! GRRRR!!!!!! and I also hate it when they jump on you and end up knocking you down and then they stick their wet nose up your crotch!

  16. Gypsy Rose says:

    I’m not a dog hater per say but more like a dog tolerater. With each passing day though i am disliking dogs more and more. We live in a large apartment complex where almost everyone has 2 or 3 dogs. It sounds like a dog pound here 24/7 with all the barking. The management has sent out numerous notices for people to clean up after their dogs and to keep them on leashes. Hardly anyone does that. The last time i went shopping and was carrying the groceries across the lawn to the building doors, the bags broke spilling them every where only to land in piles of dog crap! Also there is one woman whos dog will run after the neighbors cats and kids, snarling. She will laugh and say “he’s just playing.” One time the dog came after me and when i kicked she started yelling at me for kicking it. I’ve had dogs with muddy paws jumping on me when i am in a hurry to get to work only to have the owners get mad because i was upset about it and say things like “Oh knock it off. She’s not going to hurt you.” They may not bite but they have hurt me by dirtying my clothes and making me late for work. The worst is when people tell me they don’t like kids, cats or anything else i’m supposed to act like that’s okay and be understanding but the second i say i dislike dogs they act like i am the scum of the earth and ostracize me.

  17. Bob Colley says:

    I hear you. And when a dog owner sees something like this happen they 1) don’t call their dog off and 2) never apologize.

  18. Bob Colley says:

    Most dog owners are ignorant louts. They are too lazy and stupid to train their dog properly.

    My sister had a similar problem. She was walking in a park with a white coat on and a dog runs and jumps up on her, covering her in mud. No offer to clean her coat or even an apology.

    I believe that God created dogs and pickup trucks for the same reason. It makes the mutant low-lifes of the world easier to spot and avoid.

  19. Ben says:

    People are willing to pay to feed their dogs and buy all these other things but they won’t feed the homeless?

  20. Bob Colley says:

    Reminds me of a line from the movie Wall Street where Gecko says of people who gave millions to a zoo: WASPS – love animals, hate people.

  21. Carrie says:

    Dogs are just like rude people. They are loud, needy, and inconsiderate of boundaries or that you have any needs other than giving them what they want. In fact, i challenge that the only reason dog owners find the constant attention (read, neediness/codependence without limits) sweet, is because they, too, are needy and like the guaranteed affection/validation. That is not sincere, people – it’s co-dependent! And yes, they stink and are stupid, destroying their own toys if not getting unlimited attention – just like a spoiled child. Only the ones who are trained are tolerable. Why train a dog to do things cats already do naturally. Oh, and did I mention the dogs will always stink and be needy even if trained?

  22. Bob Colley says:

    How true. And try to leave a dog alone for a few days. My neighbor goes out for a few hours and her two dogs are howling and barking the entire time like they’re having their toe nails pulled out.

  23. Sora says:

    Ugh. Don’t even get me started on dogs. Just yesterday a big as hell, black dog came up and ruined my brand new suit that I was going to wear for a meeting. The owner didn’t gve a shit and laughed saying “This dog is a piece of work aint he?” i just left. i dont have time for ignorant people like that. I had to go back and return it only to be told that the suitors wouldn’t take it back and I would have to buy a new one. Turns out I was an hour and a half late for my meeting and almost got fired because of one mutt and it’s dumb as fuck owner.
    Also, in so called “parks” all I see is poor children getting terrorized by the beasts, while the owners laugh and say “he’s just trying to say hi” if saying ‘Hi’ is scaring poor defenseless children with your huge mutt, then yeah, he’s surely saying hi.
    I agree with this with every fibre of my being. Dogs was made to be a companion to those who can’t find one for themselves. Or to those or are ignorant jackasses.

  24. Bob Colley says:

    Every few weeks there’s an article in the paper about a dog in an off leash area that attacked and injured or killed another persons dog. The victim gets told to F-off and the attacking dog owner just takes off.

    Off leash areas where people are walking are dangerous now because, as you found out, dog owners refuse to take any responsibility for the actions of their dog.

    And then there’s the lame-brained dog owners who take their dog into stores like a sporting goods store. Unless the dog is for assisting a handicapped person that’s against the law.

  25. Carrie says:

    Sora, so true! You made me laugh so hard! :)

  26. k.l.lee says:

    Why should one have to read a book because your fucking dog is barking! Keep Your damn dog quiet, ALWAYS,

  27. Bob Colley says:

    I don’t know why some poeple can sit in their house and ignore their dog’s constant barking.

  28. Cassiel says:

    Dog haters have my sympathy! I went to visit a friend in another town for a few days and she had two terrible jumping dogs. They had long, sharp claws, kept jumping up and scratching me – they battered me black and blue, I was covered with uncountable bruises. They even jumped as high as the bar stool where I was seated onto my lap. It got to the point where I begged them not to jump (to no avail). Eventually the way I screamed in terror and horror she put them out and one of them gave me such sulky looks. It was not me being ridiculous, they actually hurt me. Any time I wore a shorter skirt they put their horrible wet noses on my legs – eeewwww. People who own such disgusting mutts love and adore them – WHY?

  29. Bob Colley says:

    Dog people like that are similar to parents who let their kids run around screaming in a restaurant and then sit there seemingly oblivious to what is going on.

    Just another example of people who have not bothered to train and socialize their dogs.

  30. Logan says:

    My father was extremely allergic to dander when I was growing up, so my family only ever had one pet. It was a dog named George, and we got him for free from someone my dad knew from his workplace. Of course as a very young child I was delighted by the dogs antics. If you threw something the dog would bring it back, if you ran about, he would follow you. It was all quite fun and novel for a time, until we began to notice how hostile the dog was.

    It began when George killed one of our chickens. He would also sometimes growl and chase my brother and I if he was displeased or impatient with us. Then he would try to attack anyone who came to our house. Then he got in the coop again and killed almost every chicken we had. After he found out, my dad immediately took George on a leash and went for a drive with him. He took his gun along as well. As you can probably imagine, I never saw George again.

    I am so glad my father had far more sense than so many of these imbecilic dog owners walking down the street these days. He took responsibility for the animal and did what he had to do to keep safe the things that were ACTUALLY important in his life; his wife and kids.

    When not actively participating in all the dog culture that is supposedly “normal”, one gets an understanding of how absurd and degrading it all is.

    I remember watching television with my little sister and seeing her response to one of those “save these puppies from being put down” commercials. She cried and pouted and said how sad it all was and how she wanted to save every single puppy she could see. A short while later a commercial for saving the lives of actual starving human children came on and…….nothing. No reaction whatsover.

    My sisters father one time tried to tell me “how things really are”. “Dogs are actually really great. It’s a shame you weren’t raised around dogs.” He would say. “They do this for us, they do that for us, they love us and care for us.”

    I might have pointed out what a slave he was to the dogs schedule, how he spent thousands of dollars on the animal, how the dog spent its time slaughtering forest critters, and harassing neighbors. I might have mentioned how the animal stank, how it was filthy and uncouth. I could have noted how my sisters father lived and died by the whims of his pet… but what good would it have done?

    So many dog owners don’t realize the extreme concessions they make for their animals. They don’t realize that they don’t own their dogs…..their dogs own them. Of course, it’s never the dog lovers fault. It’s YOUR fault for not loving the dog. God forbid you ever question the behavior of the animal! Perish the thought!

    Anyway, I’ve rambled for long enough. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, and reminding me I am not alone in my beliefs.

  31. Bob Colley says:

    Thanks for your comment. Many dog owners are sometimes unaware of the damage their dog causes. I had a neighbor that put her dog out on the front porch when she was vacuuming. Right after the vacuum started that dog hauled ass and torn into other people garbage, dug up gardens and crapped whereever, then ran back to the porch. The lady would come out and see her dog sitting there. “Good dog.” If you told her what her dog was doing, she would deny all.

    And people living in the country seem to think their dog can run free. Chasing people and killing livestock. Short of a video camera the so called authorities will do nothing. Got to wonder about parents who’ve had their child killed by their dog.

    John McAfee’s neighbor complained about his dogs constant barking and, whoa, ended up shot to death.

  32. Cassiel says:

    I forgot to add that they ran all over the house with a pair of her knickers – black, lacy and clearly from a lingerie store. If I had a dog that tore my special knickers with its teeth and ran around the house with my lingerie in front of guests I certainly would not think, “How adorable!” I would actually be disgusted. My mother upon hearing the story said she would kill it. Any dog like that deserves to be a resident of the local taxidermy shop.

  33. Bob Colley says:

    A dog with the lady’s lingerie? I got in enough trouble once for doing that.

    Some Priests have no sense of humour.

  34. Jay says:

    I’ve lived at my house for 4 years, and still EVERY FUCKING TIME I step out to take out the trash or mow the lawn, the little shit dog next door runs towards the chain link fence and starts barking constantly and won’t shut up until I go back inside. There is another dog in the same yard that barks often, but not as bad. I can’t wait til that little fucker dies, and I DONT GIVE A FUCK HOW MEAN THAT SOUNDS.

  35. Jay says:

    I’ve lived at my house for 4 years, and still EVERY FUCKING TIME I step out to take out the trash or mow the lawn, the little shit dog next door runs towards the chain link fence and starts barking constantly and won’t shut up until I go back inside. There is another dog in the same yard that barks often, but not as bad. I can’t wait til that little fucker dies, and I DONT GIVE A FUCK HOW MEAN THAT SOUNDS!!!!!!!!!

  36. Rick Derris says:

    I used to think dogs were dirty little dudes and their owners were hopeless losers who couldn’t make friends with humans. Then I got a basset hound and realize how wrong I was. Cool as hell. And just like the population in general, a startlingly high % of owners are selfish jerks and don’t train, nurture, and clean up after their dog. Some even abuse them. But that’s just people. Generally speaking humans are selfish, self centered donkey punches. Its pure bliss meeting someone who likes to work and play hard. But honestly dogs are really cool dudes. You should direct ur anger straight to the owners. It’s their responsibility to train their dogs to coexist with people and their responsibility to keep clean and fed. Just my two cents

  37. Bob Colley says:

    I hear you. I’ve got the same problem on both sides and behind me.

  38. Bob Colley says:

    Glad you’re a responsible dog owner. You’re in the minority. Most people never train or socialize their dog.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Because the dog should be kept in the house where it can’t disturb people around it. If you love dogs “great” but your neighbors may not share your enthusiasm.

  40. Emma says:

    Wow … Words can not describe how stupid this is

  41. Bob Colley says:

    No doubt a dog owner who leaves their dog to bark all day, doesn’t pick up after it craps on a neighbors lawn and calls everyone who complains names and denies all.

  42. Voldemort says:

    This page is amazing. It’s awesome to finally find you’re not alone when family and friends even chastise and criticize you for it.

    Canines are by nature violent, undomesticated beasts. Noone ever accepts that *their* dog could be dangerous. Yet, you never hear on the news about a child being killed by their neighbor’s cat or rabbit.

    When I was a kid, we had a german shepherd, supposedly the smartest and well-mannered of the dogs. The thing, twice my size, knocked me against and wall and, while not a bite, started grinding its teeth against my face til there was blood. It only stopped cause my sister pulled it off of me. Consequently, I was blamed by my parents and told I was wrong for upsetting the dog and thus I deserved it. This dog survived for ten more years, during which I was afraid to walk through my own house in the dark, and constantly had that thing growling at me when nobody was looking.

    Several of my siblings own dogs. No matter the supposed good-nature of the dog, I refuse to set foot in any of their houses because of the creature’s presence. They think I’m stubborn and ridiculous.

    So, yea, my hatred for the vile vermin is even stronger than most. I’m sure many will think this extreme, but if I were Emperor of the World*, my first action would be to order the immediate extermination and execution of every dog in existence. And do it myself, if possible.

    *Disclaimer: This is obviously a fictional, hypothetical, fantastical scenario, not a statement of intent.

  43. Bob Colley says:

    It’s your right not to like dogs and to avoid them if it makes you uncomfortable.

  44. Jack Berwick says:

    I’ve learned to detest dogs, as well. I’ve owned dogs previously and ran them and took care of them but nowadays everybody seems to want two or three of the bloody things. There seems to be just no responsibility or care or them (around me anyway). I have two properties back on to my home and between them there are five permanent sausage dogs in residence. The dogs are bored shitless and bark, bark, bark for hours and hours on end. The owners don’t seem to care less until they’re confronted and then they defend their animals behaviour and it somehow becomes my fuckin’ fault. And they call them things like ‘Angel’ and ‘Popsie’ for fucks sake !! Local councils are useless and I do not agree that I have to accept five yapping mongrels over the back fence because someone else loves the horrid things. I’m a ticking time bomb and unfortunately, I think my neighbours are beginning to realise that – all because of their failure to consider other people and foster the fact that their values should be freely accepted by everybody else. I hate dogs !!!

  45. Anonymous says:

    Dogs are the best friend you don’t want to have.

  46. Bob Colley says:

    A great many dog owners won’t socialized and train their dogs or spend much time with them. Then they’re left in the backyard, bored and lonely so they bark all day – and at everything that moves.

    I understand your frustration at your situation. You almost feel like moving. I wish there were city bylaws about constant barking dogs, but as you found out, there isn’t much they’ll do.

  47. Bob Colley says:

    And who really owns who? You can’t stop off on your way home from work for a pint and wings with your buddies because you have to get home and let the dog out before it craps on your rug. Take off for the weekend? Can’t do it. If you need to leave for a week or two then you have to board the dog for a few hundred dollars.

    Dogs are a lot of work and take up a lot of time and too many owners are unwilling to accept that.

  48. Sharon says:

    I hate people who hate dogs.

  49. Jack Berwick says:

    That’s OK Sharon – just keep them on your side of the fence & cuddle them on the couch & love the parasites – ’cause that’s what they are – lick you a few times & mistaken for love !! Just don’t force it on me or expect me to adopt your beliefs and I’m fine with being hated by a fool. And while you’re at it, see if you can stop your dog/s shitting all over kids playing fields and beaches – or do you want us to accept that too? In retrospect, I don’t think I hate dogs that much – just their stupid, irresponsible owners with their high & mighty opinions – enjoy your fleas

  50. Fed up says:

    Dogs belong on a farm, where they serve a purpose and are easily trained to stay within bounds of their territory. Having a dog or multiple dogs in a city apt. should be considered cruelty and every owner should be fined and forced into some kind of ‘dog-owner-training’. I don’t understand where this entitlement from dog owners comes from?! I can’t count the number of times slow walking dog owners cut me off when I am jogging (and following the laws) only to be oblivious at me tripping over my feet to avoid stepping on their mutt. Or last year when I was reading in a non-dog park and was asked to leave (by two different dog owners) because this is where their dog likes to pee!

    I understand pets play an important role in mental health but that does not mean you are excused from being a self-absorbed imbecile…worse yet I AM the mean one because I don’t love your dog and agree that it’s ‘just like having a child’.

    I agree very much with the poster about feeding the homeless instead of the dogs. It will give you exercise and self-fulfilment, what you were looking for with the dog in the first place but now you’re helping mankind, not hindering it. The money that goes into the dog industry is disgusting and yet those same people will complain about poverty and high grocery bills.

    The best is the people who can’t travel ‘because of their dog’- I just laugh and give thanks that I won’t find your idiocy on my next trip.

  51. Brina says:

    Reading this made my day. It’s so nice to know that other people have the same views as me. I loathe dogs for the sole reason they are intimidating and they smell like ass, and loud and annoying. The owners are just as stupid and thoughtless for us who don’t like dogs. I have no shame publicly announcing to the world YES I HATE DOGS!

  52. Anton says:

    Some guy told me Dog spelled backwards is God. I nodded, then punched him in the face

  53. Michael says:

    It Christmas morning and for the 5th time in the last month I was awoken by my neighbor’s yappy little dog named Max stretching out his vocal chords at 5am. As usual, I banged on their door until they opened and asked about the dog collar they told me they were getting to keep their dog from barking. Today’s response was that they were opening gifts and that Max didn’t have it on. As if the dog can opens gifts and even knows what a holiday is. Usually the excuse is that he is a dog and he barks – that’s what they do. Many times it seems as if dog owners are primarily inconsiderate and selfish fools. Lacking in some fundamental area of their life.

    I have a particular family member that refers to her dogs as girls or kids and the dogs all have human names too. The dogs get fed bottled water and at times expensive, choice prime beef. That still doesn’t stop them from incessantly begging during dinner or jumping up on the table and grabbing food right off the plate. They jump all over people too. I disciplined one of the dogs for jumping all over my expensive leather jacket and it was scared for almost 10 years. These dogs are on depression medication too. One of them pees all over the floor when you pet and yet it seems as if she delights in every of those animals, including taking them to the vet. On some level, I find this behavior very dysfunctional, it is as if the dog is elevated to the status of a human being and takes the place of having actual relationships with real people.

    Another neighbor I have has a Cocker Spaniel – it is a nice enough dog – stupid as all hell, but the dog jumps on you like nobody’s business and is very spastic and excitable. Sometimes when I am walking to my car I feel obligated to pet it if she is walking by and then my hand stinks. Or I just finished washing my hands and then I have to pet that dog. A couple years ago the dog got into a bottle of Naproxen and almost died. I believe this lady paid like $7500 to have that dogs stomach pumped and saved its life. The funny thing is this dog is like the third Cocker Spaniel she’s had since I lived there. When one dies she replaces it with another and always gives it the same name. Just crazy if you ask me. Why not let it die and get another and save yourself $7000. They are all pretty much the same anyways.

    Another time I was hiking on a popular trail and this particularly nasty, large black dog was following me (unleashed of course) snarling and growling at me while walked its owner obliviously trailed behind it. After a while I stopped, confronted the dog, and informed the owner that if his dog got any closer to me that I was going to take my tripod smack his dog upside its head. He told me that he’d do the same thing to me. Dog owners can be such ********.

  54. doghater says:

    100 % agree this is what i hate about holierthanthou attitude of doglovers they treat worthless pooch as if they are they own child they buy clothes for dumb chinhuianas

    while they show 0 compassion for fellow human being

    once i saw homless persoon probably as young as 14 or 15 year old girll she was shiivering in cold lying on pavemnet but not one person came for help

    yet we waste time and compassion for annoying pets like dogs. I get urge to beat the crap of these dogs whenver i see with their owners

  55. doghater says:

    people care for “puppies suffering” because they are “cute” looking snugling and adrobale

    people dont care about homless starving child because he/she is not as adorable looking as puppy

    same with people dont care if snake spiders or pigs are tortured and eat their meat

    because pigs are not as “cute” as dogs so yea pigs suffering iin pain dont matter but dog suffering is equal to holocaust

    how often do we see commercial about cows in slaughter house who become part of double combo for Mcdonalds which i m sure these dog owners consume

  56. doghater says:

    typical dog lover reaction as expected

    u probably sleep with your dog

  57. doghater says:

    u know what funny is it is acceptable if u say “i dont like children: or “i hate children”

    but i gurantee u if u say “i hate dogs” u willl get a look if u commited some genocide

  58. doghater says:

    what bothers me most if that dog neglect dog abuse get more meida attnetion than child neglect child abuse or elderly neglect or elderly abuse

  59. Anon says:

    Dogs should not be crapping on other peoples lawns whether or not you pick it up. Other peoples lawns are not toilets for the neighbors dogs

  60. Anon says:

    I agree with your post Jack. Took the words right out of my mouth!

  61. Anon says:

    I really enjoyed these posts! I used to love dogs. Always had one growing up. But most dog owners are so inconsiderate. They expect you to give your property over so that their dogs can take a crap and pee. I mean really. And, we are supposed to be OK with this. If we are not, we are mean. Really? But, it’s OK because they pick up. It almost makes me laugh. Can you imagine an advertisement for a nice home for sale that says: Beautiful home, attached to neighborhood pet toilet…. Don’t worry, they pick up most of the time. ha. How fast do you think that house would sell.

  62. Anon says:

    I don’t blame you. I understand the way you feel.

  63. doghater says:

    what is annoying is how these dog woners have this Moral superirority complex in them . They act if they own dogs and love their dogs they are above morally anyone who hate dogs GIVE ME BREAK, I am sorry i rtaher like to have relationship with my real family then wasting my time on some pooch. That is why dont own pets and infact i dont understand need to have pets???

    Animals belongs where they should be IN NATURE this is their real home not be in thhis materislaistic human world

    Dogs are pack animals but we humasn spiled them so much now they cant live without us and i see these annoying dog owners walking in park on sidewalk like they are so morally good person because they love their dog

    what they dont understand they are keeping a LIVING BREATHING TOY with them for their fun time

    that is i why i love WILD ANIMALS they live in their NATURAL SETTING in NATURE FREE from us

    i just CRINGE when i see some CHIHUANAN wearing sanat claus clothes and some snobby old lady was her owner and chihcunana was wearing sun glasses????

    stop treating dogs as HUMANS let them be how NATURE INTENDED to be and i m sure nature didnt intendt to be CHILDREN on humans

  64. doghater says:

    also in some cultures dogs are not as PAMPERED by their owners like here in western countries. These western owners think any kind of DISCIPLINE is freaking DOG ABUSE ????too bad they dont that much concern for REAL causes like homelessness , poverty , unemployment , but yea but hhurting a dog is end of the world for them.

    I have been bitten by dogs many times hence name dog hater i dont care how ‘cute” your dog is or want to play or adorable it is if that creature ever come close to me i fuking kick it it’s jaw with my steel toe shoes

  65. Thomas Samuels says:

    If you are willing to wash it and clean up its messes like a pemanent infant, thats OK with me.

    But how did you train it not to bark and drive quiet-loving neighbors nuts without abusing it? I only knew one dog owner whose pets didn’t bark at things in the street or other people’s yards – then I saw how he trained a ‘new one’. It was horrible – he had to make it fear for its life to break its natural instinct to bark, bark, bark at everything. I guess you can use the electo-shock torture collars too – or keep it permanently indoors but …

    Isn’t there something wrong with taking an animal and trying to make it fit where it was not designed?

  66. Thomas Samuels says:

    But “over the fence” isn’t enough. Keep ‘em in a sound-proof box. Set it up to fill-and-flush like a toilet 4 times a day, but with soap and bug-killing liquid to clean out the filth and fleas.

