Your No-Flip Mattress

A no-flip mattressThere was a time when every three to six months you had to fight with your mattress by flipping it over. Then the no-flip mattress arrived at it seemed like the answer for everyone.

You had to flip your mattress regularly in order to even out the wear and to validate your warrantee. But flipping a mattress is difficult, especially if doing it by yourself or if you have to wrestle a queen or king sized beast.

The no-flip mattress was developed to save everyone the hassle of flipping their mattress. And as your mattress gets heavier over time because it accumulates dust and dead skin, flipping becomes even more difficult.

If you have a no-flip mattress you may still have to rotate the mattress. It’s not as much trouble if you can use the footboard to spin it around.

The no-flip mattress came about when mattress companies came up with the idea of only quilting the top of the mattress and then advertised that you no longer had to flip the mattress. Of course you didn’t – there was nothing on the other side!

Manufacturers saved a pile of money making no-flip mattresses by cutting quality and put that money right into their pockets. The problem now is that there is only one side of your mattress to wear out so that it will wear out twice as fast meaning your no-flip mattress with have to be replaced more often. The just means more money for the manufacturers.

Eventually the only side you can sleep on will flatten out or ruts will develop and you are hooped because you can’t flip the mattress over.

If you are looking at replacing your mattress, shop around and find a mattress that is quilted on both sides, then wait for a sale.

Since most mattresses are basically made the same, find one that you can afford and that you find to be comfortable without breaking the bank. More expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better, regardless of what the smiling salesperson says. They’re just counting up their commission in their heads.

Make sure you have a 30 day return warrantee so if you find you don’t like it after all you can return it or exchange it for another type. And if the store offers to take away your old mattress that’s even better.

And remember, a no-flip mattress means you’ll be losing sleep and money down the road.

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I had been battling sleepless nights for decades. After reading hundreds of books, articles and talking with people I’ve improved the quality my sleep tremendously and have decided to share what I have learned with others in this blog.
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15 Responses to Your No-Flip Mattress

  1. Bob says:

    They don’t make mattresses correctly like they used to. Today’s one-siders are too FIRM from all the springing–to make them last longer, and so u dont have to flip–and they’ve tried to offset this with layers of foam on top. Even sewing MORE foam on the outside (pillowtops). Doesn’t work! So you have throngs of people buying these “toppers” trying to soften up their new 1000 dollar mattresses that they can’t get any sleep on. It’s fruitless. So now everyone has a mattress with a 10-20 yr warranty, and that you don’t have to flip….that you can’t a decent nights sleep on! 99% of the sleeping public is totally in the dark about whats going on here and it is a travesty..Corporate america has screwed everything up again. Bring back the flippable mattresses with their softer springing and cotton padding! The body needs to SINK IN to be able to relax so u can get some sleep–THAT SOFTNESS MUST COME FROM THE SPRINGS THEMSELVES! And it doesn’t with these one-siders they’ve have been making for the last dozen years or so. All of today’s springboard one-siders hold all your weight on top. They are totally overdamped. Even if they are labeled “plush” or “pillowtop” they are garbage. In fact I explained this “theory” to a sales manager at a Sleepy’s and he said that I was the first person to figure this out!

  2. Bob Colley says:

    You have made some excellent points! Thanks for your comment.

  3. Bob says:

    Here is a comment from a woman I found….finally people are starting to get the picture..

    “One-sided mattresses are the worst junk to ever be foisted on the public. We have had two different brands with boxsprings in the past 3.5 years, both at around $1,100 each. We have the appropriate number of slats and rotated the mattresses, all to no avail. Both brands seriously sagged within a year of purchase, to the point where the one we have now is almost useless. We will definitely be purchasing a two-sided mattress with boxspring within the next month. Whoever came up with the one-sided mattress concept should be in jail. In fact, we still own a two-sided mattress that is on our guest room bed that is 25 years old and still more comfortable then the junk one-sided ones. All we had to do for the old mattress was add a foam topper. That certainly didn’t work with the one-sided mattress.”

    I feel very strongly about what’s happened here, but I fear nothing can be done. Corp america has wanted our money AND ruined our sleep in the process. It’s a damn shame.

  4. Bob Colley says:

    Great update. Maybe we can help people wake up to this mattress scam.

  5. Bob says:

    Thanks for letting me vent on your site lol. BTW, I meant to say corporate america has “wasted” our money in the post above.

    Just got a Tempurpedic Cloud-Luxe. It is their new softest design. Markedly softer than their previous softie, the Cloud Supreme. But it is a GRAND more. It is the closest you can come to the comfort of a old-school two-sider. Pity we have to pay so much for it. Spread the word!

  6. Bob Colley says:

    No problem, Bob. We certainly are getting shafted on mattresses nowadays.

  7. Anna Randazzo says:

    I purchased a no flip mattress in 1999. I LOVE it. I have it professionally cleaned (carpet cleaners) once a year and rotate it at that time. It is not a pillow top, but it has plenty of softness on top and just the right firmness. I paid $2500 and feel that it is the best mattress we have ever purchased. We also have a Tempurpedic, but i don’ like that one as much and it cost much more.

    I think have no problems with corporate American making this great mattress that has given me so many great nights sleep. I hope the thing lasts another 12 years at least.

  8. Bob Colley says:

    Great that you found a mattress you like. But 24 years for a mattress is pushing it.

  9. Bob says:

    Bob, you should do a blog on washing machines now. They use so little water they don’t get the clothes clean. Government at work here with the “green” crap..

  10. Bob Colley says:

    I’ll give it some thought, thanks.

  11. tara says:

    I’m looking for a new mattress (and box spring) and I just found out that virtually all mattresses are now the no-flip type. I have a two-sided S&F and it’s awesome, I flip and rotate it regularly, and especially after a flip it feels like a brand new mattress. Too bad it’s only a full and I need a queen now. I had purchased an $1800 set last night but found out today that it’s a no-flip, so I cancelled the order. If I’m going to end up with depressions and hate the mattress after 5 years, I’d rather buy a cheaper mattress so I don’t feel bad junking it after a short time.

    Mattress companies: pay attention. I just announced that I’m going to buy a cheaper mattress because you’re being cheap. Is this what you intended ?

  12. Bob Colley says:

    Like a lot of companies the products they make have built in obsolescence to make people re-buy sooner than they would normally have to.

  13. James Durham says:

    I just purchased a two sided mattress today from a company called Fox mattress which is local to me. They are the manufacturer and I honestly didnt believe the sales person when he told me that they were one of the few companies that still offered a two sided mattress. I don’t think it would be worth it to ship a mattress but if your in the Daytona Beach Florida area you should check it out.

  14. Anonymous says:

    That would be a great article. In order to clean my clothes in my new energy efficient washing machine, I have empty a 2 gallon bucket of water (1-2 times) into my washing machine when it reaches the washing cycle. If I don’t do this I end up with tie dyed clothes. Partially clean, partially dirty. Between by expensive no flip sagging mattress and carrying buckets of water this 34 year old has the back problems of a 90 year old.

  15. Peg says:

    10 years ago we purchased a natural latex mattress guaranteed for 20 years. So far it’s like new, no sagging or ruts, same receptive, supportive resiliency. Made locally, it ran about $1200.

    Previous to that we had an organic all-cotton mattress, ordered with “extra” padding, firm springs. Even when new, it was a torture rack, and both husband and I had back pain in the mornings. When the cotton batting packed down after a few months, it went from hard to harder.