Humidity in Your Bedroom

Humidity too high in house causes window to sweat moisture

By Filiford

If the humidity where you sleep is too high or too low you will feel uncomfortable and it will be hard to get to sleep and to get a restful nights sleep. In addition to discomfort, if the humidity level is too high, this will allow dust mites to thrive and mold to form on exterior walls, ceilings and around windows frames. And if the humidity level is too low, it can dry out and cause irritation to your nasal passages and throat.

The goal is to keep the humidity level in your home between 40 percent and 60 percent, keeping it lower the colder it gets outside.

If your windows are dripping with water when it get cold outside then you have too much humidity in your home.

If your house lacks the proper fans to exhaust humid air from daily activities such as showering, cooking, running the dish washer, doing laundry and even breathing, then you have to use a portable dehumidifier if opening a window is not an option.

My place doesn’t have any ventilation such as a hood fan over the stove or an exhaust fan in the bathroom so in the winter I run a dehumidifier in the kitchen while cooking and place it in front of the bathroom door after having a shower. In the summer opening a window helps.

Houses with basements and basement suites can be very damp because of moisture coming up from the ground so using a dehumidifier during humid outdoor conditions is a must. To reduce mold problems, never put carpet down on a basement floor as most are not properly insulated, unless you’re Mike Holmes, then you’ll have three feet of reinforced structure and nine thousand dollars of insulating heat shields from the space shuttle.

In the summer you may want to use a humidifier if the air is too dry. A portable unit or one attached to your furnace will work, just make sure to keep them clean so they will continue to work efficiently and prevent any buildup of scale or mold.

Using an electric fan to move the air around or installing a ceiling fan will make it more comfortable to get to sleep in the summer if you do not want to use an air conditioner. I’ll run a portable air conditioner in the early evening to cool things down and remove excess humidity but turn it off and go with a fan the rest of the night. I find the noise from the air conditioner too loud.

Is your place too humid or too dry? What works for you? Share a comment below.

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One Response to Humidity in Your Bedroom

  1. Jake Steele says:

    I hate trying to sleep in high humidity…Like tonight which brought me to this site. Its hard for me to relax enough to get some sleep on nights like this. I thought I was having anxiety attack for some reason then I stopped and assessed my surroundings, after checking the weather report I discovered its 92% humidity outside tonight. I turned on my ac and sat in front of it as long as I could before freezing out of my skin(it already is kind of a chilly night being only 48 degrees fahrenheit). Finally I felt temporary relief. I could breathe easy and actually relax enough to lay down. I have a small two story house, no condensation that i’m aware of or any mold. How can I keep my house at a constant humidity level?
    Btw great article! It actually helped me relax a little knowing that its common for restless night with high humidity.