  67. Bob Colley says:

    I know how you feel. I was stopped on a trail by someone’s growling dog. Of course the owner did nothing!

  68. Bob Colley says:

    The only reason people take their dogs for a walk is so they can crap on someone elses property, park or sidewalk.

  69. Bob Colley says:

    And keep them the heck out of retail stores (support dogs excepted). Dogs are not little people.

  70. Bob Colley says:

    Dog owners who think they can train their dog by beating it or shocking it don’t know what they are doing. They are more brain dead than their dog. There is a moron in Vancouver who beat his dog with a hammer. The dog later died.

    Many pet stores offer pet training lessons, but too many dog owners refuse to learn how to properly train their dog. If they don’t want their dog they should give it away.

  71. Shoebaca says:

    Good grief I’m glad there are other people out there not completely brainwashed by their blind pathetic love for these destructive creatures! If you love your damn dog to the point of mania, fine, but don’t expect me to think it’s just the cutest thing ever when Muffy jumps up with sharp claws (almost ripping my navel ring out in the process) slobbers all over me, and literally tries to take food out of my hand.

    Within the first year of dating my husband, I informed him that I wasn’t fond of dogs. When I flew out to meet him in his hometown and met his mother for the first time, he tells me he has a “surprise” for me. When we get there, his mom opens the door with a puppy in her arms and informs me that its ours. We were just about to move into a house together and he gets this dog without even asking to see if it would be ok, knowing full well that I didn’t like dogs. I was always under the impression that this type of thing should be a mutual decision?? Of course I have to act pleasantly surprised about the puppy in front of his mother since apparently people think you’re some combination of Hitler and Satan for not liking dogs. For 7 years I’ve been putting up with this mutt destroying any of the things that matter to me. It’s like this evil she-bitch deliberately seeks out the things that are the most important to me and destroys them on purpose. Just when I think I’m starting to like her, she tears something else up. This morning she completely destroyed an elaborate knit piece that I’ve been spending HOURS on as a gift to my grandmother. Countless hours and effort only to be completely undone by this dog. I was unconsolably miserable about it this morning and wanted the dog dead, then hated myself for wishing death on another living creature.

    Whenever my husband gives me any affection this dog has the nerve to get jealous, and my husband thinks it’s the cutest thing ever. I can’t stand her as well as most other dogs and people look at me like I’m a soulless sociopath for not thinking the damn dog is god’s greatest little gift to the earth. Then the same people will say that they “hate cats.” I’m sorry, but does my clean, non-smelly cat jump up on you like a fucking idiot every time you come to my house?? I didn’t think so. The only dogs I’ve ever liked are the ones that act like cats. You know we are devolving as a species, ancient Egypt worshipped cats and now we worship dogs. If archaeologists dug western civilizations up 1000’s of years from now, they would determine that we were dog-obsessed peons with shrines and crazy artifacts dedicated to these damned dogs.

  72. Bob Colley says:

    I had a dog for a short period of time. They can figure the pecking order in the household. I was top dog, then the dog and my son came third.

    The dog didn’t mess with my stuff but chewed the shit out of anything of my son’s it could get a hold of.

  73. Bob Colley says:

    And why on earth when a dog owner has one yappy mutt, they feel compelled to get a couple more.

    There are parks that have signs up stating that no dogs are allowed, but there is always some owner there with their dog. And left over piles of crap too.

  74. Anonymous says:

    “The vast majority of dogs owners are scum.” “I believe that God created dogs and pickup trucks for the same reason. It makes the mutant low-lifes of the world easier to spot and avoid.” “No Means No.
    My crotch is not a place for your dogs’ nose. Ever. Enough said.”

    LOL! Oh, it felt good to laugh. I couldn’t have put it any better. I’ve heard of people getting a dog so they’d be forced to exercise by walking the dog. Then they get lazy and never do it, so the dog just barks constantly and gets neurotic.

    I don’t care for dogs. I’m a cat-lover, and as someone else said, it’s considered almost a national sport in the U.S. to say you hate cats, but god forbid you dare say you dislike dogs. I always pretend with my friends, but when I get home, I head immediately to the bathroom and try and try to wash the unbelievable stench off my hands. That stench is as stubborn as garlic and it takes several washings to get the smell out. I’ve known people who actually think cats are dirty but have dogs and let their dogs lounge on their couch, dragging its ass and balls on every inch of it. Can you imagine taking a black light to their house? Dear god. Once, I was at a lake, bending over the edge of the dock, admiring the water. When I returned to an upright position, I realized that my husband’s parents’ nasty fucking dog was sniffing my ass while I was bent over. That was so humiliating, and I noticed his disgusting piece of shit dog owner parents were suppressing evil laughter from afar. I wish dogs had never been domesticated. Same with cats, but I love cats and I only see dogs as loud, stinky, cat-tormenters. Dogs are dangerous. I’ve been bitten twice, yet dog owners are so offended if you shy away from their overly friendly jumping dog with long nails and huge teeth instead of showering the stinky thing with physical affection. You will find that most dog lovers secretly hate cats. I know some who claim to love dogs and cats, but those are few. Anyhow, I, too, am glad to know there are other people out there who don’t like dogs. I’m glad people give them homes, but I wish they’d keep them quiet and mostly inside their homes.

  75. Anon says:

    I agree! The vast majority of dog owners are scum. A dog owner in my neighborhood punched me in the face (I’m female and he’s a man) for touching his dogs leash. I wanted to move the dog off the grass because it was about to take a crap. I have a restraining order on him now

  76. Anon says:

    You are so right!!

  77. Anon says:

    I agree with what you said. And I also have noticed that the dog owners think they are Morally superior and kind hearted because they are dog lovers. GIVE ME A BREAK!!! Meanwhile, they can’t even show their fellow neighbor any respect because in their eyes, their dog comes first! Their dog has the right to kill your flowers, pee and crap on your property, bark it’s head off. And you the property owner and tax payer don’t have the right to object. Dogs don’t have rights. They are considered property. Unless it’s used for law enforcement or to help the blind, keep them away.

  78. lisa says:

    I propose that the only mutants here are you hateful people.
    The fact that you can hate a living creature proves you all the lesser.

  79. Bob Colley says:

    In the big scheme of things, I wouldn’t hate dogs as much if their owners were such ignorant, inconsiderate mutants!

  80. David says:

    I live at farm and we have two dogs. They are there for protection for cows and heavy farm machinery like trackters and water motors. Recently both dogs cought a thief stealing water motor who managed to get away since it is a open farm. They didnt bite him but were constantly barking at him. I heard them and ran over the farm but he ran out. The motor cost about $1300. So a dog for protection is fine but i dont see any reason of owning a dog in a city or a town cos if anything happens police reapond is very fast than where i am in a farm.

  81. Bob Colley says:

    Having a dog on a farm is great. Too many dogs in the city don’t get any exercise or attention so they bark and dig.

  82. James says:

    Then laws must be passed requiring all puppy farms, pet stores, animal shelters surgically “debark” their four legged nuisances. Require all dog owners, to have a dog license, “debark” their dogs, unless they have a license for a guard dog.

  83. James says:

    Sue him! Those who let their hounds trespass on other peoples’ property should loose their dog licenses, even if it doesn’t defecate or urinate on someone else’s land.

  84. James says:

    If an old lady is knocked down by a mutt; she can die in the hospital from a broken hip.

  85. James says:

    Having 2 or 3 dogs in an apartment complex? Dog ownership, in an urban or suburban area, should be limited to one.

  86. James says:

    The Irish often love their dogs more than their family menbers. Many go for years without communicating with them.

  87. James says:

    A town in Iceland banned dogs. If dog owners don’t clean up after, leash, confine, muzzle, keep quiet their lousy pests, perhaps the annoyed voters can put a law banning them from the town on the ballot for a direct vote, I’m sure that town is getting along fine without the biting, barking, defecating, urination.

  88. Anon says:

    Wow! That sounds like my kind of place! :)

  89. Anon says:

    You sound guilty… like one of those horrible dog owners.

  90. Bob Colley says:

    Great selection of comments, thanks for your input.

  91. Debra says:

    I didn’t realize so many people hated dogs with such passion and had to call them fuckers. Really? I don’t like neighborhood cats shitting in my garden and having fights at night, but I don’t dwell on my cat hatred and join in with hateful blog posts. You people are over the top.

  92. Bob Colley says:

    Deep thoughts from a troll.

    Why on eath when someone disagrees with a subject do they read the post from beginning to end AND all the comments AND takes the time to leave a pointless comment?

    There are a billion other web sites out there and it takes but a click of a mouse.

  93. Freddie says:

    I often felt Bad that I really hated these filthy creatures but thank God I am not alone . They disgust me , particularly in a domestic environment . Most people who have them are not hygiene conscious . I Know one or two responsible owners, but most allow these filthy lot to do whatever they like in the house and behave in whatever way they want towards visitors and people .

    I have seen dogs like the backside and kiss the owner afterwards or drink and eat from the same cup or plate . It’s just beyond disgusting .

    They are a useless bunch of shit machines !

  94. Bob Colley says:

    Went to a women’s site on cooking and she had a picture posted of her dog lying amongst the produce. I would accept any invitaion from her to come over for dinner.

  95. Freddie says:

    My friend has a partner who just let’s the dog hair pile up, she thinks he is being fussy if he complains . It is on the work benches at times , it just goes everywhere . After a bit of complaining it is now not allowed to sit on the sofas. It is still allowed to sleep in the room by the bed as she is afraid it will die from the cold and will be lonely. However their is hair all over the floor. It also breaks in to the bedroom when alone if the door is not locked

    They can’t go anywhere as a couple without it , it barks constantly at passerby and if it is out for a Walk constantly picks fights with other dogs . It is a total nightmare .

    I feel sorry for my friend , he likes this girl but if it came to it , she’d pick the dog, I am convinced and she pretty much admitted it .

    I don’t know but I feel that these self professed dog loving people are unable to treat human beings with the love and affection they give to these filthy dogs . They actually admit they’d rather have dogs . I think it’s weird . A working dog is one thing but treating it as a human being and putting it in front of everyone is your life is madness

  96. Bob Colley says:

    The dog’s poor behaviour is because it hasn’t been socialized or trained properly.

    I don’t know why some people want to attribute human emotions to an animal. You’re right. It isn’t right.

  97. Anon says:

    I agree with you! And, All the people who comment like Debra are the guilty ones who can’t control their dogs and allow their animals to create a nuisance for everyone else.

  98. Bob Colley says:

    So right you are!

  99. Anon says:

    Tell me how anyone could think this thing is cute in any way, or tolerate the sound. I would want to slap it and kick it outside. Jesus.


  100. Anon says:

    And lord yes, the licking on the face that the dog lovers let them do with those ass-licking, foul, sloppy, drippy, slimy, huge tongues. Good GOD. And they never feel the need to wash their hands after they let the dog lick them, or after they pet the dog. They go right on and eat, etc. To me, that’s worse than taking a dump and not washing your hands afterwards. I just wouldn’t date anyone with a dog because it’d be too awkward to ask them to wash before kissing or sex.

  101. KaD says:

    I’d have picked it up with a shovel and threw it on him.

  102. KaD says:

    You need to report this lose dangerous dog to animal control daily, get video if possible. Report in writing to the apartment managment too. I carry mace with me for just this reason. Check out dogbitelaw.com. Let your apartment manager know they can be held liable if the dog bites someone.

  103. KaD says:

    Carry mace and be prepared to use it on dogs-and their nitwit owners. Saying “I’ve got mace” usually get the owners to pull their dogs in right quick.

  104. KaD says:

    What chaps my a** is seeing dogs in commercials for new cars, cancer treatment, insurance, pool chemicals, and in magazines and catalogs. Even in your own home you can’t get away from them.

  105. KaD says:

    Dog owners don’t listen to dog haters. Why don’t you as a dog owner take responsibility for educating other dog owners?

  106. KaD says:

    Dogs that are thrown in the backyard like a sack of rocks and bark all day are being neglected and animal control should take them away from the owners.

  107. KaD says:

    Dog is god spelled backwards because people treat their dogs like gods which is ass backwards.

  108. KaD says:

    I don’t leave the house without mace because of unleashed dogs. I’m not afraid to use it on the a**hole owners either.

  109. KaD says:

    Dogs are not a natural animal; they are solely the creation of man and would not survive in nature without us. Therefor they should be left to go extinct.

  110. KaD says:

    In much of the world dogs are considered unclean and are not kept as pets.

  111. KaD says:

    My boyfriends dog is neurotically needy-if I get a hug the hairbag comes over and needs attention. God I hate that!
    Yes, the Egyptians had two cat gods-Bast, protector of women and children and Sekmet-destroyer of evil. They had two dog gods-Annubis the god of the underworld (dead) and Set, who killed his brother Osiris the God of Light. The bible, Torah, and Koran have nothing good to say about dogs-why is it then that so many people who are Christian especially worship these parasites?

  112. KaD says:

    Like LISA-doesn’t a dog somewhere need its ass wiped? Hop to it dogslave.

  113. KaD says:

    Exactly! Try reading the comments. Besides that, dogs are constantly shoved down our throats. On tv, in catalogs, you can’t even go to the grocery or hardware store without some idiot having their dog with them!

  114. Michael Greene says:

    I am disliking dog owners more and more every day. As a matter of fact, they pretty irritate me to no end. When I open the front door to my condo there is at least 3 piles of dog crap staring me in the face even though it is supposed to be a rock garden. Instead, it’s become a litter box for irresponsible dog owners. I find it unfathomable that so many people get animals without taking responsibility for them and taking other peoples’ feelings, property, personal space, and comfort level for granted. Today, I assisted in having a woman thrown out of my local grocery as she just walked straight in behind me carrying her lap dog. I mean, who thinks it’s OK to take your dog into a grocery store? This isn’t Petsmart. My best friend said someone brought their dog into the restaurant (chain franchise) she was dining at yesterday and no one said a word. This is getting out-of-control. We need to create some kind of lobbyist group that will defend the rights for those of us who don’t own dogs and regularly have our rights infringed upon by those that do.

  115. Anon says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s as if dog owners have more rights than non pet owners. A pet is a piece of property with no rights but it seems that they can infringe on my rights…. I mean that’s just absurd! Here’s an experience……I was going to a restaurant that makes really good hamburgers. They have tables and chairs outside that are meant for dining. There was a guy sitting there with a woman who was holding and petting this dog and saying “oh don’t you miss mommy”. I just ignored it because I was going to dine inside….. then that same woman turns out to be our waitress…. Remember, she was just holding the dog and petting it (the dog was a hairy dog too). So now she’s going to serve people their food with the same top she had on when she was petting the dog? I left without ordering anything and I will never go back to that place.

  116. Anon1 says:

    That dog is really ugly! Poor thing. And that screaching… don’t understand how ANYONE could enjoy that or think it’s cute!!!

  117. Tim says:


    You’re a true American hero. You should be President, not Obama or Rommney.

    Dog are an epidemic in this country. It comes from the overbreeding of the lower IQ human species who only know one thing: Breed. Breed more humans thereby breeding more dog owners.

    It’s that simple.

  118. Anon1 says:

    I hate those commercials too. So many commercials have dogs in them. They should realize that doing this has a negative impact on a lot of people. I’m one of them!

  119. KaD says:

    Thanks for the intelligent well though out comment-NOT. I hate dog worshipping morons. Like YOU.

  120. KaD says:

    I love living creatures-it’s just that I’d love dogs alot more with ketchup and potatoes.

  121. KaD says:

    I’ve even seen idiots refer to their dog who attacked someone being euthanized as ‘unconstitutional’-as if dogs wrote a constitution! And calling people ‘racist’ for not liking a dog, and saying they could live with their dog anywhere due to ‘Fair Housing’ laws. NONE of these concepts apply to dogs!

  122. KaD says:

    I’d have asked for the manager and complained about it. If no one says anything this brainless behavior will only get worse.

  123. KaD says:

    Here is some video of a morally superior human with his dog. He wanted people to be like dogs-loyal and obedient: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KC9XfcJFeOM

  124. KaD says:

    I’ve recently seen several cases of people who’ve lost their fingers, nose and legs to infection from dog bites.

  125. KaD says:

    Thanks for the brilliant thoughtful comment! You must be a dog owner.

  126. KaD says:

    Make a tape recording of the dogs and play at it loudly during the entirety of the next council meeting.

  127. KaD says:

    I live with my guy and his long haired collie, a nice very submissive dog but filthier than a herd of goats to have indoors. I can’t count the number of times we’ve missed out on doing something or left early because we had to get home to ‘feed the dog before he pukes’. I’m still pissed about the Halloween party we missed, I got a $200 outfit for it. Having a dog sucks ass and if he needs another one after this I might just get my own apartment again. Did I mention I’m allergic?

  128. KaD says:

    Hating cats is almost a national pasttime. What cat ever killed somoeone?

  129. KaD says:

    That’s because dog worshippers need an infantile furslave up their ass all the time. Cat lovers are mature and emotionally stable enough to appreciate a creature that doesn’t grovel over a french fry.

  130. KaD says:

    Even dog owners hate their dog-what do you think about that JERK? http://crankenpants.wordpress.com/2007/05/22/10-reasons-why-i-hate-my-dog/

  131. KaD says:

    That’s the thing though-dogs seem to come preloaded with a plethora of bad behaviors; from peeing (marking) and shitting indoors to leg humping, eating shit (or rocks, socks, underwear, christmas tree ornaments, anything really), destroying shoes and whatever they can get their snouts on. Cats are cats, they know to use the litterbox and require almost no training; and certainly not almost constant supervision, training, and behavior modification like dogs do.

  132. KaD says:

    Dogs carry parasites that humans can get from licking-google ‘tongue worms’.

  133. Bob Colley says:

    A little bit of an over reaction. Got to wonder about a condo manager that lets a pitbill in a building and the owners are so lazy they won’t even take the dog for a walk – they let it pee on the balcony.

  134. Anon1 says:

    I agree. A little over the top as far as a reaction…. But could you imagine some dog peeing on the balcony on top of you and it dripping down? YUCK. Also, I read where the dog owners used to dump dog poo on his balcony also since he complained… And it had been going on for some time. I say the cops and the condo association should take some responsiblity / punishment for not enforcing the law and the condo rules.

  135. KaD says:

    Whenever I see a puppy I think about where the nearest woodchipper could be; like this guy:http://angryromanian.com/2007/08/08/the-only-thing-worse-than-a-dog-is-its-owner/

  136. KaD says:

    Yeah, I have a dog too. An extremely submissive, non destructive one, but it’s still just a dog. Filthy, needy, and neurotic. I’m not that impressed and it’s certainly not MY best friend.

  137. KaD says:

    German Shephards are one of the top biting breeds, along with pit bulls, rottenweilers, akitas, and chows. Not real surprised say to say. Sorry your family cared more about a shitty dog than they did about their own child.

  138. Anon1 says:

    You’re right. I should have asked for the manager and complained. Then told them I had no plans of coming back. It seems as though if it hits people in the wallet, then they start listening.

  139. KaD says:

    I’ve seen cases of people hanging, scalping, shooting, or slitting the throat of a neighbors barkbag. People are sick and tired of irresponsible negligent dog owners (who seem to be the vast majority) and emasculated animal control.

  140. Mike says:

    ITT: Neckbeards bitching about stupid shit.

  141. Pandora49 says:

    Hi Bob,

    Thank you for having this site for non dog lovers. I am not fond of them at all! I don’t care if anyone calls me evil, because I am not. I’ve never hurt any animals in my life and that includes dogs. I don’t know how people got into this trap of getting a dog, buying him food, vaccines, etc…They cost a lot of money. God forbide that you have a nice carpeted house, and the dog will choose the carpet the shit and barf on, naturally. We have a large Dalmatian that my husband got without my consent, and now I’m stuck with this thing for 15 years (that’s how long they live.) The darn dog has only been with us for 8 months and we already spent over $1,200.00 on her. I don’t know how people can get sucked into owning a dog. The shit anywhere they want, they barf, they trash the carpet and furniture, and as if this wasn’t already enough, they also want to sleep in your bed! And what’s the big deal about this crotch sniffing everytime someone comes over? Discusting! Like I said, I am not evil. I just don’t like dogs, any dogs, inside my house. I’m a clean freak and that’s the way I always be. There’s nothing wrong with me for being me. Now, I have to be good sport for my 8 year old daughter and husband, and keep the peace in the family. I feel like running away from it all. I am very upset that I have to live with a dog even though it repulses me. That’s not fair to me at all!

  142. Pandora49 says:

    Yes, Tim, you are so right! Dogs are definitely something that I can live without. If only my family could respect my choice.

  143. Pandora49 says:

    Yep. And what about being called evil for not wanting dogs in your house? That one always cracks me up! Can someone show me a writen law/constitution, stipulating that every family should own a dog?

  144. Pandora49 says:

    Oh, I want to move there. That must be paradise!

  145. Pandora49 says:

    Very well put, KaD. I’d much rather have a cat and train it to not go on beds and furniture, but I’ve heard that they can be quite tough to train. I do not like any animals on my bed or furniture, so I don’t know. I like cats because they are very independent and I don’t mind that at all. With a dog, you have to be at their begs and calls 24/7. And boy are they filthy and stinky.

  146. Pandora49 says:

    I hear you, Chloe. Nobody on earth should feel obligated to love dogs if they don’t.

  147. Pandora49 says:

    I agree. That’s always what I tell everybody, but they say it’s because I’m evil.

  148. Pandora49 says:

    Jesus never had a dog with him as I recall. So why comparing dog to God? Because some idiots out there said that dog is God spelled backward? Santa is an anagram of Satan, just saying.

  149. Pandora49 says:

    Yes. People as such a-holes with their dogs it’s pathetic.

  150. Pandora49 says:

    If you really love dogs, Sharon, what the heck are you doing on a “I hate dogs” forum?

  151. Pandora49 says:

    Oh yeah, she does! Yuck!!!

  152. Pandora49 says:

    Boy, do I agree with that statement. It fits me to a T.

  153. Pandora49 says:

    I agree, Bob. And the constant begging for food. A dog will eat ’til he barfs and drops, and then will ask for more food…and repeat.

  154. Pandora49 says:

    LOL, Ann. I LMAO when I read your comment. LOL

  155. KaD says:

    I live with a cat too; he knows commands like NO and DOWN. It’s not impossible to train a cat but you can’t train it the way you would a dog because they’re not intensely food focused. It may be difficult to keep a cat off everything because they are intensly curious. But unlike dogs cats clean themselves. There is a hell of alot less hair around the house from the cat than there is from the dog.

  156. KaD says:

    Muslims would consider you evil for having a dog IN the house. In Islam an angel cannot enter a house with a dog in it due to the dogs filthiness.

  157. KaD says:

    No, it’s not. I live with a LONG haired collie I’m allergic to. I vacuum every weekend and get enough hair to fill a jumbo bag of cottonballs. It’s disgusting. And it shits like a horse. And pukes. A dalmation is like an ADHD kid-they’re bred for tons of energy and get destructive if they’re bored and not tired. It’s not a good dog to have unless you have a big yard and you’re a jogger or bicycler and can get the dog a whole lot of exercise every day.

  158. KaD says:

    And here’s what the Bible says: Matthew 7:6- Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you to pieces.”

  159. KaD says:

    I HATE the begging! The dog parks his ass right in front of us because he knows the SO can’t resist giving him a piece of anything he eats. The dog is 50% OVER it’s ideal weight! Stop feeding the dog already! UGH!

  160. Pandora49 says:

    Boy, are you so right, Kad! And one thing you didn’t know is that they growl at you if you try to hug them. My 8 year old daughter always wants to hug her when she comes back from school, and the darn thing just growls at her ready to bite. Dals are cute because of all the spots on them, but if they are not properly bred, they can be tough to raise.

  161. Pandora49 says:

    I have a couple of friends that are doctors and they once told me the amount of kids that are treated for ringworms is pretty big. I tell my husband that I do not want that filthy dog to lick our daughter on the mouth because of ringworms, and he tells me that a dog’s mouth is clean and do not carry such things. If it’s true, how come kids get sick from them, then? I’m certainly not making that up! People love their dogs so much that they are being blinded by all the potential dangers that dogs can be to humans. If a dog’s mouth is cleaner than that of a human’s, why don’t doctors tell the world that it’s ok to have kids being licked on the mouth? That’s it’s healthy for them!

  162. Pandora49 says:

    Yes, Kad. In Muslim religion they believe that when everyone goes to sleep at night, that an angel will enter your house and protect the sleeping children/family. If a dog is in that house, the angel will not enter that house and do his job because the dog can see the angel. So the angel stays away. Muslims do not hate dogs. They just do not allow them in their house for that particular reason.

  163. Pandora49 says:

    That’s because they are if you really think about it. They only be allowed on farms, police force, etc…It makes more sense to me to have them there.

  164. Pandora49 says:

    LOL, Anton!

  165. Pandora49 says:

    Great article. That guy is so right on! and yes, some people are so smitten with dogs that they’ll even go as far as using them for their sexual pleasures. Sick, sick, sick! Dog owners are filthy animals.

  166. KaD says:

    I think we all know how that works out when you ask a dog owner to take responsibility for their barkbag. You’re lucky if you don’t get shot in the face.

  167. Pandora49 says:

    God, do I hate the crotch/ass sniffing that all dogs seem to love. What baffles me if that their owners are not even trying to push the darn dog away from you when they do it. They seem to take a sick pleasure in watching. Dogs are not normal and shouldn’t be allowed to live inside a house. When a human is physically/mentally handicaped, people put them in a special house so they don’t have to deal with them. Why can’t we do the same with dogs? And no, I’m not evil for saying this. I just like human companionship better. With a human friend, youcan laugh at jokes, help out each other, go shopping, have fun, discuss about books, etc…You can’t do that with a dog. It’s not the same.

  168. KaD says:

    Most dog owners are incapable of carrying on an intelligent conversation.

  169. KaD says:

    Going to be a great morning. Was planning on a Valentines breakfast-bison breakfast sausange and belgian waffles hot off the grill with raspberry& chocolate sauce & whipped cream and maple syrup. The SO isn’t up yet. He won’t be in a good mood for long once he is. The f*ing dog diarrhea’d all over the basement last night. He’s going to have to run the carpet cleaner. I hope the f*ing thing died too. This is the thing-you don’t get this with the cat. Just a fucking dog. Oh, I’m paying $80 for the shitbags grooming today too. Been 8 weeks and it already stinks. Dogs suck big time. As someone once said; houses are for people, BARNS are for animals.

  170. KaD says:

    And then the SO gets up and he’s telling the dog “it’s okay”. It’s okay-to shit and piss all over? I wanted to go Japheth Stalcup on them both (guy who axed his dogs to death). Due to geologic movement the basement floors here are wood, not concrete, so the piss soaked through. The fu**er essentially ruined the basement. A home is an expensive investment, how can a shiteater possible be worth ruining it for? God save me from doing anything stupid.

  171. Carolina says:


  172. KaD says:

    Go wipe a dogs ass dogslave.

  173. Pandora49 says:

    No, they do it because they are retarded beast who will never be able to take care of themselves, you witch. I bet your house is filthy from all the dog crap and urine. Dog owners always have filthy houses. ALWAYS!

  174. Pandora49 says:

    I just hope that you gave him the satisfaction to clean all of doggie’s crap? I don’t know when people will realise that dogs don’t belong in a house.

  175. Rebecca says:

    Hello there.

    This was an interesting read. While I’m a dog owner, I do have the SAME concerns as yourself. I despise going to parks, and seeing dog shit in the middle of the sidewalks or grass. I believe this entire thing boils down to how inconsiderate people really are in general. Many dog owners claim their dogs are good dogs, when in reality their dogs are horrid little shits. I’m disgusted by owners who constantly allow their dogs to bark, but when you confront them, they claim that they are dogs and dogs bark. My dog hasn’t had any special training besides the basic commands such as No, Stay, Come, etc. I don’t allow certain barking.Since he was a puppy, I’ve popped him for barking at certain things. Now, he literally let’s out one bark or a growl as a signal to us that someone is near our home…and he gets rewarded for alerting us. My dog knows what he can and can’t bark at. Not all owners are the same though…99% of them shouldn’t own dogs though. I wish dogs were never domesticated in the first place. >_<

  176. KaD says:

    I’m a dog owner (by default) and I agree. That and I’m amazed at how delusional people are about their dog’s aggression problems. I’ve been on the receiving end of dogs that were snarling, lunging, foaming at the mouth, and snapping and their vapid owners say something stupid like “He’s just being protective” or “He’s all show” or “I know my dog”. WTF? If you know your dog then you should know it has a dangerous aggression problem-DEAL with it. If you don’t know look it up online or get a book. I would never allow my dog to act like that.

  177. Bob Colley says:

    Congratulations on the most brain dead comment I’ve ever seen.

  178. Pandora49 says:

    Hi agree with you, Rebecca, that dogs should have never been domesticated. What a big mistake this was. Do you know how badly dogs alone polute the earth? I just read that in America alone, people spent over 800 million dollars on their dogs for Valentine’s! Really?! What the heck is wrong with people? What about giving money to women/homeless shelters or orphanages. I dedicate some of my free time and money to these places. I am far more concerned about seing kids not being fed and not going to school. Dog owners are selfish, narcissistic liars. They’ll get rid of grand-ma and grand-pa and put them in a retirement house so they don’t don’t have to care for them, but they will get dogs as a replacement. I don’t give a shiz about dogs because I care more about the people around me. That said, I still take good care of the Dalmatian that we have, and that I don’t want, for my husband and daughter’s sake. I think that dogs are shoved in our throats because it’s a big money maker scam that people fell into. Millions of us, out there, are not that gullible and smelled the scam. I applaud all of the people who said NO to owning a dog. They have my upmost gratitude and respects. They are the smart ones who did not fall into that evil trap. And dog lovers are evil and have no respect for non dog lovers. They’ll get one even though you warned them not to because you’re not that into them. What an evil thing to do.

  179. Pandora49 says:

    Well said, Bob. My thoughts exactly. You, dog owners are selfish a-holes. If it wasn’t for clean conscience people like us, the earth would be destroyed from all the dog crap and barfs. We’re planning on buying a house and all we see are filthy houses that have been soiled/destroyed by dogs. I’ll wait a little longer and buy a brand new house with no previous retarded dog/people smell.

  180. KaD says:

    Yeah, when my guy and I looked at houses many of them had carpeting ruined by dog piss and crap. Some even smelled. How could anyone in their right mind let a dumb useless money pit fleabag ruin what for most is the biggest investment of their life?

  181. Pandora49 says:

    Yeah, I gave up on already lived in houses. I’m buying new, it’s safer.

  182. KaD says:

    You do see the irony, don’t you? You’re probably spending about $4000 a year on two dogs (in a study ONE medium dog getting average food and routine vet care cost $1200 a year, I’m guessing your ‘protection’ dogs are larger breed) who failed to stop someone from taking the equipment they’re there to protect. I’m guessing a few motion detectors would cost alot less and do no worse a job of protection.

  183. KaD says:

    Yeah, if he’s in a bad mood I get the cranky guy but it’s always goo goo happy for the dog. I feel like I’m an intruder in an otherwise perfect relationship-a man and his dog. Wtf did he need a girlfriend for again? I seem to have forgotten. Oh yeah, to help with the bills I guess.

  184. KaD says:

    In the SO’s case we travel with the dog. I can’t get even a days break from this F*ing thing. Even parents who love their kids very much like to get a babysitter and get away once in a while. I’d be ecstatic if we could go camping without the huge filthy shitfactory. But dog owners seem to LOVE having the beast up their ass constantly.

  185. KaD says:

    Words cannot describe how stupid YOU are. Go pick up some doggie logs you dogslave.

  186. KaD says:

    Don’t forget BULLIES, which is what many dog owners are.

  187. KaD says:

    Here’s a dog poo calculator: http://www.baxterboo.com/fun/poopscoop/

    And for a Dalmation: Poopy will deposit approximately 12,941 pounds of poo and use 15,098 dog poop bags while residing on planet earth, based on the life expectancy, metabolism and weight of a typical Dalmatian. Seriously.

    By weight, that’s roughly equivalent to 4 Toyota Priuses, 39,215 iPhones, 10,353 Starbucks Venti Lattes, or 28,758 Big Macs. Get scooping!

  188. KaD says:

    And that’s for ONE dog. How many people do you see that have 2, 3, or more?

  189. KaD says:

    Agreed. When a dog dies, even because it’s attacking someone, people act like Jesus Christ got crucified again. It’s insane.

  190. Pandora49 says:

    I know. We never go on vacation because of the dog. It’s been like that for 20 years. This one time, we went to Pensylvania on a short one day one night vaca, but we had to stay at a doggy motel at the insistence of hubby. It was awful!!! The smell of urine and poo, dandruff/hair flying around the room, and pee stains on the bed cover. It was horrible! I told hubby to never, ever have me stay at a doggy motel again. We were both itching on the way home and had little red bumps all over our legs and arms. If I could have wash myself with plain clorox, I would have used 2 full gallons. Yuck!!!

  191. Pandora49 says:


  192. theengineer says:

    The latest tactic by dog lover community is to show up on these sites appearing to be sympathetic or even as reluctant dog owners. Dog worship is another form of extremism/fundamentalism complete with it’s “missionaries”. I don’t buy any of the crap in the most recent comments above.

  193. KaD says:

    Yes, I’ve seen that. There’s a Facebook “I hate dogs” site that’s entirely run by dog worshippers. They lure unsuspecting dog haters then lambaste them. Why shouldn’t someone be allowed to have an “I hate dogs” page? People hate cats all the time, kids, old people, broccoli, why the hell are dogs so special? Because some antisocial jerk thought up a saying about dogs being friends? My friends do alot more for me than shit all over the house and want to get fed. Dogs are not Jesus Christ in fur; they’re just animals and fairly stupid ones at that. I’m with the Chinese-it should be legal to eat dog. What else are they good for? Chickens at least lay eggs, sheep, goats and cows provide milk. You get nothing worthwhile from a dog.

  194. KaD says:

    Red itchy bumps are typical of bedbug bites.

  195. KaD says:

    Sounds like what YOU’RE doing on this site.

  196. KaD says:

    Btw, you can usually tell who those people are because, unlike the people above, they don’t have a personal story to tell. They just spout off the same platitudes about dogs being not so bad-at first.

  197. Meow says:

    I do not like dogs. They jump on you and scratch your legs with their claws. They lick all over you and leave slobber all over you, if they can get at your face they will tongue you in the mouth. They will chew anything, leather boots shoes purses belts, Table legs windowsills carpet, clothes, they will eat the crotches out of your underwares. A puppy untrained will pee every 30 minutes on your carpet. They will poop everywhere too without any warning. If left untrained this will be normal for them. If trained they will poop all over your yard. In the spring open your windows you will smell it, in the summer it will cook. Thats why people walk their dogs, so it will be your yard that gets the poop. They bite without warning. A dog brought up in a family with 4 kids bit me at age two near my eye, I needed stiches, but “ooooh that dog was soooo good with children” yeahright. A house with a dog living in it stinks. No way around it. I own a cat rescued it from a shelter she was 5 years old I immediatly trained her on the toilet with the litter quitter. That means she has her seat and we flip down ours over hers, we do not share seats. There is no smell, all we do is flush. Lets see a dog do this. There are thousands of cats trained this way using this method. You can’t beat that for a pet. When I come home she runs to the door to greet me, she follows me from room to room. Dog owners can’t come close to my cat. I seen a youtube of someone taught their dog to urinate in their bathtub. They thought this was great. I was disgusted.

  198. KaD says:

    I have a cat too and I agree, cats are FAR superior pets to dogs. They clean themselves! They don’t normally shit and piss all over, don’t destroy things, don’t need constant attention, don’t beg for food, shed alot less, don’t BARK and don’t bite unless you give them reason. The cat plays hide and seek and boxes with me. Cats are a hoot! Dogs are smelly, stupid, needy and greedy. And expensive! It costs me $80 every 8 weeks to have this fleabag groomed; and the hair is still everywhere. No grooming needed for a cat!

  199. KaD says:

    And you don’t have the cat up your ass until it gets its ‘poopy walk’. Cleaning the litterbox is much less disgusting than a yard full of mushy rained on dog shit.

  200. KaD says:

    Btw, if you have a cat you need this: http://www.purrfectpost.com . Best damn cat scratching posts EVER. No I don’t own stock in the company.

  201. KaD says:

    And you can go out for an evening or a long weekend if you have a cat. If you have a dog you’re screwed. Either pay to board it, pay someone to come over and dog sit, or take the pain in the ass with you. Nobody has to rush home from work or being out with friends to ‘feed the cat’ or ‘let the cat out’.

  202. Pandora49 says:

    It’s funny how people will often say; “I hate people who hate dogs!” But it’s OK for you to say that you hate kids, though. What if my favorite pet was a huge boa constrictor? Would you be as tolerent when you come at my house? Oh, here’s my pet boa constrictor. Pet him, he’s nice! what?! He’s around your neck?! Oh, that’s OK, it’s because he likes you. He’s saying hi and wants you to love him. Huh? You can’t breath cuz boa is squeezing the life out of you? Aww, how cute! That’s what boa constrictors do, they “constrict.” Just let him be what Mother Nature intended him to be. I’m going to get one BC and take it to the park without a leash, so he can scare the hell out of adults and children. I’ll also make sure that boa is very poorly trained so he can damage your yards, and hopefully, bite and eat the pups that dare to be in his path.

  203. Anon says:

    Your post was HILARIOUS! So true. Good analogy. But if you bring a big to pick up, everything else should be OK…. ha ha ha.

    Thanks for the laugh!!!

  204. Anon says:

    I meant to say as long as you bring a “BAG” to pick up (above).

  205. Anon says:

    A dog urinating in the bathtub….. GROSS!!!!!

  206. Pandora49 says:

    hmm…Actually, you got that backward, Sam. This planet is a better place for you because of people like us, picking up and cleaning up dog shit everywhere. You dog owners are the laziest, filthiest people on earth. You should get on your knees and thank God for putting people like us on earth to keep an eye on you and keep this planet from being destroyed, you filthy animals.

  207. Pandora49 says:

    Thanks, Anon :-)

  208. Pandora49 says:

    Yes, I know. The sad part is that those beasts are still destroying our lawn with their feeces and urine. Once they pee on your flowers, there’s no way to pick that up so the flowers don’t burn and die from the pee.

  209. Pandora49 says:

    Some people are not progressing as human, they’re regressing. Doesn’t that scenario sound like something that happened in the middle age?

  210. Meow says:

    All I have to do is get a friend to feed and change water, and flush twice a day and that is that. I can take week long vacations If I please.

  211. Meow says:

    It was disgusting, and they really thought it was wonderful. No dog will come close to the intelligence of my cat. Toilet trained and no problems. Ever.

  212. Meow says:

    If I catch a dog in my flower garden, there will be hell to pay. I got security cameras and I can show the owner the footage and they can choose to pay me or pay the state the 250.00 leash law.

  213. Meow says:

    They will most likely have their knees in a pile of dog poop whether they get down on their knees indoors or out.

  214. XERO SIGNAL says:

    I’m in the almost exact goddamn situation you are. I’ve lived in this house since 2008 and every fucking time I walk outside to take the trash out or mow the lawn, one of the little shits barks non-stop at me until I go back inside and the other fucking dog barks alot, but not as bad as the main piece of shit. I want them to shut the fuck up, and the only way it’ll probably happen is when it dies. I’m looking forward to it

  215. Anon says:

    I have security cameras too! If these dog walkers keep using my lawn as their pets toilet, I am going to sue one of them. Maybe then they’ll stop!!!

  216. Anon says:

    ha ha ha! It’s true!!!

    And to Sam’s comment… keep your dog on your own property. We don’t want it on ours!

  217. Sindyhatedog says:

    I come from a culture where dogs belong outside. Not inside homes and hotels and rooms. So When I moved here to the States I was shocked the worship these animals get like gods. The treatment they receive better than other humans get. I see people allowing animals shit everywhere!!!! And they dont pick up the dog feaces. Just because its dog poop it doesnt mean its not disgusting. It is just like human waste. If these people love their dogs why not let their dogs, shit in their commode Instead of having other people deal with the dog shit . In appartments, at walk ways, at hotels, near stores shit and more dog shit. I want to vommit there is no way of escaping the filth which these dogs spread. And most of you are right, If you say you hate dogs in this country its worse than saying any Racial- epitheth. I heard one comedian say that “A black man could ge shot and get killed and the killer will not go to Jail’. But A dog fighter will get Maximum punishment allowed by law’. It is very sickening. Mind you my family which lives in East – Africa has dogs. They treat the dogs farm animals. feed them and make sure they take the dogs to the vet for check ups and wash them to remove fleas. But there is no WAY A FLEA BAG Could be treated better than another Human being. I have seen stories on the news of Pit- bulls attacking babies,attacking old people and the owners don’t go take the offending dog to get put to sleep.
    I hate dogs. I wont apologize for it

  218. sonny burnett says:

    i used to have a girl with a loud, stinkin,filthy & jealous mutt. never again! every fuckin weekend was ruined. that little fuck used to bark every sunday & saturday morning at 6 in the morning cause it wanted attention – and wouldnt stop, till that stupid bitch i had let him into the bedroom. every breakfast was ruined cause the little fuck had to be in the kitchen with us. it took her half a year to get that stupid fuck clean – and it probably still pisses everywhere it goes. luckily im not there anymore to witness it. my advice to every single man – never get a woman with a mutt! greetings from germany

  219. Pandora49 says:

    Yes, Sonny. Your life is so ruined once you have a dog. You have to plan everything according to the dog. No more vacations, no more life. All you do is take care of the dog and constantly clean the house. Sick and tired of having those beasts in my house just to please people.

  220. sonny burnett says:

    well, kad – youre absolutely right about that. dogs are just a waste of time.

  221. KaD says:

    Well, I was on a 5 day camping trip with friends. 15 hours into the 17 hour drive we stopped and while in a place eating their two ratdogs ripped my bag apart. I spent the next two hours thinking what it would be like to strangle them. They also ate each other’s car snacks, pissed in the tent, puked in someone else’s tent, pissed on someone’s shirt (it was hanging on the back of a chair), howled and whined incessantly if someone wasn’t within LEASH distance (seen or unseen, didn’t matter), got tangled up and caused dogfights by humping. Wouldn’t settle down in the car, licked each other, themselves, and their owner WAY too much. How can someone sit there with a dog on their lap going to town on its nether regions for ten minutes? GROSS! They also do a high pitched scream when they see other dogs. It’s insane! These people have a well behaved kid and totally get discipline-with the kid. But when it comes to the dogs they totally lose it. I don’t get it. Don’t say the same thing eight times to the dog when it’s clearly NOT listening. Smack it already. I just can’t understand what joy these pain in the ass animals give-it just isn’t there.

  222. KaD says:

    Dogs are a true killjoy. I understand completely. My guy had one when we met. Sometimes I wonder if someone broke in and said “I’ll kill the lady or the dog” if he’d pick me or it.

  223. Pandora49 says:

    Oh, any dog lover would pick the dog over any human being.

  224. Pandora49 says:

    What an awful trip that was! If I wasn’t married and didn’t have a daughter, I’d get my own place, sans dogs!

  225. KaD says:

    Six people have already been killed by dogs in 2013; 2 elderly and 4 children. All the dogs were pit bulls.

  226. Pandora49 says:

    Pit Bulls are dangerous beasts, I don’t care what people say. Some dogs were bread to attack and be violent. Dogs were bread to perform some particular tasks. It’s not even their fault, and I am not blaming the dogs for being what they are supposed to be. Just look at the Germans what kind of dogs they had when they tried to take over the world. They had; German Sheperds, Pit Bulls, Dobermans, Rottweilers. I’ve had the not so great pleasure of meeting all of them. God forbid that you hate all of them and you’re being called a psychopath. You know, I see a lot of kids out there that need a good home, but no, people would much rather get dogs instead. What a sick, effin world we live in!

  227. Pandora49 says:

    Sorry, I meant “bred.”

  228. KaD says:

    Right you are. Nobody bats an eye when a collie tries to herd frogs, ants, or shoes (there are actual cases of this) but when a pit bull does what it was BRED to do it’s the victims fault. SICK! I’ve never spoken to a pit nutter whose sidewalk went all the way to the front door, ever.

  229. KaD says:

    Unless a dog is highly trained like the kind that sniff for bombs or bodies dogs do NOTHING for us. The vast majority are worth less than worthless and just a money pit. All they do is want to be fed all the time and shed and shit everywhere.

  230. Pandora49 says:

    I’m not too sure on this, but I think that Pit Bulls are being banned in Canada. If this is true, that’s a very smart law. What’s the use of owning a four legged beast that kills?

  231. Pandora49 says:

    I love it when dog owners say “the problem is not the dog, the problem is you!” Really!?! Can any dog lover/owner, tell me how it’s other people’s fault when those beasts crap in other people’s yards and destroy you properties, or bite you for no apparent reason? Why do some dogs revert and kill their so called loving owners? All they did was took good care of the dog! My dog has already soiled the carpet in the family room and the hallway. She likes to drag/clean her ass on my carpet right after she went outside to do her business. And even though we installed a $300.00 doggie door that she can use at her convenience, she still manages to shit and pee in the house. Where? Wherever it’s carpeted, of course. She also has a big, huge fenced yard and is allowed to sleep in the family room on a $100.00 bed that hubby got her from the pet store. She eats expensive organic dog food because hubby said so. But I guess we’re not doing enough for the beast. She’ll have her say anyway. I refuse to take her for a walk in the neighborhood because I know that she will shit and pee in other people’s yards and eventually cause some damages. When I tell my husband how cruel and disrespectful of others it is, he doesn’t care. He says that dogs are dogs and that’s what they do. That they have to mark their territories to keep us safe. So I decided that I would give up on cleaning the carpet and leave it soiled and smelly to the enjoyment of all dog lovers when they come at my house. I’m sick and tired of buying products that don’t even remove much. And since we are renting this beautiful house until September 20013, I’m sure that the Landlord will keep the $6,000 deposit to recarpet the house and regrass the big yard. I know hubby won’t be happy because he is a penny pincher. Oh, well, bye bye clean house that I no longer have! I also noticed that dog lovers are liars who trap you into loving their dogs so you can help them with all the hard work. God forbide that you don’t want any part of it, and they’ll retaliate by calling you some degrading names and letting you know that you’ll surely burn in hell for not loving dogs. Non dog lovers are the angels on earth because we know better. Dogs will love you as long as you feed them and give them you home to sleep in.

  232. KaD says:

    If he’s cheap why would he have a dog at all? Dogs are HUGE money pits! In a study the average cost of keeping ONE medium size dog, eating average food and getting routine vet care, was $1200 a year. Your fleabag is probably well over $2000 a year! There are SUCH better things to spend money on! He sounds like as much of a dogwit as my guy. There was a newstory about a dog that attacked two people; I mentioned that the dog needed to be put down. He said “I’ll agree when we start killing people”…WHAT? That didn’t make any sense! And the cop in Colorado that killed the out of control pit mix dog; he said he’d have killed the cop! Brilliant! Make his kids orphans and his wife a widow-over a stupid useless feces factory?! OMG! How DOGtarded! If he gets another one after this I’ll probably call it quits with him. My allergies are horrible. I have sores on my eyelids, my nose is chapped. I don’t want to walk it, pick up after it, wake up early to feed it, go on a trip with it, I just don’t want a dog-at all.

  233. KaD says:

    Dogs are like large roaches with fur-they do NOTHING for us. All they want is to eat as much as possible and shit everywhere. Some had a bit of usefulness before the industrial revolution-that time has long since passed. Dogs are a waste of money, time and love: Matthew 7:6-Throw not your pearls before swine nor that which is holy to the dogs; lest they trample them under their feet and turn and rend you to pieces. And what is more holy than your loving devotion? WASTED on a dog.

  234. Pandora49 says:

    I’d much rather spend all that money on my 8 year old daughter’s education, who’s a straight A student and in a gifted program. But I guess hubby has a different view on that. Doggie comes first because he always had them, and he says that you are saving their lives by taking them in. I never physically or morally hurt any dogs in my life, and never will because I’m not violent, but this thing about allowing them to live inside you house with you just repulses me and is total bull shit! My house stinks, no matter how much clorox, lysol spray or scented candles I use. My house still smells like God knows what! It’s not even a poop smell. It’s something that I can’t describe. Horrendous!!!She also leaves her bed at night to sleep under our bed, and scatches the carpet to make it puffy and comfy. Since I am a very light sleeper, no need to tell you that I get very little sleep. Two nights ago she was barking for no reason under our bed at 3:30 AM. I also never have diner with my husband at the family table because he let’s her beg for food. She even goes as far as putting her nose in your plate since she’s very tall and she can do it. Hubby finds that cute. I find that DISGUSTING!!! I try as much as possible to have diner with my daughter only, because that’s the only time when I can get the spray bottle and shoo her away in her bed. Our vet told us to do that. She also told us that dogs shouldn’t be begging for food since they’re already being well taken care of and well fed. But again, try to tell that to dog lovers and they’ll tell you to shut the eff up!

  235. Pandora49 says:

    Oh, and my husband doesn’t like small dogs at all! He only wants large breeds! I really wonder why!!!

  236. KaD says:

    I wonder if he only gets *female* dogs. Well, in 10 years your daughter will be 18 and you can divorce his sorry ass. Just don’t get pregnant again in the meantime. If he loves dogs that much what did he need a wife for? I wonder the same thing about this guy.

  237. KaD says:

    This dog is 50% over its ideal body weight and he STILL can’t stop handfeeding the dog. It’s like an addiction. The dog just parks its ass in front of him and the food is forthcoming. He can’t say NO. He’s killing the dog with food and he can’t say NO. I try to let the dog out when we eat-I HATE the begging so much. I’m so congested I can hardly smell anything-but I can still smell the dog stink. And it gets professionally bathed and groomed every 8 weeks. What a waste of money.

  238. GWH says:

    Saw a bumper sticker coming out of Costco;
    ” I kiss my dog on the lips” I’m not making this up.
    I actually stopped and read it a couple of times because I couldn’t believe it. I know I know -where do you even begin?
    If anyone out there knows some one in the comedy business maybe pass that on.
    Watching a trained dog assist a handicapped person is incredible and I don’t think anyone here would discount or discredit such an animal.
    The problem being that if it isn’t working then dogs are emotional crutches by and large.
    And the very sad part about that is humans use to fulfull that role.

  239. KaD says:

    I’d have wrote on the sticker “Google tongue worms”.

    I have no problem with dogs used for REAL disabilities where they REALLY help; like guide dogs for the blind. Many ‘service dogs’ these days perform no real service-like dogs that are supposed to alert their owner to low blood sugar when they could and should be using a proven accurate glucometer or dogs that are supposed to detect seizures when the person should be on seizure controlling medications-and are what I call ‘Munchausen by Doggy Syndrome’ or ‘comfort’ or ‘therapy’ dogs which require no training and are not official designations; and are not protected under law. By law someone must be DISABLED to have a service dog. THIS is the quintessential article on everything that’s gone wrong with the ‘service dog’ industry:http://www.sfweekly.com/2009-06-17/news/service-with-a-snarl/

  240. KaD says:

    I’d like to add to this the hordes of dogs used for ‘anxiety disorders’. If you have PTSD or an anxiety disorder you need more than a furmop; you need to be in group therapy and get medication.

  241. KaD says:

    Here’s a quote from the story to gaul you:
    On any given day, numerous dogs, some adorned with ostentatious Red Cross tags or official-looking ID cards, can be spotted on public transit. Approached by SF Weekly, quite a few of these riders candidly admitted that they are in no way disabled and these animals are pets — but they enjoy taking them on the bus or train for free. “It got to be a hassle to have to pay the $1.50 and put a muzzle on him,” one twentysomething woman on the 22 Fillmore said of her Chihuahua–rat terrier mix. She whipped out a laminated placard identifying the dog as a service animal that she’d printed up at home: “I went on Dogster.com. It was easy.”

  242. Pandora49 says:

    I believe you, GWH. Go tell them that it’s not OK to French kiss you dog, and they’ll tell you that is safe. That a dog’s mouth is cleaner than yours. Now, go ask any doctor, and they’ll tell you that, while you will not die from it, you’ll surely get ringworm. We all know what ringworm can do to you. You’ll have diarrhea for a few days and you’ll trow up, all of that accompanied by a fever. I’ve seen kids getting sick from it. Thank God it’s treatable or a lot of people would no longer be.

  243. Pandora49 says:

    I hate people that do that. They do it for the handicaped parking, too. I see it all the time. Now that you brought that up, I’ve always wondered about people bringing their dog in a supermarket. I would say to myself, “jeez, that person is not blind or in a wheelchair and had perfect use of her hands, what’s the point in bringing your dog then?”

  244. KaD says:

    I hate it when loose cats shit in the yard too. The idiot dog eats the cat shit, then has gas and diarrhea in the house. Cats rule, dogs suck.

  245. viper says:

    I agree with this article 100%. I lived with a friend who “loved dogs” and adopted 2 tiny terrier mixes. He never got the dogs housebroken, they constantly bark if they see or hear another dog or for no reason at all, and the only thing he would do as far as “training” was to say “no”, “stop”, etc. from his recliner while watching tv all day long. The dogs are only as intelligent as their owners. He wanted his dogs to be his friends instead of taking responsibility for getting them trained.

  246. SweetoCheetoBag says:

    You know, all dogs and dogs owners are not the same. Maybe they are more stupid in your region.

  247. Anon says:

    Most dog owners stink. That goes for every region!!!! Very few are responsible!!!

  248. KaD says:

    Dogs are noisy, aggressive, unhygienic and inconsiderate … but they’re not nearly as bad as their owners. This dreadful strain of humanity is a breed apart. Marked by a delusional acceptance of anything their pets do, dog owners have transformed turning a blind eye into an Olympic sport.
    Worse still, their intolerable, sanctimonious conduct means that the rest of us pay the price for their relentless indulgence.

    What I object to is the way this indulgent one-way relationship is foisted on the rest of us. You see, part of the problem with dog owners is that they behave even more badly than the most doting, showbiz mother.
    Quick to exonerate their pet’s misdemeanours with feeble explanations, they lavishly praise the unconditional love and loyalty of their four-legged friends.

    But what is particularly deplorable about the dog-owning psyche is the way a negative reaction to their pets is regarded as the fault of the objector, not the animal.

    Yet the dog-owner’s glossary of self-serving excuses is boundless. Dogs are friendly/enthusiastic/playful – even when their jaws drip, their paws scratch and their tongues seek places you have no desire for them to go.

  249. Cassiel says:

    I have long been a member of the “I hate dogs” brigade, but yesterday an incredible thing happened. My boyfriend is house sitting at a lovely house and asked me to go with him for a few hours so we could have fun in the pool there, watch the people’s beautiful TV and so on – I went, but was nervous about the two dogs. He assured me they are very calm and docile, he was right and I realized why people enjoy properly trained dogs. They did not jump, bark, anything like that. One was big, one small and they both lay around peacefully without making nuisances of themselves. I was amazed and delighted that the day was not spoiled thanks to unpleasant dogs.

  250. KaD says:

    Yes it’s nice to come across a well trained well behaved dog-but unfortunately it’s exceedingly rare. The vast majority of dogs are out of control and their vapid owners do nothing about it which greatly contributes to hating dogs. And even the best trained dog can’t pick up after itself. I truly believe the vast majority of dog owners shouldn’t have a dog.

  251. KaD says:

    Some places really do get it: http://www.canbypolice.com/barking_page.asp

    Everyone who lives in the City of Canby has the right and expectation to be able to use their back yards, work in their gardens, enjoy a summer evening on their deck, or sleep peacefully through the night. No individual should have to worry about whether they will be able to sleep or enjoy their home because of a neighbor’s dog.

    If you know that your dog has a tendency to bark at a neighbor, charge the fence, or engage in other inappropriate noise behaviors, FIX IT!

  252. Elusive says:

    Well, this is going to make me popular….

    I am a dog lover and at the farm (I’m in college) we have two dogs–one pure companion and one companion/protector. I think humans and dogs have a very interesting and unique history but since this is an anti-site, I won’t go into that.

    Despite supporting dogs, I agree with some of the things dog haters say. As some of you have said before, you can hate children, parrots, spiders, horses, goats, cows, cats(!), rodents, and basically all wildlife. According to many haters–cat haters especially–it’s absolutely hysterical to see the targets of their contempt suffer horribly. But saying you dislike dogs? Congratulations, you have just spray -painted upon the American Holy of Holies. So many people, even the nicest ones, will think there’s something wrong with you if you don’t like dogs. If you don’t abuse dogs or advocate abusing them, I just consider you unusual. It would be hypocritical of me to judge you–my favorite pets are rats and if it weren’t for the holy temples of India and HeroRAT, they would be universally exterminated.

    Visiting anti-blogs like these also has made me more aware of just how much negligent dog owners and breeders have affected non-owning populations. Many people, especially American people, worship dogs. Worship leads to a mindset of entitlement and hostility at criticism. These traits can lead to negligence, which is how we end up with dog poop on the street, barking at awful hours, and no sense that it might be a good idea to teach your dogs basic commands. I admit I do not know how to stop dogs from barking but I would like to find out a way. Willy-nilly breed choices aren’t helping either. Make an effort to find out what breeds are good for you and your environment.

    tl;dr: I love dogs, hate dog worshippers, and have just become the contradiction of the Great Canine Debate.

  253. KaD says:

    I live with a dog myself, and I appreciate your take on this. It’s good that a few dog owners can see what the problems are. There would be VERY few dog hates if dog owners would just take responsibility for the animals they CHOSE to have. Leash and pick up at all times. Don’t allow your dog to bark incessantly. Keep your dog in YOUR yard. Just these three simple things would make a world of difference but it seems like the vast majority of dog owners can’t manage them.

  254. Elusive says:

    Leashing, yes. Picking up, yes. Keeping them in my yard–I’m horribly unassertive so I keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t run off. It seems easier to call them in at my yard instead of yelling at them from down the road. As for the barking….I just don’t know how to keep dogs from barking. It’s what I like the least about dogs themselves, so I wish I knew how to prevent it.

    I appreciate that you’re not running me off simply because I like dogs. Despite what many haters think, some dog people do get annoyed by their fellow fans’ obsession. And it really does help to pick breeds that match you. Bad choices lead to conflicting lifestyles between you and an animal that is almost totally dependent on you. Conflicting lifestyles lead to misery on both your parts, which can result in the misery of larger society. There are more than 600 breeds alive today. Narrow it down a handful that work with you.

  255. KaD says:

    People tend to think I’m Satan because I don’t care for dogs; but if they saw me at home or with my friends dogs they’d be very shocked.

    Yes, many people make bad breed choices. Some people near me got a husky type dog-in a very small yard. Bad combination. A dog is a LOT of work. If you’re not willing to do the above, AND walk and spend time with your dog EVERY DAY for ten to twenty YEARS, then a dog is not the right pet for you. If you want to curtail barking here is a good primer; there are also products like bark deterrent collars and ultrasonic bark deterrents that can help. You can also have a dog Debarked, a surgical procedure.http://www.fmylife.com/intimacy/20550555

  256. Elusive says:

    English-speaking countries live in such a canine world that you can’t say anything bad about them without being pointed at. This is precisely the reason why rabid dog people get on my nerves. They are terrible at responding to someone saying they don’t like dogs, yet trash other animals to high heaven. So even though I’m a dog lover, I find sites like this absurdly (on my part) relaxing because it means I don’t have to feel like I slapped an old lady for saying something negative about dogs.

    Thanks for the link. I noticed people mentioning it earlier and took a look at it. It has some good advice for preventing barking. And yeah; Dobermans, pit bulls, boxers, Rottweilers, Bernese mountain dogs, Italian greyhounds, whippets, salukis, Azawakhs, borzois, English bulldogs, coonhounds and even basset hounds have been crossed off my potential breeds list. If you’re going to get a spitz (husky-type) breed, you better have more to offer than a small urban yard. I am sure this particular dog has made up for a good amount of neurotic behavior in your neighborhood?

  257. kittenlover321 says:

    today a pitt bull jumped on me while I wore my new white coat. The white coat was muddied and the owner didnt apologize at all.

    did i mention my neighbors dog ,Karie barked mine and its little head off.

  258. kittenlover321 says:

    you know actually kari that little shit dog leaps in my face each and every day. and i sort of mixed in a little bit of cat food with the shit pups food and told it to shut the frick up. that shit pup started peeing its nut sized head out. there problem solved and now when I go out it freaks out.

  259. kittenlover321 says:

    I’ll show dogs that theres hell to pay for destroying my roses and peonies.

  260. kittenlover321 says:

    now im so scared to walk in my cousins house thanks to four crazy shih tzus and a vicious golden retriever.

  261. KaD says:

    I have animal control’s number on my cell for just such occasions.

  262. KaD says:

    Then don’t go there. Offer to meet them outside the house, at a coffee shop or restaurant. Make sure dogs are not allowed.

  263. Bonnie says:

    Finally…..people who feel like me!!! I have always hated dogs. My husband has one and I am sick of living with it! I am always cleaning, it stinks, it’s dirty, stupid and soooo annoying. Have sat up many nights thinking about leaving….I know the dog isn’t leaving…but I think I am! To be 2nd to the dog makes my blood boil !!! I would rather live alone!

  264. kittenlover321 says:

    kad, they put the golden retriever outside and considering how my cousin is he wont go anywhere without his dog

  265. kittenlover321 says:

    I hope your husband gives the dog away and gets a cleaner pet, like a cat

  266. kittenlover321 says:

    pittbulls are banned saw it on wikipedia

  267. kittenlover321 says:

    me too when i was little a dumbass dog bit me for no reason.i freakin hate dogs now. they are noisy and break my ears ! I hate it when they think their slimy wet nose is a place for my crotch. its gross ,

  268. KaD says:

    Like I’ve said before; a REAL friend doesn’t walk out when a dog walks in.

  269. KaD says:

    I’m in the same situation only not married. And I won’t marry unless he agrees to no more dogs. This one is old and if he gets another after this I won’t stay. I’m sick of the hair everywhere, the filth, the stink, the expense, and feeling like #3 in the relationship. If he loves his dog so much WHAT did he need a girlfriend/wife for???

  270. kittenlover321 says:

    just try not to respond to him. If it seems like any old day then ignoring him.

  271. kittenlover321 says:

    dude my neighbors dog wants to play at three am and still wont shut the fuck up

  272. kittenlover321 says:

    dude , my neighbors shit dog nearly took a shit on my garden and when I tried to pull it off the owner punched me and the dog stuck its wet little nose up my crotch P.S. im female he’s man

  273. kittenlover321 says:

    we all know what happens, the owner sees a shovel of crap and says “my dog didnt do it and get tottally pissed cause you showed it to him or her

  274. Xero Signal says:

    Some dogs are SOMEWHAT tolerable to be around-and these are the kind that LEAVE YOU THE FUCK ALONE!!! I don’t have dogs and don’t want any.

    I fucking hate the kind that constantly jump on people, frequent barking, getting hair all over the goddamn place, tear stuff up, and stinking up the house.

    Whenever I sit down on a couch or chair, I don’t want my clothes covered in nasty dog hair and smelling like a fucking animal.

    Whenever I go to a friend’s house that owns a dog and cat, I want to change my clothes whenever I leave because they have a certain smell to them from being there, and they keep the house clean. I think the smell is just unavoidable when someone has animals.

    Also when I’m at someone’s house to eat and their fucking dog begs for food at the table, I just want to throw the little shit outside. GET YOUR GODDAMN DIRTY FUCKING ANIMAL AWAY FROM WHERE YOU EAT.

    I also have an ex-girlfriend that had an annoying little shit dog that had it’s own bed and it would still get on the bed with us and make it hard to sleep from it moving around. I just wanted to pick the fucker up and throw it across the damn room.

  275. Xero Signal says:

    Some dogs are SOMEWHAT tolerable to be around-and these are the kind that LEAVE YOU THE FUCK ALONE!!! I don’t have dogs and don’t want any.

    I fucking hate the kind that constantly jump on people, frequent barking, getting hair all over the goddamn place, tear stuff up, and stinking up the house.

    Whenever I sit down on a couch or chair, I don’t want my clothes covered in nasty dog hair and smelling like a fucking animal.

    Whenever I go to a friend’s house that owns a dog and cat, I want to change my clothes whenever I leave because they have a certain smell to them from being there, and they keep the house clean. I think the smell is just unavoidable when someone has animals.

    Also when I’m at someone’s house to eat and their fucking dog begs for food at the table, I just want to throw the little shit outside. GET YOUR GODDAMN DIRTY FUCKING ANIMAL AWAY FROM WHERE YOU EAT.

    I also have an ex-girlfriend that had an annoying little shit dog that had it’s own bed and it would still get on the bed with us and make it hard to sleep from it moving around. I just wanted to pick the fucker up and throw it across the damn room.

  276. Pandora49 says:

    I was shopping at Publix, yesterday and saw a lady with a little dog in her arms. They think it’s OK because the dog is small. I find that disgusting. It’s still a dog. I’ll never say it enough, dog lovers are very selfish people. It’s not uncommon to see a dog in a Publix shopping cart. Just the thought of having a dog sitting in a cart makes me want to puke. someone else will take that same cart and put their groceries in it. It’s not like supermarkets wash their carts with Clorox on a daily basis, right? So here we go again, another fricking dog lover imposing their flee bags on us.

  277. Pandora49 says:

    I hear you, xero. I’m like that too. Can’t stand all that dog hair piling up in your house. The horrendous dog smell that never seem to leave your house no matter how much you clean. Sick and tired of having to put up with a huge one in the house just to please your family. I don’t hate dogs, i just don’t like to live with them in my house. I consider my house my sanctuary. It’s MY PLACE. I do not want to have it invaded with a filthy, stinky beast. But go tell that to dog lovers and they’ll raise hell on you.

  278. Pandora49 says:

    Kad, I’ll never say it enough. dog lovers get a companion so they can have someone else take care of their flee bags when they don’t want to. That’s how my husband tricked me. when we met, I told him that I didn’t care for a dog. I told him that dogs are very expensive to care for and I don’t see the point in spending my hard, earned money on one. as soon as we get married, what do you know? He brings home this huge 85 lbs Dalmatian! now that the old one died, he got us a new one 11 months ago.

  279. kittenlover321 says:

    News flash! two pittbulls killed someone elses cat, the cats name was blanca

  280. kittenlover321 says:

    me too pandora49,i dont want to disinfect every rug in my house

  281. kittenlover321 says:

    someones dog killed a three month old kitten, freakin sad

  282. KaD says:

    Someone’s dogs killed a 14 year old girl in England:http://doghatersunite.com/2013/03/26/dog-pack-kills-uk-girl/

  283. Kittenlover321 says:

    What, a Pitt bull attacked two eleven year olds on their way to school, one nearly died

  284. KaD says:

    I’m sick of the hair, stink, and filth of having a BARN animal in the house too.

  285. Pandora49 says:

    Can you imagine what the girl’s parents are going through right now? Losing your precious child to 5 dogs is beyond words!!! Dogs, especially that many, are not meant to live in a house with people. They belong OUTSIDE!

  286. Pandora49 says:

    Yes, Kittenlover321, Pit bulls are killer dogs. They love and have the need to do what comes naturally to them, kill! When will people understand?

  287. KaD says:

    And he’ll keep getting new ones. The question is are you going to stick around for it? I have allergies and will not stick around for another dog.

  288. Anon says:

    I agree … It’s totally gross to have dogs in a supermarket. I don’t want to go shopping with peoples pets regardless of what type of store it is. We need to start complaining to management.

  289. Mrs fox says:

    I Fucking Hate Dogs For A Number Of Reasons, Firstly They Shit Wherever They Please, They Smell, They Bark Bark Bark, They Are Dangerous Whether It Be A Rottweiler Or A Westie.
    What I Don’t Understand Is How People With Children Would Have Such A Dangerous Animal In The Home, No One Can Say They Trust There Dog 100% So Why Put Your Children At Risk. The Way I See It Is That Parents Are Supposed To Protect There Families not Endanger Them. It’s Not All About Bad Owners Either Because Dogs Have Teeth And Bite And It Doesn’t Matter How Well You Train Your Dog The Fact Still Remains That It Is A Dangerous Animal. I Live Next Door To A Family That Have 4 Barking Little Shits That Annoy Me Beyond Belief.If Someone Says They Hate Children And Never Want Any, It Doesn’t Seem To Shock People As Much As If I Said I Hate Dogs And Never Want To Own One. A Dog Is An Animal… A Dirty One At That, Yet People Treat Them Bette Then They Would Treat Another Human Being. What Is Wrong With People. I Do Like Cats Tho Because They Are Clean And Not Annoying. Rant Over….

  290. Mrs fox says:

    Oh And Forgot To Mention The Dogs Next Door Killed My Cat!

  291. KaD says:

    I think this DOCTOR said it well: KATHRYN HAWKINS, DVM
    After seeing another dog die from a pit bull attack, I feel compelled to write. The opinion that pit bulls are “mean because of the way they are raised” is often not the case. A Both of the dogs I took care of that died were attacked unprovoked by pit bulls that were in families that raised them responsibly. Just as a retriever is bred to hunt birds — an instinct you can’t stop — many pit bulls have a genetic tendency to attack other animals. When they do, they are extremely powerful and don’t quit. But when the instinct to attack another animal occurs, they cause serious damage, or death. The aggressiveness toward other animals and damage they do is not because of “the way they are raised” — it is usually due to a genetic instinct not in the control of the owner.

  292. KaD says:

    They left her alone in a house with 2 pit bulls and 2 bull mastiffs-ONE of those dogs could easily overcome an adult. They might as well left her in the middle of an alligator filled swamp.

  293. james says:

    Dogs are the most vile creatures on Earth, for several reasons.

    1. Dogs are self-centered beasts who believe the world revolves around them and therefore constantly are begging for attention like a bunch of whores. A dog thinks that it has the right to pick a person and just hate on him/her for no reason. When I was a kid, one of my dad’s friend had a dog, and it chased me, barked at me, and snarled at me, for NO FUCKING REASON. I never did a thing to that dumb fucking dog, I was a little kid who only wanted to pet it. And you know what the dog’s owner (my dad’s friend) said to my dad? “oh, your son must be a bad person and my dog could pick it up.” Lol WTF? You think your dumb ass fucking dog can tell if a person is good or not? Dogs are mean and fucked up as hell but the owners stupidity pisses me off even more. And who the fuck does this dog think he is anyways? IF I were a couple years older when the dog tried to bully me I would have fucking kicked it in the ribs and broken its ribcage. Dogs don’t understand that the only reason they’re alive and get away with the bs they’re doing is because of their owners protection. Without their owners they would have their dirty fucking brains blown out.

    2. Dogs are cowards. Dogs are probably the most cowardly creature on the planet, contrary to popular belief, and I’ll explain why. When my Grandfather’s Dad was a little kid, he took a dog hunting, and they came across a wild boar. His dog charged at the wild boar, thinking that my great grandfather would shoot it. But when the dog realized that my great Grandfather wasn’t going to shoot it, (the rifle wasn’t working), the dog ran back with its tail between its legs like a fucking pussy. My great grandfather narrowly escaped, and needless to say, got rid of the cowardly dog. The ONLY reason that a dog will fight a wild animal is because it thinks that its OWNER is there and will protect it anyways. It’s probably thinking “hey all i have to do is charge at this bear and my owner will shoot it and i can have all the glory and be a hero.” But when it realizes that its owner isn’t backing him up, a dog will chicken out and flee. DOGS ARE COWARDLY CREATURES THAT DO NOT DESERVE ANY RESPECT!

    3. Dogs bark for no fucking reason. You don’t have to provoke it, you don’t have to do a fucking thing and it will bark at your house for an hour straight. Annoying as fuck, and what boggles my mind even more is that dog owners seem to enjoy it when their dogs bark like a rabid fucking beast. Any civilized country should ban dogs imo for the sake of the sanity of normal people.

    4. Dogs are fucking aggressive. Every time a friend who has a dog comes over the first thing the dog will try to do is try to chew my dick off and eat my balls. WTF is wrong with those sick fucking animals. Every year babies, old people, and children are killed, mutilated, or severely injured by dogs. Why they haven’t put all pitbulls (a dog bred to attack mutilate and kill) to death is just beyond me.

    5. Dogs are disgusting, smelly, and just dirty overall. They eat shit, poop shit out, and will eat some more shit. You can take a shit on the floor and a dog will come over and lick it up. (That’s actually one thing the dog can be good for, lol). But yea why the fuck would you want a filthy shit eating creature in your house.

    I could talk more but im too fucking tired. I hate dogs.

  294. Anonymous says:

    Very well said good sir. I know alot of people that love dogs and are shocked that someone couldn’t like dogs. Its nice to have a forum like this to hear other people’s similar views of these annoying fucking animals

  295. Xero Signal says:

    Holy shit, what a nightmare of a trip you had. Did the dog owner offer you anything when the damn dogs tore up your bag? And yes, I agree…how could dogs this fucking annoying bring anyone joy? Sounds like nothing but a fucking pain in the ass. I would’ve been so mad at those little shits if I was on that same trip as you

  296. Xero Signal says:

    Several months ago I met a girl and went on a couple of dates with her and things were going very well. I liked her and we had many things in common. And then I found out how much she likes dogs. She asked me if I like dogs and I said the calm and quiet kind are Ok(I was trying to be polite)

    She said her dogs bark a lot and were not calm, she also said one of them likes to bite toes and she thought that was so cute. FUCK THAT!!! If a little shit bites my toes, its getting slapped or thrown across the room and I HATE dogs that bark a lot and wont shut up. This girl also had raised some other farm animals that are taken to shows, which I have no interest in.

    Also, on her online dating profile questions section, it asked her if she would live in a house with someone where no pets are allowed, she answered “no”.

    I just don’t understand all the love fordogs. I only find them to be a pain in the ass, something that won’t shut up, and makes messes. This girl’s love for animals was huge reason for me to stop talking to her.(Another reason is that she is 24 and lived with parents and didn’t seem to be in a hurry to get a job, but that’s another story)

  297. Kittenlover321 says:

    You know the majority of dog owners are scum. People can hate cats, bunnies, birds, babies, and basically all wildlife but oh no when you say you dislike dogs (p.s the neighbors dog won’t shut up right now) congrats you just robbed the holy house of holies.

  298. Kittenlover321 says:

    Pitt bulls are made to kill, someone got arrested for no reason because of a pitt bull. Overall Pitts are annoying, ugly,stupid, evil, and 100% vermin DNA. People still think auh! How cute my Pitt is chasing an innocent kid and wrecking havoc everywhere! Then, they are barking machines and will never ever simply shut up. I like cats more than all dogs ,Great Dane or Pomperanian no matter how cute I still see a monster. On the other hand cats use a litter box naturally, don’t demand attention, are quiet and much cuter anyway.

  299. Kittenlover321 says:

    Same when I was overjoyed with my cat

  300. Elusive says:

    I quite like dogs but they have their flaws. What bothers me is the people who, as you say, act shocked when someone says they don’t like dogs. I mean, we throw around the word Hate to describe practically every other animal, or at least pet. :|

  301. Elusive says:

    That’s basically what I said. lol. But this is the main reason why I can’t stand certain dog people. One of the reasons why rats are my favorite pet is because there aren’t nearly so many uptight owners. But those that are….are reeaaaaaally uptight. haha.

  302. rebecca says:

    It’s called ammonia, and a squirt in the face does the trick. I had to housesit for two people with out of control, barky dogs. When I was getting their food ready, I had to squirt the ammonia to just get them to chill out. My last room mate had two big dogs, that did nothing but run in circles and bark all day because he only came home to feed them. He went into my room and let them loose on my belongings- nuff said. I was out of there the same day.

  303. KaD says:

    My SO told me he and his friends had a rule in college-they didn’t date women with dogs. Now he’s done a 180 and he slavers over this useless filthy barn animal. If I ever date again I won’t date any guys with dogs.

  304. Xero Signal says:

    KaD, it sounds like we might be a good match. You damn sure wouldn’t find a dog with us and visitors would know to keep their dogs away, haha!

  305. Elusive says:

    I think it’s perfectly fine for dogs to live inside, but yes, five at one time is way too many.

  306. KaD says:

    I’m taking classes online and started a new one tonight. Got into the live lecture and started out listening to the instructors shitty dog barking! Then she puts up a picture of the barkbag as a puppy. I’m paying over $600 for this class and don’t feel like I should have to endure more shit-for-brains dog worship.

  307. KaD says:

    Pit owners are FAR more likely to have criminal record than the owners of other dog breeds: http://www.anilak.com/pitbulls-are-dangerous/

  308. pokey says:

    For starters my roommate has a dog. For the most part she is good, playful, and rarely barks. I clean up after her all the time. My roommate however lets her off her leash and lets her run around like crazy around the complex and she always comes back with something that did not belong to her. This pisses me off. When he is home she barks like crazy when I am trying to sleep. Being up at four in the morning and not falling asleep until two? Forget that! When I come home, she lowers her head and sits quietly until I am ready to pet her. When my roommate gets home she runs and jumps on him and knocks everything down. When it is just me and other people come over she remains relatively calm and sniffs a little (still annoying I know), but when my roommate is also home she jumps on them. What I am trying to say is most owners SUCK!! They try to defend and even condone the actions of their dogs. Unless you have control over your dog and you are cleaning up after it, EVERYTHING is the owner’s fault!! They are the idiots! Dogs are just naturally stupid until trained, the difference in how the dog is treated and disciplined clearly shows it is the owner. Now I don’t abuse her, I love that dog to death…sometimes, I just cannot tolerate her when my roommate is home.

  309. KaD says:

    Had another lecture tonight and could hear the loudmouth dog barking again. Put the stupid fleabag OUTside already!

  310. Glenn says:

    Just came back from the park where I was out running where a dog not on it’s lead proceeded to chase and bark at me. Having been bitten by chasing dogs on more than one occasion, I stopped and ran at the dog, and shouted to the owner that it should be on a lead. The female owner said that if I touched the dog, I wouldn’t leave the park alive. After some exchange of words she then started getting personal with the verbal abuse…This sums up the dog owners in UK. No wonder the only people that seem to use parks over here are dog owners

  311. KaD says:

    I don’t leave the house without mace and a knife because of dogs and shithead owners. I also keep the number for Animal Control on my cell for such occasions. Next time take video and tell her you’re posting her out of control dog on Youtube and reporting her. Get her license plate if you can. Insist that Animal Control make a written report. This is called a ‘menacing act’ when a dog lunges, chases, or otherwise threatens you. People need to report this, otherwise when the dog bites someone the owner will get away with it, saying “I didn’t know the dog would bite”.

  312. Xero Signal says:

    The bitch said you wouldn’t leave alive if you touched the dog?!!?! You should’ve told the bitch she should keep the fucking piece of shit under control and you’ll kick the shit out of the dog and her if it tries to bite/attack.

    Fuck these kind of people and their filthy, annoying animals.

  313. KaD says:

    The vast majority of dog owners are bullying scum.

  314. KaD says:

    I would have asked her what she intended to do, if she had a weapon. If she did call the police and press charges for assault.

  315. Elusive says:

    …………..Are there leash laws in that part of the UK? If you see her again and her dog isn’t leashed you might be able to complain to an authority. Seeing something running can really trigger a dog’s instinct to chase. Even if it’s just a game to them and not malicious, it can be obnoxious and sometimes painful…

    IMO dogs should be on leashes when they’re not on their property. If one is bringing their dog to visit a person who wants to see it, it’s a good idea to bring a leash just in case.

  316. KaD says:

    Responsible dog owners keep their mutts on leashed for the dog’s protection as well. Dogs chase rabbits, squirrels, cats-sometimes into traffic. Dogs get into riptides and canals. Dogs get into fights with other dogs-and many don’t have enough sense to pick a fight they can win. Your dog can be harmed by someone who’s afraid of it-like me with a can of mace.

  317. Elusive says:

    This is another reason why I keep my dogs on leashes when we’re off our property….

  318. Brina says:

    I’m armed with an air soft and not afraid to use it on any dumpster smelling low IQ leg humping slobber bag!

  319. KaD says:

    OMG-was babysitting last night for a friend with two whippets. Ugh. They scrounge for food right under your legs, want to get as close to you, and especially your face as possible, and are hump crazy. One humps the other then the other humps their poor chilled out cat!!! God dogs are disgusting. I couldn’t help but want to snap their necks.

  320. KaD says:

    Here’s are some other reasons to leash: http://muttstuff.blogspot.com/2011/04/leash-your-dog.html
    I knew a guy when I first moved to Somerville that would take his happy dog, Shred, to the unofficial dog play group at Foss Park. Shred was never more than a couple feet behind his owner, and he never used a leash. He didn’t have to because Shred was right there, all the time. One day, they were crossing McGrath highway on their way home from the dog park. They had the crossing light, but the minivan that ran the red light didn’t care. The owner ran forward to avoid the car, Shred didn’t move and got hit. Had he been leashed, the owners forward motion to get away would have at least pulled Shred enough to maybe miss the oncoming van.

  321. PL says:

    What a stupid comment.

  322. Cassiel says:

    If ever I needed one more reason to hate dogs I now have it. Where I live a woman has been mauled by dogs, three dogs bit her 122 times, she crawled for help and they were on top of her the whole time. It was a blood bath.

    On Saturday my boyfriend and I went for a walk in the woods. He stepped in dog mess, it was everywhere and there was a special trash can with a sign making it clear that it was for dog mess.

  323. Cassiel says:

    I think I might hurl.

  324. Young says:

    what do we do with pigs?
    kill it and eat it because that’s what’s supposed to be done even in the biblical & natural way.
    chicken? kill and eat use as food
    cow kill and eat use as food.
    we don’t treat men or women in this way do we? It’s animal it does never deserve treatment like human.
    To my view dogs are extremely rude and rule breaking. what do we do if a boy touches another boy? That’s offensive and leads to punishment.
    How about if a boy touches a girl? That is serious crime. What if a man keeps on shouting in the street for no reason? He will be arrested or isolated. Is it understandable when dogs do that? When dogs are just like rubbish compare to human? We live in men’s world not dog’s or animal’s world. Dogs can be highly aggressive,unleashed, barking, irritating, interrupting, dribbling, threatening, defecating urinating dirty stupid unpleasant creature.
    I don’t like many animals but cats at least do not interrupt HUMAN’S work. because they understand nature’s law that we are much superior, higher in rank than they are.
    This is unacceptable and such dogs deserve death.
    They deserve death.

  325. Pandora49 says:

    Yes, Cassiel, and this very unfortunate. That poor lady! Nobody should have to die that way. Dogs are selfish, stinky, filthy, vicious and they will shit on your carpets/rugs anytime they like, because they don’t give a shit about you. They just want food. It’s sad that most people have chosen dogs over human companionship. Oh, but dare saying that you do not care for dogs, and all hell will break loose! I’m so sick and tired of having one huge beast in my house.

  326. Pandora49 says:

    Good for you! If you don’t protect yourself from those evil beasts, they’ll try to maul you any chance they get.

  327. Pandora49 says:

    Get another teacher! Sans friggin dog this time.

  328. RottieBoss says:


    You’re Wrong…. Sorry. All The Holy Books From The Main Monotheistic Religions CLEARLY state That eating Flesh Of Swine is Forbidden.

    To Be Honest You Need To Grow Up, Saying An Animal Should Be Killed Because You Don’t Like Them. Because Of What You’ve Written I Don’t Like You So By Your Own Theory You Should Be Put To Death.

    Dogs Have Their Uses I.e. Guarding, Herding Live Stock, Search And Rescue, Police, Army And Companionship.

    I Don’t Believe Dogs Should Reside In Peoples Homes Because They Are Dirty And They Certainly Shouldn’t Be Left Around Children Unattended. I Don’t However Believe They Should Be Put To Death Because You Don’t Like Them.

    Only If A Dog Shows Aggression Should It Be Put Down.

  329. KaD says:

    Dog USED to be useful. They are not anymore. Do you own sheep? Know anyone who does? Search and rescue dogs are highly trained and VERY few. Most dogs are ‘pets’ and emotional crutches for people who have fragile egos. Dogs are shitty security systems too: http://www.dogbitelaw.com/dog-or-burglar-alarm-which-is-better/dog-or-burglar-alarm-which-is-better.html You’re entitled to your opinion-take it to a dog worshippers site.

  330. KaD says:

    If you’re NOT lying-and I’d be surprised if you weren’t-most people still don’t have sheep and don’t NEED a dog for anything. Go such you ugly maulers dick you fuck up.

  331. Marion says:

    Do not worry! They will have another f….g dog!

  332. Marion says:

    And they sniff your ass. How disgusting! I hate all dogs! They are being treated as the human, even better! Please, dogs owners….go to shit your dog to your property!

  333. Marion says:


  334. Marion says:

    As the owner as the dog!

  335. Marion says:

    Put a sign: Go to shit with your dog to your property!

  336. Marion says:

    None! That’s woul’d be a solution!

  337. Marion says:

    Yes, it is a stupid comment!

  338. Marion says:


  339. Marion says:


  340. Marion says:

    Try to hit a dog with a mace! You will put to the jail as a killer. Because dogs are more reputable that a humans in this society. Where are we going?

  341. Marion says:

    You are soooooooooooooo right!

  342. Marion says:

    So…why do you keep it?

  343. Marion says:

    Put a sign…Go to shit with your dog to your property!

  344. Marion says:

    I love you! I hate dogs! Any!

  345. Marion says:


  346. Marion says:

    Sleeping with the dog? How disgusting!

  347. Marion says:

    I hear you too.

  348. Marion says:

    Or… I hate the gees, or ducks, or goats, or deer, or…well, why always dogs are the target? For 400 years any other animal s’been domesticated. I hate the dogs, they are above anything. They bark, they are messy, they droll, they sniff your crotch…..I would kick them…you know where, but I can’t…coz they are “angels”. By theirs owners.

  349. Marion says:

    Love me or leave me. Dog or husband?

  350. Marion says:

    I like your comment. I hate dogs as hell. They belong there. ( to hell)

  351. Marion says:

    And….where is the law? Who is going to fix it? Please, people, do something! Dogs are the weapons! They can kill you!

  352. Marion says:

    I love your comments. Nothing is more ludicrous than a Santa Claus dog…or anything else …you know what I mean.

  353. Marion says:

    Why do you simply get rid of the dog? I do not understand. Of course dogs aren’t cats.

  354. Marion says:

    I hate both. Dogs and dogs owners.

  355. Marion says:

    It sounds like a paradise.

  356. Elusive says:

    I’m just amazed that you are willing to petsit dogs even though you have allergies. And that you’re such a strong advocate for people taking care of their dogs, instead of being one of those people who say they want dogs dead. Props to you

  357. Elusive says:

    To clarify: You’re not one of the people who JUST say dogs should be dead. You’re more ready for a compromise than an extermination. At least, that’s how I’ve been seeing your posts.

  358. KaD says:

    How full of shit is this story of the sheep herding rottie? About as full of shit as the sheep herding pit bull (since they share molosser ancestry): http://www.thetruthaboutpitbulls.blogspot.com/2013/04/the-myth-of-herding-pit-bull-farm-dog.html

  359. Marion says:

    Last night my neighbour came to visit me. With her 2 dogs.Small, but anyway. I own little apartment. I hate dogs! They were walking all around, sniffing everything….my neighbour did not say then anything. I was just about where will they shit a pee. One hour later they all finally left. Thanks God! But….the smell after them lingers till today even my all windows are open. I couldn’t sleep because of dog smell.I’ll never ever get visitor with dogs. How disgusting! All dogs are smelly, filthy, messy with theirs foamy out tongues creatures who are praying for your attention and staring at you as an idiots if you don’t give them a treat. All dogs belong somewhere, just not with the people together.

  360. Marion says:

    Sounds like a paradise!

  361. Marion says:

    95% of my coworkers own a dog. I lost 95% friends. Because…if you hate dogs, they hate you. To hate a dog in this society is unacceptable.

  362. Marion says:

    All about THE money! It sucks!

  363. Marion says:

    And go to shit with your dog on your own property!

  364. Marion says:

    Love me or my dog. Both don’t go together. One side has to give up.

  365. Marion says:

    Both suck!

  366. Marion says:

    All dog owners are idiots. No exemption!

  367. Marion says:

    I couldn’t date anybody with the dog. You will be always the “second”.

  368. Marion says:

    With the coat, shoes…whatever on. How silly!

  369. KaD says:

    My significant other is enamored of it.

  370. Elusive says:

    Gonna have to do some disagreeing with you this time around, KaD. Rottweilers had an early function as livestock guardians and pulling carts full of butcher’s meat. Also, apparently their predecessors were sometimes used as drovers. So perhaps there are some Rotts that can be used for herding. Still, I’d feel better putting my trust in something like a Great Pyrenees or Bernese mountain dog. As for the pit bull being a herding dog–I don’t buy it. One of their main purposes was the “sport” of pit fighting. If they have a breed history of being animal-aggressive what would they be doing around a bunch of livestock?

  371. KaD says:

    But it shouldn’t be. Nobody likes every person they meet; and no one thinks that is abnormal. No one is going to like every dog they meet either. That is not abnormal. If you don’t like dogs why should anyone care, as long as you aren’t killing them? People need to stop using dogs as an extension of their ego and not take everything about their dog so personally.

  372. KaD says:

    No, but I was going as their guest and they did feed me. I just can’t understand how it contributed to their enjoyment to bring the shitty things and spend 90% of their waking time dealing with the dogs poor behavior.

  373. KaD says:

    Contrary to what most slavering dog worshippers think, I don’t support wanton cruelty or abuse towards any animal. That said I would not cry if a virus wiped every loudmouthed shit factory off the earth.

  374. KaD says:

    Like you said: EARLY function. Dogs were specifically bred for certain behaviors, and as such these behaviors can be UNbred over hundreds of years too. This is the case with English bulldogs, who used to be fighting dogs but are not anymore.

  375. Cassiel says:


  376. Elusive says:

    Hmmmm…okay. Fair enough. That’s one thing that particularly annoys me about not just worshippers, but some plain dog people as well–they think people who don’t like dogs want them abused. In my experiences, people who don’t like other animals derive a lot more pleasure from their pain. Not ALL of them, of course, but certainly more common than what I’ve seen from people who don’t like dogs.

    You know, I used to say I love dogs, but after reading/participating in sites like this, I think that love is mostly directed toward learning about dogs. And there are certain breeds and certain dogs I’ve met that I love, along with working dogs. But in general, I think I just like dogs a lot. They were the love of my life in childhood, but for some reason it waned over time. And I suppose it made me confused. After all, who ever heard of a person loving dogs and then suddenly just liking them? It seemed almost taboo in my society and I didn’t want to deal with the pressure and confusion of having to figure out and explain why. I also didn’t want to get judged (more!) because I like rats and cats more than dogs. Or be called lazy because dogs are a lot of work. I think a large part of it is because of the mindset (at least in English-speaking societies) that dogs basically created the universe and therefore should be treated as deities in any situation, and as though it doesn’t matter what happens to other animals because they could never match up to the wonderful amazingness and devotion that is the Dog. To me, a person who has little respect for any animal other than dogs is a borderline -to -full narcissist desperate for approval and power, who has their head so far up their butt they’re practically a contortionist. So I guess this is my big confession post. lol.

  377. KaD says:

    Little girl has her 57th facial reconstructive surgery after pit bull attack: http://radaronline.com/exclusives/2011/08/7-year-old-girl-attacked-pit-bull-having-57-surgery/

  378. KaD says:

    And I don’t believe for one second this guy has sheep. He’s saying that just to be an ass, which is what most dog owners are and particularly the owners of dangerous breeds-creeps and imbiciles. The bleeding heart do-gooders are a sub-category of imbicile.

  379. KaD says:

    I saw some stupid bitch with her dog IN the grocery cart-where the next person will put their FOOD. What is the problem with leaving your shitty dog home for the few minutes it takes to get groceries? Dog feces contain bacteria and parasites that can cause illness, birth defects and miscarriage: http://www.anilak.com/contaminating-dogs/ I wrote a letter of complaint to the store. That is unhygienic and completely unacceptable.

  380. KaD says:

    80 year old double amputee pulled from his wheelchair and killed by pit bulls. No one anywhere is safe from these canine IED’s: http://doghatersunite.com/2013/05/15/dog-pack-dragged-elderly-man-from-his-wheelchair-to-maul-him/

  381. Melissa says:

    Just to clarify, it’s not against the law to bring a dog into a store such as sporting good store. In the case of a restaurant or grocery store, there are health codes that ban dogs from being around the food (with the exception of service dogs). But in the case of a sporting goods store, hardware store, office building, etc, it would be up to the individual business owner/manager to either ban or welcome dogs on the property.

  382. TrueLovely says:

    I’ll just vent here. My daughter and I took a walk to day. A walk that should have been brisk peaceful and refreshing, but was violently inturrupted 3 times by vicious, wild, dangerous looking dogs. One was on a leash, but the lease practically ended at the side walk, so we had to walk on the devil strip, while the dog harrassed and followed us until it could not reach us anymore. Gotta to love vicious, barking, snarling, spitting dogs that are protecting against no threats. Another big bull headed breed barking violently out the window of a car as it drove by, and one hanging out of an attic window, barking for us not to touch its property, that we were no where near. Not to mention the ones snarling through drool coverd windows as we walked past. This is ridiculousness. I am not exaggerating, or even doing justice to how racked my nerves were on our journey. I have found my self disliking dogs, almost to the point of hate. Even dogs behind fences, as they run up and visciously bark at, what is not even a threat to their “territory”. My 8 year old son was almost attacked by 3 pit bulls the jackass owner had just standing in their yard as we walked down the street. By the grace of God nothing happend, as I prayed and screamed as only a mom could do in the midst of such an horrific situation. Then the crazy !&$@? Had the nerve to look at me as if I was overreacting while telling us that the dogs were just playing? Yeah my little 8 year old son understood that, as his twig like legs in flip flops was crying in sheer horror from the experience.Even worst, there were very small little kids with the owner, and playing across the street. Dogs were not like this when I was younger. Or maybe they were, just everybody did not have a dog. Dog owners have become so careless and disrespectful of others that a GREAT problem has been created. No training, and the dogs are confused because they are mixed so many ways now. Also gotta love the poor dogs confined to 2 square feet of lawn. I would be rabid if I was confined to that small space, outside, and I’m an animal. It’s unfortunate, because due to such carelessness, I’m sure many attacks have been bred. A 2 year old boy was just mauled to death by the families pit bull, they had had for 8 years. It sad, and disgusting the state of dogs now, and most of it is due to idiot, ahole owners.

  383. KaD says:

    Family pit bull named “Kissy Face” rips their child’s HEAD OFF:http://www.dogsbitedecatural.com/2013/05/fulton-county-ga-father-of-toddler.html

  384. KaD says:

    Pittie passed all aggression tests.

  385. KaD says:

    I was out walking today and I cannot find one path around my neighborhood that’s devoid of moron dog owners with unleashed fanged missiles, dog shit, vicious dogs throwing themselves at the fences as I walk by (our fences here are 6 feet wood slat so it’s not like they can easily see through them), dogs going apeshit from the windows of houses and cars (who always seem to have the windows all the way down if it’s a pit or some other large dangerous breed), etc. I agree, there are just too damn many dogs, too many people with dogs, too many who don’t take proper care of them, too many who’ve made a bad choice of breed, too many who shouldn’t have a dog at all, too many who are too stupid or lazy to train their dog what acceptable behavior is. Most dog owners are creeps or imbiciles. I wish they could have their own state to live in and befoul so the rest of us could just be free of them and their canine IED’s.

  386. KaD says:

    I saw someone with their stupid small dog in the cart-where the next person will put their FOOD-at the local grocery store. Dog feces contain parasites and bacteria that can cause illness, birth defects and miscarriages. I sent an email to the store to complain. No one needs their dog for the lousy 20 minutes it takes to get groceries. Leave the dog at home.

  387. Gypsy Rose says:

    What i hate is how much the “service animal” card is being played. I have seen people taking their dogs to work with them at a call center saying it is their service dog, like really a chihuahua is really a service dog? Especially when it’s running around the center barking it’s head off at everyone and anyone? I’ve also seen people put a white shirt on their dog with “service animal” written on it just so they can take the dog in to stores and on the busses with them. They will then let the dog run out of control trying to get in to the meat counter, dragging their filthy paws across the packages of meat or jumping on people. Sure i realize that there are actual service dogs out there that do preform a needed service for people but they are well trained and well mannered. I just wish that they were stricter on the requirements on proving the dogs are service dogs not just having it written some where on the dog or by the owner just saying it is a service dog.

  388. Anonymous says:

    You just summed up most of what I have experienced with dogs lately. There is a man who lives on the corner of my street. I promise this guy gives me the vibe that he’s a woman beater. The female who stays with him won’t even lift her eyes to people when they walk past and looks timid and frail. I made a point to say hey to her when I walked past one day, and he was not outside. She seemed happy someone said hi. His yard is probably 10 ft by 20ft. This weirdo has 3 huge dogs that come out and run around in that little space. My daughter noticed it smelled like feaces when we walked past the other day. Well he has decided to add another dog, some mix. It looks like a German Shepard, lab, pug body mix. This things comes charging at his 4 or at the most 5 foot metal fence, snarling and barking with all the force of hell. It scared the shi$@ out of me the first time it happend to me. It looks like it could easily clear the fence if it wanted to. What if it does it to someone with heart problems? Or scares a child into the street while a car is coming? It’s ridiculous . And his weird a$@ is in his small house, when it happens. The space is so small, there’s no way he dosent know this dog is doing this. He probably enjoys it. I haven’t noticed the woman lately. Maybe she left him. Probably couldn’t bear him and sitting in his small house, with 4 space deprived dogs sitting on top of them.

  389. KaD says:

    By the way, if a dog rushes at you acting aggressively that is called a menacing act and you can and should call animal control and insist they file a written report. Many dog owners whose fanged missiles seriously injure someone get away with it because there is no paper trail showing that they knew the dog was a danger.

  390. Jack says:

    People do not deserve to have dogs.

  391. Fluffy says:


  392. KaD says:

    It’s fortunate that you feel that way since a dog is the obviously the only girlfriend you’ll ever have.

  393. KaD says:

    Pit bull advocacy group Bad Rap finally admits the mother of all lies-pit bulls aren’t nanny dogs and never were: http://www.cravendesires.blogspot.com/2013/05/badrap-surrenders-to-facts.html

  394. Marion says:

    LOL! All dogs should get some dish like that.

  395. Marion says:

    Because they are morons!

  396. KaD says:

    Two day old infant has its leg ripped off by the sweet gentle family pit bull: http://www.kake.com/news/headlines/Infant-Loses-Leg-In-Pit-Bull-Attack-209231481.html?ref=481

  397. Anon says:

    Thanks for the laugh. It’s so true what you saind “The bleeding hear do gooders are a sub category of imbicile” ha ha ha…… how true!

  398. Anon says:

    I went to the mall yesterday…. an real upscale type of mall….. and there are two women walking a large chocolate medium bone dog through the mall. I mean really….. now we have to shop with the damn things? This was NOT a service dog. There is no excuse for this. I don’t want to hear how good the dog is either. The dog does not belong in the mall. Dogs are not people. Dogs are animals that carry fleas. Some people are allergic to dogs and now they have to shop with them? Leave your damn dogs at home!!!!! And while your at it, Keep them off other peoples Lawns. Have them crap and piss on your own lawn.

  399. Marion says:

    Those breeds are outlaws! Please, people, do something! As the owner as a dog! Where is the justice? How can the government allow that? It’s beyond my apprehension.

  400. gina says:

    Before anyone starts attacking me I could care less if you don’t like dogs, its your comments that are bothering me. I know there are some crazy dog owners out there who don’t know how to control their dogs. However, we are not all like this. You mentioned that people only walk them to poop. My dog uses the bathroom in our backyard, and it is picked up right away before we go for our walk everyday, that way she wont go on anyone elses lawn. Secondly, my dog is not dirty it all. She is indoors most of the time, and is never left alone outside. She is bathed very often and never smells bad. She does not bark in the house at all, and Im actually in the middle of training her not to bother people on our walks. I always make sure I move to the side when someone is passing by. When someone comes in our house, she is put on a leash or another room, if the person is uncomfortable. I just wanted to clear up the idea that all dog owners are bad. Im very responsible and have never heard any complaints about my dog from anyone. If you don’t like dogs that’s fine, I respect your opinion, but you also need to have respect for the considerate dog owners out there. And I know its hard to accept for you guys, but a dogs bad behaviors usually because of a bad owner. As for the comment about people adopting dogs rather than children I don’t get the comparison…There is nothing wrong with adopting a dog or child.. Dogs aren’t for everyone and children aren’t for everyone. Some of your comments just seem hypocritical, you want people to respect your opinion, but youre not showing much respect for good dog owners..it just sounds like assumptions that all of us are no good. I just want end this by saying its okay to not like dogs BUT it is also ok to like dogs..

  401. gina says:

    If you don’t like dogs fine, they shouldn’t be in public places. Youre right about that. But not all dogs have fleas….I don’t know where you got that from. I never had a flea problem with my dogs…

  402. KaD says:

    I think these people get off on making others miserable.

  403. KaD says:

    Find out if the city has a limit on the number of dogs someone can have. Most do. In two cases where aggressive dogs charged the fence, scared people, and they fell and hurt themselves the Supreme Court allowed suits to go ahead against the dog owners. Both cases are cited on http://www.dogbitelaw.com

  404. KaD says:

    The ADA should have left well enough alone and limited service animals to guide dogs/horses for the blind. No one else needs a service animal. There are medications for epilepsy, anxiety, and diabetes. There is therapy for anxiety and PTSD. There are tools to pick things up if you drop them. There are walkers if you have trouble walking.

  405. KaD says:

    Considerate dog owners are extremely rare. Delusional dog owners-not rare. I’m glad you’re ‘responsible’ but nothing you said negates any of the comments on this board.

  406. gina says:

    Im not sure what you mean, can you explain it some more?

  407. gina says:

    I just wanted to make a few more points. Like I said before, I respect everyones opinion. I still don’t understand why I should have to be judged so harshly simply for liking dogs. Me or my dog are of no bother to anyone. I am always considerate of those around me who don’t like dogs. Anyway, here are the points I would like to make:
    1. As long as my dog is of no nuisance why do you have the need to judge me simply for liking them? Like I said, I respect your view, why cant you respect mine?
    2. I notice a lot of you like cats, which I like as well. Do I judge you simply for liking cats? No, of course not.
    3.You mentioned dogs are useless, which I don’t understand has anything to with owners who have annoying dogs. Do they need a use? Some of us simply like having them as a pet. For those of you who have cats, do I go around saying that your pet cat is useless? absolutely not. They are your pet, and that is that. No questions asked.
    5. This notion that all dog owners have smelly houses is also ridiculous. Im being completely honest when I say my house never smells. people have even come in my house, complimenting how clean our house and dog is. I have been in houses that smell like litterboxes, and Ive been in houses that had dirty dogs. neither rare pleasant, but I have enough sense to know not all cat or dog owners are like that.
    6.Obviously you guys would prefer to be in a relationship with someone whos not into dogs. This is completely understandable, but yet Im judged because I want to be in a relationship with someone that enjoys dogs. I would never want someone to change their lifestyle for me, and I wouldn’t want to be with someone who would want to change who I am.
    7. This other notion that dogs are “so expensive” is also ridiculous. If you know someone spending an extreme amount of money on their dogs, than they are simply going overboard. My dogs food, and vet visit every year is fairly cheap. They basically, need the same things a cat would. Cats need shots, food,grooming if needed, and care when t they get sick as well..
    8.I understand why you have a fear of pitbulls. Believe me I do. But I would just like for you to hear me out on a few things, Im not trying to persuade you into anything just simply giving my view. These dogs have been in my family for many generations. I can assure you we would never put our childrens safety at risk. We have had many of them in our family going all the way back to my great grandparents. They were around cats, other dogs, and children all the time. There has never even been even a minor incident. Pitbull is basically a mixture of many different breeds, and in news reports these “mutts” are often misidentified as a pitbull. Im sure you know the media misconstrues a lot of their stories, and this would be an example. If trained, they are very well behaved house dogs. Don’t be fooled when you hear people say they had one that was just “so sweet” and they randomly attacked someone. They are twisting the story, and I can assure you it was due to their irresponsibleness. My dog is more well behaved than most dogs from other breeds I have met. She has actually been attacked by another dog running loose, and was too timid to fight back.. So I understand your frustration with bad dog owners.
    9. Many of you mentioned no one donating to the homeless, I donate to the homeless all the time. I am a very generous person who will donate to any charity involving children, the homeless, as well as animals. If I have the means to do so, I don’t understand why I should be judged.

    It seems to me like their is so much hate for simply liking dogs(im not including irresponsible dog owners who are overly obsessed). Saying that we have low egos? I am a people person who happens to like dogs, I Certainly don’t hate any of you (or your cat if you have one)…so why Do you hate me if Im just simply living life the way I choose to?

  408. Patty says:

    Yes, well done!! Agree wholeheartedly!! They are the most despicable, rowdy, stinky creatures on this earth! Deserve to die!!

  409. Patty says:

    Yeah Yeah!! Think they are some sort of alien on this earth from outer space?? They are noisy and stinky! Should be sent back to outer space!! Dog owners are just as bad, some sort of alien creatures??

  410. gina says:

    I forgot to mention above In one of my points, that despite the fact I had a bad experience with a cat, I still enjoy them. My aunts baby was in its crib, and all of a sudden we heard this screaming. The cat had jumped in the babies crib and had scratched its face pretty badly. I know she should have kept a closer eye on the cat, but unfortunately it happened. The point is I would never wish death on any of your pet cats, or anything for that matter. I thought this blog was about dogs who behave badly, and owners who don’t take responsibility for them. Instead Im reading people say they want them exterminated or dead, you call obsessive dog owners psychotic (which a lot of their comments are), but it seems like your stooping down to that level with some of the things you are saying. Im a reasonable person, that just has some honest questions, Why is it that despite the fact that Im a good person who is considerate and follows the rules would you wish harm to me or my pet? Why do you have the need to judge people who simply call their pet their companion? maybe you don’t understand the relationship, so why judge? I really don’t understand where some of these comments fit in, to what is supposed to be discussed…As long as they are normal people who socialize normally with other human beings, why cant they call their pet a friend? I had a lot of tough times in my childhood, with a sick mother and busy father. I was also bullied throughout elementary and middle school. The only thing I had to look forward too at the time was my pet. You don’t know what people are going through, so you shouldn’t judge. …I came to this blog to discuss annoying dogs and their owners, but instead I find that decent people like me are being judged with so much hatred simply for owning one.

    By the way, there are many inconsiderate cat owners as well. Many roam loose around my neighborhood, along with other dogs, and Yes im uncomfortable with any loose animal on the street. Ive been bitten by loose dogs , and jumped on and scratched by many cats. Like I said this was the reason I was curious about the page, but Its more out of line than what I expected I guess…

  411. KaD says:

    Here is the breed description I’ve seen for rottenweilers: NICHOLAS DODMAN, BVMS, ACVB, ACVA

    Rottweilers were originally bred to guard the money of peasants returning home from the city of Rottweil in Germany, so their fierceness was prized.

    Look at the dog’s head, and look at a collie’s head. Notice how different the shape is. Collies, REAL herding dogs, have a long snout to ‘nip’ the heels of the animals and drive them. Rotties and pits have short snouts due to their common molosser ancestry. They are gripping dogs. The mouth is specific to grasp and hold on, in the case of pits with enough force to break the arm or leg of a child-up to 2000 psi. You cannot use an animal with that kind of force for livestock-lamed livestock is a loss to the rancher.

  412. KaD says:

    But doesn’t everyone want to buy new clothes with dog hair on them? Yuck. Dogs belong at their owners home.

  413. KaD says:

    No one is judging YOU. Do you see YOUR NAME after any of the comments? No? Then no one is talking about YOU. If what people are saying here doesn’t apply to you go to a dog lovers board. We’re not interesting in listening to your whining. Don’t you have something to do like take your dog out for its walk?

  414. KaD says:

    True but cats haven’t KILLED 16 people in the US so far this year. We’re not out of line, dog owners are out of line when they refuse to take responsibility for the dogs they CHOSE to have by not leashing, not picking up and not shutting their dog the hell up when people are trying to sleep.

  415. KaD says:

    No. I’m not reading your comments either. Go to a dog lovers board where you clearly belong.

  416. Anon says:

    Totally agree. Considerate dog owners are extremely rare. If you are one of them as you claim to be, then what are you griping about? This site it talking about the majority of dog owners that are inconsiderate.

    Go on a dog lovers site if that makes you more comfortable. Did you see anyone here complain about the behavior you claim to possess? Or, go preach to the bad dog owners to get them to behave more responsibly.

  417. Anon says:

    You are the one that is out of line. No one is talking about YOU or YOUR DOG specifically. Stop being so paranoid. If every dog owner would act responsibly, this site would not exist. Face the fact that responsible dog owners are VERY rare and they create a nuisance for non dog owners.

  418. gina says:

    You know Im not trying to be rude, but I find your answer quite rude. I came here To read about annoying dog owners, which obviously I as well have to deal with on a daily basis. I just wanted to simply make the point, that some of the things just seem extreme…that’s all, Im not trying to pick a fight…I was just trying to have a reasonable conversation.

  419. gina says:

    Look guys, I DID not deny the fact that most dog owners are irresponsible. Please if I did point that out to me. I even gave examples of how I deal with them myself everyday…I just thought some of the content was slightly judgmental….I even stated that I was not trying to persuade you of anything… It seems like even when I try to be nice and just give my opinion I have to be called paranoid…..I thought this was a blog where I could just have a normal conversation…….Sorry If I offended you in any way..

  420. Ben says:

    I think being able to hate is just as important a part of life as being able to love. A life of restricted emotion and feeling would be incomplete.

    Lisa if I knew you well enough to feel strongly about you I’d do my very best to hate you. However as things are you’re just going to have to settle for being thoroughly unimportant and worthless.

  421. Anonymous says:

    That made no logical sense

  422. Marion says:

    I,m not. I hate all dogs! Small, big, huge..any colour, any breed. Period.

  423. Marion says:

    So, you hate the people who hate the dogs. What are you doing on this site?

  424. Marion says:

    I can bring you a full bucket of puppies every day.

  425. Dogs are Vile Creatures says:

    I not only hate dogs, I abhor them. The mere thought of dogs makes me want to vomit. There’s nothing quite like a hyper, eager-to-please, bag of musky, dandruff-ridden hair attacking you at every turn with their slimy, cold snout. I own a dog, or rather, my husband does. I just wish the thing would die and I would have the quiet, peaceful, clean-smelling home I dream of, where I can eat my dinner without a drooling oogler begging for my food. People love dogs because people are stupid, needy, control-freaks. The fact that they’re so popular in America speaks volumes.

  426. Dogs are Vile Creatures says:

    “Inconsiderate cat owners?” You’re assuming cat owners have any control whatsoever over the activities of their cats. If I gave my cat a curfew, he’d just flip me off.

  427. KaD says:

    We’re in the same boat! My SO had a huge hairy beast when I met him. It’s getting incontinent so now it’s dribbling urine on the carpeting. Oh joy! Good thing my allergies are so bad I can’t smell.

  428. KaD says:

    Google ‘Pathological Altruism’-doing good until someone ELSE gets hurt. If that doesn’t describe pit advocacy I don’t know what does.

  429. KaD says:

    I’m sorry you’re a dog worshipping imbicile. For most of human history dogs were scavengers and disease carriers at best, killers at worse. Few dogs were bred to be ‘pets’. Most dogs were bred for a specific task. Many dogs are not suitable as pets. I have a dog too, it’s a really nice dog but it’s not Jesus Christ in fur. It’s a stupid, expensive, useless animal whose only value is the ‘emotional attachment’ people have for it. Taking care of babies and children is furthing the human race-our OWN race. Caring for dogs is many times HARMING children as people choose known aggressive and dangerous breeds over public safety. When you die your children are your legacy. When your dog dies it’s a bowl of ashes. Go stick your head back up a dog’s ass.

  430. Dogs says:

    Dog hater, please find a other job, you all waisting your time! How can you not love a dog? Dogs are beautiful animal. Is a gift from god and we need to respect the gift. I don’t ask you to love dogs so much but just stop hate them! And if you want to call animal control you are crazy! Is not your dog so go make your own busnesse! If you hate dog stop talking about them and shut the hell up! Go all in hell son of a fucking bitch!

  431. Marion says:

    What are you doing on this website? Take all the dogs a go to hell!

  432. Dogs says:

    Hum, no thank:). You go in hell whit your shit face! Mother of a fucking bitch!

  433. KaD says:

    If you READ the bible God has nothing good to say about dogs. Even the PRICE paid for a dog is an abomination and not allowed in the Lord’s house. God created the wolf, coyote, fox. People turned those into the inbred unnatural beasts we see today-the Chihuahua, the pit bull, the labradoodle. These would not and could not exist in nature but only through the genetic manipulations of man. They had a purpose once, before the industrial revolution. That time has passed. I could not hate dogs easily-if l people would leash them, pick up, and take proper care of them so they’re not barking their frigging head off. Yes, I can see by your language what a ‘godly’ person you are. Go wipe a dogs ass-there’s YOUR god.

  434. Dogs says:

    Sorry dog hater, i know i was rud but, let me tell you something. Is not to be mine but you never gonna be happy. Because if you hate dogs so much, you just think about that all day and you are angry about it. If you just look bad thing about dogs, of course you gonna hate them more. Think about that, if one time in your life you look beautiful thing you gonna see that their are not that bad. Yes some dogs are guilty but we need to trained them. For many year dogs help humain for their work, the k9 help the cop to find alcool, criminal and boms. Some k9 or any dogs are better than us to find that because their nose was better to sniff. Some dogs help hunter to hunthing. Some save people from avalanche. Other save people from water. Someday a pitbull(you think their are agresiff) save a children from a fire. And no humaind wanted to go save him. If that dog was not there the children will be dead. Is one god best gift. They have a life like us. You want to live and the dog to. Dogs are evreywhere and they gonna be there forever. Someday i go for a walk in the wood whit my dogs. After a little while i was lost. I told my dog to get me out of there and she did. If you are in real danger, youre dog gonna save you. How can you not love a wagging tail went you come back home? Is the only animal who love you more than himself. You said you hate them because of their poop? What do you want their do? They poop like us. If you hate them because if their bark, well is not their fault. They cant talk and is the only way they can. If you hate them because they want to play at 3 in the morning, well be happy he not agresiff. Is better then a bite. Think about that, you only look bad thing. Don’t hate them anymore! You are a bad person, no not all dog hater are bad but most of you. Puppy are like baby. They make mess, mistake and we educate them. They grow up and they died. If you look in a dog eyes you gonna see the beauty and how beautiful they are. How can you not love a dog? He your friend, your leader, your protecter and your defender. He your dog. You are his life his love. He will be yours faithful and true to the last beat of his heart. Some dogs are more smart and courageus than us. They are not afraid if the dark and a spider. They know went you are sad, angry or happy. They try to help you in your life. He never judge you and is the only true friend, because if you tell him a secret and he never gonna say it to anyone. If the dogs was not there, cop gonna have more difficulty to find criminal alcool and boms. Some busness gonna fall down. Dog can be sad, happy and mad but he will never be mad at you. Dogs are cute, sweet and adorable. Some dogs don’t want to die because they want to be whit you. Dump your dog of the side road, is cruel. You cant do that and if they got you you are in big trouble. Please for one time in your life look beautiful thing. Thx

  435. KaD says:

    The 1000 Americans who are admitted every DAY to ER’s for dog bites and dog attacks would likely disagree with how ‘lovely’ dogs are; as would the 16 people MURDERED so far this year by dogs. I agree people should NOT dump their dogs; if they can’t care for them or don’t want them they should take them to a shelter. Even though I’m not a ‘dog fan’ I live with a dog and pay over $600 a year just for grooming and bathing. I do NOT harm dogs. I would like people to take responsibility for the dogs they CHOOSE to own. That is all.

  436. KaD says:

    I think chronic barkers should wear a device like a remote control tazer and the neighbors should get the control.

  437. KaD says:

    After several near attacks I called Animal Control and they told me I could use ANY mean necessary to protect myself from a dog attack; except shooting it. That could entail public endangerment charges.

  438. KaD says:

    Even a legitimate service dog, if it is acting out, it is legal to ask the dogs owner to remove it from the premises. You can’t ask the dog OWNER to leave, but it is legal to ask them to remove the dog.

  439. Dogs says:

    Bu don’t understand, are yoU a dog hater are sOmeone who love a little bit dog but don’t care about them? Is just i get annoy to fight and i just want to know.

  440. KaD says:

    I don’t care how annoyed you are or what you think. If this site annoys you BLOW OFF and go to a dog lovers site. You and your inane comments don’t belong here.

  441. Marion says:

    That’s right! Go to dog lovers site.

  442. Anon says:

    You sound unbalanced. You write terrible too. It’s people like you that make us hate dogs.

  443. Marion says:

    Unbalanced? Do I make people hate a dogs? Good for me! All dogs should go to the….you know where…

  444. gary says:

    I thought it was just me.
    Why, why, why do we hate dogs so much.

  445. Anon says:

    No. Not you. I was talking to “Dogs”. That person sounds unbalanced. I am of your mindset.

  446. X says:

    You probably hate people, too.

  447. Marion says:

    How can you compare people to dogs?

  448. gary says:

    Get off this site.
    I only hate people that love dogs.

  449. gina says:

    So you hate people that have a different opinion than you? That’s a really logical argument….I guess that means I should hate most of the people I know for that matter…

  450. gina says:

    The dogs themselves aren’t unbalanced and born to attack, it is because of ignorant and irresponsible owners. And the truth is a lot of these people are bitten by their own dogs, so that just tells you that they obviously cant handle having one…Believe it or not dogs can actually get that unbalanced from being to “humanized” by their owners. And by the way, someone in my family has to pay around that amount of money for her cats grooming, medical care and food. If your paying all that for your dog, its probably because you have a high maintenance breed. This is just a suggestion, but Maybe you could save some money by bathing it at home and maybe learning how to groom? I know you probably don’t like the idea, but maybe the person who likes dogs in your house can do it?

  451. gina says:

    I understand your frustration but how do you feel when someone says stuff to you like that because you like cats? Are you a cat worshipper, just because you like them? How would you feel if your cat died, and someone just told you forget about it its a bowl of ashes? I just think you talk to others, like YOU would want to be talked to.. When I was a baby my mom had to get rid of her cat, because it was hissing and moaning and trying to jump in my crib. It goes both ways, (and before you go into the statistics about dog bites), The point is ANY animal can be dangerous. Whether its scratch or a bite, im sure any harm to a child at all is devastating.

  452. gina says:

    I just wanted to bring out the point, that you should realize that God didn’t create your pet cat either then. It is descended from wild lions, and were domesticated as well through genetic manipulations. And you cant deny that. And again I must ask you, because you keep mentioning that dogs are useless, what use does your pet cat have in this society? Nothing, just like dogs. They don’t need a use, they are PETS. If you look back in history dog attacks weren’t as common, because people have become more and more irresponsible. You claim that this page exists because people let their dogs run wild, which is true. But you give me the impression, that even if someone is a responsible owner you would still have something to say, despite the fact that neither of them are of any bother to you. I say this because any person who wishes anything “dead” or “extinct” just means that in general for the whole population of dogs. There are many creatures on this earth that I am not too fond of, but I do not wish them dead or extinct. People get killed by bears, snakes, and even some insects, so I guess they should all be exterminated as well?

  453. KaD says:

    Well Gary, if you actually READ THE COMMENTS you’ll see why.

  454. KaD says:

    Domestic cats are descended from small African wild cats, not lions. They were not bred for specific tasks the way dogs were (Pointer, retriever, shepherd) but are in basically their original form. Cats kill rats and mice that carry diseases, including the BLACK PLAGUE that killed almost half the population of Europe during the dark ages, after they stupidly killed all the cats they could find. Find someone else to argue with stupid little girl.

  455. KaD says:

    I hope the Sleep Junkie gets up and starts moderating this page-it’s going to the DOGS.

  456. KaD says:

    Gina, I don’t care what you think or how you feel. Please have someone give you a bottle and put you down for the night.

  457. gina says:

    Well they decended from somewhere right? Cats also carry diseases and parasites just like dogs too. Im sure majority of people in modern times keep their cats simply because they like them as pets. I never said I didn’t like cats, because I like them just as much as dogs, so I don’t know why you have to be so nasty to me when I was in no way nasty to you….I never in any way said anything in a rude manner. I just find it immature that you are very one sided, and closed minded. I on the other hand, I said in previous comments, I understood Many of your points. You act as if Im one of those people just throwing curse words at you and insulting you for no reason. I guess Its true when they say being nice about things gets you nowhere.

  458. gina says:

    You know something, all Im trying to do is see your side of things while just NICELY presenting some of my opinions. I have one question for you, Why do have to be so rude for absolutely no reason? I even tried to give you advice on something in one of your comments below… I never said I didn’t understand part of where youre coming from, I agreed with many of things you bought up. So I will leave you alone, but I just want you to tell me why you speak with so much hatred for no reason at all. No offense or anything, but it seems to me that youre disappointed that Im not one of those people who came on here to throw horrible insults at you…

  459. gina says:

    And by the way, Im not a “little girl” Im a grown woman who is in no way acting like an immature child, if I was Id be saying ignorant insults instead of trying to have a civilized conversation. If the only way you can have a conversation is by insulting me, then that is your problem.

  460. gary says:

    Get off this site…mutants.
    I love everyone and everything forever…..but dogs and their mutant owners.

  461. gary says:

    To KaD (and others):
    I have read the comments..dig a little deeper… why do we hate dogs…not slobbering, noisy etc…
    but, anthropologically, psychologically, etc…
    The reason I ask is related to the typical inane criticisms voiced by the few posted responses….”you dont like anything”, or you must be a bad man.(blah, blah).
    If I hate pollution… everyone agrees.
    If I hate spinach…everyone concurs.
    If I hate dogs… I must be a misanthrope, or a deviant; or hate kids (which I not true).
    I think my fellow dog haters would likewise
    wish to be enlightened.
    Otherwise, we have to be a silent (majority?) that live in fear of not being politically correct, and potentially being castigated by the “rabid doglover”; just for not loving to be jumped on by muddy paws, or finding excrement and urine cute or friendly.
    Ironically, we dont criticize you for your feelings.

  462. gina says:

    Not all of us who like dogs criticize others for not liking dogs. I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion. I understand why people might find dogs annoying. So I can only speak for myself when I say no you are not a bad person for not liking dogs. What I was trying to explain in other comments, was that any type of pet has its disadvantages and advantages. I was also trying to say that while everyone else wants thier views respected, I have gotten no respect so far in this blog, which I find somewhat hypocritical. I wasn’t trying to change anyones views, but simply just giving my opinion. I too hate irresponsible dog owners, but I have been called out because I don’t agree with some of the more “extreme” comments. Call me crazy, but why cant people with different opinions just get along with each other? Because so far I haven’t insulted anyone and all I get are hate comments…

  463. gina says:

    If you read the sleep junkies article above, he says everyone is welcome to comment or give their opinion as long as they are being respectable. At least he is decent enough not to insult people because they have different opinions than him.

  464. Dogs says:

    Sorry!!! Keybord is not perfect for your fucking slut shit!

  465. Dogs says:

    Love’m or Leave’m alone!

  466. Dogs says:

    From time to time people tell me “lighten up, is just a dog” or ” that a lot of money for just a dog”. They don’t understand the distance traveled, time spent or cost Involved for “just a dog”. Some of my proudest moment have come about whit “just a dog”. Many hours have passed whit my only company being “just a dog” and not once have i felt slighted. Some of my sadest moment were brought about by “just a dog”. In those day of darkness, the gentle touch of “just a dog” provided confort and purpose to overcome the day.

    If you too think is “just a dog” you will probably understand phrase like “just a friend”, “just a sunrise” or “just a promise”. “just a dog” bring into my life the very essence of friendship, trust, and ure unbridled joy. “just a dog” bring out the compassion and patience that make me a better person. Because of “just a dog” i will rise early, take long walk and look longingly to the future.

    For me and folks like me, is not “just a dog”. Is an embodiment of all the hopes and dreams of the future, the fond memories of the past, and the pure joy of the moment. “just a dog” bring out what’s good in me and diverts my tought away from myself and the worries of the day.

    I hope that someday people can understand is not “just a dog”. Is the thing that give me humanity and keeps me from being “just a men or women”

    But next time i hear the phrase “just a dog” i will just smile because they “just don’t understand”

  467. Dogs says:

    Number of people KILLED in america evrey year
    Cigarette: 440 000
    Automobiles: 42 366
    2nd hand smoke: 35 000
    Guns: 29 338
    Dogs: 3
    Which would you BAN?

  468. Marion says:

    Yes, it’s not just a dog! It’s a stinky, abhorrent, disgustful, obnoxious, scummy creature.

  469. Marion says:

    Definitely dogs.

  470. Dogs says:

    Dogs??!? Cigarette is more bad then dogs! You have a mentsl probs!

  471. Dogs says:

    Why do you say thing you don’t know?!? Where did you get your brain? In a piggy poop or something? You are all tge same dog hater, you are just shiw iff and bitch that you think you are strong… Go to the hospital!

  472. Dogs says:

    Show off

  473. Dogs says:

    I agree that all have a opinion, but i only hate dog hater who say really bad thing about dogs, sometime is made no logical sense. But the one who don’t likes dogs but don’t say bad thing about dogs, i don’t care about them. I don’t know if you hate dogs, or love dogs but, they gonna be there forever and they are evreywhere. But im not angry about you because you din’t say bad thing about dogs

  474. Anonymous says:

    I love both cats and dogs. In fact my whole life, I always remember having 1 dog and 1 cat. And the ones I have now are the best of friends. I was just trying to explain to Gary, that as long as people are voicing their opinion in a respectful way, there is no reason for insults. I understand that you and the others have very strong opinions, but you guys shouldnt have to come across as rude, you know? I do get annoyed by generalized comments such as “I hate all people who love dogs” or “I hate all people who hate dogs”, because none of that is necessary. You should all try your best to just have decent adult to adult conversations. That is what this blog was supposed to be about. But somehow, hatred always makes its way through. Its pretty sad actually, if you think about it…Oh well

  475. Gina says:

    Im Gina by the way, sorry I forgot to put my name

  476. Dogs says:

    I just want to know something, do you hate dogs?

  477. Anonymous says:

    I just told you dogs, I love both dogs and cats. Im an animal lover in general

  478. Anonymous says:


  479. twistyzzz says:

    Really? Now we’re arguing with dog lovers. What a waste of time. Stop wasting energy on these airheads

  480. Marion says:

    Go off this site! Go to “I love dogs”!

  481. Dogs says:

    Can you shut the hell up marion!!!

  482. Marion says:


  483. Dogs says:

    Sorry im a french person and i don’t all understand. Me too i love all animals! I don’t know if you love pitbull, but is not true their are agresiff. Is the fault of the owner and the media, and dog fight. I desagree whit dog fight, dog meat and crurlty animal! To that too dogs is innocent, cruel and stupid! But if you love all dogs and if you have a intagram acount follow me!

  484. Dogs says:

    Because you are bullshit! And annoying!

  485. Marion says:

    What site are you on?

  486. gary says:

    I thought this was a dog hater site.
    Why are dog lovers here. Conspiracy?
    I will NEVER like dogs under ANY circumstances whatsoever. Again, I HATE, HATE, HATE dogs.
    I dont care that you find them “poopy-licous” and they are gods gift to mankind. I dont care about “lets all just get along and love each other”; when you typical dog lovers are calling us out, insulting us, and using childish profanity. GO AWAY FOREVER; and take your snarling, drooling, genital-licking beasts with you.

  487. Marion says:

    Thanks Gary. Finally, somebody who knows this site is about.

  488. Gina says:

    Gary, sleep junkies article above says everyone including people who like dogs are free to comment as long as they are being respectful. Im not trying to force an opinion on you, I am giving my opinion without using profanity and insults.. Others on here have insulted me despite the fact that I never insulted any of you. Again, as the article to the blog states above we are all allowed to be here. I can not speak for everyone else, but I have yet to insult anyone.

  489. Gina says:

    And if you find the phrase ” I hate all people who hate dogs” (which I never said to anyone by the way) offensive, then you shoudnt stoop down to that level and say the same thing but vice versa…

  490. Gina says:

    Hey guys, please don’t get mad at me for coming on here…I just enjoy going on different blogs..I like to get different perspectives on different topics. I even go on other blogs to encourage other pet owners to be more responsible, because I know first hand how irresponsible they can be.

    I just wanted to offer an opinion on something I know is controversial. Im not trying to force anything on you, but just think about what Im going to say. Pitbulls have always been up for debate..So, I understand why so many people are afraid of them. However, just consider this: How could they have been bred to kill humans? They were forced to be forcefully loyal to the people who made them fight…So in reality it doesn’t make sense to say they were bred to kill humans…If they showed any signs of aggression to humans they were immediately killed. I mean it makes sense, how could they have owned dogs that wanted to kill them?
    It is unfortunate that attacks do occur, but sadly when people say that their dog was a family pet and suddenly attacked someone they are probably lying. Majority of these people own mutts, and misidentify them as pitbulls to the media….and majority of these people kept their dog in a backyard al day with no socialization..
    Now, its pretty obvious a dog as intimidating as a pitbull are first choice as guard dog, so majority of people who own them just use them for that sole purpose…think about it, people aren’t gonna use a Chihuahua as a protector…
    This is why it seems that so many attacks are from pitbulls, because most of the people who own them do not have them as a family pet, despite what they may say… and by using them as guard dogs people put their children at risk.

    These dogs have been in my family for generations, and have been raised with cats and children. There has yet to be any incidents….They all lived happy lives and never caused any trouble. Of course, as with any pet we always keep a careful eye when they are with children. And by generations, I mean going back to my great grandparents. So, we have a better record than most people who own little toy breeds..

    But again, this is just one perspective. You have a right to feel how you feel. But if you took the time to just read this, thank you :)

  491. KaD says:

    And btw, by definition a REAL service dog has to be trained to DO SOMETHING. It is not just a live hairy version of a security blanket to make someone ‘feel better’.

  492. jaket online says:

    I will right away grab your rss feed as I can not find
    your email subscription link or newsletter service.
    Do you have any? Please allow me know in order that I may subscribe.

  493. kaiser44 says:

    All dog haters have mental problems :)

  494. kaiser44 says:

    because you’re a retard :)

  495. Marion says:

    All dog lovers have mental problems.

  496. kaiser44 says:

    All you dog Haters must get professional physiological mental help :)

  497. Marion says:

    All you dog lovers must get professional physiological mental help.

  498. Meli says:

    I looked after a coworker’s dogs that were like that. These dogs were large and out of control. She spoiled them and didn’t train them at all. I think she felt it was cruel to train them or something. It was appalling. With nearly all dogs, the problem is with the owner not the dog. I personally love dogs and I grew up with them, but I took the time to socialize and train them with positive reinforcement (no hitting or rolled up newspapers) I don’t let them bark at neighbors or jump on guests. They are friendly, intelligent and well behaved. They really great pets if you’re willing to put in the time to train them. Each one of my 4 dogs has their own unique personality and they provide great companionship. I went through a really bad depression after losing several loved ones and I think more than anything, my dogs helped me get through it.

  499. Gina says:

    Marion, Im sorry that people like this give the rest of us dog owners a bad name. Please know we are not all psycho lunatics…Don’t take me being on here as bad, Im only here just to try to understand your perspective, and give my opinion in a respectful way.. Ill leave you guys alone if it would make you feel better, Im sorry If you took anything I said out of context..

  500. Marion says:

    Sorry. I hate all dogs. Small, middle ones, big or huge. I have never found them as an useful animals. That’s why I’m on this site.

  501. Gina says:

    I understand that. No need to apoligize, Im not trying to change your opinion. But as long as I don’t judge you for it, you don’t need to judge me for liking them, right? I think that’s one thing we can agree on :)

  502. Marion says:

    If you love dogs what are doing on this site? Go to the site “I love dogs”.

  503. Gina says:

    Like I said I like to just get a different perspective on things …that’s all… I don’t understand why you have to be sarcastic…Sleep junkie said above in his blog everyone is welcome to comment , including people who like dogs, as long as they are being respectful….

  504. Marion says:

    I don’t know what are you trying to tell me. I hate dogs to the bottom of my heart. All dogs are just stupid, stinky, drooling, full of fleas, ass sniffing creatures. Period. If I have power I would like to erase them from the human life.

  505. Gina says:

    Im not trying to tell you anything….Youre the one who asked me why I was here and I answered you….I mean if you hate dogs fine, but I don’t see why you have to be so judgemental and rude for no reason….Like I said before there are a lot of things I hate but I don’t wish death on anything….But that’s just me…

  506. Marion says:

    Rude? Why rude? I’m not rude at all. I’m just saying what I feel toward to the dogs. That’s why I’m, on this site.

  507. Gina says:

    Marion, I wasn’t being rude to you at all, and you snapped back with that sarcastic remark.. I get it, you hate dogs. But wishing death on anything, is rude in MY opinion…There are children and people who lost their family and friends who love their pets, and saying you would kill their dogs is insensitive.. You would break the hearts of a lot of children and lonely people.. So you can hate them all you want, but wishing DEATH on anything is just wrong…

  508. Marion says:

    I never used a word “kill”. In this society a “dog” means more that a “child”. Unfortunately.

  509. Gina says:

    Alright fine, but we all know what you mean when you say “erase” them. And I know many people do put their pets first and that is very sad. But I would NEVER do that. That’s not what I saying though, I just meant that many kids are so happy with their pets it would be heartbreaking to see how upset they would be if their pets were taken away…Its terrible that many kids die of cancer everyday, that millions of kids starve to death in third world countries, that many children are neglected by their own parents….and its also terrible that a parent would be ignorant enough to not pay attention to their childrens safety when around pets…Children are the most precious gifts, and so many of them suffer everyday..

  510. Marion says:

    What? Are you some kind of Charity worker? This conversation goes little bit out off track. I hate dogs…period.

  511. Gina says:

    ^This is what I mean when I say you are being rude for no reason… You mentioned children, so I was talking about children..No, I am not a charity worker, Im just a decent human being who has a heart for children…And for the fiftieth time Im not trying to change your opinion. …I was just trying to say youre “erase” comment was kind of messed up. That is all.

  512. Marion says:

    No comment…….I hate dogs!

  513. Gina says:

    Whatever Marion…You obviously missed the point of this conversation…

  514. Marion says:

    Not me, you did.

  515. Dogs says:

    Marion! Please shut the fuck up! Anybody hate you because of the mental comment you leave! So why don’t you go comment to something else!

  516. Dogs says:

    And you marion should go too the hospital to make sure if your brain work! Oh no… You don’t have any brain!

  517. Dogs says:

    Lol kaiser! Great job!

  518. Marion says:

    You shut the fuck up! Everybody hates you!

  519. Dogs says:

    This is for all dog haters! I will show you who is the REAL danger:humans! Humans are stupid and cruel! You said that dogs are the big danger?!? You said that their are dangerous?!? In america’s you can’t even walk in the street and get attached
    By people! People are dangerous! they are monster!most of people die because of cigarette, car crash and gun shot! 440,000 of people die because of cigarette every years! Some of people walk in the street and get shot! A dog can kill aroun 3 people by years but by gun shot 29,000! What a deffirent! God create animals for one reason, he create us and he create the world. Before it was a beautiful green earth, but because of people is a garbege bag! Humans dind’t listen! They did polution
    And now we need to save the world! Is the fault of the humans! So now stop saying dogs are agresiff because their are not! Is the fault of the humans if he not taking care of them! Humans are the REAL monters! So next time you said that dogs are useless and agresiff, you should think before a speak!

  520. Dogs says:

    No serously? Marion you think you are “precious”? Anybody hate your slut big ass! You ashely make me laugh! Haha! Thanks to make my day! Haha!

  521. Marion says:

    Still I hate dogs. More than before. And all dog owners are filthy, smelly people.

  522. Gina says:

    Marion, like I said before we know that you hate dogs..But maybe you should avoid stating ignorant stereotypes.. I am not dirty, I am the cleanest person I know, im very obsessive compulsive when it comes to my house being clean..having a dog should not be an exuse for a dirty or smelly house because it can be prevented

  523. Gina says:

    Marion, like I said before we know that you hate dogs..But maybe you should avoid stating ignorant stereotypes.. I am not dirty, I am the cleanest person I know, im very obsessive compulsive when it comes to my house being clean..having a dog should not be an exuse for a dirty or smelly house because it can be prevented

  524. Marion says:

    99% of dog owners are dirty, filthy, smelly, stinky people. Maybe you are in this remaining 1%. That’s all. Maybe.

  525. Anon says:

    to Dogs: You sound really unstable.


  526. Marion says:


  527. Dogs says:

    Haha you sound like a little baby! Haha!

  528. Dogs says:

    And dog haters should get profesinal help!

  529. Ms.Tx says:

    Wow, reading this article and these comments made me sad. I think most of you have never had a dog as a real pet. The relationship dogs have with humans has been going on for centuries, and is a great example of unconditional love.
    If these are real problems for you, then you really don’t have real problems, and you are lucky. You have too much time on your hands.

  530. Lila K says:

    Amen Ms.Tx these people are crazy ignorant! Just by skimming the ‘reasons’ to hate dogs told me that not only is the OP ignorant but so are the comments below it.

    All of these ‘ihatedogs’ websites are filled with ignorant folks just spewing their hate and pouncing on anyone who disagrees.

    Sorry you people don’t understand dogs! I’ll never understand you.

  531. Anon says:

    You’re ignorant. Get off the site!

  532. AK says:

    I used like dogs until I bought a house and started dealing with barks from the neighbors’ dogs and dog poop on my lawn. I earnestly hate dogs. I at a point where I think I’m going kill them.

  533. KaD says:

    I have a dog-a long haired collie (like Lassie). I do understand dogs. I understand enough to be sick of irresponsible dog owners who won’t own up to the responsibility they signed up for and teach their dogs how to act.

  534. KaD says:

    Hey sleepjunkie, the quickest way to RUIN a site is to allow it to be overrun by trolls. I won’t be back if you stay asleep at the wheel. Neither will anyone else, eventually.

    If you love dogs so much FUCK OFF and go to a dog lovers site. Morons.

  535. Marion says:

    I do not understand you dog lovers people! What are you doing on this site?

  536. Anon says:

    Me too! I used to really like dogs. Had one myself. But until I bought a house dealing with other peoples dog has been a nightmare. I got barked out of one house, sold that because animal control would do nothing…. Now I’m getting dog pooped out of this house. Pet owners don’t respect private property and get very upset and sometimes violent when you tell them to keep their dogs off…and that your property is not a toilet for their pet.

    So, now I hate dogs, will not contribute to any dog charity and have to move one more time.

    I pity anyone’s dog that comes on the property of my next place.

  537. Anon says:

    I so much enjoy your posts KaD. They make a lot of sense. I do agree that the postings from the dog lovers have taken away from this site. But that’s what they do…. that’s what irresponsible, self centered, dog owners do. That’s why they think they can shit and pee all over and anywhere. I can’t stand them and their dogs too!!!!!

  538. Marion says:


  539. Gina says:

    I agree that a lot of the dog lovers on here are out of hand. But, I still don’t understand why someone cant say their thoughts in a normal manner. Im not on here to troll, I was just simply telling you in previous comments that to suggest killing/hurting dogs for NO reason (with the exception of defending yourself ) is just as bad as the rabid dog lovers. And to point out that some of your comments are hypocritical. Yes dogs shed, poop, could get fleas, but the last time I checked my pet cat wasn’t exactly prone to shedding, fleas, ticks, and getting dirty outside….That’s all Im trying to say, Its not like Im trying to change your personal opinion..Just pointing out the obvious

  540. Anon says:

    People not only have a right to defend themselves from dogs but their personal property as well. Dogs crapping and peeing all over everyone’s property is absurd…… pickup or not. People should be able to park by the curb of a road and be able to get out of their car WITHOUT getting dog crap on their shoes from the last dog that pooped their. Even when it’s “picked up” their is always some left behind. ALWAYS. It’s the dog owners that impose on the rest of us that are putting their dogs in harms way and making their pets and themselves VERY unlikeable.

  541. Gina says:

    I understand where you are coming from. That is exactly why I make my dog use the bathroom in my backyard. Some dog owners even let their back yards become pig stys, by not cleaning up after their dog. I too have stepped in dog poop and its very frustrating. But that’s exactly my point, its peoples fault. That’s why I was saying in previous comments, that yes dogs have been wandering around with no leash and hurting/killing people as well, and once again this has to do with the humans that own them. They illegally breed them, abuse them, don’t socialize them and let them run loose. So if you think about it, its humans that have created all these issues people have with dogs.

  542. Anon says:


  543. KaD says:

    I love a comment someone made, that there are SO many other things in the world than just ‘taking care of dogs’. No wonder the people that have them stay in a state of arrested development.

  544. KaD says:

    That is why the BEST dog hate site is http://www.doghatersunite.com NO TROLLS ALLOWED.

  545. Anon says:


  546. I do not perhaps understand how I stopped way up right here, having said that i believed this kind of offered was previously excellent. I do not understand that you’re even so unquestionably you’re going to the well-known digg for those who may not be currently. Regards!

  547. Marion says:

    What are you trying to say?

  548. twinkletoes says:

    I have the same problem. Loud barking dogs all around my house. What I do, since I am a smoker, is I let my cigarette smoke burn and usually, it smokes out all the rats ie: crazy dog owners.

  549. twinkletoes says:

    It is NOT OKAY, for a loud piercing noise of any kind, to disturb your neighbors. I don’t think dog owners would like it, if I randomly throughout the day, starting pounding on a GONG. Also, why don’t you let your dog bark INSIDE your own house? Oh I get it, because you don’t like it either!

  550. jenna says:

    I own a little shitbag too. Cats are better. I needti clean that … creatures shit too. I wish my family would agree with me.

  551. lem says:

    Owner take precious dog to beach, then unleashes it to run down the beach to piss on my towel. OOOOOH ! How precious! This while the dumbass owners are so far away down the beach they don’t even know what precious is doing. And then there is the classic “Oh, he won’t bite” while their mutt buries his nose in my crotch. Then dog owners are confused why people don’t want dogs on the beach or in the park. Low class folks, the lot.

  552. Cal says:

    What sort of area do you folks live in??

    I have two dogs (old now) if my pets behaved like the ones you claim are bothering you the locals would have the council on me.

    Maybe you need to work harder so you can move to a better area.

  553. Desperate says:

    I am sitting here in bonny Scotland wanting to kick the fuck out of the stupid dog my partner has brought here with no discussion it was hos mothers, she is in care now so it can’t be in kennels it makes him guilty.
    I fucking hate it we have decorators .in we are moved into his house as my house is about to be let out, and I want to scream and not stop.

    It is a fawning bag of shit and I would shoot it in a minute. It’s all over him like a rash in his face in the car. If I won the lottery I would leave. Holy crap I don’t like dogs, well that makes me the equivalent of Attila the Hun hitler, the devil and anyone else inhumane all rolled into one!

    Life has now been spoiled with that sycophantic 4 legged waste of oxegyn and I am just meant to put up.


  554. Katy says:

    Are you serious? That would be like having a “colicy baby” and cutting it’s vocal cords. How ridiculous! PEOPLE LISTEN: the barking problem is NOT the dog’s fault – they think it’s their ‘job’ to protect their territory. Your problem should be with the owners of these dogs! I have the same problem. I have a dog of my own, we live in a rural type area, so it’s not like living in a tract type home, and when my dog goes out he’s not ‘allowed’ to stand out there and bark his butt off. I wish my neighbors felt the same way about their dogs! Interestingly enough, most of my neighbors are “new”. A few of the houses around me are constantly being sold after a few years of one owner (who knows, maybe there’s something wrong with these houses). However, here’s the rub. I think just about EVERY family that moves into the more ‘rural type’ areas seems to think it’s almost an unspoken rule of some kind that they must now own between 2-4 dogs (4 being the limit in the county). That annoys me to no end! If they lived further out on a larger piece of land then 3 or 4 big dogs would seem reasonable and probably wouldn’t bother anybody else anyway. But here, we have 2-3 acres parcels and most of them, where the house is located along with a nice yard, it’s usually fenced in and the rest of the property is left in it’s natural state (thank God for that!). Buy WHY so many dogs?!? These aren’t ranches or 10 acre parcels. They’re basically just ‘oversized’ extra large lots. IMO At any rate, my lower neighbor has 3 medium to large dogs in a cordoned off yard about the size of an olympic sized swimming pool. She gets up in the morning, immediately let’s her dogs OUT, then either gets into the shower to get ready for work, or goes back for another shot at the snooze alarm, I don’t know. But what I DO KNOW is that I am awakened by the dogs nearly every morning by this nonsense! I have no real hard feelings towards the dogs because I believe it is HER FAULT AS THE OWNER to be responsible about her animals. The dogs are only doing what dogs do. It is HER that is at fault here, so my beef is with HER! I wish she’d just move away and take her dogs. But the last people that lived in that house had the same thing going on – 3-4 dogs barking constantly either getting ready for work or AFTER THEY LEFT for work! And many times it didn’t stop all day off/on while they were all at work during the day. (I am disabled and do not work any longer.) I guess my main point here really is, DON’T BLAME THE DOGS, BLAME THE OWNERS! Lay blame at the useless owners, not the dogs that are only doing their job of ‘protecting their space’, so to speak. If people KNOW they aren’t going to be around to tend to a dog (or other animal) then they should NEVER get the animal. It’s the dog (and us neighbors!) that suffer!! I REALLY DESPISE PET OWNERS OF THAT NATURE!! JMHO

  555. Anon says:

    Get off the site “Wow”. And take your useless opinion with you!

  556. Colin Lloyd says:

    I hate dogs and the people who love them too, can’t stand the hideous monsters, nor their stupid lovesick owners! I hate that weird look that dog walkers give you. it’s like, look at me, look at me, came and pat my dog and let it shag you and get a taste off you…?! PISS OFF! I don’t give a fuck about you or your stupid mutt, go home and let your fucking mutt stay at home! we seriously need more no dogs allowed signs up. I’m sick and tired of dodging unleashed dogs and their shit whilst out and riding my bike! I’ve lost count how many times I had to hose down my footwear and tyres! and don’t get me started about how many times I’ve been bitten by the hideous monsters as well! got barking here, barking there, got dog shit everywhere! for christ sake why can’t these idiotic dog lovers clean up after their damn pet and tell it to shut the hell up! I hate dogs and proud of it!

  557. Colin Lloyd says:

    Dog owners are fucking selfish idiotic twats! I can’t go down the beach without being bombarded by fucking dogs! the beach used to be a happy fun place just for people. but now days it seem a dog park?! they shit and piss up everything,steal other people food and stuff and invading their privacy causing complete havoc for people who just want to enjoy the day without a damn dog in sight! seriously if there’s a no dogs allowed signs up a lot of dog owners gets all pissed off about it and take their dog along anyway! these mad bitches need to banned!

  558. alex says:

    $4000 a year! I recently bought myself a Rolex Daytona, my mother, who has dogs (don’t get me started- I hate dogs with a passion) said it was crazy to spend 9000 euro on watch ( which will be worth about the same in 15 years, unlike the mutt which will be dead). Then I sat down with her and totalled how much she spends in year on her mutts- needless to say she had nothing to say.Period.

  559. Colin Lloyd says:

    Most dogs lunatics (aka their owners) have got their heads up the dogs arsehole, so much so that they hardly give a fuck! if we normal people are being irritated or attacked by their shitty ugly hell hound!!! Fuck dogs and their mad as shit owners!

  560. KaD says:

    When did America devolve into a bunch of groveling dog ass kissers?

  561. KaD says:

    Maybe dog owners should do some ‘work’ and discipline and train their shitty pack animals.

  562. KaD says:

    Katy: I don’t give a shit whose fault it is. Most dog owners seem to be allergic to responsibility. It’s not like a baby because it’s a DOG. Vets don’t see a problem with debarking and have remarked that dogs don’t seem to notice and keep barking their stupid heads off; just at ten decibels instead of a hundred.

  563. Marion says:

    LOL! Exactly!

  564. larry says:

    I hate dogs so much,I can’t begin to tell you.
    I have moved twice from my home that I own,I now life in a place that has a little control over dogs barking,Now I have new neighbors,Im kind of out spoken,I ask them if they had dogs,They said no,I said thank god,I can’t stand barking dogs,In 2 weeks these assholes went and got 2 dogs and tied them up outside,And all they do is bark,I called 2 times on them,These assholes don’t know what they are in for,I lived here for 20 years,I will not move again,I will kick the owners ass,Then I will shoot both dogs in the face,I would rather go to jail then put up with this shit again,You dog owners have no idea what your barking dogs does to people,I have layed in bed at night and thought of a million ways to kill dogs,A person can only take so much of that shit,I had to work with 3 hours sleep because of barking dogs,They will drive you insane,IM getting worse,Any dog I hear barking I want to kill,Im thinking of going out at night,And any dog I hear barking I will kill,You people think your is human,Dressing them up,You damn nuts jobs,If you want your dogs,Shut them the hell up,I can’t stand it anymore,I don’t want to hurt them,But your driving me to do this,It’s your call

  565. Anonymous says:

    umm there are beaches for people to walk their dogs. the last time I checked they were not allowed on regular beaches.. I live in florida so im at the beach pretty often and Ive never seen a dog on the beach…

  566. Anonymous says:

    Everyone has a right to their own opinion. some people like dogs and some like cats. simple as that. I personally like both.

  567. Marion says:

    I hate dogs! Period. Small, medium, big ones, huge ones. It really doesn’t matter what size. I just want to have Word without them. Because they are useless. Nothing to give them credit for.

  568. Anonymous says:

    if people took care of them properly then what else is there to complain about? Just like you have your opinion other people have the right to theirs. And for some people they are for companionship. My niece was bullied and teased severely in school. She told me one day “my dog is my only friend because no one else likes me” It was the only thing that made her happy. People are cruel, its a shame how humans treat each other, and this why people turn to pets.

  569. Anon says:

    Bad dog owners are abundant. They “put upon” people everyday with their damn dogs. They are the ones that make people hate dogs… regardless of whether or not it’s not the dogs fault.

    It’s not others responsibility to educate these people. They know they are being inconsiderate and don’t care.

    So if you feel so strongly about this, why don’t YOU educate them.

    If you don’t like this web site, STAY OFF.

  570. Anonymous says:

    I understand that, and do try to tell other dog owners this when I can. I don’t mind the website, but I do find SOME of the comments quite disturbing. Its ok not to like dogs, but to suggest hurting/killing them just for the hell of it (Ive read some comments like this) is wrong. But anyway, I know theyre are a lot of irresponsible dog owners. Believe me I don’t enjoy picking up after other dogs or getting chased by dogs on my bike. I was just trying to point out some of us are just decent regular people lol.

  571. Marion says:

    This site isn’t about DOG OWNERS! This site is about DOGS! People here hate DOGS! Do you understand?

  572. Anonymous says:


    Dogs didn’t ask to be born
    Dogs didn’t ask to be adopted by people
    Dogs didn’t ask to be tied up in the backyard all day

    Id like to see how sane you would be if some psycho tied you up all day on a rope.

    PEOPLE created this problem. Do you understand?
    NO one said you had to read my comment and no one said you had to comment. Do you understand?

  573. Anonymous says:

    And also marion, if you read the title of the blog it says why I hate dogs and THEIR MUTANT OWNERS…..so theres your answer to that

  574. Marion says:

    I hate all dogs and always will. Period.

  575. DogHater says:

    We do lay blame with the owners. It is why dogs should be banned. There is no way to properly enforce good ownership. It is easy to enforce a complete ban. See a dog? Report it and it is euthanized. End of problem.

  576. DogHater says:

    Here’s a typical dog owner that thinks people that can’t stand dogs barking are “sociopathic busybodies”.


    Sam also thinks people shouldn’t mind dog poop in public places, because when it comes to cleaning up your dog’s mess, “sometimes it isn’t feasible to do it”.


    Sociopath: a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.

    I wonder who more closely fits that definition… The guy that just wants some peace and quiet and doesn’t want to dodge dog poop or the guy that takes his dog to shit in public and doesn’t clean up the mess, because “it isn’t feasible”.

    I mean it’s a dirty mess… that’s not something feasible to clean up. It’s much more feasible that other people should tolerate the mess from the dog that the person chose to own. This is just common sense.

    Come to think of it… it isn’t really feasible for me to hook up to city sewage. That costs money which costs me time working at a job I hate. It’s much more feasible for me to just pipe it to the local park. I don’t know why anyone would complain. It’s really not feasible to clean up that mess. Sometimes it takes a whole roll and two showers just to get my ass clean. Imagine trying to get it off the grass. It just isn’t going to happen and people should get over it and accept it.

  577. DogHater says:

    “its a shame how humans treat each other”

    Yes, it’s (note the apostrophe) a shame that some people think they are entitled to force their neighbors to listen to their barking menace day and night.

    It’s also a shame that some people think it is their right… their GOD GIVEN RIGHT… to have their dog crap on your lawn.

    Woe to those who try to stop these people from exercising their rights.

  578. DogBan says:

    Everyone. Your pain is felt.

    Here is a proposal for banning dogs: